How-To Facebook Marketing Guide

#IBT Presents: A How-To Facebook Marketing Guide

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Hi Opportunity Seekers,  Today #IBT Presents: A How-to Facebook Marketing Guide

So originally I was going to write a personal blog about this.  After all, my idea for writing this post was from an experience I had.  This was from being targeted by another marketer on Facebook.

Although, the more I think about it I have so much else I can share in this post.  As, after all, Facebook for me is one of the main marketing methods I’ve used over the past year +.  Since I became interested in doing Affiliate Marketing.

Also, the ultimate message here – I’d like to try and convey a bit more for you guys…  

Within this How-to Facebook Marketing Guide – is just how powerful Facebook actually is.

Affiliate Disclosure: Please note that this post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission if you make a purchase from the links within this post. You will not pay any more or less but I may receive a small % of any potential sales from websites linked to this post.

#IBT Presents: A How-To Facebook Marketing Guide


So you have a Facebook account right? 

 Either a personal account or strictly for business. 

Where, if you had something you’d like to sell people – (market to them!)  You would probably think about using it.  

Maybe even before anything else?  Am I correct?

Well, I can understand where your coming from exactly because when I first started internet marketing and even before when I just wanted to sell something – this would be the first thing I thought of – Facebook.

eBay, of course, I use it quite frequently but every time I’ve actually wanted to target local people, or really get something out there I’ve always thought of Facebook as my No.1# tool, but…

Why Facebook?

It’s justified (I think). Your instinct is on the money.  Facebook is the number one social platform.  It’s also now one of the biggest companies on the planet.  I’ve not looked this up by the way – but come on! it must be…, right? 

As Facebook is everywhere! and Let’s just forget about business for a second.  

How many people do you know with a Facebook account? 

Seriously,  I even know a Dog that has a Facebook account lol.  He doesn’t post much on there much but still, this is how easy it is to make an account.  There are probably nearly as many Facebook accounts as people (I would guess).

So, you get my point… right? 

Facebook is absolutely one of the best places in the world to promote your products. 

 I don’t mean to over exaggerate this but 75% of the planet earth – think about that figure.

Imagine they all have Facebook!  This probably isn’t very far off either but regardless… Even if it’s just 50% 

The potential is there!   These are all people you can market to.

Understanding Your Audience

Now, most people by default are probably going to tell you to get lost!  This is the sad truth…

but if you approach them correctly this strategy can really work!

I wanted to share this because it’s actually something that I’ve learned quite a bit about.  

The ‘Do’s and ‘Don’ts’ of how you should approach people.  

Generally, it’s smart to approach people in the right way but let’s apply this to marketing and selling stuff.

A good understanding of psychology can go a long way.

You have to make people want to buy things from you.  Everything has to be on their terms.

Now, let’s apply this to Facebook

It’s a general rule of the thumb

The customer is always right

The Customer is Always Right!

lol – I remember this song as a kid from the sooty show. I wasn’t a businessman then but has always stuck with me.

So, how should you present yourself to customers?

You don’t want to be trying to sell a diamond necklace looking like you just robbed a jewellery store.

And this isn’t the only analogy of how you shouldn’t come across to your potential customers.

Now, what is the saying “Like trying to sell sand to an Arab”.

Why Presentation is Important

So, Presentation is one thing you don’t want to under-do, like in the 2 examples above but neither do you want to overdo it.
This is very important I think, and the marketer who approached me (I said about in the introduction) is a good example.

He was very smart how he came across, to begin with.   I actually nearly fell for the bait.  Where he went wrong (in my opinion) was trying to act like my best mate.  Every status I posted without fail – like – comment – like – comment.  It was so fake I ended up saying something to him.  

I maybe shouldn’t have been so rude but bear in mind this same day of meeting him he tried to sell me something for $300 (I think it was) ~ so go easy on your leads.   That’s my advice.

You want them to ask YOU about what your selling.  There is a concept that is called Attraction Marketing.

Before you sell a product you need to sell yourself!

This is why businessmen wear suits! 

Now, with your personal Facebook account.  Of course, you can use it for business but does any potential customer or lead really want to hear about how you were sick on the way back home from the bar? 

 Or how you were singing [Insert Cheesy Song Here] to some person you probably don’t want to bump back into, in too much of a hurry?   My point this is not a good way to present yourself.

You want your target audience to see you at your best and not at your worst! 

#IBT Presents: A How-To Facebook Marketing Guide

Lesson 1:   Make a New Facebook Account


Seriously – don’t mix business with pleasure.  Make a new Facebook account.

Here is your gold mine! but be careful. Just adding too many random people too soon. Don’t do it.

I know someone that recently lost their account from adding too many random people.

My tip you can add a few people you know who are interested in online business.  It isn’t really a problem adding a few people from groups here and there but mostly check out your friend suggestions.  if they are also into say affiliate marketing or let’s say health and fitness (if that’s your niche)  add them. 

You want to get your ‘friends list’ full of like-minded people but just be careful how you do it.  Instead, try and get people if you can to actually add you as a friend instead.

Tip 1# – Add profession.  In the about section edit your work and education credentials so people can see what your line of business is.  For mine, I’ve put ~ Works at My Own Boss at Affiliate Marketing.

You can also add a cover photo and featured image to further show people.  As a result, this should get you more targeted friend requests and follows.

Speaking of follows…

The other thing you can do is Follow people.  I’m pretty sure there isn’t a limit on this either but here is a universal trick!

You can use it on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as well.  This can work anywhere…

Lesson 2:  Follow People for Follows Back 

Of course, you need to find people to follow you first.  Writing engaging posts is one way.  If people see that you have at least some kind of authority they will want to follow you.

Another way is to add friends within your niche and engage with them.  Once you do that the Facebook algorithm will start showing adverts related to your niche.  These people you see you can then target.  I wouldn’t recommend sending friend requests here (well, at least no more than say 2, or 3).   Be careful adding too many randomers stick to Follows.  

Then the next thing join groups.  You don’t have to go too mad here.  It can become very overwhelming as there can be a lot.

Anyway, join groups

Communicate with people in these groups.  Add them as friends, follow them, comment on their posts and private message them.  Be friendly but not too friendly…  

Find the right time to offer them the opportunity to find out about what you’re selling.

Casually say oh by the way. Seriously talk to them till you both have nothing left to say and make your offer.

Be careful though. Think about being a wolf in sheep clothing. You are a wolf, not a warm jumper for them to put on in the cold weather but be the best sheep you can be.  Be nice and polite and find your opportunity to make your offer. 

But here is the thing – when you message your potential lead that you targeted. What do you say?

Please note: 
Make sure people can follow you ~  Find out how HERE  << YOUTUBE TUTORIAL!

Lesson 3:  Engagement

I would suggest – you just make small talk. You can go the “oh well congratulations route; see you just got married, had a baby, got a new job route, but think about it if this was you. 

If a New friend want’s to be your best mate all of a sudden – doesn’t feel right does it. 

If this isn’t the way you would approach someone normally then maybe you shouldn’t.

Whereas why not just be a bit more straight-up like just say “thanks for accepting my friend request.  I hope you don’t mind me adding you but I see your post and thought you might be someone I’d like to connect with”.

Obviously, then say I see you interested in ‘xyz’ and talk to them.  Get them to tell you about what they do, their experiences so far, and their biggest problems and then if the opportunity presents itself ask them if they would like to check out your offer.  Make sure they give you permission to send it first.

Remember to try to make things on their terms.

How to Approach People?  Other Ways…

This isn’t so hard. If someone is trying to promote a product just say hey I’m interested. Get them to add you on Facebook as a friend.  Then have a chat – tell them about your product (see what happens).  

Even if they are not on board remember they are interested in similar things to you.  It may be you might post something interesting to them on your wall later which they’ll see.  Then they contact you.

Also, remember it’s a numbers game

2/3 might say no and 1/3 may say yes – the trick is to approach enough people so the mathematics are in your favour.

My advice: Open a new Facebook account, get people to follow you, and over time build up your friend’s list (Don’t add too many randomers in one day).  Then find ways that people will engage with you and ways you can engage with people where you approach them.  

Provide value in your statuses.  Don’t come across as you are constantly trying to sell stuff.  For a lot of people that don’t have money coming out of their ears, THEY don’t want to spend money.   People buy from people to suit their needs.

Don’t just sell ~ Market yourself and Sell Solutions to Problems!

#IBT Presents: A How-To Facebook Marketing Guide

My Own Experience with Facebook Marketing Training

So, I started doing affiliate marketing on NYE 2019.  I never thought the next year everywhere would be closed because of COVID.  I’d never even heard of such a thing back then but glad I did.  Definitely a turning point for me as an entrepreneur.

You can read more about my story in this post  >> HERE!<

Anyway; as for Facebook marketing…  I would say I was doing this right from the very beginning (at least in some form)

I actually think this lead to my first commission as well.  As in these early days, I used to just finish my post and share it as my Facebook status.  I don’t really do this now as much but one day some random person liked one of my posts.  

I’m not sure if this how it happened or not but because I contacted the person after I think they bought the product from my review.  Pure luck maybe I don’t know…

Anyhow, the next thing I started doing was creating pages.  Still not sure how effective this is but basically I just kept it this way purely for the purpose to share posts on my own business profiles.

I think the next thing I started doing was sharing my posts in groups.  This was probably when I learned the core of my Facebook Marketing Skills.

I came across a $7 course called Simple Social Media Sales.  This actually taught me a lot.  In fact, somehow I earned my first 2 commissions for this product on the first day.  I think because I hijacked the Youtube video and shared it on this guys status.  He wasn’t too happy about this actually but long story short this course taught me a lot.

Watch My YOUTUBE Video HERE 

Now, the more advanced Facebook Marketing strategies I’ve learned actually very recently.

From My Online Start UP Partner Program and another platform called MLSP

Introducing My Lead System Pro

So, this product honestly,  I am just overwhelmed by it at the minute.  I’m not actually a member yet but since being introduced this has taught me some very basic new things.  Mostly, about getting follows.   Seriously I never even considered adding a follow button before and feel like I’m so much more professional as a result.

I think maybe I should save everything for a separate review.  Here is the link for my future post (Coming soon)!  

Anyway, in the meantime, there are a couple of free lead magnets I can share to do with this product.

>> Sign Up HERE for Free Webinar and Limitless Leads Daily Method of Operation Checklist<<

In Summary

#IBT Presents: A How-To Facebook Marketing Guide

A bit of a long post today.  Hope this hasn’t been too overwhelming for you.  I think I’ve pretty much-mentioned everything I could think of to do with free Facebook marketing.   

One tip extra if you are posting curiosity posts in the group.  Don’t use links.   Ask people to ask you for the links and send your affiliate links by private message.  Apparently, when you share your own links Facebook’s algorithm makes your posts less visible to people – so make sure you contact people privately with your links.

I would definitely take the $7 micro-course for SSMS but just watch out for any upsells outside of this course.  Just focus on learning the basics of FB Marketing…  This post again I’m hoping you should benefit from.

Many Thanks

To Your Success ?


PS:  If you know anyone that might find this post helpful please share with them.

Best Wishes x 

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#How-To Facebook Marketing Guide

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2 thoughts on “#IBT Presents: A How-To Facebook Marketing Guide”

  1. I haven’t done much affiliate marketing, but had recently focused on it and I have heard how helpful Facebook can be for affiliates. It’s about understanding your audience like you stated.

    I have a Facebook account for my business but I haven’t really focused that much in it. I have been busy with Instagram because I am more used to it 

    Facebook is my second choice, but after reading your post I should definitely think about spending more time with it. Thanks for the insights.

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