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Introducing GetResponse Website Builder – A New Tool (Updated for 2022)

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Are you looking for a quick solution for marketing via your own simple web pages? As a means to build your email lists and promote your affiliated products. Well, GetResponse Website Builder might be something to consider.   

So, this new tool by GetResponse.  The current platform which I use to do my email marketing, and for building my email lists  – what is the deal here you might wonder

Well, I have been with GetResponse for over just a year now and I have been mostly happy using them.  

It probably hasn’t worked out as well as I would have liked – if I am being truthful.  In some ways developing attractive lead magnets and building a list on autopilot can be a difficult task. For me, I have found this to be somewhat of an obstacle.   I’m sure it is probably just a matter of time but most importantly using this platform has been suitable for my needs otherwise.  It is a fair price and it does everything that I want it to do.

Although there is one issue I have had with the Getresponse interface – not going to lie and that is to do with the landing page builder and creating mobile-friendly pages alongside my regular pages.  I have actually even had to pay someone to do this for me a couple of times now. So for me, I am definitely excited to start using this new feature. 

For hopefully a more straightforward process than before.

But whether this is or not.  I mean I will have to see.  Have had a bit of a play around with this tool but have not really tried to put something concrete together quite yet.  All I will say is it does show promise.

Which, is hopefully something I will be able to share within this post.

Introducing GetResponse Web Builder – Review (2022)

New Feature introducing the getresponse website builder

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Try GetResponse for One Month for Free

Before I continue one thing I would like to share is that currently, you can try GetResponse for the first month free.

If you run a website or marketing campaign’s through Facebook for example this is a great way to test the water.

Simply just click the banner below to find out more…

try getresponse free

Now, What Is The GetResponse Website Builder

The latest addition to GetResponse growth tools has just been released.  The all-new website builder incorporates every one of the currently existing tools to give you even more flexibility and integrity.  As you seek to build more towards a profitable online framework. 

It assists clients with fostering a larger online presence and helps scale their organizations.  

Not only this but as a more convenient feature to GetResponse’s existing toolbox, it can help set aside both time and cash by optimizing your earlier work for a more streamlined process.   

GetResponse Web designer utilizes AI (artificial intelligence) to plan complex and easy-on-the-eye web pages for complex but simple to develop designs. 

Clients can likewise fabricate their sites without any preparation with natural formats and a visual intuitive supervisor.

This new component is an extraordinary expansion to the already amazing GetResponse back office. 

If it’s not too much trouble, read our item concise and highlight page for help on advancing Web designer.

>>> You can also check out this free webinar about this new tool By Clicking Here

How Does GetResponse Website Builder Work?

For anybody that is new to this platform, you may prefer to use your existing landing page builder for a number of reasons.

If you wish to test this new tool out for yourself it is as easy as following the instructions below;

  1. Firstly, create an account with Getresponse, or sign up for a free 30-Day Trial Here
  2. On the top left of the screen click on the 9 dots and select Website builder from Growth Tools

Click create a website then choose from either…

How Do You Want To Build Your Site  Getresponse website builder

i.)  Use Ready Made Template or
ii.)  Use an AI-Powered builder
or iii.)  Import a website (coming soon)

For a ready-made template choose a template and design your own website

– Use GetResponse Drag and Drop To Customize Your Self 

or With AI Builder

~ Select the type of Business and what kind of website you want.
– Then select from selected elements and recommended
– Chose a colour scheme and upload the logo
– or import styles from your existing website

Sit back and watch as GetResponse does all the work for you.

getresponse AI website builder

If you know how to build a landing page through GetResponse you should find this very straightforward.  It is definitely a step in the right direction if you are already a customer like myself.

Personally, I am hoping this is a ready-made replacement for the GetResponse landing page builder and that through this tool they have uncomplicated the process of redesigning your mobile-friendly pages.

GRWSB Features

  • Select Your Own Templates
  • Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Search Engine Optimization Features
  • Include Pop-Ups
  • Choice To Build Your Whole Site with AI
  • Easy To Use
  • Includes Data Analysis

Also included By GetResponse within Your Paid Membership You Also Get;

  • Landing Page Builder
  • Option To Set Up Multiple Email Lists
  • Set Up Autoresponders and Send Newsletters
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Funnel Builder and
  • Free Training and Webinars.
  • Set Up Facebook Ads 

GRWSB Benefits

Just to elaborate a bit further on some of the things I mentioned above.  There are a number of benefits to be found with GetResponse and its new all-in-one tool.

Of course, there is the painless Build Your Own Site with AI feature.  It isn’t completely magic but it does surprisingly do quite a lot.  You still need to work on things yourself a bit but to me, I would describe it as just like the landing page builder but on steroids. 

It is so much better and it is better for building mobile-friendly pages as well without interference.

You also get 100+ different templates to choose from and you can also like a regular website builder add different pages including thank you page, custom 404 page, privacy policy, and FTC disclosure. 

More importantly, there are many CTA (call to action) elements you can use and even pops-ups.  What’s more, each is conveniently linked to GetResponse already for building a list of email subscribers with ease.

GetResponse Pricing?

The new GetResponse Website Builder comes as part of the package for all paid premium memberships.  These start from $15 USD (£11 GBP for myself) a month.  Which includes full access to everything but a limit of 1000 contacts.  Basically, if you are collecting more email addresses you will need to upgrade.

how much does getresponse cost?

How This Compares To The Competition

You might wonder how GetResponse compares to other similar platforms.  You could argue this is better and that is better but for only $15 a month, I haven’t so far come across anything better.

So,  Aweber is probably the main competition.  It has a better landing page builder but no website builder (from my knowledge) and the price is $20 a month for only 500 emails. [Try Aweber for Free HERE]

You also have Mail Chimp which has a website builder but it is not as good as GetResponse and you can choose between their essentials package for $9.99 or their standard membership for $14.99. It again has a 500 email limit.

Also, you got Clickfunnels which starts at $99 a month, Kartra $99.00 a month, and  Zaaxa $79 a month.

With GetResponse you really can’t go wrong and what’s more, you can have a 30-Day Trial 100% Free.

>> Sign Up For Free Trial HERE <<<

GetResponse Pros and Cons

What Are The Pros? ✅

  • Build Your Own Website Within Minutes
  • Ideal For Affiliate Promotion
  • The Starter Package You To Collect 1K Contacts.
  • Set Up Your Own Marketing Funnels
  • Offers Better Value Than Other Platforms

The Cons?  ❎

  • GRWSB is still only in its Beta Stage
  • Not suitable for Blogging
  • Only Suitable For Landing Page Esque / Marketing Funnel Type Sites 

My Verdict

I would have actually recommended GetResponse before this release.  Each month I happily pay for my membership and this is because I love using this tool for my email marketing.  I’ve still got a fair bit to learn but I think this is a very welcome addition.  For me the landing page builder I think is one of GR’s biggest flaws so I think this should be a very welcome addition to use instead.

To me, I think this could be very beneficial to my marketing efforts outside this actual blog.  If you are looking to start a blog you don’t really want to use something like GRWSB.  I would go with WordPress all the way in this respect.  However, if you are looking to build a micro lead generation type website that you can easily share to generate leads this can definitely do the job.  Plus it is very simple to use. 

To Learn More Check Out This Webinar Below ⏬

GR Website Builder Free Webinar<<<


Before I go – if you have any questions (or anything you would like to ask me about this, or anything else) please drop us a comment below.   Also if you know anybody that might find this information helpful please pass this on.  Share to as many people you can that may benefit from reading this and other posts here @ #IBT.Com   

Many thanks and To Your Future Success ?

Alex C

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2 thoughts on “Introducing GetResponse Website Builder – A New Tool (Updated for 2022)”

  1. Hi Alex,
    This is a great GetResponse Website Builder review and I was really pleased to read about this latest addition from GetResponse. I see that you say that the Website builder is not suitable for Blogging. Rather you mention its only really for Landing Pages / Marketing Funnel Type Sites. So generally these are the rebuild pages that you might drive traffic too.

    Personally I like to develop landing pages on my website with Generate Blocks on Generate Press theme but I have used other landing page creators and know that they are easy to use, especially with all the templates etc.

    So this is another great feature of GetResponse and pretty good really that its included in the $15/mo basic plan.

    1. Hi John, Thanks for commenting. Yes, I think Getresponse and Getresponse website builders are very useful tools for marketing. I did quite well last year promoting this way through Facebook building a list with just a lead capture page. I never actually tried setting up a website style sales page but yes definitely see the potential if you really wanted to focus on a single product sales website. You could maybe rank on google as you could get the product’s name in the domain etc.

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