12 ideas for investing in paid traffic for your website or blog

12 Ideas For Investing In Paid Traffic For Your Website ✅ ~ Try These Today! ?

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While numerous new companies might be put off by the prospect of Investing in Paid Traffic, it very well may be an incredible method for sending more visitors to your website.  

Some will even contend that avenues for paid traffic are by far superior and more viable compared to your typical free methods of traffic generation.  Indeed, they do say that you get what you pay for.  

I know!  However, THIS is most definitely NOT always the case.  Of course, It depends on what you buy. 

There are plenty of people out there that will gladly take advantage of your good nature and sell you junk.

For sure the whole premise of why one might be put off by the risks of Investing in Paid Traffic is quite understandable. It is fair enough if Investing in Paid Traffic leads to easy profits but what if it doesn’t?

What if you lose money that you can’t afford to spend? This is is the problem. So, Investing in Paid Traffic is definitely a gamble but yet there is no denying it can be a worthwhile risk if done correctly.

In fact, every marketer will likely consider this sooner or later.  Exactly, why I have decided to put this post together.

Hopefully, it can help. No one wants to pay for advertising if it doesn’t help make sales. So with this in mind…

12 Ideas For Investing In Paid Traffic For Your Website 

12 ideas for investment in paid traffic for your blog

#Some you may have considered already and some you maybe have not.

Let’s begin with…

i.)  How To Safely Invest In Google AdWords

how to safely invest in google adwords

Google AdWords has been around for quite a while and is the most famous hotspot for paid traffic. The main significant disadvantage of Adwords is that their expense per click can be very high and can burn through your ad budget in no time at all.

In fact, if you are not careful with Google Adwords you may end up with a very large debt that you can’t pay. 

Indeed, for me as a new marketer back in the day, I woke up to a bill of $147.00 because of my inexperience. I had only meant to spend $25.00 so that was an expensive lesson. Although, it doesn’t have to be this way, with a bit of practice and know-how using Google Adwords can be very effective for any marketing campaign.

So I don’t mean to put people off. The way Google AdWords works is by allowing clients to pick what they think will be the keywords that will be searched for online.  A bidding process then follows with the highest bidder having to pay for each click. Then for your trouble, your content will be shown at the highest point of Google Page 1.  

It can be very expensive to make this happen for sure but the main advantage of Google AdWords is the time you will save trying to rank articles organically with SEO. Hence, why it is definitely worth considering.

But if you are on a low budget then try to make sure that your keywords are low competition. 

Not always the easiest thing to do. To actually find these keywords in the first place can be quite difficult but one suggestion that might be beneficial is to get some experience beforehand with Bing PPC ads.  The benefit here is, that although it is the same process winning keywords, Bing Ads are generally a lot cheaper than Google Adwords.

So, bear this in mind and also that Google and Bing offer free advertising credits to new customers.

google ads free credits

Now, so Google Adwords is a popular way of Investing in Paid Traffic but another good one is to…

ii.) Take Advantage of Twitter Ads

take advantage of twitter ads

Being willing to pay to run ads on Twitter can have great advantages for your online business. 

You have the choice of paying to advertise your whole Twitter account or just a tweet.  You additionally have the decision to run ads based on the pay per click model.  

Just one thing to remember is that the expense per click on Twitter can be very high and as a precaution, you should always make sure that your call to action (CTA) is one that people will respond to positively.

You ought to guarantee likewise that you have defined solid objectives prior to posting your ads just to make sure your promoting efforts are worthwhile. As with Twitter Ads, if used in the right way, they can be very effective and a worthwhile investment, but if not they can leave a huge dent in your marketing budget.

So be sure to get this right. One idea to maybe try if you are new to Twitter Ads is hiring a Freelancer for help.

Note: If you are not already a member use my referral link for $20 (£15 GBP) of Free Credits on Freelancer.com  

So besides Google Ads, another popular way of Investing In Paid Traffic for Your Website is Facebook Ads…

iii. Facebook Ads For Paid Traffic To Your Website

spending too much on facebook ads

Facebook advertisements are the top pick for many online marketers and have the capability of giving you a fair profit from your venture.  In case you are anticipating paying for traffic, you basically can’t pass up on Facebook ads.

Of what is out there and available Facebook Ads give you a wide range of different options.

These incorporate having your advertisements show up in newsfeeds, or even on Instagram. You can likewise focus on your promotions to various demographics dependent on age, sex, or worldwide location.

So with this in mind, there is enormous potential for a wide range of organizations willing to accept Facebook when investing in paid traffic for your website as a viable solution.

However, Just one BIG thing that affiliate marketers especially should be aware of is Facebook have a terrible reputation for suspending advertisers.  The weight loss niche in particular and health supplements seem to be a very bad idea to pay for advertising with.  MMO products also can lead to account suspension.

Some ideas to try;  Use a blogger post or a Facebook-friendly landing page rather than linking straight to a website or affiliate link.  Also, you can if you still have an active account contact the Facebook ads team to review the content you plan to promote.  The potential in terms of numbers with Facebook Ads is off the chart but then getting your ads approved can be a real nightmare.   Especially if you get restricted from getting your account back can be near impossible.

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Now, another branch of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook empire is LinkedIn which also offers advertising services but…

iv. Are LinkedIn Ads a Worthy Investment

are linkedin ads a worthwhile investment

LinkedIn Ads are extraordinary for B2B organizations. For investing in paid traffic you have numerous choices that you could use for your potential benefit.

For example, you can focus on your advertisements to individuals who have shown an interest in your site and content. Which as a general rule can be branched out to reflect various demographics such as age, geographic area, and industry.

Things that LinkedIn Ads are especially good for because they permit you to target individuals dependent on their business data.

Yet, then again, at the same time the disadvantage of LinkedIn Ads is that they can be very costly. Typically, these ads can begin at as much as $4.50 cost per click.

For this reason, perhaps LinkedIn Ads may require a bigger budget than most so maybe are not a good choice for new advertisers. 

This is maybe something to look at once you begin to scale your ad budget higher.

 *Note:  If you can find success by investing in paid traffic for your website reinvesting your profits is the real game-changer.  Just be sure that what you are doing is working.  Many gurus claim to be able to assist with this but trial and error may be all you need.

v. Outbrain Amplify for Paid Traffic

outbrain amplify for investing in paid traffic

Outbrain Amplify is kind of similar to Google AdWords and Facebook Ads for the fact that it offers a system of PPC advertising.  It is described as a native advertising platform that uses targeted ads for recommended articles, blog posts, slideshows, videos and various kinds of media.  

In any case, there are some differences between Outbrain and Adwords/Facebook Ads in that you can provide a link to your content and it permits you to send clients to your sales funnel in a much more straightforward way.

The Outbrain Amplify algorithm helps find the best audience that is generally drawn in with your kind of content and recommends your links to them. 

For those looking into investing with paid traffic, this helps guarantee that you get the traffic that is more likely to convert.

vi.) Is Bing Ads Better Than Google AdWords

is bing ads better than adwords

Now, I have mentioned Bing Ads above already.   If you are looking to get into PPC ads then it is probably a safer bet to try Bing Ads before you try Google AdWords.  

This is for a number of reasons. For one it is a lot less expensive to win bids on the Bing network. Compared to google there is much less competition. So naturally, this is a lot cheaper and perfect for getting some early practice in before taking your PPC strategies to Google.

Although, of course Google is far superior to Bing.  66% of Search Traffic they say goes to Google.  Whilst the other 33% goes to Bing and its subsidiaries Yahoo, AOL, and MSN.

Which are still good to a certain degree. You can still do very well from Bing Ads but obviously Bing Ads are not as popular as Adwords and therefore do not have as much of an audience. 

So, ultimately you should look to using Google Adwords in the long run but still Bing is great means of investing in paid traffic for your website beforehand.

Note: If you need some help check out this guide by Neil Patel and also if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate check out their Bootcamp for their module on setting up Bing Ads.      

Vii.) Should You Try Reddit Ads?

investing in reddit ads investing in paid traffic for your website

Here is an interesting idea.  Have you considered investing in paid traffic for your website through Reddit?  If you haven’t here is an interesting statistic – Over 50 Million users log into Reddit every day[R]

So it is certainly a good place to advertise your content.  Not only this but one HUGE benefit of Reddit Ads is they are highly targeted to a niche audience.

Each Subreddit has the potential for reaching customers and conversions because quite simply your ads will be getting shown to the right audience.  

Value-wise Reddit is definitely a lot cheaper than other Social platforms such as Facebook.  It seems to be quite straightforward to use as well although it is recommended that advertisers have prior experience with the platform before using this for Investing in paid traffic for your website.

VIII.)  Why Not Try Out Pinterest Ads?

investing in pinterest ads

Many in the marketing space should know what Pinterest is already.  Anyone that doesn’t is missing out on tons of traffic and this is without Paid Ads.  Thanks to online tools such as Canva and Snappa creating content for Pinterest has never been easier. 

As long as you are consistent this might be one of the fastest ways to get your content found online.

It definitely is worth learning the basics at least and on the topic of investing in paid traffic for your website I actually highly recommend using Tailwind Tribes.

Tailwind is a popular Pinterest and Instagram content scheduler and this is certainly something else to consider. Although, back to the topic of Pinterest Ads this is a platform that allows you to promote either your image or video pins.

It’s very simple to use and depending on the pin you are promoting it can be very effective advertising.  Definitely, anyone Investing in Paid Traffic for your website should consider Pinterest. 

As a whole, It is not only very cheap but also very simple compared to other platforms.  Just make sure you are actually promoting something good and the results should be there to be seen.

ix.)  Unlocking The Power of Youtube Ads

investing in paid ads youtube ads

If you are brave enough to get in front of the camera and film yourself then perhaps the next logical step is to advertise on Youtube.  In fact, even some products will even provide their own videos for you to use in your Youtube Ad campaigns.

The benefit of Youtube advertising is you can target your audience based on their search history as well as their search behaviour.  So, this is one interesting aspect of this.  Another is that Youtube Advertising is relatively cheap.

Youtube Ads charge by views which are $0.10 to $0.30 USD for each view.  You can also place a limit on Ad Spend.   

Also, another great benefit is people don’t typically look to Youtube to advertise so the competition is lower than the likes of Facebook Ads or AdWords but is still maybe just as popular as both platforms.

x.)  Have You Tried Quora Ads?

quora ads for paid advertising

This is another great platform that can be used even as a free resource.  If you have any questions this is a great place to ask them and not only this it is also very useful for finding questions by Quora users. 

As well as this, Quora is a great place to share your links to your blog posts and even affiliate links. Something that is definitely worth taking the time to do but on top of this there is also Quora Ads.

By using this Paid Traffic you can target users based on their questions and topics.  Ads are not too pricey either. 

However, just be aware that Quora is very strict. I know this as I was restricted from Quora Ads the first time I used them. I was happy with their prices but my account was flagged very quickly because of a weight loss offer that I tried to promote.

I actually thought it was just Facebook Ads that were the strict ones but Quora is just as bad. Although, if you can get your Quora Ads approved then again they are like Facebook Ads the results are usually good.

Find out more about Quora’s Ad policies HERE

xi.)  Now, How About Snapchat Ads?

snapchat ads

Many might overlook Snapchat.  After all, it is not exactly something you would think of for your marketing campaigns.  I mean, I don’t know about everyone else but I just think of it for the annoying pictures of people with dog ears and cartoon eyes ? Maybe I am just boring but yes there is a lot more to this App than meets the eye.

For one when you consider that around 280 Million plus people use Snapchat EVERY DAY [R] it becomes clear that investing in paid traffic for your website on the Snapchat platform is actually not a bad idea.

Indeed, especially if your target audience is in the age range of 18 to 34-Year-olds you really will not be disappointed.  Plus, to advertise with Snapchat Ads you can also get started for as little as $5 per advert.

I have not personally used them myself but just to let you know in case you are interested [Read This] by Neil Patel.

Note: Have you used Snapchat Ads before? Let us know in the comments…

xii.)  Finally… What About TikTok Ads?

TikTok is the new kid on the block in terms of social media and marketing.  Since its inception in 2016, it has quickly become popular with internet marketers as a tool for promoting their online content. 

Many might dismiss TikTok as being for children and immature but they really shouldn’t.  Mostly because as of September 2021 TikTok surpassed 1 Billion active users. [R]

Now, further to this, demographically (according to stats) roughly 43% of TikToks users are aged 18-34 with the majority being women (24%).  With this in mind if this is your target audience then TikTok Ads might just be something to consider.

I haven’t really used TikTok Ads myself but from a bit of research I can see there are 7 ways to advertise;

tiktok ads do they work

  1. In-Feed Ads
  2. Image Ads
  3. Video Ads
  4. Spark Ads
  5. Pangle Ads
  6. Carousel Ads
  7. Top View Ads

In terms of value, in case you’re wondering, TikTok Ads works using a bidding system based on either the CPA or CPC advertising model.  It really depends on the audience you are targetting but generally speaking for 100 impressions you should pay no more than $35.00. I can’t say if this is good or not but it must be for some people.

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In Conclusion – Investing In Traffic For Your Website

There is a wide range of ways of investing in paid traffic.  At this point, all things considered, the most ideal way is a mix of both paid advertising and organic traffic through SEO.  Ideally, SEO should be the ultimate goal but until you can manage to start ranking articles or being found by alternative traffic sources Paid Ads can certainly help bide the time. 

The basic guideline with any advertising ought to consistently give your clients significant value and helpful information. That way you ought to get results that are worth your time and money.

If you need help raising funds for your first ad campaigns check my free guide 7 Side Hustles for a New Website 

Side note:  If you like this article.  I have written most of it myself but 650 words of it including the title, and sub-headings I got as a part of a content subscription service called viralitycontent.com.  If you are a blogger like myself and need an injection of extra content to boost your website definitely traffic check them out.  All big Niches covered! 

Your Feedback – Share Your Thoughts!

Are you looking at investing in Paid Traffic for your website?  What did you think of the 12 Ideas I have shared above?  Is there any that I have missed?  I felt like these were the main ones but for sure let me know.

If you can think of any good ideas for investing in paid traffic that converts please let me know in the comments section below.  I would love to hear your thoughts about this and website traffic generation – any tips would be greatly appreciated! After all, I like to think I am in the same boat as everyone else and would definitely like to help others.

Also, if you know anyone that might find this content helpful or any groups on social media that this might be good to post to please share away ? Many Thanks in Advance

and Best regards #ToYourFutureSuccess

a Toast ?

Alex B. Chivers

Contact us at chivs86@ibusinesstoday.com

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