investing in your future success online

Investing In Your Future Success Online…

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Are you thinking much about the days ahead?  Does financial security or even financial freedom appeal to you?  IF it does – have you considered Investing In Your Future Success Online?

This is no scam I am not trying to pitch you a product but generally speaking.  Have you thought about this?  Rather than just working day in day out to make ends meet… have you really thought about working towards something more?

IF “Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow” [Quote from Geoffrey Chaucer’sTroilus and Criseyde, 1374] 

Have you planted yours?

Personally, I believe that I have a few Acorns planted.  I mean you never know really what something is going to become.  Even this website is an example.  I like to think it is one of these Metaphorical Acorns but whether I am right I will not know until some point in the future.  It is the same with my other websites and my Crypto Investments.  Even with my eBay business.

For you, it could be something else.  Even a short story or a poem could become a Billion Dollar Franchise.  Just look at the history of old stories like Aladdin or Mulan.  Both were originally stories that started life as something significantly smaller.  Just think how short some Poems are.  Now, look at those 2 examples – with at least 2 very successful Hollywood films made from each franchise.

Music is something else as well.  Pick any musician and just think that every one of them had a first song they made.  Just think about the things that came about from that first-ever amateur attempt at making music.   All the decades-spanning careers, number one singles and world tours.  This all stemmed from just ONE single idea.

“How Do You like Those Acorns?”

THIS could be you…  At least to some degree.   Exactly why Investing In your success online might be worth considering!

Investing In Your Future Success Online – 

Ideas For Passive Income In The Years Ahead 

Where will you get started?  I am still on my own learning journey.  My knowledge isn’t that of ‘say’ Neil Patel, John Thornhill or Robby Blanchard for example.  Who, ‘may I add’ have all made highly successful training and a lot of money as a result but does this mean ‘I’ (or you) couldn’t do the same?…  

Become somewhat of a leading authority within the field of internet marketing and MMO.  (Just as an example)

No, because all of these guys had to start off somewhere right?  Everyone can and will start off somewhere but how far is the average person willing to go?  That is the question.

What is it that really separates us?  The Sheep from the Goats. 

sheep from the goats dictionary definition

Applied learning is a term I think of that people should know about.  

IT is an absolute must that any keen entrepreneurs SHOULD Learn New Skills BUT if you do not apply what you have learned nothing is going to happen in terms of success.  

Knowledge is Power but It Is Enthusiasm that Pulls the Switch

Commitment is key.  Why should you spend money on a course unless you are going to do whatever the course teaches you to justify your investment?

Just Rambling On Here…

but hopefully, you feel like this information is worth reading.   DO YOU GET MY POINT!!!  It’s good to learn BUT you must apply what you learn if you wish to be successful.  

This is universal with affiliate marketing you must write blog posts, create videos, and use tools like Social Media and Email Marketing.  With eCommerce, you must figure what products to buy, how to effectively communicate with customers and cover your running costs.  Then Crypto (not quite yet my area of expertise) but you need to know what to buy, when to buy and when to sell.  The same goes if you are interested in the stock exchange or FOREX.

My point being is all good knowing these things but it is doing them that will make you THE money.

“Take No Action Get No Satisfaction” [My Own Quote There, I think lol]

It is true though.  Education is only good if you do something with it.

Which, brings me to my first set of ideas for Investing In Your Future Success Online…

Start From The Bottom, and Work Your Way Up

This is probably my suggestion for anyone either with the funds to get started, or someone with only a bit of money, maybe that they feel like they shouldn’t be spending but they just about can.  This is how I began…

I started off in eCommerce buying whatever stock I could afford.

When I began affiliate marketing I didn’t spend anything at first.  I made use of free tools and invested $19 for one month with Wealthy Affiliate and around $30 for my different domains.

Crypto:  Since I started I have just bought xxx every other week and have mainly just researched the most important aspects.  Maybe the riskiest of the 3 but do you get my point?  Start from the bottom and work your way up.

It will be interesting to see how this goes but enough about me.  Here is what you can do…

Brainstorm ideas, research for blogs like this one, invest in training (if applicable), use free tools and DO THE WORK!

Once your foundations start coming together make allowances to develop your project further.  KEEP ON GOING! 

Start to identify problems and find a way how to solve them.  Takes notes.  Set goals and work towards your 1st $$

This is an idea I really like but here is another one… 

Invest In Readymade Solutions

This feels like kind of the second option to me.  You can either “build your way to the top or buy your way to the top”.

The latter isn’t really a bad idea and I do have some experience (not good really) but yes (read my review HERE) I tried to do this with back in 2017.  It was very amateur what I was doing really and I can’t really blame Flippa for going wrong.  My current opinion is still the same – if you want to buy success.  Find a readymade solution “as it were”.  

Flippa is a hotbed of opportunities to purchase digital assets.  However, it is not the only place of course it isn’t.

I don’t want to leverage this post to  I am trying to convey a bigger picture here.  It’s a good place to buy your own readymade business but of course, it’s not the only place.   

What do you think about when it comes to adopting someone’s old business.  Take a restaurant or a bar for example.  Was it a failed business and how do you know that it wouldn’t fail for you as well (or worse)?  

Not everything can be fixed for sure but how many businesses old and new fail because of amateur mistakes?

This for me is the main thing you need to consider.  Maybe it should be for you as well.  What are you buying into?

How much work do you need to do to make this a functional business?  What are the running costs?

Also, what is the history of the business?  Is it someones failed attempt at starting their own business?  Are they selling because they know that their business is worth $$ and they are just cashing in (the best ones to buy in my opinion), OR is it a readymade business in a box solution being sold AGAIN and AGAIN to different people (Watch out for these).

Bottom Line 

Investing In Your Future Success Online…

Both of these are ideas that can work.   If you do not have the experience I would suggest the first idea STARTING FROM SCRATCH.  The second idea can work for beginners I’m SURE IT HAS but don’t be fooled into thinking you can just buy your way to success.  It’s really up to you but the best analogy I can think of is this.

Have you ever heard of the millionaire that lost his whole fortune?  Then became a millionaire again 6 months later.  

There are people that this happens to several times in their life.  The reason why they can do this is they know how the game works.  You might lose all your money but not all your assets are monetary.  Knowledge, experience and technical skills are assets in themselves.

I mean I like to think if you spent a lot of money on a business you should have guaranteed income but going back to my example above.  Have you ever heard about the person that won or inherited a very sizeable sum and lost it all within 1-2 years?   I have met at least 2 people like this.  They become rich they try to invest their money and it all goes south.

I spent maybe 1k in this manner back in 2017 and lost it all.  You have to learn certain things, mindset, the way your business works, and how you can develop it further.  

Just remember good training is an investment in itself.   My advice save idea no. 2 till after you figure out idea no.1.

This is my idea I believe it is called scalability.  Make money and reinvest and build your way up, up and up…

I’ve had a search on Youtube this video you should find helpful to better understand this concept.

In Conclusion

My idea for this post was just one sentence in another post.  If this post becomes more successful than my other posts it will be because of that one sentence and that one idea.   This is all you need ‘one thought’.  

So, keep a notebook.  if you are sitting in a waiting room, on a park bench, at a bar/restaurant, in bed at night then have it ready.  Write things down.  If you have a dream that you feel might be significant.  Then take action.  

Write more.  Make a video.  Sometimes you will get this gut feeling, ‘an intuition’ use that.  It is usually there for a very good reason.   A kind of unseen force.   Most people have some kind of talent but how will you utilise yours?


I hope you have enjoyed reading my ideas for Investing In Your Future Success Online...

Do you need any help getting started with your own online business?  Maybe you already have one and have hit a bit of a roadblock.  What are your biggest challenges and obstacles?

Please feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Do you know anyone that might find this information helpful?

Please share this with them… 

and if you feel this is worthy of a share with anyone else please share it with your contacts on social media.

Many Thanks, and I hope to see you all again very soon.

To Your Future Success ?

Alexander B Chivers

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