is blogging still profitable in 2024

Is Blogging Still Profitable in 2024 – What You Should Really Know!

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Blogging Does NOT Work!  There is no money to be made in blogging.  At least if you are trying to do it by SEO traffic, ranking articles on Google.  Give up and try something else.

Instead of wasting your time writing 100 articles and not making a single penny – why bother?  This is what someone said to me recently on Facebook – hence why I am asking this question – Is Blogging Still Profitable in 2024?

I mean I get it writing 100 articles and not earning any money it can happen to the best of us.  You can’t just write 100 articles and every time expect them to make you money.  Of course, YOU CAN but it is a little bit more complex than this.

In 100 articles what quality of content have you produced?  

Are they pieces of content that you feel people will want to read?  Would you want to read these articles yourself?

You have to put yourself in the shoes of your readers.  Ask yourself what makes YOU want to keep on reading something.  Even music or movies what is it that keeps your attention?  

And not just this but… why is it you enjoy some people’s company more than others?  

Now, imagine that this is your blog or website.   Then Ask…

What Must You DO?

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Now, really, if you find a blog… that when reading it – it feels like… 

  • Listening to your favorite song,
  • Watching an epic new movie or
  • hanging out with the best company…  

Could that be profitable?  

I mean sure it would need an audience first.  Of the millions of blog posts published every day – plenty of incredible articles will not be found.  It’s just a part of life but let’s say that the audience (traffic) is NOT the issue.  

If this is a blog that you very much enjoy reading, and has many others like yourself happily reading it as well – what do you think?

Is THIS Profitable, or not?

I think you know the answer.  In my OWN mind, I know I do.  

When this person (the stranger I was talking to) on Facebook said I was wasting my time blogging – I knew he was wrong.   

They were most likely trying to manipulate me into signing up for some course or something (I’m pretty sure).  It would not be the first time someone has tried this with me.  MMO is a crazy competitive niche like this (people will say anything) to get you to buy stuff, but In my heart, I felt like these words were NOT TRUE.  

As in the past 2 years, I have crossed paths with many successful bloggers.  If you ask any of them they will tell you that almost certainly blogging in 2024 is profitable and it will be for many years to come.  However…

What They Will Also Say Is This

You Have To Stand Out From The Crowd…

Many blogs will not be profitable in 2024 and going into the next year after that they may well not be profitable then, either.  

It doesn’t mean you should quit.  This is the worst thing you can do – the only sure way to lose is to completely give up!

Instead, just start to make some improvements to your body of work both old and new.  If you have already written 100 articles and they are not setting the world on fire this does not mean you’ve wasted 100 days or however long it has taken you to write them.  There is still more that can be done to help you change things. 

It should be an absolute certainty now that in the time from working on your first article to article 100, you WILL have learned more than just a simple thing or two.  So, in your first article, go back and take a look at it.  Can you add another 500 words, a few new images, hyperlinks etc?  Look at the 2nd, and 3rd articles you did in the beginning and so on.

Basically, can you make your old content better, change the time & date then republish it to make it new?  

Well, it’s things like this that make the difference to your rankings.  Along with continually publishing new content that is progressively getting better, and learning new tricks.   This is the key to eventually making your efforts blogging become profitable.

Just Follow These Steps…

Circling back to the original question here – Is Blogging Still Profitable in 2024?

My answer?  It depends on your situation and circumstances.  

Of course how good is your work is one thing.  Are people finding you ONLINE? HOW exactly have you set up your blog for monetization to become a profitable venture?  

There are certainly a few (if not more) key factors here.  These I will discuss in some way below…

What ‘YOU’ Need To Do Next?

So, you need traffic maybe first of all after your content is ready.  

Then what you will want to happen is for whoever it is that is viewing your blog post you will want to get their attention… 


The headline and first paragraph should hook them in.  Just look at what they do in newspapers – 

Example: 10 Dead After Devastating Earthquake!” ?

You want to learn more right?  This is attention-grabbing. Do this first then set up your work in a way that your visitors are happy to read all the way through.  This should be your primary goal, then once this is achieved it is time to add some kind of CTA ~ Call To Action.

Problem + Reaction then offer the SOLUTION

For example, you could say something like (using the above example) ~ “Very sad about the earthquake.  IF you would like to help this charity is currently raising emergency funding. If you would like to donate visit this website here<<

Even though this is not exactly selling anything it is still a CTA. 

Another CTA may be a free download (lead magnet) or to subscribe to an email list.    It will not always be directly selling something but it should be something that helps grow your readership.  A well-written article that helps solve a problem is more often than not always profitable.


How To Achieve These 3 Goals To Make a Profitable Website

Traffic, Monetization and Quality Content That People Want To Read.  How would you achieve this?

I just want to elaborate further here on the points I made above.

TRAFFIC is the final piece of the puzzle.  Of course, it is important but before we bring traffic to our blog (website) let’s first take a look at the other 2 steps.  Traffic is good but it’s better if your audience is given that little something extra.

So, firstly, we must look at the content that we are producing.  Is it up to scratch?  If somebody finds your blog post on Google and comes to your website how long will they stick around for?

This is important for ranking as well.  The longer someone stays on your website the better.  You should have a fast-loading website for this reason as well.  If too slow then visitors will lose their patience before they have even started reading.  First impressions are very important and this includes your main headline and first paragraph.

So Step #1 – Make Your Visitors Want To Read More!

What has helped me is learning about copywriting.  Before this (you may see still with some of my older posts) I start the article in quite a mundane kind of way like “Hi Guys, how are you? for today’s post…”.   I have not taken this approach for a long time now but I used this introduction for well over a year in all my posts but I stopped because I felt it was WAAY too generic.  

You will notice with some of my newer blogs now (like this one) I don’t mess around.  If you look above my first sentence is “Blogging Does NOT Work!”.  Can you see what I have done?  

I’ve written a short sentence that is guaranteed to grab people’s attention.  If you read this – here is what I think…  You will think “WHY DOES BLOGGING NOT WORK?”  Whether you disagree or not you will be made curious about what else I have to say.

This is what unlocks the door I believe, and I think from here you need to display the rest of your content so that your visitors will keep on reading even more. Your goal should be that your readers keep on the page till they see YOUR CTA and react. 

My tips, that you definitely should consider are to… 

  1. Make your content interesting and helpful
  2. Make sure your content is readable (use Grammarly)
  3. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short
  4. Do not use more than 300 words in a section. You can but it’s a good rule of thumb.
  5. Break up your content with H2 and H3 Sub Headings
  6. Use Images, GIFS, Pinterest Pins, and Youtube Videos
  7. Use Bold, Italic, and underlining as well as colors to highlight words ESPECIALLY CTAs
  8. Make sure hyperlinks are set to open in a new tab.

I think this is all but one thing I do suggest, as well, is investing in this copywriting ebook.  It’s about $7 and has been really helped for me. So definitely recommend it.

If you can do this and the next step… 

Step #2 – Create A Successful CTA – Call To Action… 

You are definitely on the way to creating a profitable blog!

Here are the basic things to know about a ‘Call To Action’.    This is a conveniently placed button, banner, or text link (amongst other things) that is put there for your visitors to take action.   

Click Here for my Free Ebook” ~ this is one example.  

Another might be “Sign Up Now” or “Find Out More”…   

The video above does a good job of explaining this (I think).  It gives many good examples of what CTA’s are.

However, what it doesn’t actually explain is how you should and shouldn’t use a CTA.  

The trouble is that you can still write an amazing article but NOT have your readers take any action.  Usually, because the CTA is either not clear or it is just not appealing to them. 

You must get this right if you want to develop a profitable blog.  For me, I must admit this is something I have had trouble with.  I am afraid that I might not be able to give the best advice here but here goes… 

So, things to consider;

  • Where is it best to position your call to action (CTA) on a website?
  • How many CTA should a page have?
  • Is your CTA design going to get any clicks?
  • What is your CTA and could it be better?
  • How to tell if visitors are using your CTA?
  • Ways to improve how you use a CTA?

A lot to cover in short.  I kind of would like to share the answers here but honestly, I think this deserves a whole post of its own.


Or, alternatively try searching the questions above on google, bing, yahoo or youtube. Sorry, I can’t be more helpful here but I will cover this in a future post.

Now, so, we have covered content and CTA.  Now, let’s look at…

Step 3: Find Ways To Increase Blog Traffic 

The final piece of the puzzle.  Once you are happy with the 2 steps above it is time to find your audience.  Long term your goal should be to get your blog posts found on the first page of Google.  This is where a lot of the money is to be made for successful bloggers.  Especially if you can reach the top spot but otherwise there are other ways… 

Other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, AOL,, Baidu, Yandex and DuckDuckGo might be possible sources of traffic away from Google.  If you can rank on any of these sites you might be surprised by the results.  Although, let’s not forget all the other countless MEDIUMS WHERE TRAFFIC MIGHT COME FROM

Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter are great examples.  Quora, Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest are some others.

In fact, if your articles are not currently being found on Google these other mediums might be what makes the difference.

For me, all of these websites and perhaps Instagram and Imgur as well could be good places to share.  

I will discuss this further in a future post I think but in the meantime check out this cool video by Neil Patel…  

BTW:  In this video, Neil Mentions Pinterest and TailWind.  IF, this is of any interest to you [Visit the Website Here

In Conclusion – Is Blogging Still Profitable?

I would say it depends on the blogger and the quality of content they are producing but mostly YES!  

IF you are wondering “Is Blogging Still Profitable in 2024, 2025 and every other year after that just take a look around the internet and ask yourself the question “Does The Website Seem Like People Would Buy From Them”.

Honestly, I have visited some amazing blogs in my time and when these people say that they are currently making $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, $50,000, and even more some of them every month ~ I believe them.

I also know that some people spend years without making hardly any money at all.  In this respect, my Facebook friend (a stranger who I don’t know) was maybe on to something.  Some people who do affiliate marketing do not even use a website at all.  They just set up landing pages link them to paid ads and do all their marketing through their emails.

To be honest I just think it is a different way of doing things.  If you can learn this cool but if not blogging is still a great way to make money online and for anyone new, it is 100% worth doing.  

In fact, one place I would recommend to try Wealthy Affiliate has just begun the process of updating both their Online Entrepreneur Course and Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp for 2022.  If you are looking for training and hosting they might just be what you are looking for…  

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I shall finish up this post here but any questions please do not hesitate to drop us a message below.

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10 thoughts on “Is Blogging Still Profitable in 2024 – What You Should Really Know!”

  1. I agree that blogging is profitable when done correctly and following the suggestions you have made. Blogging has changed since the early days of the web when it was easier to rank but with good quality content and viable solutions to people’s problems blogging is an excellent way to make money online. Thanks for this information that you shared.

  2. Great article! When I first got into blogging it felt unfruitful. However, after some training and getting involved with communities that knew their stuff, it’s not profitable for me. I average $200/wk in blogging now and I know that’s only the beginning.

    1. Thanks for sharing Millie. Yes, it can be difficult making money from blogging at first. It’s good to hear you are doing OK I think plenty of bloggers would be pretty happy to earn $200 a week do you have any tips for my readers?

  3. I believe that blogging is still profitable because of how important the internet has become. Everyone wants to Google something and the rate we are finding information without having to leave the comforts of our homes makes it better. So blogging is still alive and going strong.

    1. Thanks for sharing Norman. Yes totally agree. I know what I’m like with google myself so good point here. I see you have your own website. How have things been like for you? Would you say it was the first year for you or longer?

  4. Organic growth is still #1 in my opinion but as you say, quality content in blogs are key and it has to be compelling for the reader. Some great tips here. Thanks

  5. Absolutely correct. Blogging is still profitable but you have to stand out. Use video, use infographics and images and keep your content relevant. Great advice, thanks.

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