is gofounders and onpassive a scam?

Is Gofounders and Onpassive a Scam? MMO Scams Exposed!

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*Updated 2024* Is Gofounders and OnPassive a Scam?  My review of both the GoFounders and OnPassive platforms. I originally wrote this review back in 2020 but 4 years later what is the latest in regards to this program to help its members Make Money Online!

So, actually, I am going to be looking at online scams in the MMO (Make Money Online Niche).  For me I think this is a good example because it has some very conflicting opinions by groups of people for, and against this platform.

I wanted to cover this – as from what I read from other reviews this is a good example of an online scam – essentially a pyramid scheme that uses MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).  This platform is known as both Gofounders and Onpassive.

Basically, they are the same company owned my a man called Ash Mufareh.  I found out about them because of an online ad I see, and I will admit I almost joined myself.  So, ARE GoFounders and Onpassive a Scam?

Well, what is promised here is a launch of a system that people can join in advance. O-Founders I think has launched and it is some kind of AI service and Onpassive I don’t think has launched (I am not 100% sure) but what I do know is in August 2023 the SEC sued Ash Mufareh over Onpassive. Claiming what he was selling is essentially a pyramid scheme.

Why the SEC sued onpassive

The reason I didn’t join was after reading one review that was enough to convince me not to – it was titled something like is GoFounders and Onpassive a Scam, or not?  And this made me think. What became clear to me was and, were/are part of a very suspect Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) program.

Many people will debate this but the reason why I believe is because these same people are members of GoFounders/OnPassive that are trying to make money from this program.

*Note: Gofounders is now O-Founders and I am not really sure what has changed but let’s take a look at this…

Are Gofounders and Onpassive a Scam?

gofounders and onpassive review 2024

I can not really say this for a 100% certain the answer to this – is GoFounders and Onpassive a scam, or not but I do not really like what I have heard about them.   I know that they do have a physical address, and headquarters in Florida.

My Honest Opinion

I remember first hearing about this website and I read a lot of reviews. It really did seem quite suspect to me. Some people did make me think this could be a legitimate way to make money online but still, as I will try to explain in this article I think there are much better options out there available.

ONE WAY If you are looking for a genuine way to make money online – is blogging, and generating income from affiliate marketing and selling your own digital products – see below!

My No.1 Suggestion

The internet has opportunities to make money online on many different websites but plenty you can definitely get scammed on. Some company’s mean well (some don’t) but really the important thing is to find what best works for you.

So let’s take a look at this…

Is Gofounders and Onpassive a Scam ~
My Review *Updated 2024

Product Name:  GoFounders/OnPassive
Creator;  Ash Mufareh
Price:  $97 + $25-$300 Monthly
Rating: 1/5 Stars ⭐

Website: and

FTC Disclosure:  Please be aware that within this post there are affiliate links, and if you end up making a purchase as a result of clicking on any of the links I may receive a commission.  Read my full affiliate disclosure here

Summarized Overview

GoFounders and OnPassive are both platforms created by Ash Mufareh.  Somebody with a long history within different MLM platforms.  Including some which have been very suspect, to say the very least, if some reports are true. 

Yes, it is safe to say that Ash Mufareh has gained himself quite a reputation because of this.

OnPassive was created in 2018, as was GoFounders also.  It may be too early to say whether this might actually be a scam, or not but only time will tell.  There are a lot of good reviews including 5 stars on Trust Pilot but from what I have read I am still not really convinced myself. The thing is people have made money out of this system but it seems to me it is through deception. Selling people a system that is not LEGITIMATE that appears like it will never actually be released!

If I am being honest this is quite similar with a program where I am a member MyOnline Start Up. They have been prolonging a launch for a membership site since 2021/22 I think but for the $300 I paid I have had a ton of value. I made a $100 commission and they have done a lot of work on this website including giving me premium plugins.

So I think maybe they are not in the same league. The owner of MOS Chuck Nguyen has NOT been sued by the SEC and I guess we shall see. But let’s get back to this review…

The Truth About Gofounders and Onpassive

What People are Saying about GoFounders and OnPassive

So to begin with and both have reviews that you can google that say they are both Pyramid Scheme Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scams.

is gofounders and onpassive a scam screenshot

The other thing is that both companies fail to provide any information about their owners or background.  No phone number or direct contact numbers.

Note:  As mentioned above I was able to find out the owner is Ash Mufareh

Pair this with a lack of tangible products for sale and things begin to look very suspect.

In fact, the only way to earn from OnPassive or GoFounders is by getting people to sign up to their affiliate program.
This in itself, according to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is the sole definition of a pyramid scheme. Paying members to recruit people without any products is a scam. 

What’s more neither company has an active program.  Both are still in the pre-launch stage and have been since 2018.

*I am not completely sure if this is the case as of late January 2024. Only that Ash Mufareh was sued by the SEC for OnPassive not delivering its members what was promised.

I mean really what I would like to demonstrate with this post is what to watch out for with these MMO programs. There are many out there that you should be VERY cautious about and this is a great example.

How Much Does GoFounders and Onpassive Cost to Join?

To join GoFounders or OnPassives MLM program it will set you back $97 USD then $25-$300 a month depending on what type of membership you apply for.

It really is silly I think but it appears to me that it’s just one of many MMO scams.  Which it would seem are a lot easier to fool the average person with than anyone would ever like to believe.

It’s difficult for me to say actually without joining.  Besides these very negative reviews there some very positive ones that I have read. I will share a couple below;

But myself after reading the reviews I did I wonder how legitimate some of these are. A lot are suspiciously similar.

For me this one seems a bit more LEGITIMATE

I have seen the words innovation technology, leads, marketing and products but I’m not totally sold personally.  Anything to do with Multi-Level Marketing puts me off really, and this is even with digital products.

The Secret of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

the mlm pyramid how it works

MLM or Multi-Level Marketing is a platform which involves the selling of products on to a customer who in turn as a representative of the company that sells the products on again for a commission. 

This can happen several times through a multi-tier system.

Each time with people lower down the chain making less commission.  A good example of this is Avon – a company very well known for beauty, household and healthcare products.

Avon is maybe not a good example of an MLM scam, as it’s the fifth-largest beauty products company in the world but even Avon if you are not selling the products it can be a very bad investment.  Depending on your own success.

There are a lot of ways to make money by MLM but most will need you to buy the products to sell first which can be expensive.  Also if these products DON’T SELL then you will be stuck with them as unwanted stock in most cases.

What are MLM scams?

Actual MLM scams usually involve some big load of nonsense about how you can become rich quickly selling certain products.  If you look at GoFounders and OnPassive these do not even have any actual products that I can see.

I might be wrong another thing I see in some reviews is something about an oath to secrecy.  Interestingly the negative reviews are not exactly recent so I do wonder what has changed since then.

But about MLM scams – beware for programs that are asking you to convince other people to join their affiliate programs without any valuable training, or actual products involved.  Especially if they are asking for your money.

A typical MLM scam will involve you paying for a membership and receiving training that is very hard to follow, resources that aren’t any very good, and once you realise all this then it’s too late to receive a refund.

Although, GoFounders and OnPassive (as far as I know) actually offer lifetime refunds and have a lot of people that have invested their trust in them as well as their money it seems over the years.

I do wonder if I am completely wrong about them but what I do know is there are other MMO opportunities that I personally do know that actually work and that seem far better options.

What Do I Recommend For MMO?

What I will say is I think there are much better options available.  One I mentioned above is blogging and setting up passive income streams with affiliate marketing and digital products. I have been doing this now for about 4 years although I did have some experience before. Really I think I should be doing so much better given the time I put into this but its easy to fall down rabbit holes and get get distracted with other things that end up spreading you too thin.

One MMO opportunity I do recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a platform that is continuously evolving and that has helped many people with setting up successful websites and online businesses.

This website I got started with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. It has a ton of training and resources that can help you start making money with affiliate marketing. They have also just released their new hubs platform that is incredible.

is gofounders and onpassive a scam my number 1 suggestion

The Secret to Freedom and Success

OK, so how do you know what is a legitimate opportunity and what isn’t?  How do you avoid online scams? 

The main thing to consider is this saying;

secret to freedom and success

Things to consider are being contacted by somebody who you don’t know out the blue.  Being asked to pay by an unsafe means – BTC, PayPal (Friends and Family), MoneyGram or Western Union. 

Also, be careful if people request for personal information – Bank details, Passwords, Pin Numbers.

In my experience the things you should check is to google – [Company Name] Is it a scam?, background information, contact info, online support. 

A search for “Is Gofounders Onpassive a Scam?” returns many results that pretty say the same as this review here.

The truth is that the best way how to avoid online scams is to be always on your guard.  You should always consider your options before ever paying any money out. Look for better alternatives that are not as risky.

MMO Scams Exposed!!

There are many ways that are safe to make money online but then there is a whole internet full of scams in all different guises and forms.  Many are easy enough to be fooled by – for anyone interested here is a list I found online below. It is a few years old. It’s from my original article in 2020 but here goes.

See Here…

Possible MMO Scams To Avoid!

In Conclusion:

So how to spot an online scam?  This is something that a lot of us would really like to be knowledgeable of.  I will admit I have fallen for a few myself.  Last month even I found a site called – this I thought was great it worked by being paid for sign-ups and sharing links across social media.

They give you $50 for joining and $10 for each Facebook, Twitter and IG post.  Then $25 for referrals! – I was sucked in immediately but as soon as I reached the threshold of $250 for withdrawal then they were asking for me to complete all these signup offers.

It was something like 20 tasks which all involved giving my card details.  What a mistake this was!

I was lucky the fraud squad noticed that it wasn’t me calling the bank one day.  Somebody actually tried to steal my bank account!  It was only then I googled is a scam? I see all the other negative reviews.

I see this was part of a network of around 20 websites all the same with fake testimonies and limited contact information.  People actually said (from what I read) that as soon as they qualified for all the withdrawal criteria they suspended their accounts, so they couldn’t withdraw what they made.

It’s not just your money unfortunately either that you will lose but also your time that could be spent making money elsewhere. Time is your most valuable asset.

So watch out and try to check out any company that you plan to give money to before.

Also, watch out for fake reviews.  Many affiliate programs do this write fake 5-star reviews to make their products look credible.  There is usually a lot of honest reviews if you look.

Just look at the list above and type in google you should see.  All I have to say – just be careful and any thoughts you have on this article it would be great to hear from you in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “Is Gofounders and Onpassive a Scam? MMO Scams Exposed!”

  1. Thank you for sharing this info. Can honestly say, that I’ve never heard of Gofounders or Onpassive, but glad that I came across your post before I was tempted by one of their adds. Have to agree that many MLM companies are a scam, however, there are some legit companies with an MLM platform that offer exceptional products, so to say that they are all potential scams is not true. 

    Thank you again for sharing, and I will take your suggestions into consideration. 

    1. Hi Brandy,  Yes there are MLM business models that work – Avon for example but maybe it’s just me I really just don’t like how platforms like this work.

  2. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article i know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. For me, i think a little more research needs to be done one them so as to know how they work because even if it doesn’t work for one doesn’t make it a scam.

    1. Hello,  Yes they are still very dubious I think but I think there is that they aren’t 100% a scam but they do seem very suspect I think.

  3. The last I heard, they have been promising their product for over two years
    and never delivered! . It definately
    appears to be a scam and even if its not, it has limitted upside potential because they
    product pack they say they will be releasing does not have mass appeal. They only
    appear to those who have a strong online marketing presense. The entire program has
    never made since to me.

    1. Hi Dale, Not looked into what they have been up to for a while. I’ve heard various things from people but it’s been 2 years since I wrote this review and they still seem to be promising their big launch date that never comes. I agree with the potential there is definitely a good hook here but plenty of other programs that are probably better to promote than this I think honestly. Also see you got your own blog I will have to check this out at some point.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Best regards;


  4. I was actually looking at joining onpassive and was doing my homework, and I found your article. I appreciate how you thoroughly dive into the arguments of both proponents and skeptics. The fact that you dissect the business model, compensation structure, and reviews to shed light on whether these programs are genuine or potential scams is also appreciated.

    Whether you’re considering these opportunities or just curious, this article serves as a helpful guide in navigating the potential scam concerns. I think I have what I need now to make informed decisions.

    Thank you again.

    1. Thanks Ronald,  yes I should really go into this a bit more but I think it is perhaps the beginning of the end for this company after the lawsuit but perhaps not the O-Founders and Onpassive websites are still live so maybe I will take another look in 2025.  This is actually a review originally from 2020.  I am trying to go through my older posts as much as I can at moment as so many are thin and I am a lot more seasoned at blogging now than I was.

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