is six figure mentors the best training to make money online

Is Six-Figure Mentors The Best Training To Make Money Online?

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Since I began my Marketing Journey back in December 2019 there have been so many courses that have caught my eye.  Mostly, I realize now that a lot of these are overhyped money traps that give people a false sense of security but Is Six Figure Mentors The Best Training To Make Money Online?

I’ve actually been meaning to take a look at this course for a while now.  The name definitely sounds very appealing because who wouldn’t like to learn how to generate a six-figure income?   SERIOUSLY!

I mean, this could differ depending on where you live but let’s say you are from the USA this is $100,000 USD ~ 1/10 of $1 Million.  It’s the sort of money that can change your life.  THIS IS UNDENIABLE FOR A LOT OF PEOPLE!

Although It isn’t a massive fortune really ~ Inflation has seen to that!  Like, this amount of money wouldn’t get you a nice house in a nice area or anything but certainly, 100K is enough to live comfortably for a good while.  

So you would hope that you can make this money again and even more which is exactly what Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek the owners of Six Figure Mentors claim this training can do for you but should they and SFM really be trusted?

This is exactly what I will look to cover in today’s post amongst my own tips to help you begin making money online… 

So, definitely if you’re interested please keep on reading…

Is Six-Figure Mentors The Best Training To Make Money Online?  Here’s My Verdict! 

six figure mentors learn more
Product Name:Six Figure Mentors
Who Are The Creators:Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek
Short Description:Online Training Program For Aspiring Digital Marketers
Things To Note:✅ 4 Free Training Videos Available For Beginners
✅ Exclusive Community Access
✅ Access To LinkedIn Learning & AdSkills Training Incl.
✅ Beginner Friendly but Does Not Come Cheap
How Much Does It Cost:$99 + $97.00 Every Month with an Optional Upsell of 2.5k for Elite Membership
Short Pros:Over 6500 courses, free consultations, and dedicated support.
Short Cons:Other courses seem to offer better value, but owners do not have a good reputation.
Do I RecommendNot my top pick but I do think this course could be good for the right person.

Affiliate Disclosure: 

Please note that this post contains affiliate links.  If you happen to make a purchase from links within this blog post then I may earn a small reward as a commission, and just to let you know – the price you pay will not be affected!


Amongst these links are some for Six Figure Mentors ~ I include these links not because I recommend this course personally but just in the likelihood that this might help compensate me for my time.  Please read carefully this review before deciding to visit the SFM website and proceeding to make a purchase. 

Any questions please feel free to contact me at

You can also find out more about me by clicking this link here<< Now…  Let’s begin, shall we?

Who Is Six Figure Mentors For?

Those that might want to consider the Six Figure Mentors training course as an investment may include;

  • Those looking to start an online business
  • Anyone interested in learning affiliate marketing
  • People looking for a means to make money online
  • Investors keen to explore the means to succeed in the digital world

What Solutions Does SFM Claim To Solve

Six Figure Mentors claim to be the answer to finding online marketing success for anyone who has the courage to trust them.  In their own words, the tools, training, resources, and community support they provide are the solution to making a six-figure income.  

If their website homepage is to be believed Six Figure Mentors offer THE MOST IN-DEMAND BUSINESS, TECH, AND CREATIVE SKILLS FROM INDUSTRY EXPERTS.  Access to over 6500 e-learning courses from their extensive library.

The main 6 benefits for anyone that is willing to pay the high costs of ($100 every month) for Six Figure Mentors you will get; 

  • Step By Step Training
  • Exclusive Community Access
  • 1-On-1 Consultations
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support
  • Live Events
  • Weekly Training Webinars

Can Six-Figure Mentors Help You Make 6 Figures?

Despite what the co-owners of Six Figure Mentors claim many that have actually tried this course say that this isn’t the best online training for new entrepreneurs and even for those that have invested in this course because of their past failures.

It is not really all doom and gloom – there are a few testimonials out there that sing the praises of SFM.  I actually do not doubt this but for me, the big question which I really wonder is if this is really as bad as some of these reviews actually say, and if so how much better is other training available?  I actually am not personally ready to dismiss SFM yet but actually – I will let you decide for yourselves.

Six-Figure Mentors Customer Reviews?

In this section, I will share reviews from a few places where I can find them.  The SFM website, Trustpilot,, Quora and Reddit.  Youtube I’m guessing doesn’t have any that are not by affiliates trying to make a quick buck but I will check there too as well as I guess Google Reviews and Facebook.

So The Good

Here is the first review from the Six Figure Mentors website…

SFM Six Figure Mentors Review #1

The next review is from Trustpilot

SFM Six Figure Mentor Reviews #2

And now here is one from Quora…

SFM Six Figure Mentors Review #3

So, there are definitely success stories from people that have joined Six Figure Mentors but how about the others?

The SFM Negative Reviews

Having a look again I found this review on Quora – I’d say this is quite worrying…

SFM Six Figure Mentors Negative Reviews #1

and one more from TrustPilot I couldn’t really find any more negative reviews but it does appear that some people who have paid for Six Figure Mentors have been left dealing with the financial consequences after with very little to show for it;

SFM Six Figure Mentors Negative Reviews #2

Some quite mixed reviews here I think.  The bottom line seems to be that people have had success with SFM but as it is very expensive some that have bought into this course have been left reeling by the consequences after.

Can You Join For Free?

Now, this is a good point – Six Figure Mentors is not really cheap.  You have your joining fee of $99 then you have to cough up another $97 every month after that.  Like you would want to hope you are absolutely killing it within the first 6-12 months because this is no pocket change.  

Add to that the $2.5K upsell to get everything (the Elite Membership) and well you would hope it is all actually worth it.

However, you can join for free to get a taste of what is on offer (check the link here<<)

six figure mentors 7 free video series

*So there are a few free things you can check when joining SFM there are these videos and a free webinar (first 10k).

I would if you have the time definitely take a look but also if you are interested in some good free training I’d actually recommend besides this Wealthy Affiliate.  They are actually very similar to SFM but they are much more affordable [If you’d like to learn more check out my review here].

There is actually a lot more I can recommend for people interested in digital marketing and online business.  Keep reading till the end for more information.  I will skip this part for now but for now, let’s take a look at…

Six Figure Mentors Refund Policy

You can not try Six Figure Mentors for Free because their $97.00 monthly subscription is non-refundable but if within the first 30 days, you decide that Six Figure Mentors is not for you then they will honor a refund for the 30-day enrollment fee. Also, DEA products ELITE Influence, ImportXperts, Marketing Mastery, Brand Incubator, and Mastermind Experience can be refunded within 3 days of purchase.

Six Figure Mentors Pros and Cons

The Pros ✅

  • All-Inclusive access to LinkedIn Learning and
  • Over 6500+ Available Courses
  • Training for web development, and affiliate marketing
  • Training for Email Marketing, SMM, and Sales Funnels
  • 24/7 Support and Your Own Personal Consultant
  • Weekly Webinars and Free Access To Live Events
  • Web Hosting and Domain Parking
  • Free Affiliate Program with several different landing pages to choose

The Cons ❎

  • Some claim training is outdated (apparently)
  • The Six Figure Mentors program is not cheap
  • Expensive Upsells
  • Owners are linked to past shady business dealings.

Note:  some information here I got from another review on google.  I am not going to link to this as it is a conflict of interest but according to them, there are a lot of reasons not to trust the co-creators of SFM.

Who Makes Six-Figure Mentors?

The owners of Six Figure Mentors are an entrepreneurial team of 2 Internet marketers Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.  Their previous work according to a number of people includes a number of very questionable products.

  • Jay Kubassek is thought to have worked for a company Liberty League International (LLI) up until about 2009
  • Previously he was linked to Wealth Masters International around (2005)  both companies run into trouble for being identified as illegal Pyramid Schemes in their respective countries…


  • Stuart Ross back in 2009 was recruiting people to join a program called YourNetBiz…
  • Many aspects of YourNetBiz were criticized and ‘Six Figure Mentors’ is believed to be the next-gen version of YNB!

So Should You Invest In Six-Figure Mentors?

Honestly, this is up to you.  There are a lot of people that speak quite highly of SFM and I have no reason to believe otherwise that they haven’t been successful with this platform.  However, one thing that is apparent to me is that to properly make use of SFM and its resources you must really have the money there first to do so.   

This I think is where it really gets its bad reputation from.  I mean in its defense there are a number of other courses that cause these same exact problems.  Basically, someone spends money they don’t really have to get a course thinking it will make them their money back with a few zeros on the end, and ultimately what they are left with is a huge pile of debt.

The exact reason why someone joins something like SFM in the first place – So they can pay off their debts and start making money for nice things like new clothes, nights out, and holidays.  Which of course is possible but my advice is if you can’t afford what Six Figure Mentors is charging look for something cheaper or something better (hint:  read till the end!)   

I will get to this part soon but first, let’s just go over a few more basic things…

How Much Does Six Figure Mentors Cost?

I’m sure I have covered this already.  Maybe not quite so accurately but you in short have 3 types of membership with SFM;

  1. Student Access (Free to join)
  2. Essential membership ($97 enrollment fee + $99 a month)
  3. Elite Membership (One-time payment of $2500 on top of Essentials Membership)

So let’s say you join for the year all-in this rounds up to $3800.

This I’m sure does not include things like ads, Getresponse/Aweber, and whatever else.  I mean I think the review above makes a great point unless you have $10,000 to burn this course most likely is not worth doing.

Although, you really have to ask – is the elite membership worth $2.5K?  That’s a nice little saving there and if you are spending say $5K on paid ads.  Besides the training, it will go either one way or the other – you will make money or you will lose money.  There definitely seems to be a system in place here but is it the best value for money compared to others?   

What Do You Get?

six figure mentors what do you get from their 3 types of memberships

So, this I need to actually clarify because I know they also have a setup quite similar to Wealthy Affiliate where you can host your websites through SFM and you can also purchase your domains to run alongside your hosting through SFM.

You also get readymade landing pages with autoresponders set up hardwired to your affiliate links.  This is great for recruiting affiliates – I mean I really can’t speak too much on the actual value you get from the SFM course but this definitely makes it easy to at least start poking the fire so to speak.

Also, I know a lot of these courses recommend you get Clickfunnels – I will need to confirm this but I think they might actually have something like this built-in too.


SFM Upsells and DEA Products

The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is a digital business system and education company that provides training, tools, and resources to help individuals start and grow their own online businesses. Besides the main course other optional upsells include;

Products include: ELITE Influence, ImportXperts, Marketing Mastery, Brand Incubator, and Mastermind Experience

To Join Six Figure Mentors DEA (Digital Experts Academy) will cost you $5K for their DEA Gold Plan. The products above I believe are all included.

My Verdict on the Six Figure Mentors Platform!

It was someone on Wealthy Affiliate that I traded comments with on one of my blog posts that first put me up on the idea of joining Six Figure Mentors.  At the time I thought as this guy recommended the Amazing Seller Machine alongside this that they were both courses that taught about Amazon drop shipping.

Like I don’t think I would have been so interested to explore this further otherwise but anyhow after looking at this platform it actually reminds me a lot of Wealthy Affiliate – rolling monthly subscription, web hosting, domain parking, whoever recruits you becomes your coach, lot’s of training, community-based and 24/7 technical support.

I mean I wonder if you might as well just join Wealthy Affiliate instead and pay $47 a month instead of $97.  There does seem to be a bit more on offer with Six Figure Mentors but I think WA definitely has better things about it.  Really I think it depends on both platforms who recruits you and how hands-on they are with your coaching. Also, WA doesn’t include any hidden upsells and its training primarily focuses on SEO and Social media for free traffic there isn’t as much focus on Paid Ads, etc.

There are a few things I need to actually look into about the SFM platform to really make this review more complete but I think this is my main impression for now.  WA is definitely better to join for its free course I’d say 100% and it’s more affordable.

Final Word

So on this website since I first began writing articles for it I’ve looked at a number of courses now like Six Figure MentorsWealthy Affiliate has been the one that I have really chosen out of them all but I have often wondered if there is something better – not only for what I’m trying to achieve myself but also for recommending to others.

Really I think SFM is basically a lot like Wealthy Affiliate I think but with a few more bells and whistles.  For this reason, I would actually say to people to have a look at both and then make a decision based on what they can afford and what they think is best for them.

I mean really it depends on who is there coaching you.  I said above that I would assume that like WA SFM works on the basis of whoever refers you becoming your coach (don’t quote me here).  I think this one thing and actually being committed to the training and taking action is what possibly might help you to use this training to make a six-figure income.

I hope I am explaining this well enough but if you would like to learn more yourself check out the free 4-part video series.

My Personal Tips For 6-Figure Success

  • Commitment,
  • Perseverance, 
  • The Right Advice,
  • The Right Investment, 
  • and Making the Right Choices.

This is not as easy as it sounds.  Really it isn’t all about buying some expensive course and throwing your money around on ads and tools.  You can do that and with the right instruction you can certainly use these methods to make your first 100K but in all honesty, earning decent money means working hard for it.  You must first commit to learning what you need to and then you must take action.  What you must do is start developing a platform that builds interactions with others that have money!

Also, in my last post, I wrote about how to be successful you must not give up EVER and you must not either overwhelm yourself with other things unless it is really necessary (ie. making enough money to at least cover living costs).

This is the real secret to making a Six Figure income and maybe what transcends into a 7 or 8 figure income.

Mindset is definitely key but so is hard work and a sole focus on what your money spinner will be.  You should take time, in the beginning, to plan carefully as this should not be a short-term project and this is actually my best advice.

The Best Training Online:  My Opinion

This is debatable there are so many courses out there to choose from.  The main two I have used have been Wealthy Affiliate and MyOnlineStartUp.  Both platforms I have learned a great deal from but if truth be told MOS seems to be a bit dead in the water at the moment so beyond their free training I would say be very cautious.  

Wealthy Affiliate I still use to this day, all the main course was updated last year and the platform is still going strong.  Many members have become successful from WA – this can be evidenced through the pictures of their annual summit at Las Vegas which is basically a reward for members that manage to get 300 new sign-ups a year.

I mean I guess you could say this isn’t the biggest carrot on a stick to join the platform but if you do type in the search bar success stories.  One post by Roope Kittu 29 WA Success Stories is a good example of how true this is and on top of this there are plenty more success stories too.

So I would definitely recommend WA for this reason or if you do have the money another more expensive course I think looks very promising is Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab.  Keep an eye out for a future review on this soon.

Until then – thanks for reading please feel free to share this content with as many people as possible x

Really hope you have enjoyed reading today’s post



Alex B. Chivers

Contact us at 

Also, if you are interested in my free help to get started with online business sign up for my free 30-day email series here<<

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2 thoughts on “Is Six-Figure Mentors The Best Training To Make Money Online?”

  1. Hey Alex. I was on the edge buying The Six Figure Mentors program back in 2018, and I am super happy I haven’t. As read among the reviews shown on your site, I agree that the program is super expensive, with a lot of upsells and super low value. Additionally, the program is kind of locked up. This simply means you have to pay your way up. Not only to get the knowledge but to profit from their affiliate marketing opportunity. The creators of the program don’t have the best reputation, and when this happens, usually it is not a good sign. I would discourage people from investing in it. On the other hand, your recommendation, Wealth Affiliate is quite opposite. It is affordable, offers a free trial, and has regularly updated training. Cheers

    1. Hi Julius, OK interesting to speak with someone that has had their own experience with this platform. I kind of still think there could be something too this for the right people but it is not a good look really when people end up spending big money for courses that don’t actually end up helping them. I can tell you that after 3 years that the wrong advice can come back to haunt you. You want to hit the ground running really – building more traffic month after month and so you start to see things are beginning to work. Maybe I would say SFM might help more advanced people with money to burn in case things go wrong but certainly this does not need to be the case for other more inexperienced people and YES I think WA is one good site to try.

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