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Hi Guys,  Have you heard of the John Thornhill Partnership Success Program?  …

It is a newly updated product.  I think exclusive to Clickbank and it is for anybody keen to learn about affiliate marketing and how to build an online business.  It consists of an initial webinar and if you are interested you also have the option then to enroll in John’s starter course.  Although, this is totally optional and the webinar is 100% free.

In my own opinion, this could really benefit anyone currently looking towards Clickbank as a viable sense of income. 

According to John, you will apparently not only learn how to actually make Clickbank work for you but also how you can become part of the very exclusive 1% club of top CB affiliates.  It is kind of a lot to grasp and totally get why you might be put off reading this but actually, it is very insightful.

At the very least definitely check out the free introduction webinar and take some notes. 

FTC Disclosure:
Please note, before we continue, this post contains affiliate links. If you happen to make a purchase at any point after reading this information through any of my links I may receive a commission. Also, if you choose to sign up for the full course after you finish watching the webinar I may also receive a commission. The Price you will not be affected.

It, if you would like to watch (the free webinar) you can book your slot right here

PS:  I have just finished watching THIS myself and my advice is just listen to what John Thornhill has to say.

He seems to really know his stuff…

John Thornhill Partnership Success – JV with John Product Review 2021

  • Product Name: John Thornhill Partnership Success Program
  • Course By: John Thornhill
  • Type Of Course: Affiliate Marketing and JV Product Creation
  • Course Rating: 70/100
  • Do I Recommend (Yes/No): Yes, If you can afford it and this is something that interests you
  • Comments: High Ticket Course In The Product Creation Niche. Lot’s of potential but I am yet to try for myself. If you watch the webinar you should receive a link to try for 2 weeks for $1

Who Is John Thornhill

who is john thornhill top clickbank vendor 2020

John Thornhill is a UK-based entrepreneur that is currently one of the top 1% earners from Clickbank affiliate programs.  He has also released several courses coaching students about online business.  Many have apparently gone on to become 6 figure affiliate marketers and successful entrepreneurs themselves.

Even though many individuals using Clickbank, the No.1# affiliate vendor worldwide many do not manage to unlock its potential.  In any case, John Thornhill has truly simplified this through his self-made demonstrated framework to help his students finally get the nack of how this platform really works.

It is not difficult to get familiar with his demonstrated framework either. John puts his trust in utilizing an authentic method to acquire online revenue sources. The presumed Clickbank vendor is coordinating a free instructional course for new and experienced people to procure full-time/low maintenance revenue streams on the web.

In this live instructional meeting, John Thornhill will uncover the mystery of his demonstrated framework. In addition, he will give his private 6 figure cheat sheet to each member. 

In addition, he will give as a bonus his secret hack to uncover his $1.3 million Clickbank Super channel.

John Thornhill has dominated how Clickbank functions and he is presently utilizing his experience to show methods of internet marketing. His demonstrated framework has shown checked outcomes. His free online workshop has assisted 9 with the excursion of 10 understudies procure a full-time living on the web.

Besides, it simply requires a couple of hours of day-by-day work online to bring in an attractive measure of cash utilizing his demonstrated framework. 

Henceforth, members are having an extraordinary chance to enroll free of charge and acquire full-time pay on the web.

What Is JV with John

Basically, JV with John is a free eBiz webinar that teaches a great deal of John Thornhill’s online business secrets.  The very same methods that he has utilized to make over a million dollars through just Clickbank alone.  The webinar is definitely worth a watch and by comparison to some others, I’ve watched it’s definitely one of the better ones.

In its essence, the webinar is an introduction to the John Thornhill Partnership Success program.  Throughout the hour-plus video, John discusses his history.  From working on a production line putting together car doors to his time as an eBay Trader selling eBooks to his start-up in affiliate marketing.  

He then goes on to discuss the fundamental basics of affiliate marketing, traffic, blogging, email marketing, and most importantly becoming a JV (Junior Vendor).  This I know might sound a bit intimidating but this is creating your own digital product and launching them on platforms such as JVZOO, Warrior+, and Clickbank.

Pros and Cons

Pros of John Thornhill Partnership Success ✅

  • 100% Free To Watch Webinar with Interactive Element (Live Chat)
  • Information from the webinar can be utilized without signing up for the starter course.
  • Possible Gateway to Affiliate Marketing and JV Success
  • Insight into John’s Most Comprehensive Coaching To Date.
  • Access To One on One Coaching With A Successful Millionaire
  • If You Chose To Pursue This Further There is a 180 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • You can share your membership with another person. 1 Extra login.
  • Any products you create whilst a member will be promoted for free by John and his team.

Cons of John Thornhill Partnership Success ❎

  • The Concepts That John Discuss (Such as JV) May Seem A little Intimidating
  • The full product is a high ticket item ($1997) which may not be affordable right away although you can pay in installments over 12 months.  Still not for the faint-hearted.
  • There are more affordable ways to find online success.  Although I would at least recommend watching the webinar.


Who Is ‘Partnership To Success’ For?

This is genuinely for anyone looking for a doorway towards online success.  It is apparently newbie-friendly and ideal for anyone that has spent money on countless different courses with very little to show for it.

For any dedicated individuals looking for personal 1-on-1 coaching with a proven affiliate marketer, this is definitely one good route that you can go, and here are just some of the reasons why;

1. Webinar Covers A Hot 
‘Never Seen Before’ Business Model.

The ultimate shortcut in the product creation niche. The content is fresh and is getting extremely well received.  

2. Get Paid up to $2746 in 
Commissions On All Sales Via ClickBank.

As an approved affiliate you have access to John Thornhills super high converting funnel with all links inside emails hardwired to your ClickBank User ID.

3. John Thornhill has Over 15 Years of Experience in Affiliate Marketing.

This is not some quick training.  This program is a step-by-step system that gets real results.

4. Insanely Low Refund Rate.

john thornhill success partner refund rates march 2021

Customers love this product and so far the refund rate is under 1% from over 1000 sales. ClickBank has also approved this product for zero refunds.  This means you will keep over 99% of the sales you make. 

5. Protected Commissions.

John Thornhill Success Partner Program
uses ClickBank’s Lifetime Commission feature, this basically means a customer is tagged for life and you get paid on any upgrades or upsells that the customer pays for.

Is This Legit?

Yes.  John comes across as a quite truthful, down-to-earth person.  Although, where he says that this course is only limited to a select number of people at a time I do wonder if this is really the case.  I know at the moment (as of June 2021) this product is converting incredibly well but for me, this is one thing I do wonder about.

Start-Up Costs

Watching the webinar is 100% free it’s just over 2 hours with a vast array of different ideas.  However, the actual true cost for John’s coaching and the full course is just under $2K.  Quite a considerable investment and this is not all within the webinar John also casually mentions there are furthers costs;

  1. Landing Page Builder = $100 1 Year
  2. Aweber Email Marketing Account = $20 a Month
  3. Web Hosting = $10 a month
  4. Domain = $10-20 for 1st year.
  5. Extra $$$ To Hire Freelancers

All in you need I’d say is around an extra $500 to $1000 running costs.  

Plus you can also pay for the main course in installments.

My Verdict – John Thornhill Partnership Success

I think this is very promising.  The webinar even if you don’t want the course or can’t afford it is still very valuable.  I can say that after watching it there is quite a lot I can take away just from my notes.  As for the actual John Thornhill Partnership Success course…

The price is not for everyone which I think is the main problem.  It isn’t that it isn’t worth the money.  It’s just not affordable for everyone.  For someone that doesn’t have a lot of money, $2k is a lot – one month’s physical labor for some people, and one month with no food, no electricity, unpaid rent, and no leisure activities. 

However,  I think if you can do everything that is asked of you from within the training you will (at the very least) be able to start making some of your money back.  Even most likely without the product creation element.  You have 6 months basically where you can claim a full refund so really and truly I would expect John and his team will make it their utmost priority to make these methods work.  Especially to keep their incredible low refund rate

and I would expect if they can you will easily be able to double, even triple your initial investment within the first year.

If you watch the free webinar this is explained quite well.  So, I highly recommend you watch HERE<<

What If You Can Not Afford To In Invest In 

The John Thornhill Partnership Success Program?

Well, I’ve actually got you covered here.  If you don’t have $2K + laying around somewhere.  There is another course that I have personally been using since the beginning of my own personal affiliate marketing journey.

This is also good for another reason as it will cover your hosting for your landing pages should you decide to later give John’s offer a go.  Not only this, but this course as well as being much more affordable, is also free to join.

Returning visitors may have guessed what this course is already but if you haven’t I am of course talking about Wealthy Affiliate.  Which is a multi-purpose online business platform for training, web hosting, networking, and keyword research.

It is somewhere I am very happy to have a membership and if you are looking for something with low start-up costs I highly recommend it, and here are just a few things that other members have to say about it.

Wealthy Affiliate Positive Reviews

If you are genuinely interested then read my latest review about my own time as a member of WA >>>HERE<<<

In Conclusion

Now back to the John Thornhill Partnership Success Program.  I first heard of this because another course I was promoting had some hosting issues with their website.  They are back up now but during these few days, I spoke to a friend on Facebook who suggested I check this product out.  

As I result I ended up watching this video;


What I learned was that as of May 2021 this product held the #2 spot for the top 10 Clickbank products.  Honestly, after a bit of investigating my actual thought was this wasn’t like the usual **** for sale on CB.

I know there are good products on Clickbank but at times it has really bugged me.  How many scams etc.  This product actually got me excited though and this is exactly why I’ve decided to write this review and promote their free webinar.

Exclusive Webinar John Thornhill 30 Minutes to Success Click Here to reserve your seat


Finally, Before I go If you have any questions about the John Thornhill Partnership Success Program or the Free Webinar please leave a comment in the comments section below and I will try my best to get back to you ASAP

Also,  if you would like to share your experience with this product or anything similar it will be great to hear from you.

Many thanks and Best regards;

Alex C

PS:  If you know anybody that may benefit from this information please feel free to share this post.  In fact, if you could share this post on your social media channels too this would be awesome, and really help this platform to grow.

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  1. I quite agree with you that the course is on the high side, but possibly some people may not mind paying considering what they will get out of it.
    And wealthy affiliate is a good alternative for anyone who cannot afford the program. But, especially for beginners, a step by step training is the best option.
    I equally did an in-depth review of the course here

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