Wealthy Affiliate My Number 1 Suggestion

Join Wealthy Affiliate – My No.1 Suggestion!

Hey Guys,  If you haven’t read my last 2 posts then please do so.  Creating your first website and how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners.  Both you should find very useful and actually this is partly the reason for me writing this post.  Within these first 2 articles, I mention my no.#1 suggestion for affiliate marketing training.  This is to join Wealthy Affiliate!

Yes, I fully recommend people to join Wealthy Affiliate.  My reasons I will do my best to explain.  I realise that it is a little biased of me, and I’ll be honest with you.  If you click on the button above and decide to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate then I will receive a referral with which I will earn an affiliate commission.  If you upgrade to premium membership.

Read My Full Affiliate Disclosure Here.

Also just to note I am myself a member and an active part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community.  This isn’t why I am saying people should join though.  I mean it is and because there is a financial incentive for me but there is more to my reasoning.  It’s because my experience so far has been generally good and I feel that I’m in a good position to share this with people.

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Join Wealthy Affiliate?
  3. Getting Started on Wealthy Affiliate
  4. Taking the Leap from WA Free Membership to Premium
  5. The Other Perks if you Join Wealthy Affiliate
  6. Getting Through the First Few Months of WA
  7. My Advice for Making Money as a Back-Up Plan
  8. Final Thoughts


It’s coming up to 5 months now since I joined Wealthy Affiliate.  I joined after some early success with affiliate marketing on blogger.  How it all happened I’m not even very sure but from what I can remember I believe it was something to do with the training I received at WA.   It was exactly what I was looking for at the time.

A step up from Blogger where I could easily migrate to WordPress, and learn how to make my content more attractive and increase my chances of making more affiliate commissions. This hasn’t been an overnight thing for me but trust me with this one the more experienced you became the more effective your earning potential will become.

Why Join Wealthy Affiliate?

I would say because it’s an easy way to get set up on WordPress with up-to-date training, and a very helpful community that are mostly just like you, and me.  So, essentially another WA member could have faced a problem that you are struggling with before for example.

The community is very helpful like this you just go to the help centre – ask a question, and await a response.  I would say 95% of the time this helped me overcome different issues I’ve had.

The only thing I will say what is not good about WA is how limited it’s free membership is, and this is coming from somebody that wants you to join.  Premium membership is great.  Once you have unlocked Wealthy Affiliates full potential I think most people will see what good value it is, but once you sign up for your free account you’ve basically got only a week to start the free training and decide whether or not you want to pay the $19 to become a full member.

Of course, you can pay the full cost of $49 after the 1st week but this is just it.  Paying the $49 a month right away I think is off-putting for some people.  I think once you can start making a commission here, and a commission there it’s really not as bad, but for someone with a new website that isn’t making any money though it can seem like a bit much.   So paying the $19 whilst it’s still on offer within the 1st week for the 1st month of premium is an absolute must.

You can see what I mean by the difference between free and premium in the table below.

Getting Started on Wealthy Affiliate

Joining as a free member the main benefit is the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Lv.1 training.  This I really can not knock at all.  As you can see in the screenshot below there are 10 very valuable lessons here.  My only issue is that the offer to upgrade to a premium account of $19 for new members only lasts one week.

A week is enough time to finish this training sure but not everyone will.  Also, this is actually only half of the free training there is also 10 lessons in the WA Boot Camp section.

My advice don’t spend too long before deciding to commit to premium.  Especially don’t leave it until you’ve completed all the training.  It could very well be a missed opportunity.  Trust me on this one.  Maybe do half of the main training and write your first post.  If you would like me to personally review as long as you are a WA member I’ll be glad to help.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Training

Taking the Leap from WA Free Membership to Premium

Once you have upgraded to Premium you will start to see what I mean about Wealthy Affiliate I think.  You have the rest of the training for the online entrepreneur certification.  Another 40 lessons + 6 extra phases of Affiliate Bootcamp.  Not to mention the Wealthy Affiliate Training HQ, and Classrooms.

The actual training here is vast.  In my opinion, it would take a very committed person to get through it all.  One thing I especially like is one of the members at Wealthy Affiliate called MagiStudios does an hour video every week which teaches new things.  These can all be accessed through the Training HQ as well as much, much more.

The classrooms I think are very helpful here.  I didn’t actually look into this part of the platform until recently but 2 classrooms that caught my eye were for email marketing and video marketing.  Anyone who wants to become a successful Affiliate Marketer should be seriously considering educating yourself in both.

In fact, video marketing where you create videos to promote products is an entity in itself.  It’s not included in the online entrepreneur certification no, and neither is email marketing but the beauty of WA is its members are paid to create training which is approved and then added to the training HQ.

I won’t say that Wealthy Affiliate is the key to becoming a successful affiliate marketer or web developer but if you want to learn how to be a successful affiliate marketer or web developer then it’s training is more than enough to teach you.  It’s like any legit trustworthy platform really if you take full advantage of what’s available than the better the end result will be.

The Other Perks if you Join Wealthy Affiliate


Other than the training mentioned above there is a lot more to Wealthy Affiliate.  For a start for is the WA Websites section.  This includes 7 important sub sections;

  • Site Manager;  Where you can view the health, speed, and stats of your website.
  • Site Builder:  Create your website here.
  • Site Domains:  Purchase domains directly from WA
  • Site Content:  Create your content here.  Highly recommend one of WA’s best features.
  • Site Comments:  Leave comments to gain points and request comments from other WA members.
  • Site Feedback:  Leave feedback for points on other WA members websites, and use points to request feedback.
  • Site Support:  Technical support for any web-based issues.

The next section after this is the live events section.  This is basically for the once-a-week live webinar training videos from MagiStudios.  Then the next section after this one is maybe my favourite alongside SiteContent and SiteComments.

The research section is basically full Jaaxy keyword research tool integration.  It’s features include;  Site Rank, Keyword Lists, Search Analysis,  Alphabet Soup, Brainstorm HQ, Affiliate Program Search Tool, and Niche Key Word Lists.

The final 3 main sections after this are;  Affiliate Programs – a second tool to search for Affiliate Programs, the Live Chat section – a kind of community chat room, and finally the Help Center.

Getting Through the First Few Months of WA

Maybe I don’t need to share this here but like any new business, the stark reality is that you might not be making money right away.  I want to be honest as possible here it can take some people months.

It is all good saying that good things come to those that wait but I would guess that most people within there the first month of WA Premium will at least want to make the $49 to pay for the next month.  I know that I did myself.  Although by some fluke I did actually.  Through my combined efforts, I made $448.23

My Clickbank sales January 2020
This was through Clickbank if anyone is wondering.  Only one product – a miracle really.  Have definitely not made anywhere near as much since but think this was by some kind of massive judgement of error somewhere.  Anyway this one idea but I have a few others that are a little more realistic that may only make a few pounds here and there but don’t knock it.

If you can make $25 at least towards your monthly costs than that will make it a lot easier for you to continue.

My Advice for Making Money as a Back-Up Plan

So, my ideas once you’ve published 5-10 posts apply for Google Adsense.  If you have an approved account already all the better.  This might not be very helpful actually they won’t pay you until you’ve received $60 I think it is.  Which may be difficult with a new website.  It may help though if you can get set up and this is why I’ve mentioned it.

A better option apparently (yet to try this myself) is PPC ads (try VG links).  You likely won’t make a lot but it should make a contribution.  The final idea and definitely the best that I can think of at least is earning through the WA Affiliate Program.  For each member that successfully signs up to Premium through your referral, they will receive $8 from $19, or $22.50 from $49.  This recurring as well.  Every time somebody pays their membership fee if they are your referral you’ll get a commission.

Another idea totally up to you but why not offer your writing services on Fiverr.  From my experience, you can make $5 for 5-600 words as a beginner.  It’s true you want to be spending your time on your own content but if you can make $5, $10, $15 it all adds up.  You want to be able to make $25 I would say and pay $24 yourself in the worst-case scenario.

You very well start earning affiliate commissions very quickly some people do but a lot of people don’t so just thought I’d add this to add some clarity to the situation.

Final Thoughts

Well, I hope if you are still reading than I have given you plenty to think about.  Wealthy Affiliate is certainly not the only Affiliate Marketing Training and Hosting Platform online but looks no further I would say.   According to its creator, Wealthy Affiliate is the biggest, most popular platform of it’s kind with I think it’s 22 million members or something.

Anyway, as I’ve said multiple times highly recommend it.  If you do join my username is chivs86.  I’ll be more than glad to help you get set up, and whenever you need it basically.  I will share with you whatever I can to help you become successful!

Your Feedback

Like always this is greatly appreciated.  If you would like to share this post, or any others on Social Media than you are most welcome to.  If you would like to leave a comment or any questions you can leave below in the comments section.  I will usually look to respond within 12-24 hours.

Hope this article has found you well;

Best Wishes;


PS:  If you would like to contact me to discuss this further.  Feel free to Skype me at any time;

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