Why join wealthy affiliate review 2023

Why Join Wealthy Affiliate in 2023 – Is The Hype Real or Not?

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For anyone that is curious about my journey into blogging and digital marketing really this circles back to January 2020. Ironically just before COVID-19 and it was around this time I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate.

It actually seems like forever now since I actually made the decision to upgrade from free to premium and during this time a lot has happened!

For example, I have on several occasions now actually been fortunate enough to earn money through my websites which I know is a huge deal for anyone looking to get started with this type of business.

I will not BS you about this opportunity – many people do not recommend that you Join Wealthy Affiliate as a way to learn digital marketing. One of the top courses I’m currently seeing people promote is this but as a member of WA for over 3 years now there is certainly plenty of things I can tell you.

So with this in mind here is my full, in-depth UNBIASED product review of Wealthy Affiliate based on my own experience…

Why Join Wealthy Affiliate in 2023 – Is The Hype Real or Not?

Join Wealthy Affiliate
Product Name:Wealthy Affiliate
Owners:Kyle and Carson
Short Description:Online Coaching Platform for Web Development, Blogging, and Digital Marketing
Things To Note:Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that provides training, tools, and resources for individuals to start and grow an online business.

Some key things to note about Wealthy Affiliate include:

✅ WA offers comprehensive training on various aspects of building an online business, including website creation, search engine optimization, and affiliate marketing.
✅ They have a community of members who can provide support and share their experiences and knowledge.
✅ WA membership includes a variety of tools and resources, such as website hosting and keyword research tools, to help members create and grow their online businesses.
✅ There is a free membership option as well as a paid premium membership that offers additional benefits and resources.
✅ WA provides a platform for members to build and host professionally built websites.
✅ Also WA offers a helpful affiliate program that allows members to earn money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate to others.

PLUS It should be noted that Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that has been in the industry for more than 15 years and is considered a legitimate way to start an online business.
How Much Does It Cost?:$47.00 monthly for Premium or $97.00 for Premium Plus + Further Discounts for Annual Subscription
Short Pros:Much more affordable than other digital marketing training platforms, 24/7 dedicated support plus much, much more
Short Cons:Certain aspects of important training seem to be missing with Wealthy Affiliate that you can learn about in other courses. For instance, things like email marketing, funnel building, and running ads do not really feature too heavily in WA’s training. Instead, its focus appears to be more on SEO and ranking your websites on Google.
Do I Recommend?:Yes, for some reasons absolutely – Please Keep Reading To Find Out More

FTC Disclosure: Please note that this post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on certain links within this content which lead to you making a purchase then I may receive a commission. The price you usually pay will not be affected and if you find this content in any way helpful please think of this as a way to help support my work and keep me topped up with Coffee whilst I am writing for this website.

Note: If you have any questions regarding Wealthy Affiliate or about How I Make Money Online skip to the comment sections and leave me a comment here or alternatively contact me directly through my Contact Us page or by email at chivs86@ibusinesstoday.com

1.) Now! Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliate…

As I said at the beginning of this blog post it’s now been over 3 years since I first joined Wealthy Affiliate.  A couple of months prior to this I was looking into getting back into blogging, after struggling with debts and my personal finances.  It was maybe a month and a bit later that I actually decided to take action and get back into blogging after first giving it a go around 2012. That was really quite an amateur attempt really but now here I am.

So I actually first started blogging again on Blogger.com in December 2019 and here I published maybe 10-15 articles before I actually joined WA.  My decision I think was based on the fact that I had heard about Wealthy Affiliate and I wanted to get set up with an actual domain and website.

At the time I really was quite impressed with Wealthy Affiliate and its instructions on how to first set up a website and what to do with it in terms of things like menus, legal pages, and getting set up on Social Media. Although I will admit this it wasn’t really plain sailing – I actually had a phenomenal start to Affiliate Marketing. Within my first 2-3 weeks I earned something like 11 commissions on Clickbank but this was actually because of a post I published on Blogger.

Like I want to be completely transparent here my big mistake was moving all my content away from Blogger and onto my Wealthy Affiliate hosted website. If I could actually go back in time I would be telling myself off for this but anyway I actually didn’t make any money from my WA websites till I think it was April and for the whole first year besides the £500 or so I made from Blogger in the 1st 1-2 months I wouldn’t say I did very well at all.

2.)  So Why Join Wealthy Affiliate?

There is actually another review online that is on the first page of Google that slates Wealthy Affiliate down to the ground. They say that Wealthy Affiliates’ main training is filled with bad advice and if you really want to learn digital marketing you are better off looking elsewhere.

I mean I am still a member and I’d say there are a number of reasons why I am still using this platform. My reasons are that every Black Friday I can pay $300 for a whole year of membership. The affiliate program is great, the community is extremely helpful to other members and the site support technicians have been absolutely amazing on so many occasions.

Besides this, the WA training I’ve not gone through a lot of it. There is the main training and Bootcamp which were both updated last year (2022) but as well there is a lot more training that has been uploaded by WA members.

You can actually upload your own training and earn credits that can be cashed in. So that’s another thing but seriously if you do join search for these members and check out their training;

Wealthy Affiliate Banner

3.) My Personal Experience with WA

Let’s Start With What I Don’t Like…

Giving it some thought what I don’t really like about Wealthy Affiliate is hard to put my finger on. I feel like there are some quite important things that this training does not offer. For me, I think lead generation and email marketing are extremely important to making money as a marketer. Even knowing how to market to people on Social media such as Facebook – these things last time I checked were not a part of the main training.

I really should take the time to at least skim through it again but I do feel that if it wasn’t for other courses I wouldn’t be where I am now. For instance, MyOnlineStartUp and even this one product here have been so helpful for me. Like I know I said I haven’t actually gone through all the training on WA as there is so much of it but I think it would be a good idea to maybe include a few more modules in the main training for the things I mentioned above.

So there is this and I actually think $49.00 a month for new members is too much. Really they should give new members the first 3 months half price so they actually have the chance to blossom. I’ve had a few people now that I recruited leave in the 2nd and 3rd months because they can’t afford to pay.

I was actually lucky because I made $500 in my first month but if not for that I really don’t know if I would have actually stayed. But I have and…

What I Do Like…

So of course there is a reason I am still with Wealthy Affiliate and why I have spent over $1000 to be a Premium member for the course of the 3 years that I’ve been here. The hosting I think is a big reason, Jaaxy is maybe another and I guess the training, community, and Site Support are more things.

The affiliate program as well I think is very generous and there is actually a new tool available called Niche Finder. Plus I would even say some of the in-house blog posts shared by other members of Wealthy Affiliate are actually quite insightful too. Look up Partha B you will see what I mean. He actually joined WA 2 months after me and he is absolutely smashing it compared to me. I will say no more but anyway…

4.)  Getting Started on Wealthy Affiliate

As you can see from the chart below you have two main options when you join Wealthy Affiliate their Starter and Premium memberships.

This was changed quite recently. There used to be more training available as a free member and you used to be able to upgrade in your first month for the discounted price of $19. Now there is no such offer and the starter membership as you can see above only includes 10 lessons.

The first 5 from the Online Entrepreneur Certification and 5 from the Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp.

Wealthy Affiliate Free membership Online entrepreneur certification
Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership Bootcamp

So this training I’d say is mostly for beginners making their first websites. For anybody with a website already I would maybe just consider skipping over a couple of lessons. Maybe even just skipping the whole of level one and just going through the Bootcamp course. Maybe the first lesson of the OEC you might find helpful to serve as an introduction but you shouldn’t just make a new website just for the sake of it.

I actually made this mistake and one thing I would urge people is just to stick to one project in the beginning. You can Install 10 websites with Premium but really I would urge anyone to forget about this till they have more experience. Once you have a website that is making decent, consistent money then make another one but if you are a new member of WA just stick to your one single website.

The only reason I would say to start a new one is if you are willing to put your existing website on the back burner and you are looking to enter a less competitive niche. Basically, anything other than Health and Wellness, Digital marketing, Beauty, Blogging and MMO, and Personal finance and investing.

Take a long hard think about this and make sure to bear in mind what you decide at the beginning of your journey blogging is most likely going to have to be a decision you have to live with for many years to come.

5.)  Taking the Leap from WA Free Membership to Premium

Should you decide to upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate Premium the first good reason to do so is to finish the Online Entrepreneur and Bootcamp Training.

In total, this is another 45 lessons from the Online Entrepreneur Certification and 65 from the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Premium Modules
Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Premium Modules

OK now so if you have taken the time to go through the Wealthy Affiliate Free Training the first thing to note about going Premium is that you straight away unlock all of this extra training. You will also get a free domain worth $12.95 and actually quite a bit more but here is what I actually advise…

Go through all of the training in the Online Entrepreneur Certification first. Actually don’t even worry about the Bootcamp just yet. You will want to get things moving ASAP and start publishing articles right away. Once each article is published send a link to your WA coach (this will be whoever you signed up to Wealthy Affiliate through) PLUS also there is a tool for requesting Site Feedback and a thread so use these to get some helpful pointers.

About site design – things like logo, homepage, etc. Actually don’t worry till you’ve published your first 25 or even 50 posts, and DO NOT USE tags.

I think once you’ve got this content published your first 50 posts you can start putting a few categories together and building your menu out but actually, your first priority should be to publish your first 100 posts. Then you can start revising your old content and start to get your design a bit more ironed out.

ANOTHER THING that I would say is quite important is sharing your content on places like forums, social media, and anywhere else you can really think of. This is because if your site is new then it probably will not be found on Search Engines right away and for people to read your work you must get creative.

One place where you can share is the give-and-take comments thread on Wealthy Affiliate and this actually can be very helpful for making your content more in-depth. It really depends on what people ask but that is one thing I like about this platform and I try to do this with every new post.

6.)  The Other Perks if you Join Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Get Started Here

I have mentioned most things I think but I will try to flesh this out for you a bit more. This is a list of everything you get with WA.

For starters you have

  • Site Manager;  Where you can view the health, speed, and stats of your website.
  • Site Builder:  Create your website here.
  • Site Domains:  Purchase domains directly from WA
  • Site Content:  Create your content here.  Highly recommend one of WA’s best features.
  • Site Comments:  Leave comments to gain points and request comments from other WA members.
  • Site Feedback:  Leave feedback for points on other WA members’ websites, and use points to request feedback.
  • Site Support:  Technical support for any web-based issues.
  • Ask a Question to the WA Community + Live Chat
  • Your Own Personal blog to share your posts with other WA members

Then you have training;

  • The Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons)
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp (120 Lessons)
  • Training HQ (13 Different Classrooms)
  • Live Training Classes Every Friday from Magistudios
  • Expert Classes – 10 Categories
  • Lots more Training from Members Just type in the Search Function for whatever you want to learn!

PLUS you also get besides this all the tools;

  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
  • SiteRubix Free Domains and Website Builder
  • SiteRank – Find where you’re ranking in search engines
  • Niche Finder
  • Alphabet Soup + Keyword Lists
  • Search Engine Analysis
  • Affiliate Program Finder
  • WA’s Own Affiliate Program with 50% Commissions
Join Wealthy Affiliate University

Quite a lot really but whether all this is worth it I guess has to be the main question here…

7.)  Is $50 a Month For Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

I would be very inclined to say no here. I mean I pay $300 a year and this to me is a good deal but I actually think if I was put in a position where I had to pay $50 a month ($600 a year) I am not really sure. I guess the thing is that I really haven’t actually managed to rank many posts on Google at all since joining WA. I theorize that maybe I am not publishing enough, or maybe my content is not good enough or maybe I haven’t followed the training right.

In 3 years I will say that I have covered the $1000 it’s cost me to be here but I do wonder – is my trouble that Wealthy Affiliates Training isn’t good enough or is it because I haven’t actually followed the training right? I know that others on the Wealthy Affiliate platform have been successful and another thing is my two chosen niches Healthy Living and Wellness / Business and Marketing are not exactly low-competition niches. So maybe this is it.

Although, I will say $20 for Jaaxy, $5 for Hosting and $25 for training is kind of understandable. Compared to what you might pay elsewhere I think this is good and even If you can actually get 2 people under you to pay for WA Premium you basically get all of this for free.

So I think for the right person if you get the right kind of start Wealthy Affiliate it can definitely work without a doubt.

But do I recommend this?

8.) What Else You Should Know

Now, as I’ve said the cost for Wealthy Affiliate is $50 a month, or $450 a year unless you actually decide to go all in for Premium Plus. This of course costs more but the main thing you should know about Wealthy Affiliate is its main focus is on blogging and affiliate marketing. It doesn’t really teach other methods of digital marketing – such as building landing pages or how to run an ad campaign on Facebook without getting your account closed but here is the thing…

Blogging is something that can take off if you get traffic to your content. If you can not do this then Wealthy Affiliate’s methods are pretty crap but I will say this and say this again if you are happy to cover the monthly cost or if even you can get this down cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate is actually a good platform. It’s great for hosting, your websites, it has a very dedicated support team and its community is filled with very friendly, helpful people.

So I think actually even without Jaaxy and the training it’s got a lot of good things about it but I’m sure most people reading this here today will want to know about how to make money with their very own online business.

9.)  Or Try This Instead

If Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t seem like the right course for you ~ I know a lot of people will NOT want to join me on this platform but there is one alternative to consider that I think looks like it could be very helpful for some people. In fact, in the review on Google, which I mentioned that slates Wealthy Affiliate down for being unhelpful and giving bad advice they actually recommend this course right up there with Authority Hacker and I will share it with you right now.

Affiliate Lab is an online training program that teaches individuals how to build and monetize profitable affiliate websites. Led by industry expert Matt Diggity, the program covers a wide range of topics, including niche research, content creation, link building, and more. With a focus on actionable, results-driven strategies, the Affiliate Lab is designed to help participants quickly and effectively start earning money through affiliate marketing.

“Join Affiliate Lab today and learn the proven strategies for building profitable affiliate sites!

Simply Click Here to learn more.”

Final Thoughts

On a final note, I hope this review has been helpful and this can be useful for anyone that is looking to make an informed decision on whether to join Wealthy Affiliate. I think this is a good place to start for beginners. If you look at other courses this really is cheap – I think that if you do things right from day one and if you can really nail it with your keyword research then Wealthy Affiliate is a great base of operations.

The rest I will leave up to you but if you would like to try Wealthy Affiliate For Free ~ here is my link to sign up ~ this also includes my bonus<<<

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Wealthy Affiliate 2023

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