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Hey Guys,  Why Join Wealthy Affiliate – My No.1 Suggestion!  For this post, this will be my personal review for the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  The sole reason that I started running this website is pretty much because of the resources I found here.

In fact, I have just upgraded to the annual package for the 2nd Time!  I am definitely here to stay!

I have a lot of good things to say about WA no doubt.  This is the 3rd post I published on I business today dot com – my future posts are amazing lol

If you haven’t read my last 2 posts though then please do so.  These are;

1.)  Creating Your First Website – Introduction to I-Business and
2.)  How to Learn Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

Both posts you should find very useful if you are in the business of learning affiliate marketing.  My aim of this website is to tutor people with these ideas I have been picking up since the start of the year (January 2020) but honestly, I couldn’t have done any of this without Wealthy Affiliate!

Why Join Wealthy Affiliate – My Full Honest Product Review 2020

Yes, I fully recommend people to do so.  My reasons I will try my best to explain.  I realise that this is a little biased of me, but I’ll be totally honest with you.  It’s mostly because I don’t have many bad things to say about Wealthy Affiliate

It is not without its flaws like anything but for me at least it has helped me tremendously.

I’ve been a member of WA now for just over a year, and have since then paid for the annual membership (x2).  It is that good I think but  I will try and cover the bad as well as the good to try and make this a fair review.

Before I do though I would just like to share my FTC Disclosure;

You can also read my full affiliate disclosure here.

Now continuing on…

Why Join Wealthy Affiliate – My No.1 Suggestion!

Join Wealthy Affiliate

1.)  Introduction to WA

It’s coming up to almost a year now since I first joined Wealthy Affiliate.  A couple of months prior to this I was looking into getting back into blogging, after reading a very encouraging article.  It was maybe a month and a bit later I actually decided to take action and sign up for a free membership.

My first step before this was joining Blogger and I published maybe 10-15 articles on here before I actually joined WA.  Although once I did I found it very helpful, and informative.  I spent a few years blogging before around 2010 but never did I really get the hang of using WordPress.

When I first started the training though at WA it was so simple and straightforward.  I wasn’t really happy with paying $49 a month after my first month but in May I was given the chance to pay for a full year upfront and I jumped at it.  And since then it has just got better for me (I think).

The affiliate Bootcamp I’ve found has been full of surprises for me, and the weekly live videos by MagiStudios have also been a revelation in terms of things that I’ve learnt.

2.)  But Why Join Wealthy Affiliate?

I would say it because it’s an easy way to get set up with WordPress.  That’s the main thing, and you also get the chance to host up to 25 websites on their server.  There is also regular up-to-date new training, as well as the Online Entrepreneur Certification and a very helpful community.

Not to mention premium access to the Jaaxy keyword research tool.  There is the Site Content publishing tool, Site Comments, and Site Feedback platform as well.

Plus also, maybe best of all they have a very generous affiliate program whereas a premium member you can earn 50% recurring referrals.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner

What I Don’t Like…

The only thing I will say which is not so good about WA is how limited its free membership is.  Premium membership (I think) is great but I would not really recommend joining for free without looking at what else is an offer within the website.  The benefits of free membership are very limited.

Anyway, if you do opt for Wealthy Affiliate Premium it is very good value if you use it to even half its potential.  With the free membership, don’t get me wrong it does have some good things about it but it’s only really just a glimpse of what else is on offer, in my opinion.

What I Do Like…

The first set of lessons that it gives you can teach you a lot about getting set up on WordPress, and other important basic lessons about web development and internet marketing.

You can see what I mean by the difference between free and premium in the table below.

Wealthy Affiliate Basic Vs. Premium

3.)  Getting Started on Wealthy Affiliate

By joining as a free member the main benefit is (I would say) is the Online Entrepreneur Certification Lv.1 training, and you can also set up a free website with SiteRubix.

This I really can not knock at all.  As you can see in the screenshot below there are 10 very valuable lessons here.  My only issue is that the offer to upgrade to a premium account of $19 for new members only lasts one month.  And if you don’t act within a week you miss out on the Sign Up Bonuses.

A week is enough time to finish this training (I think).  Although you shouldn’t wait to finish the training before deciding to upgrade.  Maybe 3-4 days I would suggest because you will want to claim the bonuses, and also you will not be disappointed.  Your first month will be a special one.

Also, this is actually only one half of the free training.  There are also 10 lessons in the WA Boot Camp section.  I would not recommend this right away though but once you have a bit more experience this is really great.

See the first 10 lessons of Bootcamp below;

Wealthy Affiliate Free Training

4.)  Taking the Leap from WA Free Membership to Premium

Once you have upgraded to WA Premium (if you do) you will start to see what I mean about Wealthy Affiliate, and its full benefits (in my opinion).  You then have the rest of the training for the online entrepreneur certification.  Another 40 lessons, and 6 extra phases of Affiliate Bootcamp.

Not to mention the Wealthy Affiliate Training HQ, and Classrooms.

The actual training here is vast.  In my opinion, it would take a very committed person to get through it all but it is there if you need it.  Also, one thing I especially would like to mention is one of the members at WA called MagiStudios does an exclusive live training video every week.

These can all be accessed through the Training HQ as well as much, much more.

Then the ‘Classrooms‘ I think are very helpful also.  I haven’t got the chance to watch a whole lot of these but some that caught my eye was for PPC Ads, email and video marketing.

There is a lot more as well but continuing on…

I won’t say that Wealthy Affiliate is the key to becoming successful.  I’m sure for a lot of people it might not work out but I think its training is more than enough to teach you.   It has served me well so far and it’s my view that as long as you have the dedication and consistency it is as good as anything.

5.)  The Other Perks if you Join Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Get Started Here

Other than the training mentioned above there is a lot more to Wealthy Affiliate.  For a start for is the WA Websites section.  This includes 7 important sub-sections;

  • Site Manager;  Where you can view the health, speed, and stats of your website.
  • Site Builder:  Create your website here.
  • Site Domains:  Purchase domains directly from WA
  • Site Content:  Create your content here.  Highly recommend one of WA’s best features.
  • Site Comments:  Leave comments to gain points and request comments from other WA members.
  • Site Feedback:  Leave feedback for points on other WA members websites, and use points to request feedback.
  • Site Support:  Technical support for any web-based issues.

The next section after this is the live events section.  This is basically for the once-a-week live webinar training videos such as the one’s I mentioned by MagiStudios.

Then the next section after this one is maybe my favourite alongside SiteContent and SiteComments.

The research section is basically full of Jaaxy keyword research tool integration.  Its features include;  Site Rank, Keyword Lists, Search Analysis,  Alphabet Soup, Brainstorm HQ, Affiliate Program Search Tool, and Niche Key Word Lists.

The final 3 main sections after this are;  Affiliate Programs – a second tool to search for Affiliate Programs.  The Live Chat section – a kind of community chat room, and finally the Help Centre where you can leave questions to be answered by other members.

6.)  Getting Through the First Few Months of WA

Maybe I don’t need to share this here but like any new business, the stark reality is that you might not be making money right away.  I want to be honest as possible here it can take some people a long time.

It is all good saying that good things come to those that wait but I would guess that for most people within their first month of WA Premium they won’t make any money.  It may take 2-3 months to make your first affiliate commission, or whatever but this is something you need to give time and effort.

I was lucky myself I had a very good first month.  It can be done, somehow I made $448.23

My Clickbank sales January 2020

This was through Clickbank if anyone is wondering.  Only one product but here is your proof.  I can’t say much about how much I have made since this time but if you join I will gladly be there to help you.

There is massive potential for affiliate marketing if you can do it properly, and Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start.  Although the first months you really have to just try and believe in yourself.  Keep up the momentum and educate yourself as much as possible.

7.)  Having a Back-Up Plan

So, my ideas once you’ve published 5-10 posts apply for Google Adsense.  If you have an approved account already even better.  You need to make something like $60 before you can make a withdrawal but this is one way you can make WA start paying for itself.

Another option (yet to try this myself) is PPC ads (try VG links).  You likely won’t make a lot but it should make a contribution.  I can’t tell you how much but that is my first 2 ideas.

A better one is to try and get some referrals to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate through their affiliate program.  For each member that successfully signs up to Premium through your referral, you will receive $8 from $19, or $22.50 from $49.  This is recurring as well (50%).

Or, another idea that is optional and actually nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate is to offer your experience as a freelancer on sites such as Fiverr.  The more positive feedback you receive the more you can charge, and you can use this money to fund your training at WA.

Final Thoughts + My Personal Bonus

Well, I hope if you are still reading then I have given you plenty to think about.  Wealthy Affiliate is certainly not the only affiliate marketing training available online, there are others but it is one of the better ones I think.   According to one of its creators Kyle, Wealthy Affiliate is the biggest, most popular platform of its kind with I think its 22 million members and counting.

Anyway, as I’ve said multiple times highly recommend it.  If you do join my username is chivs86.  I’ll be more than glad to help you get set up, and whenever you need it basically.  I will share with you whatever I can to help you become successful!

If you sign up for a free account and upgrade to Premium within 7 Days I can also offer you the following bonuses.

Join Wealthy Affiliate University

Before I go actually there is one last thing…

#My Personal Bonuses

1.) 59% discounted on the first month of Premium Membership (Only $19).  Contact me if you have any doubts about paying this 🔑
2.) Personal and Private Access to me. If you need any help with getting set up, any questions, or whatever.

I will be here to help directly through the WA platform.

3.)  #Honestly I will be straight with you.  If you are not doing what you need to I will tell you off.  Affiliate marketing is a superheroes game.  Not for cowards.  But if anyone is really ready to show me their commitment  and desire to be successful I will tell them everything I know 💯

Your Feedback

Like always your feedback is greatly appreciated.  Any questions, or anything else please feel free to contact us in the comments section below.

Also, if you could please give us a like and follow on Facebook, share this content with others that you feel might benefit from reading this, and also finally if you would like to be updated with new posts & receive exclusive content sent directly to your email address please subscribe to our email list.

Many thanks

Best Wishes;


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