Jono Armstrong Ministry of Freedom Review – Is it Worth the High Cost?

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How would you like to MAKE BIG MONEY from Youtube?  Of course, many do very well with video marketing but actually making the videos for many is a huge turn-off.  Getting in front of the camera is definitely out of many peoples comfort zones.  Exactly why Jono Armstrong Ministry of Freedom MIGHT be able to help.

This is because according to Jono you can do very well on Youtube without using your own videos.  Many new digital products let their potential affiliates use Demo videos and it is this what Jono claims made him a successful affiliate marketer. Indeed, if you watch his 2-hour long webinar his ideas seem very plausible.  

I can tell you because ‘I’ for one watched Jono talk for 2-hours plus and I thought it sounded very professional.  Yet, putting his ideas into action I wondered if something was missing – perhaps not tagging my videos on Youtube.  Armstrong definitely MAKES his methods sound like they will work but Is Ministry of Freedom Worth the High Cost?

Please keep reading for my full breakdown of this very promising online business course to see if it works?

FTC DisclosureBefore we continue.  Please be aware that I am an affiliate of the Ministry of Freedom.  If you happen to purchase this product I may receive a commission.  The price you pay will not be affected and the following information will not be biased in any way.  I also do not recommend every product that I review so please read carefully! Read my full Affiliate Disclosure Here!

Jono Armstrong Ministry of Freedom Review (2022) – Is It Worth The High Cost?  (TOC)

jono armstrong ministry of freedom review 2022

Product Name:  Ministry of Freedom
:  Jono Armstrong
:  $1,497

Warranty: 60 Days

Description:  High Ticket Video Marketing, Youtube, and Affiliate Marketing Training Course Based Around New Products (Mostly) On JVZOO and Warrior Plus.

Pros:  Extensive Training That Can Potentially Help You Make $1000’s Online!
Cons:  High price and requires considerable investment for tools etc.

Rating:  2 1/2 Stars

My Verdict: 
The potential to be successful with this training is definitely there I think but it is a very big investment. As well as the price of the course you will need to cover running costs for tools and paid ads. If you are planning to spend your last $1500 on this DO NOT – unless you are fully committed and are able to cover the extra running costs – I DO NOT recommend this ~ [Try This Instead!<<<]

Now, What Is Ministry of Freedom?

This seems like a good place to start.  I first heard of the Jono Armstrong Ministry of Freedom Course earlier this year through a Youtube Ad.  From here I was sent an email that told me (if I remember correctly) to get ready for Jono’s webinar later that day. 

I think it was @ 11:00 AM or something and it finished at 13:30 PM ~ I actually felt quite inspired (I won’t lie).

So, before this, I knew it was an affiliate marketing course that taught people how to use Youtube in a way that didn’t require you to get in front of the camera.  It was an idea I especially liked and I would later learn that this was by utilizing a practice called “Launch Jacking“. 

Using a website called “Munch Eye” and finding demo videos for newly released products.

I actually never bought this product (MOF) I figured that I would take what I learned from the free webinar and try out the ideas that Jono Armstrong mentioned without coughing up over $1K.  

“So, What Happened?”

I choose a few new products, copied the demo videos using a Youtube to MP4 website (as Jono Suggested).  I didn’t really make anything (moneywise) – Still no more than 10 views lol.  I think I should have used VidIQ to work on the SEO but anyhow. 

Another bit of advice in the webinar that Jono recommended was to invest in DFY Suite 2.0 By Josh Zamorra.
I actually bought this. (the newer version DFY Suite 3.0) as I kind of hoped it would help with my existing traffic on my websites for one but definitely as well, the seed had been planted from Jono, to try his ideas again.  

He said something like that you needed to find a way to get traffic to Youtube for this to work but IT NEVER!  Maybe I did it wrong but seriously if this is his FREE ADVICE – what about his paid advice for almost $1500 USD ?

Honestly, maybe I will try this method again with VidIQ for some newer products but straightaway I would say I wouldn’t recommend this training unless you have considerable funds to invest and at least some prior experience.

Check out the webinar but definitely be AWARE of what you are getting into first.  It’s OK for FREE at least I think.

jono armstrong ministry of freedom free webinar


Who Is Jono Armstrong? YOU Might Wonder!

Jono Armstrong is an Affiliate Marketer and Entrepreneur from Scarborough in the UK.  He currently lives in Jakarta, Indonesia and has been involved in Online Business since around 2003.

Of course, he is the founder and creator of the Ministry of Freedom course.  He (Jono Armstrong) has released a few other courses before prior to MOF including;  

  • Vanquish by Jono Armstrong About Penny YouTube ads and Clickbank (2021)
  • Jono Armstrong – Lez Bankz – The Easiest Way To Bank Passive RECURRING Commissions From Free Traffic (2021)
  • Jono Armstrong – Nova (2021)
  • Jono Armstrong – Insurgency (2021)

According to him, he was on drugs and an alcoholic with no money after leaving university.  I think he says he was homeless for a while as well.  Typical sob story (but It sounds true, I think).  Anyhow, fast forward to now he is a Millionaire (apparently) looking to coach and mentor others to help them achieve similar success.

Good on him I guess.  Lot’s of us struggle and fair play to anyone that has managed to turn their life around like Jono supposedly has but let’s be real.  Is What he is selling to people a genuine solution to making money online? 

Really, I can recommend other courses that are MUCH cheaper to get started with.  Of course, you get what you pay for but sometimes YOU REALLY DON’T ~ the world is full of deluded scammers charging an arm and leg for useless products.

They definitely, do exist so…

Is Jono Armstrong Ministry of Freedom LEGIT?

Well, now THIS IS THE GOLDEN QUESTION.  Some people out there ARE apparently finding success with MOF…

This guy in this video ONANTHO claims to have made $900 from WarriorPlus after only a few days. 

I can attest that this is possible with affiliate marketing.  Personally, I made $450 in my first month!  NOT with Jono Armstrong or MOF but still for this reason I do believe it is at least possible.  The only thing – you can not really trust this video as it is posted by Jono Armstrong himself but this IS NOT the only glowing testimonial ~ people do seem to have had success here. 

This I do NOT doubt but mind you after hearing about the Ministry of Freedom refund policy I don’t think it is so genuine after all. Keep on reading to see why…

ministry of freedom money back guarantee

They SAY that if you haven’t made profits ~ over $1497 in 2 MONTHS.  Not only will they refund you but also give you $5000 on top.  COOL RIGHT?  BUT yes they will only give you this if you fulfil their requirements FIRST (In 60 Days).

  • Go Through the 1st 8 Modules – Watch Video and Complete Actions
  • Attend At Least 3 Live Q&A Sessions (or watch the replays)
  • Active Participation in the MOF Facebook Group – post once a day and answer at least 1 question (5 days a week)
  • Launch a Product of your own on Warrior Plus (with their help)
  • Keep a record/diary of one entry every morning and one entry every night on Google Docs.

Honestly, THE LAST ONE I’ve not launched my own product on W+ before but really.  For someone with no experience in 60 DAYS is it that easy? – let me know in the comments ⏬

This seems to me like a bit of a trap.  Not only is this a very high ticket product already but then you have to pay for all their suggested marketing tools etc.  Including Clickfunnels ($97 a month)  and for Paid Ads ~

My advice is don’t try this course unless you have at least an extra $1000+ to spend.  Also, maybe learn how to make products on Warrior+ beforehand.  

Note:  Try to pay with PayPal because you might have an extra option to claim a back refund (Worst Case Scenario) 


What Else Is On Offer? (If You Buy This)

Actually, Jono Armstrong does make a very attractive proposal.  When you take a look at what is here on offer it DOES sound like it could be a good deal (if you can afford it).  I can honestly, see why people are interested!

ministry of freedom 2.0 and bonuses

NOT sure what everything is exactly.  I can understand that you will get the main course that teaches about ‘Launch Jacking’, I guess Youtube and some other stuff.  Plus, weekly coaching calls and 1 Year of Mentorship and coaching.  

The rest (the bonuses) I guess are likely a set of emails with hardwired links and landing pages.  Stuff like that.

I know you get a 2-for-1 access bonus that gives someone else the chance to take the Ministry of Freedom course

It (kind of) sounds like good value IF you can make $1200 sales through the Super Funnel you are laughing but here is the trouble…  Of course the costs of the actual program, monthly subscriptions for tools and your Ad Budget.

There is NO WAY that everyone that buys Jono Armstrong Ministry of Freedom will be successful.  There is still plenty that can go wrong here and the price and the refund policy DO NOT reflect this (I don’t think)

I mean let’s seriously take a look at this. 

How Much Does It All Cost?

jono armstrong ministry of freedom how much does it cost

Just $1497 or 3 Installments of $797 ($2391) and Ministry of Freedom is all YOURS.  LIFE changing passive income at your fingertips and all you need is at least $2000 to be spent over 60 DAYS.

BUT don’t worry you can make your first 10K in this short amount of time.  Yes, so $1497 for the course unless you pay in instalments of $797 a month (Basically $100 extra for not paying all at once after 60 Days and you will have to find a further $800 ONE month later.  There is getting the raw end of the deal and then there is THIS (Don’t bother).

Also, running costs you will need to pay – I will say realistically you will need to set this ASIDE…

  • CLICKFUNNELS (Funnel Builder):  $97.00 a month
    or $80.00 x 12 ($960) = 1 Year for the Basic Plan.
  • Clickmagick (Link Tracking) = $37.00 a month
    or $444 for the Whole Year.
  •  GetResponse (Email Marketing/1000 Contacts) $15 a month
    or $144.50 for Annual Plan.  More if you need to upgrade (most likely you will)
  • DFY Suite 3.0 (Soon to be Version 4.0) EST. Costs $199 – 6 Month Plan
  • Paid Ads = $150 a month / $1800 for 1 Year

Probably missing something here but let’s add this all UP.

! Year = $3750 but let’s add $20 to the advertising budget and make it ‘a round’ $4K

 60 Days = $1497 + $800 = $2397.00.   Let’s SAY $2.5K to round things up.

*Note Jono Armstrong also goes on about hiring Freelancers from Pakistan and the Philippines.  Don’t forget to add that to your budget as well.  Another $1000 for the year I guess.

I mean I’m just being real here.  You might as well forget about claiming a refund back within 60 Days.  The course is 9 Weeks of EXTENSIVE training – there isn’t enough time.  I’d say give it the year if you are willing to try and if you have $5K to layout during this time period.   You should make some money back but let’s not get carried away.

Jono Armstrong Ministry of Freedom – The Main Course – 9 Modules (9 Weeks)

Module 1: Mindset, Commitment, and Success

For me, I think this is very important to learn in the beginning.  You must want to be successful.  Many people might say they want to make money but in truth, they will have little self-belief.  Building motivation, desire and the fundamentals for a good work ethic are essential for starting your own business.

Jono Armstrong might make some wild claims here but this is not necessarily a bad thing.  Mindset is very important for building an online business.   If you believe his wild claims and that is what gets you to take action you might be very surprised with the results…

 I actually recommend the MyOnlineStartUp Free Training for this [Find Out More Here]


Module 2: Tools and Applications 

The 2nd module of the MOF main course is about the various tools (free and paid) which you will need as an affiliate marketer.  This is good information I suspect.  By the sounds of things the tools which you will hear about here are all products that can generally help.  So far so good but maybe not – will see…

Module 3-5: Launch Jacking 

IF you have watched the free Jono Armstrong Ministry of Freedom Webinar you will know a bit about this already.  Here Jono teaches his full technique for launch jacking new digital products.  I think you could probably try this out without Jono’s training.  Maybe I will write my own post about Launch Jacking soon but yes I wonder about this part of the course.

I wonder what Jono’s technique is here – to not only publish on Youtube but to actually get traffic that will bring people to your channel.  In his webinar, he mentions publishing 2-3 videos a day – I guess this could work after a while but I am skeptical.

To find out more check out this 28 Minutes video by (GUESS WHO?)

Week 6: Soft Launching 

Jono Armstrong talks about this in his video.  Using the launch jacking method he suggests that the profits you make (if it works) can be used to make your own digital products.  In the free webinar, he discusses briefly how you can easily create and resell your own products for passive commissions.

He suggests hiring freelancers for this I’m pretty sure.  It’s an interesting idea but this is kind of reliant on making money from the last module (I think).  Or depending on how deep your pockets are.  

In fact, instead of buying MOF in theory you could hire someone to create some digital products to sell on W+ instead.  Not sure how it works but of course everything in this course are all things you can try ‘if you know how to’.

Week 7: Email Marketing

Something else that Jono Armstrong mentions in his webinar is increasing profits from his Launch Jacking Youtube videos by adding a link for a lead capture page in his descriptions.  For sure if you put yourself in this situation many people that view your Youtube channel probably will not buy anything.  

Email marketing if you can capture the leads is definitely a good way to go as you will have many chances here to retarget these leads and with different BETTER products than those being launched. 

Jono Armstrong is definitely on the money here but does his methods work? – that is the question.

There are countless email marketing courses out there online and a lot you can find probably for a lot cheaper.

Week 8: Product Launching 

This is mostly, a continuation of week 7.  However, instead, the main focus is actually launching a digital product SUCCESSFULLY!  Certainly, by the sounds of things, this might just be what helps you to recoup some of your initial investment.  IF Jono is to be believed you should be should have made around $10K by this time xx

It does seem a bit unbelievable this early on but digital products are a hot commodity and even more to the point – to claim back your refund if you feel it is necessary to do so YOU MUST launch at least ONE PRODUCT on W+

So definitely, try to get this training in early if you decide to take the bait.

Week 9: Paid Traffic

Last but not least Jono finishes the main course with a section on Paid Traffic.  This can go horribly wrong for a lot of people.  Jono Armstrong himself on his website discusses how he himself lost a lot of money in the past from Paid Ads.

jono snippet on paid ads

Whether he has learned from these early mistakes remains to be seen.  I can not confirm or deny but clearly, this is something that must be taught well because of a lot of trial and error otherwise – which can be very expensive.

For this reason, I would say learning about free methods for traffic is of the utmost importance.  Things like SEO and Social Media Marketing.  Paid Ads is a tricky business – so many rules, restrictions and COMPETITION ~ lot’s of risk-taking as well.

Maybe Jono knows his stuff though.  Not tried the course but just a heads up.

Ministry of Freedom Customer Reviews

Now, here is the interesting part.  There are clearly many quite positive reviews for the Ministry of Freedom course.  Check their website.  I am not sure whether they are the most trustworthy – they might just be the lucky ones.

However, I am not looking to write some one-sided review that repeatedly says how great this product is.  Obviously, it is not cheap but seriously what are other people online that have tried MOF saying about it?

is jono armstrong ministry of freedom a scam screenshot from trustpilot scam alert

ministry of freedom review reddit

This second review is a bit hard to read from the screenshot but this definitely appears to be genuine.

This user of Jono Armstrong Ministry of Freedom claims he has used the course for around 2 months.  He made his first commission in the first week but so far he has not made back his initial investment of $1500.  

Also, he is obviously using Clickfunnels ($97.00 p/ month) but he seems to be a lot more optimistic from his experience.

He has made commissions from the launch jacking and with Jono Armstrong’s Rotator which I haven’t mentioned thus far.  Apparently, if you can prove that you are taking action and doing what you’re told via the course Jono’s team will add your affiliate links to their rotator (marketing campaigns).  This guy claims lot’s of other members have covered their expenses this way.  I will have to reach out to this guy and see how he is doing now but here is something else he say’s –

Jono Armstrong’s team have got him approval for many different affiliate products that many new marketers would not be given the green light for.  He also says the community on Facebook is very helpful, and that other members share each others product reviews and Youtube videos.  

However, he says as well that one thing is for sure – “making $10K in 22 Days like Jono says is UTTER BS”.

Read more on Reddit;

I will not continue sharing any more reviews.  I think that this is enough for now so…

Pros and Cons

What Are The Pros

  • 9 Week Extensive Course
  • 7 Bonuses
  • Help with Promoting your Affiliate Links
  • Networking with Other MOF members
  • 24/7 Support (Apparently)
  • Live Coaching Calls
  • You will likely make $$ if you take the necessary action

The Cons

  • High Cost To Get Started
  • You need to cover costs of tools and paid ads
  • Very difficult to get refund if things don’t go well
  • You might have to promote some crappy products
  • Much cheaper courses are available
  • Low ticket commissions might not cover your running costs

What I Like and What I Don’t?

I like the idea of launch jacking.  Beating others to the punch with new products.  I think it is a good idea although the downside I guess is that a lot of new products that get released are not very good.  Although I think over time once you get to recognise the names behind the products you can be a bit more selective over what products you choose to promote.

The course I think is maybe a bit harsh with their refund policy.  The premise that they will pay you $5000 if you don’t make any money is like you can make $10000 in 22 days both sound like total lies.  

I get that people need to do the work and that some people are just not cut out for getting into this business in the first place.  Really, it is understandable that anyone that buys this course follows its guidelines if they want a refund.  Fair enough but it sounds to me that they really do make this quite impossible for people which is very disingenuine.

However, it sounds like if someone is committed enough to do the work and everything else that the course says it can work.  It does by the sounds of things but really making the $5000 (my estimate) which would cover your initial costs – that’s 250 x $20 commissions or 500 x $10 commissions this is a lot before you’ve even covered your expenses.

If you can figure it out so you continue to make this amount of money after cool but let’s remember $3500 is for tools and ads.  I think the potential here but unless you are selling more high ticket products this course seems kind of limited. 

In Conclusion 

I think this is probably a better course than some of the others out there.  Other courses like Commission Hero and John Crestani Super Affiliate System for what they charge I do feel like maybe too much can go wrong.  Same with this really but these ideas like launch jacking are unique I think, and product development is definitely a boss move.

Imagine making a good digital product that your average affiliate marketer will spend hours promoting for you.  Every sale they make you get a cut from – even though this product you’ve finished the work.  These are the real passive income, autopilot money makers.  Any course that can correctly teach you this is 100% worth the money.

Except, really – are any of these high ticket courses from so-called Guru’s really worth your time and money?

Can you afford to lose $1000’s just to learn new skills without any kind of immediate return on investment (ROI)?

Developing a system that not only covers your costs but also earns you recurring commissions is essential.

Exactly, why I recommend these 2 much cheaper courses here [1], [2]

Where To Buy Ministry of Freedom?

Just In Case You Are Interested?

Simply Just click the box below to visit the official website…

where to buy Jono Armstrong Ministry of Freedom


How I Make My Money Online

This is nothing to do with Jono Armstrong Ministry of Freedom but I have been making money online since 2010/2011.

My main business thus far has been as an eBay/Amazon reseller but I’ve been dabbling in blogging and web development pretty much the whole time.  I’ve just started dealing in Cryptocurrencies as well but mostly for the past few years, I’ve been involved with affiliate marketing.  Promoting other peoples products (for commission) through my Websites and Social Media.

For anyone that is interested in discussing ideas on how you can get into the business email me at or Skype me at live:chivs862  ~ I am not the most experienced marketer but I can definitely point you towards things like tools, training, ebooks and show you how to get set up with your own website(s).

This is a system that has worked for countless people already and there is no reason why this can not help you.

[Read More Here]

Your Feedback – Share Your Thoughts

Finally, just quickly before I go.  What did you think of today’s review?  Have you tried Jono Armstrong Ministry of Freedom?  or is it something that you would maybe consider – please let us know your thoughts, feedback and questions in the comments section below?  Also if you know anyone that might benefit from reading this content please share far and wide.

Many thanks for reading #ToYourSuccess

Alex B. Chivers

Jono Armstrong Ministry of Freedom Review 2022


Here is my honest review of Ministry of Freedom by Jono Armstrong (2022)


  • 9 Week Extensive Course
  • 7 Bonuses
  • Help with Promoting your Affiliate Links
  • Networking with Other MOF members
  • 24/7 Support (Apparently)
  • Live Coaching Calls
  • You will likely make $$ if you take the necessary action


  • High Cost To Get Started
  • You need to cover the costs of tools and paid ads
  • Very difficult to get a refund if things don’t go well
  • You might have to promote some crappy products
  • Much cheaper courses are available
  • Low ticket commissions might not cover your running costs
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4 thoughts on “Jono Armstrong Ministry of Freedom Review – Is it Worth the High Cost?”

  1. I think a lot of the webinars intentionally leave something out. They want you to fail on your own and go running to pay the big bucks for the full training or sometimes one-on-one  help, where they will fill in the blanks that made you fail on your own. I have given up watching them because they never really teach me anything that doesn’t require another investment. It is interesting to see your results from trying his method.

    I am one of those people who don’t like the idea of showing my face on camera, but I think I’ll pass on this one! Thanks for trying it out for the rest of us first.

    1. Hi Theresa,  Yes I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here.  It does definitely feel like something is missing.  Jono Armstrong is pretty clever with this.  I will be looking at another one of his courses soon as I got this in a bundle but suspect it will be the same stuff.  I think maybe this course doesn’t have enough high ticket opportunities to be successful but then I do think if you can manage to cover his recommended tools with affiliate commissions then maybe this could work over time.  I would say there is better training out there though from my own experience.

  2. (1)

    Hi Alex. Thanks for sharing your review with us.
    Unfortunately (for Jono Armstrong at least -;), I belong to the group which is much less excited about his products. I am not saying his products won’t teach you some money-making techniques.
    But as I mentioned in my post about Jono, that people can visit here :
    I think he is very good at ripping people off. I mean, just see his conditions for refund. He wants to see your google docs entries? What he is voyeur? Additionally, if you won’t create Warrior+ product he won’t give you refund. I don’t think that is possible to finish it in time of 8 weeks (60 days is the money guarantee). Definitely not for beginner. Strange thing to me is also that the training is 9 weeks long, but you have to have your product ready in 8 weeks in order to get refund. I find him and these rules also totally ridiculous. I think he is should be avoided. But it is just my opinion, though.

    1. Thanks Julius, Yes I think you are totally right. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt. He is professional enough in his approach and the rotator sounds good for members to promote their affiliate links but I think he should be more considerate to people with refunds. Honestly, I would rather try something like Authority Hacker for this amount of money or even Wealthy Affiliate which is by miles more affordable. I’ve heard that some people he has tried to guilt trip about asking him for refunds saying he has donated the money to charity. It sounds like he doesn’t consider the effect that losing money on his courses might have for some people. He says he guarantees success but that I am really suspicious of.

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