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Live Marketing HQ Review [2021] – How Does It Compare…

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Hello Guys,  This is something I’ve wanted to review for quite some time now.  CB University was something I used to hear about quite a lot.  Although I never quite got round to writing this review.  Fast forward to now and instead, I have decided to write this.  Live Marketing HQ Review.  Why?   because this is a newer product by the creator Justin Atlan.

Many I have noticed that originally wrote reviews for CB University have swapped their old inactive affiliate links for this product instead.  As far as I know, it is only this and Spark By ClickBank that have really come in to fill the void left behind after the CB University project was scrapped.

The reasons why this happened is not exactly public knowledge.  Although if you read some of the old reviews of CB University, it wasn’t exactly the best training for new affiliate marketers.  It definitely had its cons but is the newer product by Justin Atlan Live Marketing HQ any better by comparison?  This I will look to examine through today’s post.

Note:  If you look on ClickBank the code for this product is interesting CBUNIV2

FTC Disclosure

Please note that this post contains affiliate links.  If you happen to click on one of these links and make a purchase I may receive a small commission.  The price you pay will not be affected.  Please do not let this put you off reading this article.  I promise not to make this information biased in any way and offer my totally honest opinion. 

Justin Atlan Live Marketing HQ Review [2021]

Product Name:  Live Marketing HQ

Product Creator:  Justin Atlan

Short Description:  Digital course that Includes Copywriting guide, and further training through a monthly membership.

  Copywriting book I found very helpful.
Cons:  Monthly membership probably is not worth it

My Verdict:  Buy the $7 Copywriting Guide (I highly recommend)

Website:  https://www.livemarketing.com

Live Marketing HQ Review [2021] 

How Does It Compare to CB University?

The original Clickbank University was released in 2013.  It was set out as a 12-week beginner-friendly course that cost $47 a month to join plus upsells including the website builder which was 2 payments of $297.  You could also pay for another upsell of $97 for advanced training.  This was used to teach how to create your own products and how to do webinars.

In its later incarnation CB University 2.0 you could promote this training as an affiliate for 50% commissions.  Something many I guess must have been a lot happier about but ultimately this project was scrapped in 2020.

Conveniently this coincided with the launch of both LMHQ and Spark University.  ClickBank recommends Spark as its go-to training but as mentioned about if anybody clicks on the affiliate links for this product is shows up in the reporting tab as CBUNIV2.   Which, pretty much says it all I think but how does this compare you may wonder?

What Is Live Marketing HQ All About

For new members of Live Marketing HQ, they are first of all offered a product for $7 called The Ultimate Guide To Copywriting.  It is actually probably worth buying I would say.  Writing full time for a website is a very complicated process and you will find you will spend a lot of time rehashing old content with your new techniques etc.

So this is something I do suggest you buy and read every word of.  Even if you just pick up a couple of new tricks because writing (especially copywriting is a very important skill to know.

This is a good value product I think and you should read it but whether you should commit after this to $34.50 a month I’m not so certain about.  At least unless it is money you have to lose.  It doesn’t really come across to me as anything special.  It is basically 2 extra modules for promoting Clickbank products as an affiliate and for creating your own digital products.

Creating things like courses and your own digital products are all good but not for beginners.  I would probably suggest this for more experienced marketers that are making regular commissions.  It is a good skill to have but even then I would probably recommend checking out John Thornhills Success Partnership instead.

More money but this man is an expert so it will be well worth it.  Although still there is a lot of crappy digital products out there.  So make one when you have the experience to do things properly.  Not when you’re just throwing things together.


Who Is Justin Atlan – Creator of LMHQ

Justin Atlan is an entrepreneur that co-founded ClickBank University with Adam Horowitz in 2014.  Before this he worked as a partner for SJA Media Partners where he joined in 2012 and before this, he was just a regular affiliate marketer.

Atlan from what I can piece together online currently lives in LA, California and he got his Bachelors degree from San Diego State University.

Apparently, he made his start with affiliate marketing on ClickBank and at the age of 18, he was already making a full-time income.  It would appear from here he began consulting others to make money online and joined SJA Media Partners as a result.     Before of course co-founding CB University.

Today I think he just has this LMHQ course and since the end of CB University in 2020 he has pretty much disappeared.

Maybe he is working on a new course.  Only time will tell I guess.  Probably just taking a break and spending all his money.

What Went Wrong With CB University?

Although there was no official news about what actually happened to CB University It was likely this.  Clickbank decided to part company with Atlan and Horowitz so they could replace it with Spark as their new flagship product.

Why they did after 16 years you can probably guess that it was to do with its reputation.  It was not good PR for Clickbank and too many people just had enough of not finding success with it.  Even after months of paying $47 as a recurring fee and paying for expensive upsells hoping that it would make the difference.

All the fancy marketing and promises like you could make $1000+ a day from one sale.  It definitely could have been something very special but from what I can gather whatever Justin and Adam promised they failed to deliver.

Why Promote Products from Clickbank?

The simple fact is that ClickBank has 21,500+ products available to promote in 27 different categories.  It is available in 190 Countries and I believe I read it has over 200 million users.  Plus It’s easy to join and you can start using it right away.

You can definitely make a lot of money from Clickbank and many do.  It is just that it is a very competitive task to do.  Many have claimed that ClickBank is just not worth it, for exactly this reason. 

“Too many Indians, not any chiefs,” I think is maybe a good analogy.

When they say that 99% of people fail in affiliate marketing I think most of these are probably using ClickBank.  All trying to promote the same products.  I would say there are a few good products you can try and promote.  You just need to be unique in your approach and hook your readers in.  I mean actually, the $7 eBook might help with this.

Although, of course, my advice is to expand your horizon and also promote products from other vendors.

How Much Does Live Marketing HQ Cost?

To join Live Marketing HQ you will be at first offered their gateway product ‘The Ultimate Guide To Copywriting’ for very cheap.  Just under $7.  Then once you get to checkout from there you can upgrade to subscribe to the LMHQ Flagship training for $34.50 a month.  This consists of two modules – Promoting Affiliate Products with Clickbank and Digital Publishing your own products.

As well as this YES they do have an upsell – The Autopilot Funnel Builder 2.0.  This you can buy for 2 payments of $297.00.  Not tried it so can not tell you but if we do the maths if you pay for say 5 months and the 2 upsells this is $800.

For those benjamins, I think you could do a lot better but as I said above I think the ebook is 100% worth buying for $7.

The Ultimate Guide To Copywriting

Is It Worth $7? My Experience

live marketing hq back office


Ok, I have put my money where my mouth is.   For this next section, I will share my own Experience with Justin Atlans Ultimate Guide To Copywriting.  I have paid £7 and I have now read through all 46 pages and the 77 tips to be a better copywriter.  Honestly, I think I need to read again, but in my opinion, was it worth the £7 you might wonder?

Well, it is not written by Justin Atlan for one.  It is written by Matt O’Connor the owner of a website called CommissionGods.com.  He definitely comes across as an expert, and he even has a testimonial from Neil Patel himself.  I didn’t find this out till after reading the EBook but yes as a copywriter he seems to be very successful.

But About the Book…

I think it was well worth the read.  It was over pretty quickly but I definitely learned a few new tips that will hopefully come in useful over the next few months.   It didn’t seem to be so focused on just articles but there was definitely a lot to take away.   I think it pretty much serves as a good introduction for anyone looking to write any kind of promotional content.

Inside is 12 different sections that each outline a different area of copywriting including building trust, hooking your readers in and finding out what works and what doesn’t.  Whether it’s worth £7.  Well, it depends on how much you value £7.

What I think is this serves as more of a lead magnet type deal.  I’ve only been a member for one day but I am expecting the emails to come flooding in with different offers.  Also, they recommend a few websites inside the book as well that appear to be interesting.  I Will check those out later but in conclusion…


My Final Thoughts About LMHQ

Now, I can’t really speak too badly of LMHQ because I’ve not actually gone through everything.  I’ve only got the eBook which might I add was also a part of ClickBank University before and it is not even by Justin Atlan.  I was surprised really that there wasn’t a bit more to this.  Once you pay for the EBook the actual back office is empty.

I think I would have expected to see a bit more here but it’s cool the book is definitely worth reading.  Everything else I’m not so sure about but if the old reviews for CB University are anything to go by I would keep your money.

Just buy the book and look for something more concrete elsewhere.  In fact, if you want the book I will do you a deal.

Subscribe to my email list.  Once you have confirmed your subscription and received my first email send me a reply back. 

Just ask me for a copy of the LMHQ Copywriting secrets book and I will send it to you.

I am not sure if this is allowed but seriously just ask me and I will send you a copy.

Just look out for my subscription box below towards the end of this article; 


My Recommendation – What To Do Instead?

Actually, I have 2 recommendations I am going to make.   One if you are looking to do what I do – Blogging and Affiliate Marketing and two if you are interested in JV.  Being a Junior Vendor of your own products.  Basically Digital Publishing.

So, the first one I know has its haters but I fully support it.  I think it really can work with the right coaching.  The training here can only teach you so much but seriously if you join I will personally coach you.  You will definitely want to hit the ground running with this so let me help you.  I can promise you a starter website, an introductory course plus my own E-Book.

You will need to pay $19 within 3 weeks to really benefit from this but trust me when I say this.  You Will.

I’ve been a happy customer myself here for the best part of 2 years now, and I plan to stay well beyond this.  I just love the convenience of hosting, domain parking, writing my content and training all in the same place.

It has its problems sure but still,
I definitely recommend becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate…

Wealthy Affiliate Uncover the secrets to success


My 2nd Recommendation:  For JV Product Creation…

Now, this is not something I recommend lightly.  I’ve not had the chance to try this myself yet but I have heard many good things.  The reason I suggest this is because it offers all the same training as LMHQ minus the copywriting but pretty much on steroids…   

This training is by a Clickbank expert that has a much better rep than Justin Atlan.

He made the top 10 list for Clickbank sellers in 2018 and 2919.  He’ll probably most likely make the list for this year as well.  The course is not for everyone because of the price but if you are serious about getting that bread.  About really taking advantage of what the online world has to offer than this surely is something worth taking a look at

John Thornhill success partner free webinar

Click the Banner Above To Watch The Free Webinar. 
The Training is called the John Thornhill Success Partnership.


In Conclusion – How You Can Make Money Online

Live Marketing HQ Review [2021] – How Does It Compare…  Now you are likely reading this because you would like to find a way to start making money from the comfort of your own home.  With not much else apart from a desktop/laptop PC and an internet connection.  The laptop lifestyle is definitely attractive for travellers and is a very real possibility.

You may have heard of affiliate marketing and this is actually what I do.   I am chiefly a blogger and the main way I try to monetize is through affiliate offers.

There are other ways to make money online most definitely.  Surveys, Freelancing, eCommerce and CryptoCurrencies.  Just to name a few but my point is that affiliate marketing is probably the most attractive.  Even the most lucrative option out of all of these.  It can be difficult to get started sure it can but once you have this knowledge all figured out it does get easier.

In fact, the main reason why most people fail is they give up within the first few months.  In contrast, they say those that last more than a year have an 80% chance of success.  It is as simple as this if you put the work in like with anything you can be successful.  Of course, though having the right guidance, resources and help from others can make a huge difference.

For each of the above, and I would say all you need to find is the right coach.  I am not saying this has to be me but of course, if you are willing to consider my offer for free coaching I will share my details below;

Contact:  Alex B Chivers
Skype Username:  chivs862
Email:  chivs86@ibusinesstoday.com
Linktr.eeClick Here

YOUR FEEDBACK – Let Us Know What You Think

Finally, if you have any questions or would like like to share your own experience with Live Marketing HQ or the Original CB University it would be great to hear from you in the comments.  In fact, anything related to today’s content will be happy to hear from you.  Also, if you feel this content is worthy of a share please use the buttons to the left to pass this on to your friends and contacts on Social Media.

Many thanks

Alex B. Chivers

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