what is living the laptop lifestyle

What Is Your Idea of Living The Laptop Lifestyle

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So I remember this girl I used to hang about with quite a lot.  I knew her from when she used to work at the bar I drank at a few years ago.  We got close (I would say) to the point that I would meet her after she finished work.  

She stopped working at my local bar after I met her to work at another and it became a thing for us that most days we would meet up.  Either when she was working at the bar or when she finished her earlier job.  

I don’t talk to her anymore – this part of the story I would rather not revisit but I have to admit she really changed my outlook on things.  

All her talk about travel actually persuaded me to get a passport.  I kind of wish that I would have taken her influence a step further and actually learned to drive but anyhow this was what led to my first taste of living the laptop lifestyle.

So, you might have heard of this terminology before or maybe you haven’t BUT…


Your Idea of Living The Laptop Lifestyle?

living the laptop lifestyle

Here Is Mine…

Now, my first taste of going away and using my laptop to work was back in 2018.  I will tell you this story as you might find it entertaining (I hope) and it definitely is relevant I would say to the point I’m trying to make. 

So prior to this time I hadn’t been away really at all apart from a couple of trips to Ireland. The first time I think was about 15 years ago followed by a 2nd trip in a camper van another time in between. 

Good times but besides this, I hadn’t been away anywhere outside of England EVER. There was a trip to the Philippines which never happened but this was the first time I went away outside the UK and Eire.  It wasn’t really something I had planned but I got a phone call from my mother who was away with my brother, his wife, my nephew and my three nieces on the Greek Island of Crete.

It was I think Friday or Saturday night and I was at the bar I mentioned earlier on in the introduction.  So, my Mother, she was drunk – I won’t go into that part but she said: “ALEX COME TO GREECE”.

I remember this part pretty well because I walked back into the pub after this phone call and I said to my friend “Well, Looks like I’m going to stay in Greece”.

Like I was ready to fly out that following Monday.  I did all my eBay work on Sunday ready to post early Monday and I bought like this really chunky laptop off the Facebook marketplace because I could not go away and not work.

I was doing a dropshipping gig at the time in which I had to record orders on a spreadsheet.  It was pretty good pay but basically any new orders I’d get through from doing this I had to make a record of ASAP.

So Everything Pretty Much Went To Plan

I really would have been screwed if I didn’t do this but fortunately the laptop worked.  I got to the Greek Island of Crete and I was able to work and make money.  There was the matter of getting stuck in Prague, Czech Republic for 24 hours on the way.  This was definitely not the plan but I found a bar at the airport with WIFI.  I remember there was some lower-tier Czechian Football game on the TV but I got quite a bit done whilst here.

And that I guess was my first experience of the laptop lifestyle whilst away abroad. In Crete I pretty much carried this on – each day I would wake up and go have breakfast at this cafe and get to work.  I was making maybe $100-150 USD a day at the time – which was great ?.

My best memory I think was my brother getting like a 100 euro bill for all our food at this restaurant and I just flashed my card at the machine before he even got the chance.

I remember looking at the waiter to ask if it worked or not and he was like yes that’s fine.  My brother I think was quite pleasantly surprised as it wasn’t exactly the cheapest holiday for him but for me, it felt good as well.

Exactly How I Would Love My Life To Be Like

Like ever since I’ve always thought about actually making this a proper thing – so my holidays can pay for themselves whilst I’m away.  I see plenty of other people who do this that actually come back home with more money.  Some might not believe this but I know it is possible ?

I’m not going to lie and make out that I’m at this point in my life already.  I stopped the dropshipping gig just before COVID.  It wasn’t really working out in the end but this is my idea of the laptop lifestyle.   

Going away and making money by the work I do online whilst I’m off on my travels. This is really the dream for me and is definitely something I am continuously working towards.

So Since My Holiday In Greece

elounda harbour greece where i began living the lap top lifestyle

I came back with quite an appetite to travel.  Since going away in 2018 I’ve been to quite a few places since.

  • Barcelona Spain [April 2019] – This was a funny one.  PayPal had lent me just over 10K – I paid for flights for me and 2 friends.  Neither of them ended up coming so I instead took my 14-year-old nephew away instead.  I brought my laptop and I remember at the time my eBay account was restricted but thankfully during one morning at work, I was able to get my account back.  I didn’t really do too much work here other than this but what an amazing place.
  • Agadir Morroco + Cologne (Koln-Bohn) Germany [Sept 2019] – This was actually my sister’s holiday that I tagged along with her on.  We had booked to stay all-inclusive at the Allegro hotel in Agadir for I think 10 days BUT the worst part was that we missed the original flight ?. 

    Probably because of a lot of pissing around on my end but I guess it was really just unlucky.

    We all had to watch on as the plane took off out the window ?  I still hate Gatwick airport to this day but we got there the next day on a flight with a stopover in Cologne Germany.

    cologne germany including cathedral
    A very interesting place I will say and we spent a good few hours here.  We had something to eat and see the Cathedral but for the plane tickets, we had to spend like £500 on new ones. This came mostly from money that I owed to Royal Mail from my eBay business and my sister had to borrow money too. 

    Morroco was actually great though and fortunately for me, the hotel across the way was letting me in to use the WIFI with my laptop.  I was still doing the dropshipping at the time and fortunately, I was able to make back the money I had to spend on new plane tickets. 

    I mean if only we had got the original flight but I guess Germany was the silver lining.
  • Dublin and Galway, Ireland [January 2020] – Originally I had considered going to Bologna Italy as Ryanair was doing their £5 a seat sale for Black Friday.  I had asked my cousin if he wanted to come but he instead persuaded me to book flights to Ireland instead. 

    So, I had just stopped doing the drop shipping gig before this. There was just too many problems but this was right around the time I had started blogging again and right after when I joined Wealthy Affiliate.I didn’t make any money whilst away this time besides a few eBay sales and I think a couple of record sales on Discogs but I did get some work done.  I mean the crazy thing here though was we almost didn’t end up going because of my finances but the reason we did go was that I made like $400 USD on Clickbank just before we went [Read More About This Here]

  • St Julians Bay Malta [August 2020] –  This was a bit mad because it was just after the first lockdown in the UK.  I didn’t actually get any work done here.  I’d really have liked to but this was my 2nd trip away with just me and my nephew.  We had one laptop between us and he didn’t let me near it the whole time pretty much ?

    It was a good trip though actually – we see the dolphins and went on a cruise to the islands of Gozo and Camino. If you want to live the laptop lifestyle across the pond do not bring any bratty teenagers with you ?  but I mean besides this we had a great time.  Lovely country and well worth a visit.

    malta august 2020 St. Julians Bay
  • Gibraltar [November 2020] – This was my first trip away on my own.  Some people will probably look at me in complete disgust for this one.  So the UK was back in lockdown for the 3rd time.  Everyone was going completely nuts and I remember stumbling across this news article online that read something like “Gibraltar the only European country NOT in lockdown”.  Like I had a look and I was able to book plane tickets for the next week.
    rock of gibraltar with barbary ape

    I had to stay for a whole week which was longer than I wanted to go away for but I got there.  I see the Barbary Apes and the Pillars of Hercules.  Never realised I was looking at one of the seven wonders of the world lol till I got back but great experience.  It was very British over there – very Spanish as well but one good thing I remember was I got to watch all the football at the pub whilst everyone else couldn’t. It was business as usual over there every day till 10pm which was there COVID curfew but it wasn’t so bad really as got me back to my room at a reasonable time.

    Plus workwise it was quite a productive week.  I was able to publish a new blog post every day whilst away.  It was quite a surreal experience actually whilst there as I was getting so many sign-ups just from people visiting my blog.  It was also just around the time of Black Friday so that was quite cool as well working on that whilst away. 

    I didn’t really make any money during this week but I would like to think that if I had this would have been living the laptop lifestyle properly. It may take more trips and further development of my online businesses but anyhow…

And Since Then

I’ve had a few more trips away – none where I have done any work really but just in case your curious.  I went to;

  • Edinburgh, Scotland – Seeing the Pandas at Edinburgh zoo ??
  • Prague Czech Republic [Once Again] – Check out the boat tours from Prague old town ?
  • St. Julians Bay Malta (Once Again) – This time I also went to Valetta and Silema ?
  • and I guess you can count Budapest Hungary too where I stayed for one night ?
  • Plus Milan Italy I went to on the way to Malta for 2 hours…

So none of those trips really I got to do any work at.  In Edinburgh I wrote a blog post and finished it without WIFI – I couldn’t publish till I got home as my laptop’s WIFI adapter broke on the way there but for my other trips I had no laptop which actually really sucked. 

I guess I can blame my nephew for this again ☹ he lost his laptop charger and claimed my one was his like just as I had my next trip planned to go away.

Really I should have made alternative arrangements but a valuable lesson learnt.  Will not happen again.  Like never rely on others for things like laptops etc.  Make sure you go away organised and also take care – keep your electronics away from the pool and make sure they are kept in a secure place when you are not using them.

That’s my advice but let’s take a look at this more cohesively.

How To Live The Laptop Lifestyle

You definitely have a few options here.  There are plenty of things you can do to make money from anywhere in the world with a WIFI connection. 

This isn’t just some myth made up by MMO gurus to convince you to sign up for their coaching.

If you know what you are doing you can absolutely go away and make money online.  It is a very real possibility that you won’t have to come back home to a pile of debts.  

In fact, for many successful entrepreneurs just turning around and saying to yourself – “you know what I’m going to stay for another week” or “screw it I’m going to fly somewhere else before I go home” is something that is easily doable. Applied knowledge is really the key here.

You just need to have the right set up and you must be willing to do the work.

What I Recommend for the Laptop Lifestyle

So I mentioned dropshipping already.  I honestly don’t really recommend this unless you have put the time and effort into setting this up properly.  It’s quite a high investment and it involves a lot of trial and error.  What I was actually doing when I doing this was working as a virtual assistant drop shipper which is not really the same thing.  

I will go over this just briefly in a minute but about dropshipping.  I have sold like, one product with Amazon FBA before – I didn’t take it any further than this although I have heard that “The Amazing Selling Machine” is a good course to try.  Also I need to do more research but I’ve heard Six Figure Mentors Is possibly another one. 

I haven’t tried either yet but both I have been recommended for learning the secrets of dropshipping.

So what I did before was drop shipping as an eBay virtual assistant. I found this gig through Freelancer.com – This I think can be a nice little hustle but just be careful because on the end this was just a nightmare for me really.  I made money for a while but with eBay and PayPal it was just one problem after another.

So, really I don’t recommend this at all.  My advice is to do what I am doing NOW – put your time and effort into developing a blog/website and use this as your means of making money online.  You can do this in a number of ways but chiefly among all of these I would say is to do Affiliate Marketing.


Also, I mentioned that on my last few trips away I didn’t do any work.  This is true but each time I’ve gone away this has inspired me more to keep doing what I’m doing with this website and everything else.

One thing I see when I went to Prague earlier this year was this business.  It was called “Do What You Love” and through the window, I could see a ping pong table, a bar, a lounge area and right in the corner 3 guys typing away on their laptops.  Not sure who they were but wow that definitely made me think about what is possible!

Do What You Love Prague Czech Republic

So What NEXT?

So I am planning another trip before the end of 2022.  Not totally sure where yet.  Malta I was thinking about maybe going back to (not sure if that’s still happening).  Bosnia is another place I really want to visit but really I am thinking about going to Brazil, Rio D’janero or Manaus as would love to see the Amazon Rainforest but who knows ✈

I can’t wait honestly, wherever I decide to go.  Travelling is probably my favourite thing ever and the only thing I like more is travelling + making money online ?

I plan to do this in future by running this blog and a few others.  So far it’s going OK I’ve made money now probably every month since April this year.  The commissions are becoming more frequent and I really do think this is the way to go. Like really it has taken long enough but I got a few buds that are really starting to blossom.

Although, truly I’m no way near as successful as other people doing this I Know that.  Even people that have done this for a shorter time than me are totally smashing it now.  Although I will say if you’re reading this I can at least show you this path.  Maybe you can overtake me as well ?  

It’s totally up to you what you do next [See my Recommendation HERE<<<}

This website you can sign up for their service today for free and this training will show you everything you need to know about how to get started on WordPress and to do exactly what me and millions of others are doing with lot’s of success. You will not regret this I promise and this is definitely the key to the living the laptop lifestyle. 

From this, you can begin to learn how to make money with blogging and affiliate marketing within the next few hours.

I will also be here if you need any help and you can contact me here at chivs86@ibusinesstoday.com

SIDE NOTE:  I know this is a bit cheeky but if anyone wants to buy me a coffee ☕ for my next trip away [USE THIS LINK HERE] ~ I mean I hope this article has been helpful but seriously any questions please leave us a comment below ⏬

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9 thoughts on “What Is Your Idea of Living The Laptop Lifestyle”

  1. It’s a great article on how we can live and work with a laptop where we want it. ? I’m sure this article will be useful to many and thank you so much for your helpful advice and information. I wish you good health and success.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your article. Always good/interesting to read about someone else’s experiences and viewpoints.

    My idea of the laptop lifestyle is to be able to spend time with family and loved ones whenever I want to with money never being a barrier. For me it is not about the money it is about being together as a family. I don’t want distance to be a barrier. My family is spread around the globe. I would like to spend as much time as I want in whatever location I would like in order to catch up with family.

    Or perhaps even be in a position where I simply book tickets for everyone to come enjoy a fabulous holiday together on a tropical island, in Greece or whatever country of our choosing.

    It is not about the money but about the freedom is what I always say.

  3. Hi Alex,
    I think you have described pretty well what living the laptop lifestyle is like for you. And given some good tips (don’t take teenagers!). You did cover a very important point in that living that lifestyle still requires that you “Put the work In”.
    Many people think that making money is an automatic money machine. It can be, but it requires a lot of time, effort, preparation, and some perspiration. With some dedication and time it is definitely achievable. It is not a get rich quick scheme.

    1. Hi Chas, Yes to some degree I think I have. I don’t think it is something that is quite in the bag yet like most of my money at the moment is coming from eBay which is not really living the laptop lifestyle but honestly running this blog and others I think is really the key and pretty much not giving up till I can actually work from anywhere. Much to the point that my actions are helping to finance any trips, I decide to make. Like I said about maybe going to Brazil – a large chunk of paying for that will be from my credit card if I go. That I know is a bit irrational really but what I am hoping is I can really knuckle down whilst I’m away and even before maybe I can at least pay off a portion of what I have to pay for my flights. Like £750 I think it will be if I can make £375 from affiliate marketing that will be a huge relief for me and even if I can make more I can maybe look at another trip after that. Like I was initially thinking about going Mexico in January or February that would be amazing if I actually got to do both.

  4. Hi Alex,

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring article.
    I need to admit that I am getting the pleasure of travelling. There is something that happens to me, every time I go on holidays. While I am there I get this boost of life when I want to do everything and anything is possible. I remember taking my laptop with me once on holidays (when I went alone) and getting so much stuff done in just one hour from the lobby couch!

    Unfortunately my success in blogging is not as good as yours, still waiting for my breakthrough AND for coming home from holidays with more money than I left with. This is like…reversed reality 😀


    1. Hi Tatiana, I know the feeling. Like every part of it is a thrill for me. Getting through customs, sitting on the plane, touching down and getting my first glimpse of whatever foreign country I end up in. I live for it I think I really do probably every day I think about what I need to do before I go away again and where I want to travel to. It really is a dream for me and one I very much plan to make come true.

      So it sounds like you are just finding your way at the moment. I’ve had a look at your website and I like the look of it and your domain name. I think your main issue is you need to get people onto your email list. I see there are a lot of attractive buttons and stuff that lead to your main affiliate offer but I think you need to incorporate some kind of opt-in form before redirecting to your offer. I mean I am not actually super successful myself you could probably overtake me at some point but seriously just keep working your site looks great and just think you can make this happen – actually go away and come back in a good financial situation. You are probably a lot more further along than you actually realise.

  5. A laptop lifestyle is great!
    I wished I learned about it earlier when I was traveling a lot.

    Back then, I was just spending money to travel and wasn’t aware that there were options to make money at the same time.

    Now I’m older and wiser (in my opinion) I’m taking advantage of the affiliate marketing lifestyle you describe. I’ve been fortunate enough to be living in Southeast Asia for more than 3 years now and get to do the things I love every day.
    My friends back home think I am living the dream! However, as you so rightly point out… it does take time and effort to make money online….
    But hey, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be at this time in my life!

    Best of luck mate!

    1. Hi Andrew, Yes I know what you mean. There were a couple of times over the years where I could have started affiliate marketing but never. I think it was almost 15 years ago when I first started using blogger. I mean to think where I would be now if i actually had the knowledge I have now but likewise back then I just wasn’t aware.

      So good to hear you are taking advantage of the affiliate marketing lifestyle. I’ve not been to Asia yet but I can very well imagine it has its perks. Especially if you are able to make decent money online. I think your friends are probably right to some degree. Not sure where you are in SE Asia but I know there is some beautiful places over there and I guess this is a great motivation for you.

      Thanks for the message;

      Best regards;


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