make fast free money with affiliate marketing

MAKE Fast Free Money with Affiliate Marketing

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Hey guys, Do you want to MAKE Fast Free Money with Affiliate Marketing? You are probably wondering if this is even possible but here is the simple answer “Yes” it can be done.  Although of course, it is always better, in an ideal situation to invest in things – such as a website, tools and training but yes it can be done and the reason I know is that I did it myself…

Almost a year ago I actually contemplated the idea of getting back into blogging.  Previously I ran a blog for about 2 years about Rap music, hip hop news/reviews and eventually other stuff as well.  I never did any affiliate marketing then and I made something like £40 from AdSense in the whole time.

Note:  If you have an AdSense account this one way you can monetize a blogger blog.

The writing part actually I really enjoyed but I started my eBay business and that started doing well.  So, I stopped blogging but I always wanted to get back into it.  I wrote a new post here and there but I never really got back into it full time.

MAKE Fast Free Money with Affiliate Marketing


FTC Disclosure:  Please note that this post contains affiliate links.  Read more here

Rewind to January 2020

I started a new blog because I wanted to find a new way to make money.  Rewind back to December 2019 things were not going well.  I got caught up in something that put me in a very tight spot.  I needed the money, so I googled “ways to make money” and found an amazing article about blogging.

This here was what convinced me to give it another go.

And it worked…  On NYE 2k19 I stayed at home and started a new blog.  On  Called DynamicIdeasandOpportunities.Blogspot.

Read my story below;

My Story – How I made $200 in One Week on Blogger

True story – I’m not exactly sure how exactly this happened but bottom line – I started a blog on blogger.  Wrote a review with an affiliate link and one of the guys who visited this post bought the product from my affiliate link.  I had I think 11 sales in total by the end of January.  Amazing really # all I did was set up this blog and 1 week later I made my first affiliate commissions.

At the time I could not believe it and I would like to add some special advice here…

If you start a blog and then decide to move everything over to WordPress ~ DON’T.  Seriously, it’s your own personal choice but my two cents just find new keywords and write new content.  Blogger is a funny platform ~ you can tag the #F out of it for one, and because it is owned by Google that is another thing.  Keep whatever content you got on there because people can find it.  Domain Authority from Google is very high.

I made this mistake and never again.  Moved all my content to WordPress and I had I think 1 flimsy commission since.  Blogger I think is a very good tool to have.  WordPress is a whole different animal don’t get me wrong but use both 100% you can write a bit more freely with blogger without being constrained to a particular niche.  You can really make it more about you.  WordPress is a must in my opinion but use blogger also.

Another thing it is good for is feeder posts.  If you want to boost a post on Facebook you might find that Facebook will flag your ads account but what I do (have done) is write my review etc.  then write a blog and link to my review.  It is basically a funnel.  Plus another thing you can do using this method if you get a lot of likes on your post you can (if you have one) invite all these people to like your page.

Ways That You Can Make Free Money

So I’ve mentioned Blogger already.  If you would like to create a free account.

Read more HERE

As for everything else I will try to summarize for you as quick and detailed as possible…

Make Fast Free Money with Youtube


This you may have thought of already but YOUTUBE also a part of the Google network is huge.  Depending on how much of a following you have and the content you publish {AVOID CONSPIRACY THEORIES lol), you can earn through YOUTUBE Ad impressions.  You will need to get a high number of views but it can be done.

The other way is by Affiliate Marketing.  You can either make a video about a product that persuades the viewer to click on the link in the description, or another thing a lot of popular Youtubers do is Sponsor products.  This can even be products unrelated to their niche. 

One example I see myself lately was on a Comic Book news channel (can’t remember which one) but at the end of the video, they were promoting something like Udemy for online courses with a special discount exclusive to the channel.

Not sure how they do the discount.  Maybe they take it out their own commission or contact the company privately.  I suppose if you are doing really well then you can do this but no expert here, unfortunately.  My Youtube Channel doesn’t really get the attention it deserves.  I have like 3 followers and 4 videos.

You might have better success than me I think.  If you feel comfortable in front of the camera and your video editing is good then those are the main things to know.  Youtube is free but I would definitely recommend investing in tools and training to properly utilise this HUGE opportunity!

Some training you might find helpful; Step-by-Step guide for YouTube Video Marketing   

Make Fast Free Money with Vimeo, Tik Tok, Weebly, IG, LinkedIn and Facebook

For this section, I just want to finish this post with a few different ideas.

If Video Marketing is the route you want to go YouTube is not the only way.  There is Vimeo, dTube, BitChute plus many more such as Daily Motion, Twitch and VEVO.

See this link here; Top 10 Video Sharing Sites

This NOT my content by the way but I think it is relevant. You can use the same tactics as Youtube here also.  Plus you can MAYBE (not 100% about this will need to look into further) upload videos with the same content but different titles, and descriptions to increase SEO.

As for TikTok again this is like YouTube but with shorter videos – I am yet to grasp this concept very well myself but it is a free platform to join and is becoming very popular.

At the time of writing this according to news reports, the company was recently subject to a very substantial offer by Microsoft.  Not a huge fan of its owner but the kind of money that was offered $20-$30 Billion just says it all I think.

Read my post hereTikTok for Affiliate Marketing

Weebly I have used for building free splash pages in the past, and this works well with sites such as Facebook that don’t allow direct affiliate links.  If you would like to get an idea for building a splash page.

Here is one that I made to get sign-ups for 2 platforms ~ Leads Leap and LeadLightning

With IG, LinkedIn and Facebook I can’t speak too much on the first two and I’m missing out big time because of this I think but I can tell you a little bit about Facebook.

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account these days?  Your Grandma, your Great Grandma and Old Joe the Hermit who lives in a cave have Facebook accounts.  So there is the opportunity.

On Niche-specific Facebook groups and Business pages, there is a ton of opportunities for affiliate marketing.  Yes, training helps but just like LinkedIn, Instagram and many other Social Media sites joining are FREE.

There is a short course I highly recommend for this actually that is just $7 USD that teaches you how you can start using your Facebook accounts to get a lot of people interested in what you are trying to sell.

If you are interested please let me know in the comments section below.

Finally to MAKE fast free money I’m going to bring this article to a close now but I will tell you.

In Conclusion

So here is the thing.  Yes, it can be done.  Blogger and Youtube are my Top Two ideas but here is my honest opinion.

Time is money.  It is all good making FAST FREE MONEY.  You might be lucky like I was in January but you will eventually need to invest in Tools, Training, Freelancing and the list goes on.

But here is my suggestion click the image to sign up below;


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Many thanks for your time;




Alexander B. Chivers

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