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MissingLettr Review (2023) – I Tried This For 1 Month – My Thoughts!

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As Social Media Scheduling Tools go there are a few that may pop up in conversations.  Buffer, HootSuite, TailWind, and even Canva has got it’s own scheduling functions.  AND amongst these (for me) so far I’d say it really has just been TailWind and Canva Pro that I’ve used at the time of writing this.  

Although actually, I tell a lie because for the past month I’ve also started using another tool – which is why I’ve decided to write this review for Missinglettr.  I actually believe this is something quite special – I really am sold.

In fact, this Black Friday (just gone) when I was emailed about a $50 offer to upgrade my free account to pro for the next 365 days I simply could not resist.  I will try my best here not to make this review so one-sided.  I’ve not actually really tried out Buffer or HootSuite so I can’t say if this is actually better compared but I will go straight for the punch here and say if you haven’t tried out the Missinglettr Social Media Scheduling Tool I definitely recommend it.

So here it is my…  

MissingLettr Review (2023) – I Tried This For 1 Month – My Thoughts! To Buy or Not To Buy?

what is missinglettr review I tried this for 1 month


Product Name:MissingLettr Social Post Scheduling Tool
Created By / Owner of Company:Benjamin Dell
Short Description:Social Media Marketing Automation Tool
Main Features:Drip Campaigns
Curate Content
Advanced Analytics
Stock Image Library
Auto Publish To Medium
Pricing:Free Plan Available. $19 a month for Basic Plan and so on.
Do I Recommend it?:Yes – Try It with The Free Plan First but definitely consider upgrading to one of their paid plans once you get the hang of how this tool actually works.

Who Is This Blog Post For?

People that may have heard of Missinglettr and would like to know more.
Content creators (namely bloggers) that need to grow their traffic
Those wondering about using a social media scheduling tool to boost their traffic to their blog posts.

What Solution Am I Offering

Information about the Missinglettr Social Media Scheduling Tool

Who Are My Target Audience

Bloggers looking for a means to boost the traffic coming to their websites


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So What Is Missinglettr?

According to the Missinglettr website; 

Missinglettr is an all-in-one social marketing platform that turns your content into engaging social media posts that help you solve content distribution by helping to create a strategy for social media content.

Who Is Benjamin Dell?

The creator of Missingletter is a guy called Benjamin Dell.  In case anyone is wondering Benjamin Dell is someone with a history of developing online marketing tools.  Besides Missinglettr others he has released are;

  • HeySummit
  • HelpShelf (Formerly OnboardFlow),
  • Updatey
  • Raw Jam,
  • and OnboardTips

So I will admit I have never heard of any of these but if anyone is wondering about who Ben is here is an old interview of his from Youtube talking about his Updatey product;

 So, quite interesting to look at these other products.  Not the usual crap that you find on Clickbank and W+ but yes back to the matter at hand.

My Own Experience with Missinglettr?

I first come across Missinglettr just over a month ago.  I was catching the National Express back from Edinburgh and I’d just got back into London around 7 AM in the morning.  I was on my phone reading the PDF from David Perdews Daily Content Profits (read my review here) and Missinglettr was one of the first tools this guide recommended.

So I was actually away from home for another 2-3 days after this but once I got back I signed up to try Missinglettr.  They basically give me a trial for Pro so I could review as an affiliate.  

I didn’t actually request this but my first time using I thought it was quite straightforward.  I chose my 5 Social profiles to post to – my Facebook business page, and four Facebook business groups in the MMO / Online Biz niche which I’m a member.

The first campaign I think I made a few mistakes with but after that, I was very happy with the campaigns I set up.

So not to toot my own horn or anything but here are some of the social media posts I created with the help of MissingLettr.  These are from my Facebook page (follow us here) and this I hope can show you what Missinglettr can do for you.

missinglettr screenshot facebook 1
missinglettr facebook screenshot 2
facebook missinglettr screenshot 3

MissingLettr Features

The Features you will get with Missinglettr will depend on your plan.  

The options available are as follows;

  • Free
  • Solo
  • Pro
  • Agency
  • Enterprise

With access to all of Missinglettr’s features here is what you will get.

Drip Campaigns

This is really the bit that sells this product to me.  So when I publish a new blog post I will get a draft in my Missinglettr back office for my recently published blog post which has been dissected for suggested hashtags, suggested images, and suggested quotes.  It is actually great because this is all data that can easily be used to create great social media posts.

It’s actually very straightforward.  It isn’t exactly all done for you.  I would say it takes me about a half-hour to an hour to add in things like new hashtags, images, and editing quotes but once your campaign is ready this will auto-post to your social channels 8 times over the space of a year, and best part once your campaign is finished you can let it run again simply by the click of a button.  

Drip Campaigns For Youtube and Wistia

If you are someone that is making videos online another thing you can do with Missinglettr is set up drip campaigns for your videos.  I think the Missinglettr drip campaigns for just your blog posts are already worth the investment but this is definitely another perk for those that decide to invest in this tool.

MissingLettr Curate

This add-on allows you to add extra content to your social media schedule created by other content creators.

This is a great idea for building your social media following by offering extra value besides your own work.

Auto Publish To Medium

This is actually something I highly rate about Missinglettr.  For those that don’t know the 2 (in my opinion) hands down best platforms to republish your blog posts after you’ve published them on WordPress are Medium and LinkedIn.

The process of doing both can be timely – I would estimate it takes 30 mins to 1 hour to do each but with Missinglettr every time a new post comes through to Missinglettr and a campaign is set up if you select the check box you will also have a draft for your blog post created in Mediums back office.

I mean I would suggest a couple of things here – always leave it at least a week before you ever syndicate content to another website and take some time to change a few things such as headlines.

Forget about using affiliate links Medium can be quite harsh if you don’t follow the rules but still, this is a great opportunity to build your email list and to get backlinks for your website.

Other Features

  • Stock Image Library
  • Quote Bubble and Branding Customization
  • Direct Post Scheduling
  • Video Posts
  • Custom Fonts
  • Custom Drip Campaign Post Templates
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Multiple Content Sources

Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Schedule Social Media posts over the space of 1 year
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Free plan available
  • A surefire way to boost traffic to your website

The Cons

  • You really need a social following already for maximum effect
  • Setting up campaigns on Missinglettr takes 30 minutes to 1 hour for each
  • Sometimes the graphics added to campaigns are not added (I think its the size)
  • The free plan definitely has its limitations

The Competition

missinglettr alternatives

Actually, if you go on the Missinglettr website and scroll down you will see they share links for several other social media scheduling tools.  I shan’t cover all these here – I will share a screenshot quickly and after this, I will write briefly about what I think are the four main ones.

Missinglettr Vs. Buffer

Actually, I’d say that Buffer is one of the main tools for scheduling that I would have thought about before hearing about Missinglettr.  Really I’d say they also have a free plan so using this alongside Missinglettr is what I would suggest.

 If truth be told I’ve not used Buffer myself really but its something I will be looking at soon 100%

Missinglettr Vs. HootSuite

I’ve heard quite a lot about Hootsuite.  Never used it but this is not really something that anyone should consider unless they have already got a blog that is making money for them.

Prices start at $39 a month.  There is no free plan although if you really are curious to try this software out you can give this a spin with a 30 Day Free trial.  I mean Hootsuite definitely has its advocates but I personally can’t resist getting the best value which I believe is something that Missinglettr offers hands down.

MissingLettr Vs. SproutSocial

OK so basically SproutSocial – is on another level above HootSuite.  Their entry-level plan is $249.00 a month so really this is NOT for beginners but you can get a 30-day free trial with this as well.  Missinglettr wins here again for me but again not tried SproutSocial so can’t knock it.  I will I guess give this a spin for its free trial maybe after I’ve done the same with HootSuite.

Expect a review in a couple of months>  I said this earlier on in the article “any free publicity is good publicity”.

If you are not ready to commit to a paid subscription I would say get Missinglettr, get buffer, and THEN make the most of their free plans.  Not only this but once you get in the swing of correctly utilizing content distribution you have an opportunity here to give both these free trials a go and you never actually know this could be what makes you some money.

Just be careful you don’t end up having to pay once the trial is over.  This I need to write about too – it is basically the biggest scam going – sign up for a free trial, use your credit card thinking you will cancel the plan, and after you think you actually have canceled you will end up paying a subscription for the next month.   I will cut this part short but anyway…

MissingLettr Vs. CoSchedule

I actually have used one of CoSchedules tools before – this was their headline analyzer.  Really I don’t know why I ever stopped using it but yes this is another social media scheduling tool with a free plan.  

Again I would say this is another thing that is worth taking advantage of.  I know you can only do so much in a day but as I have said a couple of times now…  Free publicity = good publicity xx 

If you haven’t read my review of David Perdew’s Daily Content Profits I mean you really should.  As David makes pretty clear throughout this product (a PDF and checklist about content marketing strategies) is that you must distribute your content in as many ways as you possibly can.  He actually suggests using Buffer, MissingLettr, and HootSuite altogether. 

I will cut this part of the review short but anyhow…

What You Will Need To Use Missinglettr (My Suggestions)

  1. Facebook Page
  2. Facebook Group of Your Own (Optional)
  3. To Be a Member of Facebook Groups (look for those with big audiences)
  4. LinkedIn Account
  5. Medium Account
  6. Twitter Account
  7. Instagram Account
  8. Google My Business Account
  9. Something like Canva or Snappa to create graphics

Most of these (if not all you can use them free)  I think it’s just Canva Pro and Snappa that you have to pay for.

Still not a lot of money but on the subject…

How Much Does MissingLettr Cost?

I will share two separate screenshots.  One for Missingletter’s monthly plan and the other for their annual plan;

missinglettr monthly prices
missingletter pricing annual

Should You Buy MissingLettr?

OK so here is what I think – firstly you should try MissingLettr as a free member.  This is kind of limited because you can only set this up for one social media profile.  Maybe this could be your Facebook business page or Instagram for example but anyhow you can basically for half hour an hour of your time schedule 8 Social Media posts for the coming year ahead with every new blog post you publish.

You have 50 slots to use so you can use this for basically 6/7 blog posts a month for free.  It might not seem like a lot but 50 social media posts are set up basically on autopilot which is auto-generated and I’d say they look good (see my screenshots above).  It’s definitely not something you will want to stick your nose up at.  Any publicity is good publicity, right?

The MissingLettr Solo Plan ($15 a month / yearly plan or $19 a month / monthly plan

So all the above is for free (REALLY) but if you want to take this a step further you can pay either $19 a month or $15 a month with their annual plan and with this, you get to post on 3 social media profiles with 500 posts a month.  

If you think your content is actually good then this is definitely worth it.  This is digital marketing at its very essence and If say you just have one website this is basically 6000 opportunities for people to notice you [Find Out More Here]

The MissingLettr Pro Plan

And here is the best part – I basically got all this for the whole year ahead for only $50 with Missinglettrs Black Friday offer (what a steal) but if you have 2/3 websites that you want to set up social media post scheduling for then Missinglettrs Pro plan gives you – 3 Workspaces (websites), 9 Social Media Profiles, 3000 scheduled posts and 10 curated posts a MONTH.

If you decide to try the Missinglettr Pro plan this will cost either $59 per month or $49 a month with their annual plan.

I mean it depends on where you are at with the development of your blog but there are definitely options here very much worth considering.  Personally, the thing that I find most attractive about the Pro plan is the Content Curation tool. Once you set it up it lets you share posts by other Missinglettr members its great for helping to build your social channels with extra content other than your own.

Final Word

Really I am speaking from experience when I say this.  Blogging can be a great hobby and a very rewarding experience.  However, you really SHOULD NOT straightaway expect to be able to publish a blog post and have people find you without doing anything else.  SURE SEO if you can master this to rank your blog posts you are on top of your game but here is the thing…  With Social Media Marketing if you can do this right you can really get things moving beforehand.

I actually believe when I started blogging and I did the impossible and made 11 commissions in my first month this was because I shared my post on Facebook.  If you write a good post and do it properly – here is the thing you only need one person to click on your link and read it to potentially make a sale.   It is not like Google – you might end up on page 10 for example but how many people will go through those 10 pages?  [Probably No One].

Whilst if you share on Facebook (or any other social platform) you have a much better opportunity… HANDS-DOWN.

So MissingLettr can help with this.  Try Buffer as well but again definitely TRY MISSINGLETTR FOR FREE<<<

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2 thoughts on “MissingLettr Review (2023) – I Tried This For 1 Month – My Thoughts!”

  1. Thanks for all this great in-depth information!
    I am definitely going to explore MissingLettr. I tried Hootsuite when it was free and when you could autoschedule to 3 SM platforms including FB. When they they statreted introducing more and more limitations including not allowing you to post to FB (for privacy reasons they said) , I switched platforms as their costs went up. I currently use FB Meta Suite for FB and IG and Tailwind for Pinterest. I am trying to consolidate my scheduling onto 1-2 platforms as this has always been my goal, but as you rightly wrote, it is easy to wear yourself thin without a scheduling asset.

    Understanding other Content Scheduler platforms out there is of course the starting point, and you have used this article to get me started. I am definitely going to explore MissingLettr because of the added value drip campaigns – among others.

    Thanks, Ceci

    1. Hi Ceci, You are welcome do try my best to cover what ground I can.

      I’ve sent you a private message with a link to my Missinglettr review but will share another link here too.

      So Hootsuite you mention not tried myself yet. I recently looked at this and SproutSocial. It looks to me that both are more for established businesses than something like a website that is only 1-2 years old. I know you can build a social following quite quickly in this day and age but I think blogging especially is quite an extensive process before you really start to get your articles out in the right way.

      Missinglettr I think is really perfect for people that are finding their feet. I have found there is a bit of an issue with setting up campaigns that don’t use the images you’ve used to set them up with but It seems that this is just a teething problem. Other than this I think it is a great tool – I am basically using at the moment their free plan but with a whole ton of bonus features from their black friday deal. I think that maybe without this it would probably fall short of what I want it for and I’d have to upgrade but still just using this with their free plan to just post on a Facebook Business page is totally worth doing.

      Also, I think Ceci you would possibly by interested in this too – another product that will help with your blog promotions. Its called Daily Content Profits by David Perdew.

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