My 1st Year Anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate

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Hey Guys,  So I hit a bit of a roadblock with this website lately.  Since the last WordPress update, it has been kind of difficult.  So, many technical hiccups.  Honestly, my momentum kind of just went out the window with it.  I wrote one post since but never published).  Otherwise, I have just been trying to get my head back around using this website again.  But last week was My 1st Year Anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate…  So have decided to write about this.

Right now, Since I joined Wealthy Affiliate I have mostly worked on 5 different websites.  This one,,, and  

This one ( is my most recent but by far the one I’ve worked on the most is dynamicideas4life.  This was maybe the website I should have started with really (if I’m being honest).  It was after all where I transferred all my original blog posts from.  I did do this eventually but I don’t know it might have been better.

So, anyway, this is my advice for any new members of Wealthy Affiliate.  Be very careful about choosing your niche for your first website.  Choose a niche that really suits you, and build a website that you can start writing for as soon as possible.

It is true that you can educate yourself about any niche you wish but having some prior knowledge of your niche is always better.  I choose Meditation as my first niche and whilst I don’t regret making this choice – I do wonder.  

If I could have had a better start with something else I knew a bit more about.  Although it was helpful for my training.  Just having this website here to put things into practice definitely helped.  Just to get to where I am now.  Which has certainly had a lot to do with WA and I am thankful for this.  Especially to their community who have been incredible every step of the way.

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My 1st Year Anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate

1# – Introduction

To begin with, my 1st Year Anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate was this Saturday just gone (16/01/2021).  The reason I joined was that I wanted to take a more professional approach.  I was already publishing on blogger, and I wanted to take things to the next level.  This was why I become a member.  To take what I was already doing on blogger a step further and…  

One year later here I still am.  As an upgraded annual member.  Something I guess I will be paying for again.  A lot of good things to say about WA after my first year and I doubt my 2nd year will be any different either.  But just to recap about my past year’s experience with you.

My 1st Year Anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate

2# – My First Month at WA

To begin with, I run both my meditation site and my old blogger blog simultaneously.  I didn’t really post much on the blog after setting up the meditation site but I still used it.  In fact, I actually made me my first affiliate commission strangely enough from this same blog. 

It was from a review of a product called Leptitox

This was definitely another reason for joining Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about affiliate marketing.  So I could make more commissions like this one.  Plus the money I made definitely influenced my decision to upgrade to premium.  Even having to pay $50 for the second month was made easier by the fact I’d already made some money. 

Back to when I joined and started the online entrepreneur course though.  My plan I can’t quite remember but it was (I think) to move my original blog to WordPress.  It may have been to do with the training as well, and I think this was why I went with the meditation idea.  Just to have a website there to put my training into practice.   

My first month was mostly working on this meditation site.  I dabbled a bit in writing for my other blog and I even made some more commissions.  It was a very good first month but from here I decided towards the end of this month to buy the domain for  This was really the next chapter for me.

My 1st Year Anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate

3# – My 2nd website – DynamicIdeas4Life

After buying my new domain it was a couple of weeks before I moved everything over from my blog.  It wasn’t a very easy decision and I was even advised against doing this by WA support.  However, I went ahead after finding a guide online about setting up a redirection with instructions to transfer my content over.

It was not without its problems.  The one post I had that was converting on blogger didn’t make me any more commissions after I moved to WordPress.  Not sure why this was but, I do always wonder how much more of this cow I could have milked if I had left things the way they were.

Plus another thing about this website in the beginning – it was a bit of a mess.  The original blog I wrote about quite a variety of different topics on.  There was meditation, weight loss, healthy living, affiliate marketing, business and was a good few niches rolled into one.  My second website was no different. 

It was not niche-specific basically.  I think it was my WA sponsor who got hold of me to see how I was getting on, and he pointed this out that it wasn’t good for SEO to have a website about more than one niche.  It was healthy living I chose in the end and this was why I set up to move all my business + affiliate marketing posts to.

However this I will warn (again) any new members of WA about.  Even for anyone reading that is setting up a website elsewhere.  Don’t bother with Multi-Niche websites.  The more niche-specific the better

My 1st Year Anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate

4# – My Early Mistakes

As mentioned above I think the way I went about setting up my second website was a bit of a mess.  Definitely a rookie mistake there but it is what it is I suppose.  After all this, my website has come together nicely but it has affected my progress these early mistakes.  I would say maybe it took a good month or two to correct this but even still now my website has ranked for keywords that are not even to do with my current posts.

One example is Wesley Virgins Overnight Millionaire review.  It is now on this website here but I have keywords that have ranked on Dynamicideas, and some that are in the top 10!!  I actually wish I know what I was doing then because I could have made dynamic ideas 4 life my business and affiliate marketing site. 

Still, it is what it is but if you wonder what I mean check this screenshot

wesley virgin cars

Also, choosing meditation as my first niche was a bit of a brash move I think.  I wanted to choose something unique, and I think I got this part right but this wasn’t something I was really very experienced with.  If I had chosen something a bit more closer to home I may have had a better start I think.  But again it is what it is.

I will come back to working on my meditation site at some point.  Now, I’m really just trying to find success with dynamic ideas and to a lesser degree, this one here but every website (if you do it right) has potential I think.

5# – My Greatest Achievements

Since January last year, I have taken a lot from the training and resources over @ Wealthy Affiliate.  I actually have made more than 3 websites in this past year.  That is one thing, and I still have space for more if I wish to do so.  They have changed things around since I joined.  It was 25 websites you could host when I joined but for new members now (I think) it’s only 10.  This is plenty though 100% – one website as long as you choose the right niche is plenty.

Other than this there are many other things I can consider achievements; 

  • The online entrepreneur certification training, 
  • All the new skills I’ve learnt, 
  • Building an email list of 150+ contacts, 
  • Earning affiliate commissions, 
  • Getting WA 15 referrals and 
  • Even the 1st Year Anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate itself.  

All, are things I think I should be really proud of.  I haven’t had as a successful year as some other members of WA.  If you were to go off of my own experience over the past year you probably might be a bit hesitant.  I have spent well over $1000 since joining on various things as well as the subscription fees.  It does definitely require investment but this is just me.  If you look at what some of the other members have achieved you may be very surprised.

For me, this blog by another member at Wealthy Affiliate says it all.  He joined in March 2020 3 whole months after me and he has just published a blog saying this January ALREADY! he has made $5580.



Also, check out this video as well by WA member James Ebomyi

6# – My Advice for New Members

Well, after a year I can give you a few different pointers that should be able to help.  For one YOU MUST Believe in yourself.  TWO Don’t give up – there will be times where you think things are not going your way.  Trust me I have been there (countless times).  I have found signing up for the annual plan is a massive weight off my chest but honestly, IF you are checking your affiliate dashboard with no results don’t beat yourself up.  

Take some new training that 9/10 times gives me the boost I need.  Find whatever ways you can to motivate yourself and stay dedicated.  Your time will come.  The longer you have your posts for online the more chances you will have to rank.  There are definitely some things here that you can learn that will help.

Jaaxy keyword research tool will help you out massively.  it comes free with Wealthy Affiliate membership as well.  If you can utilise this properly you have a huge advantage over your competitors.  I am only just getting the hang of this now but here is my tip ~ sign up for Wealthy Affiliate Premium and check out MagiStudios Jaaxy training.  

He will tell you everything you need to know.  In fact, he posts a new video every week exclusive to premium members and he knows his stuff.  There isn’t just him either there are all sorts of training at WA.  From lots of different members.  You can even get paid for making your own.  It is amazing and this on top of the main course and Bootcamp.

So, why wait? 


Your Feedback

Finally, before I go any questions you have I will be happy to try and answer.  If you would like to leave your feedback about your experience with WA as well.  It will be great to hear from you.  Scroll down further for our comments section, or if you would rather contact me privately my email is

Otherwise, if you would like to support iBusiness Today than please like, share, and subscribe ????

Many thanks

Alex B. Chivers 

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