Paul O’Keefe Smart Content Profits Review (2022) Does It Really Work?

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How would YOU like to get into the business of online marketing?  Earning money from your online activities!  

Of course, this is an opportunity that MANY of us are exploring right now.  The means to work from home and get paid the same (or more than) as you would with working a regular job.  Indeed, many digital products and online courses have been released to assist with this – much like this one here Paul O’Keefe Smart Content Profits.  

Their aim… to show you how you can make a successful online business from the comfort of your own living room, or in a hotel room halfway across the world…  Just think about how great this sounds.  The hype is definitely real.  

However, it is definitely fair to say that the market for digital MMO (make money online) products has become somewhat saturated over the years.  Indeed, the same faces will launch several new products in quick succession – sometimes with only a few alterations to their previous work but often STILL total crap!

For the industry as a whole, this can make this type of investment very off-putting.  Which, is the trouble here good products are often overlooked because of the bad ones.  For this, I think this is a good example – To me, I thought this product stuck out to me for what it could potentially do.  

However, let’s investigate further as I have fallen into the trap of buying products like this in the past.  I like the look of this one but let’s find out if Paul O’Keefe Smart Content Profits is LEGIT and what this product is all about?

Paul O’Keefe Smart Content Profits Review (2022)

So, just in case you are curious to find out about what Paul O’keefe has put together – check out this short demo below…

Of course, I will examine this further throughout the article – alongside other options that might be worth considering as a means to work from home and make money online.  Check out my home page if you’d like to learn more.

This is not the only product review I have written and very much doubt it will be my last.  Please keep reading to find out more.   Actually, I have quite a bit to discuss here – not just about this but definitely how you can start making enough online to quit your job etc.  I’m sure Paul O’Keefe might give off this impression himself and I don’t doubt that he is a professional but seriously keep reading till the end for my TRUE No.1 Recommendation! {SKIP HERE]

For now though…  let’s look at this Paul O’Keefe Smart Content Profits Review…

So About The Product…

paul okeefe smart content profits review

Product Name:  Smart Content Profits

Creator:  Paul O Keefe and Richard Fairburn


:  October 2021

Warranty:  30 Days

Price:  $27 + UPSELLS

My Verdict:  Please keep reading

Rating:  3.5 out of 5 Stars (Warrior+)


If you manage a niche content site, you will know that it takes a lot of work to keep it updated with regular relevant content.  Indeed, building a website like this can take YEARS.  However, with Smart Content Profits, You can get (apparently) high-quality niche content built and stocked with content basically on autopilot.

Smart Content Profits claim is that it constantly updates with “legally stolen” content and all you need to give is just 3 pieces of information, a few mouse clicks, and then just walk away…  Easy as that.

More, so other claims made by the marketing for this product are;

  • You don’t need any technical skills,
  • No prior experience with site building,
  • No content writing…
  • Nothing to download,
  • Nothing to install.
  • You can access your Smart Content Profits dashboard from any device, anywhere.

Just name your site, enter the title, and enter your niche keyword for your site. Within minutes, your site will be created.

Each article is then automatically shared on Facebook, Twitter, etc., in a proper format, so you can gain viral sharing traffic and valuable linkbacks. Smart Content Profits even hosts your sites on the same high-speed, high-power web host that Paul O’Keefe himself uses for his own content sites.   It almost sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE ?


What Is Paul O’Keefe Smart Content Profits?

smart content profits review 2022


Now, You MUST pay attention to this…  IF YOU are interested in building an empire of profitable self-updating niche content websites then this digital product may be able to help.   If you own a niche content site already you will know one thing is certainly true – it takes a lot of work to keep it up to date with quality content on a regular basis.  

So, Imagine supplying just three pieces of information, clicking your mouse a few times, and then simply walking away because your pro-quality niche content site has already been built… on its own.  Just like that.  

But not only this.  It is also stocked with content, and updated with “legally stolen” content on a regular basis.  It is called RSS Content syndication or Content Curation and many websites uses this method to post extra content.

The trick is to modify the HTML to let search engines know the original source of the article before you post it to your own website. This way search rankings are not affected by Google’s plagiarism detector.

Now, Paul O’Keefe Smart Content Profits helps you achieve all this (or so he claims).  Using Smart Content Profits, WordPress sites are built on autopilot.  Adding your own domain is all it takes, and In just a matter of minutes, the system sets everything up, including lifetime hosting on their super-fast servers.

*Note:  I wonder what the catch is here IF I am being honest but Yes so far…

It Sounds Amazing Right?

Like there’s never been a piece of software quite like this before… that allows you to build a fully integrated niche content site within just a few minutes.  I mean I would say have a look round on the JVZOO or WarriorPlus marketplace.  Even Clickbank as well – there are actually loads of digital products that make these same bold claims – but yes this is what It says on the website more or less. 

curation cloud paul okeefe richard fairbairn

In a way I think some of my other reviews remind me of this;

Perpetual Income365,
EezeyTraffic and 

But I think this could possibly be better.   In addition to building the site, it is also adding content! and automatically sharing your posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Tumblr.  

It sounds great so far I think but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.   I would say Paul O’Keefe Smart Content Profits looks very overhyped but actually, I have seen this type of business model work before with websites I’ve bought on Flippa.

So, there is this but let’s do a little bit more digging about Paul O’Keefe and Richard Fairbairn and their previous launches…


Richard Fairbairn and Paul Okeeffe, the men behind Smart Content Profits, are well-established and trusted online marketers with a history of launching successful JV products.  Together Richard and Paul have worked together to launch several digital products so far including SaaS apps and information products.

Of Paul and Richards 3 most successful launches the first earned Paul over $240K in the first week and the 2nd successful launch earned $260K.  I will not go into this too much but here is the interview from which I gathered this information;

Also, not sure which ones these are (that did well) but here are some of Paul and Richards other products;

  • TrafficIze
  • Listify
  • Marketers Boost
  • Ultimate Traffic Boost
  • Curation Cloud 2.021
  • Socihub
  • FunnelsKit
  • Pixal Evolution

Ratings on WarriorPlus are around 4 Out of 5 Stars including Smart Content Profits which is 3.5 Out of 5 Stars. 

*Curation Cloud seems to be the worst-rated but I will come back to this soon.

It seems that Paul O’Keefe is definitely very good at what he does.  Whether his products are really worth their salt though.  I haven’t personally, tried really any of them (so far) but I will explore this further soon (no doubt) 

but if you would like to check out the Paul O’Keefe Smart Content Profits website CLICK HERE

Now, I haven’t exactly reached my verdict on this product yet but just In case, you’re interested already.  YOU might wonder…

Who Is It For?

Well, anyone looking to develop their own ONLINE BUSINESS for sure but The Smart Content Profits product can be used by anyone (supposedly), but it is especially helpful (or so they say) for the following people:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Web Developers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Experts in content marketing
  • Marketing Newbies and Amateurs
  • Someone who wants to earn money online without having to be an expert or have great content

Now aside from this here are some of the main features;

  • Dashboard that is easy to use
  • Host and create content in minutes
  • Exceptional value on the front-end
  • Once you set it up, you can (apparently) get paid again and again
  • Expenses or fees are not charged monthly (one time)
  • Beginners will find this perfect and easy
  • A single, all-inclusive solution that doesn’t require any additional tools or monthly fees

So, yes sounds great but as I’ve mentioned – many new digital products are a load of crap.  The only people they seem to benefit from them are their own creators.  Not always true but like the saying goes

Just because the website or sales page is well made THIS doesn’t mean there aren’t a few lies being told.

Which, brings me to…


Honestly,  I have been sitting on a number of unused domains for a while now.  Recently, it occurred to me that I could set these up with websites using an auto poster for Syndicated (unoriginal) content.  I actually bought a few websites like this in 2017 and used an auto poster as well as this for my Facebook business page.  The results were decent.

I didn’t make any money really but I was able to build a decent following.  I think this is one good idea as it potentially brings viewers to the website and you can use banners etc. to advertise other affiliate products. 

So, I became interested in Smart Content Profits for this reason.  Autoposting syndicated content is worth looking into –

BUT here is my problem with Paul O’Keefe Smart Content Profits…

when you look at the UPSELLS usually this is not a good sign.

Usually, UPSELLS mean the product is incomplete and you have to pay more to get full access to the product’s features.  From what I understand you can set up one website with the frontend offer.  Then you need to upgrade for more. 

I like the idea on the face of it but seriously – how many people are going to end up with websites EXACTLY the same as YOURS?  Also, how much freedom do you have with these websites you buy? and here is another thing that I see…

One of Paul O’Keefe and Richard Fairbairn’s launches last year Curation Cloud 2.021 looks like Smart Content Profits but just with another name. Why do this… They both potentially look like helpful products but why do this?

My Suggestion – Try This Instead!

Try Paul O’Keefe SMART CONTENT PROFITS if you want by all means? (it’s up to you) but I would actually recommend trying this instead…

Join Wealthy Affiliate

I have been with this platform Wealthy Affiliate since January 2022 and it kind of bugs me really because so many people are promoting this now saying any BS basically to get YOU to join.  It is not perfect though not really – there are a couple of reviews you might find that really go into this in detail.  They’re a bit harsh (in my opinion and slightly biased) but they do say at least some fundamental home truths.

BUT I can tell you this sincerely.  Talking from my own experience…

If you want to learn the basics of setting up a website with a domain and hosting there really is no better place to teach you.

Use Wealthy Affiliate to set up your own website and also if you want to try something like what Smart Content Profits does – set up a 2nd website with WA hosting ~ 10 Slots I think you should get and use this to set up a blog for auto posting.

I can’t guarantee this will work but for ONE you can also follow Wealthy Affiliates Training to learn how to set up your own website creating your own articles etc. and TWO you can play around with learning about content curation/auto posting/syndication etc.  This way you will have a lot more freedom and the chance to use a unique mix of syndicated content that others are likely not going to use – [JOIN WEALTHY AFFILIATE HERE}

or alternatively set up your own websites via Siteground (hosting) and GoDaddy (domains)

*Much cheaper than any of the ideas above but trust me the training from Wealthy Affiliate you will really benefit from…

My Final Verdict – To Buy or Not?


This concludes our Paul O’Keefe Smart Content Profits review for you. Hopefully, you understood all the points and after reading this, you are very excited to buy it and start making huge money right away.  Well, honestly don’t expect too much – it’s not something I will personally be investing in.

Look up Curation Cloud 2.021 ~ same team of Paul O’keefe and Richard Fairburn.  I’m sure Smart Content Profits is just a more updated version.  The premise is definitely the same – auto blogging and cloud content curation.  That SCP is supposed to be a new unique product after them releasing this – I’m not so sure

However, I could be wrong here – you should never knock something till you’ve tried it.

You have 30 Days to claim back a refund so maybe could be one to look into but I would rather just set up the RSS on my own and steer clear.  I would actually only join to find out what plugins are added – no other reason.



Have you tried Paul O’Keefe Smart Contents Profits?  Or if not any other products by Paul O’Keefe and Richard Fairbairn? OR have you tried auto-posting syndicated (unoriginal) content on WordPress?  How did you get on?

Let us know in the comments section below…

Many thanks for reading – look forward to seeing you all again


Alex B. Chivers

Paul O'Keefe Smart Content Profits Review (2022)
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