why you should invest in piratechain in 2021

Piratechain is the Future – Why You Should Buy ARRR in 2021 ?‍☠️

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Hi Guys,  I keep hearing about this, that Piratechain is the Future – Why You Should Buy ARRR in 2021

For today’s post, I’ve decided to stray away (yet again) from my usual topics about affiliate marketing and blogging tips.  I did this recently for my post about eBay and its new managed payment system.  Plus I also wrote about some recent news on DOGECOIN in my post “How Volatile Are Cryptocurrencies”.

In that post, I said about how much money you could have made from DOGECOIN in just 1 year.  April 2020 until April/May 2021.  It went from being worth basically $0.002 for 1 coin to $0.75 a coin.  So $2.00 would have bought a 1000 DOGECOIN which could have been cashed in for like $750.  

How many people had that insight though (I don’t know).   Also, now that DOGECOIN has been added to Coinbase (1) it still has likely not yet hit its all-time high.  Many predict this to reach $1.00 but it could be even more – so don’t let its recent dip get to you.

Same really as Bitcoin in June 2010.  How many people had the insight then to buy $8 worth of BTC for $0.008 USD for 1 BTC?  Imagine selling that its recent peak of $65k.  1000 x $65k.  That would be $65 Million back from just $8 USD.

Almost makes DOGECOIN seem unsubstantial but really no point dwelling on this.  This will probably never happen again in human history but for those who have missed the bus, there may still be some good change to be made still on some newer coins that are now in circulation.   

Namely PRIVACY COINS and this is why…

Piratechain is the Future – Why You Should Buy ARRR in 2021 ?‍☠️?

FTC Disclosure;

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Some of the links on this page (if you make a purchase) may lead to me making a commission. The price you pay will not be affected. Please don’t let this put you off. Just think of this as a way to keep me topped up with Coffee whilst I am writing and researching for posts like this one

Now, for those of you that have never heard of ARRR (Piratechain) in 2021 – it is a cryptocurrency first released in 2018.  Its design is simple to offer its userbase 100% anonymity and privacy.  Featuring a level of encryption not found in any other coins.  Not even Monero which is usually now most people’s go-to coin for anonymity. Except even this does not offer the level of privacy of ARRR. Exactly why Piratechain is the future!

So Piratchain is something that Cryptos such as Bitcoin come nowhere close to.  In fact, Bitcoin despite its popularity has one very big flaw.  Data from BTC can be traced including the owner’s identity and transaction history.  Which, OK fair enough we all hate to hear about the mega-rich that squirrel all their money away; That hide all their capital in places like the Cayman Islands and Panama… 

All whilst us poor little peasants have to work for nothing but this is exactly why Crypto is good.

It works both ways.  We peasants can make money off the radar as well and our good friend the taxman is none the wiser.  That is what has been so good about BTC for example.  Since its inception, lots of people have been able to trade without having to worry about government taxes.  No paper trail basically but now BTC has basically been compromised.

Hence, the rise in Cryptos like Monero, Wownero, and Pirate Chain.  As it is only going to be a matter of time before the owners of BTC and quite a few other Cryptos are going to get found out, and will be forced to pay capital gains tax.  

The reason being is BTC uses a public ledger that keeps records of its buyers.  This is already why people are moving away from Bitcoin and this is exactly why ARRR Piratechain is the future.

Why You Should Invest In Piratechain…

And Other Privacy Coins ?

Other than the reasons mentioned above one reason to invest in ARRR in 2021 is demand.  As news starts to spread about the privacy risks associated with BTC and others more people are going to want to trade with Monero, ARRR, and other cryptos that actually protect their identity.

Exactly why Monero and Piratechain are the next best thing.  What’s more neither coin has reached its peak.  Nowhere close – which I fully believe to be true because it is still early days.

As more wallets and crypto exchanges begin to accept ARRR and Monero the price is going to go up and up.

In fact, a new tool that has been released is the Secret Monero Bridge.  A secret network ‘cross-train bridge’ that allows its users to trade Bitcoin and other non-privacy coins without compromising their identity.  Things like this will only increase the value even more.  Then there are also Atomic swaps.  

Once Atomic Swaps come in for both ARRR and MONERO value-wise watch as the price goes up and up.  

*Monero at the time of writing this is in the early stages of accepting Atomic Swaps. (2)

Also, Binance recently liked Piratechain on Twitter.  Not a huge deal but what till the likes of Binance and Coinbase start to allow trades in Monero and Piratechain –  see what happens.

How To Buy Pirate Chain

OK, you might find that this defeats the object a bit but if you want to buy Piratechain first you will need another Crypto to buy it.  For now, my suggestion is to first create an account with Coinbase and use BTC.

  • Buy for example £25 of Bitcoin.  Then set up an account with Trade Ogre. 
  • Click on the top-right icon and select balance
  • Choose Bitcoin and Copy the Bitcoin Address
  • On Coinbase click on Send/Receive (in top right)
  • Select amount to send and paste in the TradeOgre BTC Address
  • Complete authentication SMS process and wait 30 minutes.

Next step.  Finally, swap your BTC for Piratechain.  ARRR

Another tip as a member of Coinbase you can also earn free Crypto every now and again just by watching videos.  Once you have earned you can convert your free Crypto into other Cryptos such as BTC and DOGE

Is This Kind of Investment Safe?

Well, it is true that like anything digital there will always be question marks over security.  Whilst platforms such as Coinbase and Binance may be very secure you don’t have such perks with these newer coins which are still not quite there yet.  In terms of availability on the more popular known crypto wallets.

TradeOgre is safe enough I would say but once you have “say your Piratechain”  if you really want to play it safe you can move it on again to somewhere more secure.

For example, you can buy physical devices that can store your Crypto that offers extra encryption and security.

These devices are called Hardware Wallets.  One I recommend is the Ledger-X Nano

Ledger - Crypto Beginners Pack

The other question that concerns Crypto Investors I come across recently is this one.  Once you have either made your money or worse still you want to take what you have left from a big loss – 

Can You Guarantee That You Can Take Your Money Out?

I actually had to think about this myself quite long and hard.  The answer is yes – whatever value your Crypto is worth you can exchange for that amount.  The only time you would not be able to exchange your Crypto back to Fiat would be if it became worthless (reached zero) or Fiat money was no more.

Your biggest risk that comes with any type of Crypto is if it loses its value.

Probably what will happen to Bitcoin etc. in 2-3 years when people start using Privacy coins. 

My Final Verdict

For me, I am very caught up in the hype at the moment.  Today is the day that I will be buying my first 5 ARRR coins.  Hopefully the first of many.  It isn’t much but I will I think maybe as will try and get the money together for another 5 ARRR and hopefully some Wownero with the change whilst it is still cheap.

As for Monero, I wish I had the money to buy some but for now, I have found a website called Coinfacet.net that lets me spin for free Monero once every hour.  It’s kind of stupid really 1000 spins probably won’t even come close to one coin but we will see what happens I guess.  I am kind of shocked really Monero was a lot lower last time I checked it’s now $225.  

It’s definitely a good shout but whilst Piratechain and Wownero are still low I’m going to hope this can happen with them.  Imagine turning $5 into $225 x 10 or even x 100 times?  or more?

In Conclusion

Finally, if you have found this information helpful or interesting please share it with as many other people as you can.  I am sure if I am right about this in a few year’s time if these people are patient enough to see these things really take off then they will thank you for it.

So yes my advice ARRR Piratechain is the Future.  Invest whilst it is still cheap, and any change leftover – use this to buy some Wownero with.  That is what I have done – hope this helps.

Many Thanks;

Alex C

PS:  If you are looking at investing a lot definitely take a look at getting a hardware wallet.  

Click the link below to visit the Ledger Crypto Hardware website⏬

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