online entrepreneur secrets to success for 2023

What Is The Secret To Success For Online Entrepreneurs in 2023

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Just something that popped into my head today.  What Is The Secret To Success For Online Entrepreneurs in 2023?  Like, what things really are there that can be done to ensure that the new year will turn out better than the last?

How many of us will just refocus our energy instead of working our asses off for nothing when we can do less for more?

These are tough questions I know.  Some that I know only too well but thinking about this philosophically there are a couple of things I’d like to share for this post – Mostly a Quote and a Video! and a few words of my own after!

Let’s start with the quote…

Josh Billings Quote - Be like a postage stamp find one thing and stick to it.

So this is a quote by the famous American Humor Writer and Lecturer ~ Josh Billings.  This is certainly very relevant to the audio I am about to share and once you press play you will understand exactly why.

The recording/audiobook is the non-fiction self-help book The One Thing By Gary Keller & Jay Papasan [R] –  Two Real Estate Entrepreneurs that share their Own Secrets to Success.

Before I share this video I guess the most important thing I can really say about this book/video is…  It’s 5 hours and a half of talking about just ONE THING – which is focusing on ONE THING. 

This I would say is The Secret To Success For Online Entrepreneurs in 2023 and this will always be the case (I believe). 

“The surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results” is the subheading of this book and for me, this really does say it all.   This is the shocking truth that is consistently there in our faces and I would suggest that this itself is…

The Simple Secret To Success For Online Entrepreneurs in 2023 and Beyond! 

what is the secret to success for online entrepreneurs in 2023

So I don’t just want to make this post to share this audiobook.  As much as do recommend it – I do have ideas of my own too.  I will get to these after I share the video below but yes what I would suggest is that you bookmark this page. 

The video/audiobook as I mentioned is quite a long one and I doubt most people will have the time to listen to it in just one session.   There is quite a lot here to unpack but I definitely do think this main tip is The Secret To Success For Online Entrepreneurs in 2023…

In my own opinion, this is the exact mindset that you need to really make what you are doing work.  The information in this audiobook if you have never read it (or listened to it) before will change the way you think about how you go about your daily business.   It has for me and this is mostly why I’m sharing it.

So without further ado…

The One Thing By Gary Keller & Jay Papasan

5 Hours and 22 Minutes LONG! this video is WOW! I know! but trust me about this press play and listen.  If you really want to travel the world, make money, impress others and live a better life this isn’t far wrong!  This advice is Gold ?

I’m hoping you will understand what I mean.   Try and listen to this the whole way through and let me know what you think about it in the comments section.  I’m sure you will have at least a few words to say about this – much like myself!

My Take On Gary Keller’s Book

my take on gary keller the one thing

So cards on the table – in regard to myself I think I do too many different things for work.  Of course, I am developing this website, and a 2nd website  But other than this I am a seller on eBay (my primary source of income)  and even these 3 things I’d say are difficult to do simultaneously.  

This is not even everything really either and this definitely impacts my life outside work.  I mean don’t get me wrong I think that the time I spend is not exactly going to waste.  Everything I am building is a work in progress that will (I hope) eventually help me to get where I want to be in terms of both success and finance.

Although, I would say there is a very important message to take away from this book.  

It is better to spend my time working on one project at a time and if I do this then this is my best chance of making what I’m doing successful.  Until at least my one important task for the day is done everything else is insignificant.

My Own Suggested Areas For Improvement

So just looking at my own situation I need to decide on what tasks are most worth my time first.  Whether this is eBay or my websites.  Truly I know that if I really took Gary Keller’s advice and just did eBay instead of blogging that would be something that I would be more successful at.  Same as if I chose just one website and only worked on that.

I mean really I think that I want to get to a certain stage before I actually really just focus on my one thing.  Maybe these are excuses but here are my main goals for now;

So I think;

  • 150 posts on, Ezoic integration, optimum site speed, and better lead generation.  
  • 250 posts on, optimum speed (Desktop & Mobile) and better lead generation
  • Everything in my flat listed for sale on eBay and everything organized in the right place.

Quite a boring example but let’s say I take one week to just focus on one thing.  What will the results be?

Like I would say this is a good way for anyone to get more done and be more successful.  Don’t give up on other projects but just give it the time to focus on as Gary Keller quite rightly suggests YOUR own ONE THING!

However… I Can Not Stress This Enough!

The predicament I am in now is because, in the beginning, I did not have this mindset.  Honestly, I remember when I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in January 2020 flying to Dublin from Luton Airport and writing down an A-Z list of different niches.  I mean I actually considered developing 26+ different websites at the time lol

This I thought was me being ambitious but I know now that there is only so far ambitions can get you without the right action being taken.  It might sound like this train of thought is thinking big but really this I think is so important in respect toward The Secret To Success For Online Entrepreneurs – 

you really are better off choosing just one project that gets your undivided attention.

I mean I was probably given some bad advice at the time, or I just didn’t really take onboard the advice I was given.  In fact, really I didn’t ask for advice really in regards to my current situation.  Like I started blogging again about various different topics (niches) in December 2019 using Googles without a clear plan going forward.

Which is actually a good bit of advice here if I may add – use Blogger for free to write about different things to help decide what feels like the direction you’d like to take with your niche before settling on one niche for your website.  

Where I went wrong was by setting up 4 websites in my first 2-3 months.  I don’t want to keep going on about this…

But, If I Could Go Back In Time

My first website I think I could have actually set up as a lifestyle and success mindset website.  I could have actually written article about healthy living, meditation, manifestation and online business all under one domain name.

I mean my trouble I think at the time was I didn’t really understand the concept of having a generalised audience.  If I did I could have done this instead – published more articles together, put my efforts towards single social media channels, worked on building a single email list and also other things collectivly such as SEO, Site Speed and UX.

So yes can’t stress this enough if you haven’t already entered the foray into online business don’t do what I did.  Get it right in the beginning, hit the ground running and long term show people how this is really supposed to be done.

My Advice For Any New Start Ups

Firstly, Unlocking The Secret To Success For Online Entrepreneurs can be achieved in a number of ways.  But generally, just do what the One Thing suggests work on one project but make sure it is something that you can commit to long term.  

For someone that wants to get started with affiliate marketing and blogging for example my advice is to choose your path carefully.  Ideally you are better off with a micro niche than a broad niche because there is less competition but there is only so much you can narrow it down.  However, you should not just choose a niche just because you think its a good idea.  

So take your time to write a few articles on somewhere like blogger (20-30).  Write about whatever you want for the first month then decide about which articles you’d most like to write articles like in the future. 

You want in your first year to write about 150-200 articles at least.  3 a week is 156 and 4 a week is 208.  1 a day is 365 but this is probably quite a bit more than most people can manage.  Maybe try to help produce more but anyway…

My Actual Plan For Anyone Interested

As I said above create a free blogger account.  Spend a month blogging about different topics.  Then after this first month if you feel you are ready join Wealthy Affiliate and follow their free training on how to create a website and get started with affiliate marketing.  Upgrade to their Premium Monthly Plan – I will refund my 50% commission if needs be.

It’s $49.00 including I think a free domain (usually $15).  It will be hard at first because you are not making money straight away.  Many will throw the towel for this exact reason but it’s important to commit to both your project and the training you will be receiving. 

Note:  I will be there to help coach you but seriously this is what I recommend – get a side hustle till you are making enough money to cover everything.

You should focus on one thing (I know I said this) but in the beginning, something like becoming a part-time eBay reseller or a freelancer will be what helps keep the ship afloat until it’s sturdy enough to stand on its own.  

AppenConnect is a great place for online work too but mostly remember your main focus is developing this ONE PROJECT! 

This is My Secret To Success For Online Entrepreneurs in 2023 

*Note:  If Wealthy Affiliate seems too expensive you can also opt for the DIY method.  It’s cheaper but I think the training, support, and community available with WA really are worth the time and even the extra money

I will cut this article short here 2k words is my target lol  ~ And I think I’ve covered everything except one thing – no pun intended!

If you would be happy to receive emails from me then what I offer for my new subscribers for my email list is a few different things – I’m kind of putting the finishing touches to this now BUT…

  • My Free EBook – Affiliate Marketing For Beginners
  • My 30-Day Email Series About Blogging Tips
  • My List of 50+ Free Courses for things like SEO, AM, SSM etc.
  • Free Guides on Marketing Through Various Different Social Media Platforms.

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Best Regards and have a Great 2023

Yours Truly…

Alex B. Chivers

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2 thoughts on “What Is The Secret To Success For Online Entrepreneurs in 2023”

  1. Hey,

    Very interesting and out there article on the secret to success. There are lots of people who claim to have the secret to success.

    But, for me the secret to success is helping others to succeed. The more you help others to succeed, the more you help yourself succeed. Business is about people and what we can do for people.

    So, my advice is to put others first when it comes to success and you too will see success.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom, Yes I know I didn’t really put too much emphasis on this in this article but this is a very good point – by helping people you mean offering them something valuable that can help them to succeed themselves. I agree but my point within this post is to create that kind of value for people your focus should not be splintered apart. Not sure if you listened to the audiobook or if you’ve even read the original book “The one thing” by George Kellar but I would say this is my personal tip for success in 2023 don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to do too much at one and I actually this because it is something I myself am guilty of and this might actually be my main problem but I think to give this as advice to others is me offering value.

      Like don’t have 10 different tabs open on your PC at once ~ have one open complete that task and move on to the next. Also, take a look at each task and decide which is most important and do what is most important first. I mean I think even just giving yourself time to think about these ideas can do wonders for productivity – I hope this makes sense.

      Thanks for the comment and Happy New Year

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