SEO and Traffic Tips 3

SEO and Website Traffic Top Tips #3 – Paid Ads

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SEO and Website Traffic Top Tips #3 – Paid Ads

SEO and Website Traffic #3:  Hi Guys,  Many people will be new to this website.  It is fairly new after all.  This is my third post after SEO and Website Traffic Top Tips #1 & #2

This is from a series I was doing on my other website Dynamic Ideas 4 Life. 

The reason why I have decided to migrate all this content here is so that I can have all my content under one niche specific website.  This in itself is something I would like to highlight.  

When starting out make sure your websites and content are niche-specific.

I had a few people review Dynamic Ideas for Life and what they said was the content seemed OK but it was not attractive to search engines to mix and match with different categories.

It has been a very interesting learning process in the past 5 months.  I’m glad it has turned out how it has because of some the lessons I’ve learned,  but all I’ll say if anyone wants to become one of my referrals on Wealthy Affiliate I will not be making these same recommendations.

Time as money like the saying goes, and I want you all to have the best start possible.

Without further ado, this edition SEO and Website Traffic Top Tips #3 will mostly be about different methods of paid advertising.

FTC Disclosure: Please note that this post contains affiliate links, and if you make a purchase through this link I may receive an affiliate commission.  Read more about this (here).

SEO and Website Traffic Top Tips #3 – Paid Ads

SEO and Website Traffic Top Tips #3

1#  What are PPC Ads

Using Google or Bing Ads are the main example of PPC.  There is also Facebook, Twitter, Quora and Reddit as just some examples.  My recommendation for the time being at least is Bing or Microsoft Ads.  This platform claims to have 40% of internet traffic.  30% Bing.  10% Yahoo.

It’s supposedly also a lot more friendly than other advertising platforms for affiliate marketing.  Why I recommend is that if your ad isn’t approved the support staff are very easy to get hold of to make the necessary changes.

Plus it is a little less complicated than google and it’s somewhere to learn the ropes first plus all your ad data you can migrate afterwards.

If you are a new member at least at the time of writing this there is an offer of $100 free advertising for $20 spent for Bing Ads.  This is a good starting point I would say.  If you have £20 to spend this is worth a try if your content is good enough quality.

Other things to take into consideration are Ad extensions, budget, bid amount, and negative keywords.

*Note:  Keep Ad groups to around 7 words each and create several ads instead of 1 with 50+ keywords.

If you have any trouble setting up there are people if your willing to spend extra on Fiverr that can help you with ad descriptions etc.  I have used somebody for a few it will be interesting to see the results. ?

#2 Building a Landing Page

Something that came to my attention today was that I may be wasting a golden opportunity by running PPC ad campaigns without landing pages to collect email addresses.  I’ve decided to add this to this post as creating a landing page is a lot easier than people think.

If you do several ads you can try one that goes to a landing page, another your review, and also direct linking to your affiliate page.

Personally, I have created mine through GetResponse Email Marketing.  This I had an account for any way for my pop-ups etc.

As someone that is relatively new, I only have the basic membership for £11 a month for up to 2k email contacts.  This I realise is another thing I have to pay for but here is the handy thing about GetResponse you can use to build landing pages;

List Building Program

For a starter package, I think this is a very good deal compared to MailChimp and Aweber.  If you think about it if you set up 5 autoresponders to go out to each new member of your list then this is 5x the chance you could make a commission.

Plus creating a landing page(s) is easy.  See video;

#3 Native Ads

Another idea I’ve recently been considering is using Native Ads.  If people do not know these are the type of Ads which are made to blend in with other content online.

See Example;

Native Ads

Websites offering this service include Revcontent, Taboola, & Outbrain.  The aim of these ads is not to disrupt the user experience with Ad placements.   The potential of Native ads for affiliate marketing is huge and many use this platform.

The downside is like all adverts low-quality ads may end up costing you.  Recommended tips are to use high-quality images and if you can then request click back redirects.  This is where if somebody clicks off your page and clicks back then they are redirected to your affiliate sales page.  You may be happy with your own content and bridge page but for some offers certainly, this is advised.

If you have the money a program that may interest you is called Voluum.  How Voluum works are by tracking the performance of your ads and then making the necessary adjustments based on the data it provides.

Voluum banner

>>#Sign Up Here!<<

#4 Solo Ads

This method I have actually been using every once in a while for maybe a few months now.   The site I’ve been using is called Herculist.  I’ve discussed this in length in my last SEO and Website post.  See here.

For anybody that hasn’t heard of Solo Ads, this is where you pay to advertise to email lists.  For example, you may pay somebody to send an email swipe out to a list of 2k people.   The trouble I find though is that these 2k people are usually just random.  The percentage of people that will interested or even read your email can vary significantly.

What I would suggest is on Herculist you can send 1k emails out a day.  This may or not work but the only thing if you do this make sure you have a spare email for receiving Herculist emails only because there is quite a lot.

Solo Ads

These can be put in your own website sure and may increase your chances of making commissions massively but what is even better is if you can find other websites that will let you pay to advertise there.

Find websites with high traffic as this can help your chances.  A good method is to search for websites within your niche with High Traffic and to contact the owner of the website to ask if they can let you place a widget ad within their website for an agreed price each month.

#6 Youtube Ads and Videos

So this is something that if you have the confidence you can double even triple your chances of making commissions.  Think about it would people rather read or watch a video?  The great thing about YouTube and even if you know how to use TicToc or Snapchat is your reach goes even further.

Just focusing on YouTube.  Do you know that you can create more than one channel, or how about that you can filter videos in your search that are available for reuse?  Well, here is the opportunity YouTube allows up to 3000 characters of text to go beneath its videos.

My suggestion make sure video has tags you can find out which tags your competition is using through a browser add-on called VidIQ.  Use this to make sure you choose the best tags for your video.  Also, add thumbnails to each video to put your unique stamp on each one.

#7 Classified Ads

This is an interesting idea and it’s actually free on a lot of websites because they will monetize of native ads and have a stream of traffic from letting people post classified ads.  Well, known websites are Craigslist and Gumtree but there is also eBay classified ads and

See the following link for more information;

#8 Final Thoughts

Apart from towards the end most of this article is about paid ads.  This can be a very powerful tool for affiliate marketing providing that it is done correctly.  My recommendation is to use whatever sign up offers to boost your ad credits.  Maybe even some cases ask family members and friends if they can help by creating accounts themselves where you can use their free ads.  If they are not going to use these offers themselves than this is one idea.

Look at advertising with all the main players – Google, Microsoft, Facebook/IG, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and any others you can think of with offers for free ad credits.  Sites like LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, and the ones you wouldn’t think of TicToc, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

Look especially for free ad credit offers such as Microsoft/Bings Ads spend £20 get £100.  Use this to learn how to effectively run ad campaigns.  The interesting part for me is what I heard someone say on a video for Bing Ads.

There is no such thing as Free Advertising because the time you waste free advertising you could be making money.

Fair point I think.  Anyhow I will maybe give an update soon hopefully with news of Affiliate commissions.

Your Feedback

For everyone that has read this post and any of the others, I would like to say thank you.  Any comments you would like to leave, feedback or questions please reply in the comments section below;

Plus as always be sure to like and share this content on Social Media.  This will be a great help moving forward getting this information out to people.

Finally, we’ll look forward to hearing from you again in the future.

Stay Safe x All the Best


PS:  If you do not have a website yet to promote your Affiliate Offers

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