The Best Email Marketing Tips for 2022 and Beyond!

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Do you run a website?  Are you struggling to finance the running costs?  Maybe you’re hoping that Google will just hurry up and rank your articles already.  You’ve monetized your site but no one seems to be finding you.  It’s a horrible feeling but are you building a list?  It’s a mantra that is often repeated by consultants and coaches THAT THIS is your problem.  You are not collecting leads for your email list  BUT Hang on – here are The Best Email Marketing Tips for 2022 and Beyond…

I hope so anyway.  Despite what you might have been told email marketing is NOT dead.  Of course, we get marketing emails and we generally ignore them.  We see the name of the sender and think oh god for FS – not again.  We might want to delete them but email marketing is not dead.  Same as good old books are not dead – all it takes is one email – if what’s inside is worth your readers time then it’s very possible they might want to read more.

So, Email marketing is not going anywhere.  Emails are just way too convenient – people will always for the foreseeable future use email.  They are great.  Contacting people has never been easier – and it’s social media without all the fluff.

All you need to do is learn the tricks.  Once you do – people will want to read your emails and your website and your marketing will benefit hugely as a result.  However, learning the best email marketing tips is definitely important to do first which is exactly what I will be looking to share in today’s post…

The Best Email Marketing Tips (TOC)

the best tips for email marketing in 2022 and beyond

This is a HUGE part of Affiliate Marketing and even just Online Business in general.  Rather than just having somebody visit your website or Video Channel and never visiting again collecting someone’s email IS THE PERFECT solution. 

The success rate of businesses that use email lists is something like 40-50% greater – perhaps, even more, depending on the emails you are sending out.  Everyone who uses the internet has an email address – many people might have several.

That you can contact these people is a very real possibility and that you can catch their attention with an exciting offer is also something that can definitely happen.  Social Media lists seem to be something that is becoming popular as well – but email marketing will always be here to stay it would definitely appear so.  Just…

Begin By Creating Engaging Experiences

email marketing engagement tips

First of all, for anyone that plans on using email marketing, one thing you must consider is setting up a CTA  [a call to action on your website or wherever else].  You will notice this on this website and others.  Maybe it might say something simple like, “Subscribe here to join our weekly newsletter”.  

Although, more often than not it will likely offer you something in return [Sign Up For My Newsletter and Also Get My Free Gift].  Finding what people will react towards is important.   You must take the time to assess the type of experience your subscribers will get when they click on your call to action (CTA)?

For example, let’s look at this in the context of buying a product. If you have a customer that has gone through the process of buying a product but has abandoned the transaction at checkout think how you can try and win them back after.

Try setting up a trigger to send an email to prompt them to revisit the webpage and complete their purchase.  New and prospective customers are always a good thing, and you definitely don’t want to lose them.

However, saying that it is the returning customers that will impact your online business the most.

So, Focus on Building Customer Relationships

building customer relations with email marketing

When it comes to the Best Email Marketing Tips – once you have set up your CTA and autoresponder Optimizing and personalizing your email marketing campaigns should be your next priority.

There are many things you can do here.  The numbers do not lie.  The headline of your email should make people want to open it.  Then what is written inside your email should make people want to read it.  Keep it short and easy to understand but also include a persuasive CTA inside your email that your readers will respond to.

There is much to consider but ONE IDEA is to personalize your emails to include the reader’s name. 

This allows your business to engage with customers in a far more meaningful way.

You can include their name in your headline.  This definitely sometimes works but generally speaking – A straightforward way to drive this point home is instead of an email starting with “hey there”, or “hello”, you can choose to start with the reader’s name.  Either their first name or full name plus many other options [See Image Below].  

getresponse personalized email example choose field for custom data

Of course, this will not guarantee engagement with your readers but definitely, it’s one thing to consider.

Another Is to…

Use A/B testing for Campaign Optimization

use A/B Split testing for email marketing

Next on my list of the best email marketing tips for 2022 and beyond – Here is a very important one.  Above, I mentioned subject lines (headlines),  content and CTA within your emails.  In the back office of GetResponse or Aweber etc., you can check for things like clicks, CTR, and open rate etc.  

However, taking this a step further we can not stress enough the importance of A/B Testing.

Through the analysis of previous customer data, you will know precisely what your customers respond to.  If you have changed things in the past including subject lines (headlines) and CTA’s these are all things you can check over.

Analysis through A/B Split testing is a good practice to see what is best to keep in the long run, and what to change.  

For example, try changing things after your first month and compare your 1st and 2nd-month changes together.  

If you didn’t know as soon as you receive an email, your habits are being evaluated and analyzed through it?

This is true for every (I’m pretty certain) email marketing software product.

Some of the information that you can find out is:

Does the subject line (headline) affect your open rate, 
Are you better off with emojis in your subject line or NOT
Will increasing the number of images get more responses or less?
What time of the day do you get the most email replies?
Should you set up a confirmed Opt-in for your leads?   

With A/B testing, you may find that what you do does not work. However, you should never look at it this way.

Instead, view this as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.  For instance, Let’s say the majority of your customers read their emails on their mobile phones.  This is another thing you can check, and it is something else you can further optimize.

These are the things that really can help you to make positive changes and on the topic…

About Mobile Optimization

mobile optimization for email marketing

This is a little bit more than one of  The Best Email Marketing Tips for 2022 and beyond.  The amount of mobile users online is ever-increasing.  Speed Optimization for your website, so it can be viewed faster on mobile devices, is apparently now an important ranking factor when it comes to Google. [R]

So, yes of course there is this but when we bring email marketing into the picture another piece of interesting data is this…

That (apparently) over 70% of people would rather read their emails via their mobile apps.  [R]

Honestly, I would take this with a grain of salt but mobile optimization is an important consideration for marketing in 2022 and beyond.  So, it definitely makes sense, therefore, to ensure that you optimize your email marketing campaigns especially for mobile users

The trouble is that like a slow loading website if your readers click on your email and it doesn’t load within a few seconds they may lose patience.  This means that you can quickly lose a customer if your content does not load quickly enough.

Summary (Part 1)

Whilst it is easy to think that email marketing is dead, the truth is that it is still very much alive and in 2022… and beyond!…

If you use it right! the potential is still as BIG as ever!

The fact that most businesses are looking away from using it ONLY means that your business can look towards revitalizing this way of marketing your brand.  If others really are focusing their attention away from email marketing this is certainly a greater opportunity.  Where others fail you can instead succeed!

As long you do this properly there is no reason why this can’t fulfil the promises of any coaches or consultants that have said that this is what you need to do!  

Email Marketing certainly STILL has a future – let’s move on to part 2 of this post, where I share some further tips and tricks to take massive action on your email marketing for success in 2022 and beyond!

The Best Email Marketing Tips for 2022 (Part 2) – 

Tips and Tricks for Business

best email marketing for 2022 part 2

Now, when people hear about email marketing, the first thing that often comes to mind is the impact that this might have on their online business.  Some might think that email marketing isn’t worth their time, for a good number this is because it doesn’t work out for them but still here is the thing.  Email Marketing definitely can work!

Some studies have concluded that the ROI (return on investment) from email marketing averages around 4200%. [R]

If you run a small business, you can certainly benefit from email marketing just as many successful marketers can and often do!  Which, is exactly what we will aim to teach you today.  Much, we have discussed already but In this second part, we’re going to dive a bit more into the actionable stuff, with a few more tips and tricks on how you can get started!

Begin By Setting Up A Mailing List

This definitely MUST go without saying.  Before you begin with Email Marketing you will need first to set up an email list!

To get started with email marketing begin by signing up with an email marketing service provider.  Aweber, GetResponse and Mailchimp are the big 3 but also you have ConvertKit, MailerLite and plenty of others out there too.Try Getresponse for email marketing

Once you have selected an ESP [Email Marketing Service Provider] the next step is to set up your first list to save email contacts and potential leads (customers).   This is certainly the easy part…

But how do you create a mailing list?

HERE is where you must pay attention.  FIRST, create a signup form.  This can be a simple Widget or Banner within your content on your website or you can develop a Landing Page or Lead Capture Page that will allow you to collect leads by simply sharing the link.

One thing to note though is that you should always ensure that customers know what they are signing up for.  You should offer something like an EBook, report or something else valuable like a free course or webinar.

Some forms you can say ‘Sign Up For Our Weekly Newsletter‘ or ‘for updates whenever we publish a new post‘ – it might not be as popular but people may do so if they like reading your work. 

Try to offer them something that they SIMPLY CAN NOT REFUSE to prompt them to provide their email.

Do This and after…

Decide On Which Emails To Use

So, yes I said of The Best Email Marketing Tips for 2022 and beyond – Creating a list was easy.  Well really, collecting leads is not really the hardest part either.  It’s kind of easy compared to this – you must set up an email series that works for your brand.  Depending on your type of business, and the type of product, you will need to decide on the type of emails you will be sending to your subscribers.

You will also need to decide on how frequently you will be sending these emails out.  You can begin with an autoresponder series.  Maybe for 20 Days but ultimately you should decide on your means of contact moving forward.

For instance, will you be sending a weekly, or monthly newsletter? or promotional messages aimed towards your new posts?

Think this through! as this is how you will become a master of email marketing.  Getting people on your list is the easy part – it’s not easy really but by comparison approaching your leads in the right way is the real skill you must learn.

If people don’t like your emails or the manner in which you contact them they will unsubscribe so please just remember this!

Email Designs and Creatives

This is maybe not as important as the last section on this list of The Best Email Marketing Tips for 2022 and Beyond but this can definitely make the difference.  It’s now time to create the design of your email.  Add images, video, GIFs, bullet points and highlighted text.  It can be a bit of a double-edged sword in terms of Speed Optimization but consider this still.  

Try to make your email stand out, keep the customer in mind and showcase something they are likely to respond to.

The goal is to create a message that resonates with the reader and one that they are willing to engage with.

This means you have to understand what your readers and customers are searching for before creating the sales copy.

Of course, this also goes for choosing the ideal images, videos and GIFs etc.

Try screenshotting the video you wish to show and hyperlinking to the video on a new page… much better for site speed.

Analyze Your Campaigns Performance

analyze email marketing performance

I’ve kind of discussed this already in part 1 of my Best Email Marketing Tips for 2022 and Beyond [The first section of this post].  So, Handling and optimizing your email campaigns doesn’t end with the send button.

You now have a great opportunity to get feedback from your customers.  Even you can ask other marketers what they think of your emails by sending them links.  Usually, they will be able to give you a second opinion on what’s good.

This is definitely valuable input but also continue to evaluate as you get more leads and see if the data can tell you anything.

Mostly, you must find out which email marketing campaigns work and which ones do not.

With this information, you can then improve your next email campaign or existing campaign for better results.

So Just To Summarise

The Best Email Marketing Tips for 2022 – 

Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Successful!

1. Provide Quality

You’ll know this from your personal experience—people do not want to go through hundreds of emails.

This is why you should give up the quantity and instead switch over to quality. 

Send emails that add value to your readers’ lives and create copy that people want to read.

What this implies is that you have to perform customer research to understand your customers better.

2. Entice customers to sign up

The signup form should not just be on your website’s homepage. You should include this in the blog, as well as in other pages of your site.

The goal here is to entice readers on different web pages to provide their contact email.

The more the readers see the signup form, the more likely it is for them to sign up.

Also, try running campaigns on Social Media on places like LinkedIn and via Facebook Groups

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3. Create Mobile-Friendly Emails

This is one of the most critical actions that you can do when it comes to email marketing.

The reason here is that most people use their phones to read their emails and to shop – Think about it, phones are like an extension of the brain, only that it is outside and not directly connected with it…

It makes sense, therefore, to optimize your emails for mobile phones.

Customers have a short attention span and will quickly move to the following email if yours isn’t optimized for mobile.

Final Words

Seriously, Email marketing is alive and still going strong EVEN in 2022.  You can make BIG money with email marketing the ROI is around 4200%, which means $1.00 can make you back realistically $42.00.  Times this by 10 and it’s pretty impressive really if you can achieve this.  It’s something that if you had once a month you would be pretty happy about it.

Exactly, why it makes sense to include email marketing in your arsenal of marketing strategies.  This is what every affiliate marketer wants so let’s not dismiss this.  We’d advise you to wait no more and start learning more about how you can apply this type of marketing, regardless of the size of your business!

I will share some links below that can help you get started today;

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*Please note some of the above links I may receive an affiliate commission for.  The price you pay will not be affected!

Your Feedback – Share Your Thoughts!

Finally, what do you think of my post – “The Best Email Marketing Tips for 2022 and Beyond!”  Please Share Your Feedback and Comments in the comments section below.  If there is anything important you think I may have missed definitely let me know and if you know anyone or any groups that it might be good to share this content to then please do so.

Many thanks for reading and hope this helps you to find success in 2022 xx

Best Wishes from;

Alex B. Chivers

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  1. Wow, Alex! I wished I had found your article earlier. I still have no email list, and I have to check out Get Response or AWeber. Also, I need to think about what I can offer my future customers. Maybe an Ebook? I don’t know yet! But I am sure you are hundred percent right. For me, all this stuff seems so complicated, but I think the best to overcome this is to start and find out. You have given great points, and I will read them all. If I have questions, may I ask you then? It will help me a lot!
    Also, thank you for your advice on the videos, better to take a screenshot and place the link into it because of the speed. I didn’t know this, and I have many videos on my site. Maybe I should check with my mobile if it takes too much time to load! Thank you again, Alex! A great help!

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