The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training

The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training for 2021

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Hi Guys,  How Are You Doing?  Alex Here!   Are you looking for the Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training?  

If you are then well, you have come to the right place.  Calling all affiliate marketing training beginners!  Anyone looking for affiliate marketing online training.  Today I’m going to share a few ideas with you that will help you find affiliate marketing training programs online.   There are 2 free courses I can share right now.  Hands down the bottom of my heart❤

If you are looking for a free affiliate marketing software download.  I don’t have but I have something even better.

The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training for 2021 ~ Seriously ⏬

the best free affiliate marketing training

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Affiliate Online Marketing?
  2. How To Do Affiliate Marketing Effectively!
  3. Getting Started with a Free Course
  4. My Online Startup Review 2021
    i.)  What Is My Online Startup?
    ii.)  About My Online Startup
    iii.)  My Own Experience with MOS
    iv.)  Who Is Chuck Nguyen
    v.)  Is My Online Startup a Scam?
  5. Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership
  6. The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training for 2021

FTC Disclosure:

Please note this post contains affiliate links. By signing up with these links you will become my referrals to this program. You will not have to pay any money as these links are for free memberships but if you later decide to upgrade I may receive a small commission for my time.

The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training for 2021

Hey,  so today I just wanted to share a post about some recent training that I’ve been taking.  Mainly, I wanted to share a free affiliate marketing and lead generation training website (Sign Up HERE!).  

I will also share another site as well that you can use to learn about setting up a free WordPress website.  This is the website that I used when I created my first proper website back in January 2020.  I do not use this free membership anymore – I’m now an upgraded member.  Although, for anyone just starting up I highly recommend it.  

Build a website and make money online

More about that towards the end but quickly just for anyone new…

1# – What is Affiliate Online Marketing?

Before I share what I think is The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training for 2021 ~ for anyone new to the concept of affiliate marketing I will just tell you.  So, Affiliate marketing is essentially selling on the behalf of somebody else.  They sell their product through YOU and as a reward YOU will receive a % of the sale.  

The beauty of this is a few things.  You don’t need to handle the product for one before the customer receives it.  It goes directly from the seller (not YOU) to the customer (you are essentially sending the customer to the seller).  You also do not have to deal with complaints, returns, or shipping. 

The best part is all you need is internet access.  Anywhere in the World, you can do this from.  They call it the laptop lifestyle.  The only downside is knowing how to do the actual marketing.

2# – How To Do Affiliate Marketing Effectively! ?

To do Affiliate Marketing you basically just need one thing – affiliate links.  If you really wanted to you could just go on to your social media post a link and you could make money.  Seriously, and this at least some times works.  If the link doesn’t get flagged and whoever it is on the other end is open-minded enough to use your link this is 100% possible.

In essence, it is that EASY ~ but then it isn’t this easy – NOT REALLY.  At least not very often anyway. There is a very psychological aspect to making sales.  When somebody buys something from you they like to feel it’s their choice.

The best way to do this is not straight away to say BUY THIS for This much money.  Instead, you are more likely to make a sale if the customer asks you first.  This is why they say CONTENT IS KING

Think about this.  If you have a website or a youtube channel for example and somebody finds your content on google.  They are making the decision themselves to find a solution to their problem.  If you can solve their problem with your affiliate link then there is a very good chance you will make a sale.

It is not the only way but if you think about yourself for a minute.  If someone you didn’t know came knocking on your front door trying to sell you something ~ how likely would you be to buy it?  Even if this is something you actually need!

I mean don’t get me wrong people can make a lot of money by door-to-door canvassing.  But any decent door-to-door salesmen don’t straight up try to sell things to people.  The successful one’s MAKE SALES when the customer contacts them afterwards.  The trick is to help the customer first, and when it is a good time for them then try and sell your product.

3# – Getting Started with a Free Course ?

Now, there are many ways you can do affiliate marketing.  Writing blogs, and making YouTube videos are not the only ways to do it.  They are probably the most popular ways for sure but there are many other ways to do this as well.

To begin with for somebody new to the concept obviously, the best thing to do is find the right educational resources.  Of course, the best kind of resources is those in paid courses.  

To make the best start possible this is really not a bad idea, but for somebody that really doesn’t know what they are getting into – whether or not they will succeed or fail – parting with money that could be spent on other things is not an easy decision.

So, we come to the free course.  This is actually not the only one out there.  Lot’s of platforms offer free membership tiers or free trials.  Mostly, to get people interested in the course before upselling them to continue with their learning.

The 2nd course I’m going to share here is exactly like this.  The only way to finish the course is by upgrading to premium.  A bit of a kicker but fortunately, this other course I’m about to share is 100% free.

This to me is definitely…

The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training for 2021

4# – My Online Startup Review 2021 ?

*Please note this is NOT me in the video but I’m just sharing as I think this guy above explains this very well. 

i.)  What Is My Online Startup?

As mentioned in the video above My Online Startup is a course by a guy called Chuck Nguyen.  The main element is it’s an upfront free course.  This includes 9 modules.  These I will share a screenshot of below;

what is my online start up

ii.)  About My Online Startup

So, if you’ve watched the video above you will know that there is something called the Founding Partner Program.  You should know that the free course DOES NOT hold any training back for this upgrade.  The main difference is if you become a partner you can become an affiliate of My Online Startup.  

If you do upgrade the new training is mostly all about promoting My Online Startup.  The training that can help you get started with affiliate marketing is all in the free course.  It doesn’t teach you everything that you will need to know to really become successful but it is a start.  


For me, I first became a free member of MOS in the Summertime of 2020.  I really took my time with the course.  Mixing it in with the other training I was taking but what I found that helped me the most about it was the mindset training.

Indeed, I actually wrote a blog about this which you can read here.  This was monumental for me.  I never started waking up early and having a cold shower before this lol ~ and I never really had the determination that I had prior to this.

In this respect, the first 3 modules are spot on.

The next 3 steps ~ Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation, and Authority Platform ~ I kind of knew half of it already.  It was still helpful though.  The training on how to do Email Marketing couldn’t have come at a better time for me.  

By the way.  If you know how to get people to sign up for your email list you don’t need a blog or youtube.  I won’t go into this here but in this business, this is one of the most important things you can learn.

As for the rest, I haven’t taken the Youtube training (I should).  The Solo Ads training I wouldn’t really worry too much about if you are just a beginner and the forum marketing THIS you can definitely do as a beginner (defo watch it!).

iv.)  Who Is Chuck Nguyen?

chuck nguyen my online start up review

The owner of My Online Startup Chuck Nguyen is someone with quite an interesting story.  By taking the course you will hear this straight from the horse’s mouth.  Chuck had many jobs before becoming a professional affiliate marketer including working in a hospital and as a blackjack dealer at a casino.

His reason for getting into the business was because he was fed up with his life.  He didn’t like his job and he wanted to do something where he could have the freedom to live the life he really wanted.  

>> Sign Up for Chuck’s Free Course HERE!<<

According to Chuck, it took him a while to learn affiliate marketing and he got himself in a lot of debt in the process. It was only after finding a mentor who stuck with him that he finally was able to turn things around.  One thing that happened because of this was what would finally become the foundations of what is now My Online Startup

iv.)  Is My Online Startup A Scam?

This is a pretty straightforward answer – My Online Startup is not a scam because it is a free course.  Yes, there are 2 optional upgrades but unless you really want to promote this actual platform they are not necessary.  

You can’t really make any money as a free member of MOS.  This you should know but from what you learn with the free course you are well on your way.  I would say that from the authority platform training, the lead generation module, and maybe the Youtube + Forum Marketing you can learn some pretty good techniques.

If you are a beginner this is one course I highly recommend;

The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training for 2021

The 2nd is as follows…

5# – Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

Now, I’ve talked about this above, and yes this isn’t as free as My Online Startup.  To reap the full benefits of Wealthy Affiliate you at least want to pay $19 for the first month of training.  This isn’t the most attractive idea I know – it’s a good deal but it’s still money you will be out of pocket.  I know this doesn’t exactly jump out the page at someone looking for free training but here’s the thing.

You can SIGN UP for a FREE membership.  With this, you get the first 10 lessons of Wealthy Affiliate.  You also get access to the first phase of WA’s Affiliate Bootcamp.  From there you have around 3-4 weeks to decide whether you’d like to continue as a Premium member but in the meantime, this is a good month of up to date training. 

wealthy affiliate online entrepreneur certification

6# –  The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training for 2021

The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training for 2021

In summary, if you are looking for affiliate marketing online training.  Especially free training it’s out there as long as you look.  The 2 free courses above are the main one’s that I’ve personally used myself.  Both are a good 6 weeks, even 2 months, training depending on how much time you spend going through it all.

From taking this you are in a very good position to start building your online business.  What’s more, if you really take a look around there is plenty of other opportunities just like these 2.  You just need to look and see what is out there.  Also, Youtube ~ if you know what your looking for is a goldmine.  In fact, the whole internet is a GOLDMINE!

So, have a look but before you do be sure to check out the 2 courses above, 


Before I go I hope this blog post has been of some use to you.  If you have any questions or would like to share your own ideas for free courses please leave a message below.  If you know anybody that might find this information beneficial then please do share it with them.  

Also, if you could please share this with others on Social Media this would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks;

To YOUR future Success 

Alex B. Chivers

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8 thoughts on “The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training for 2021”

  1. I like that this is free and I like reading about your personal experience with this online affiliate marketing course.  Looks like something I am definitely interested in.  I can always learn new things, and being free makes it even better!  How does Wealthy Affiliate compare to this program?  I know that WA is not free, so was just wondering if it is good to have both.

    1. Hi Leah,  There is much more on offer at Wealthy Affiliate for one.  I’m pretty sure there is training that teaches all the same things as well on WA but for someone that is looking for some free no strings attached training MyOnline Startup is definitely worth going through.  A lot of things I’ve picked up here that I didn’t from WA such as Email Marketing, Forum Marketing and the Mindset training.  It’s a great course for anyone to take in their 1st 1-2 years I would say.  I would definitely recommend it 

  2. Hi Alex,

    this was an interesting read. I was excited to see how you got started with affiliate marketing. Thank you for guiding us through the different platforms and stages you have gone through. Yeah, most of us start by testing free training and trying to make the most of it. You have encouraged me to keep on trying.

    1. Thanks Ann.  Yes, there have been a lot of ups and downs for me and it is kind of off putting when there’s programs that are after your money all the time.  To be fair this does suggest you use programs like GetResponse for example but I think it’s a given if you are running a business to have email lists so not such a bad thing I suppose.  Also, I glad I could inspire you I know how difficult it can be for sure.  Even now.

  3. Hi,

    I also started with the free program of Wealthy Affiliate  but upgraded to Premium 3 days after. In my 3 years with WA, I have learned a lot and still learning everyday.

    The community is so helpful as well, the site support when you have technical problems.

    Definitely go for Wealthy Affiliate!


    1. Thanks Marita,  Totally agree but My Online Start Up as a free course as well is an absolute steal.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly with you that having a website is the most effective way to do affiliate marketing. Advertising on Facebook or other paid advertising methods works short-term, but you will always need to invest in your advertising, and sometimes you may end up spending more than you make.

    At least when you get great training as you did and build out a website, people will search and find what you are offering, and this is a far more effective way to get sales.

    The best part is that the more your website grows, the more you make. It’s as simple as that, but also hard work to create enough content to get noticed.

    I was very impressed with this website, especially since you say you have only started it this year. Well done!

    1. Hi Michel,  Thanks for taking the time to comment.  Not sure what this has to do with the free course but agree with you about the website part.  I’m glad you like what you see.

      Also, lol I wish I could come up with all that content in a few months.  I’ve just paid for the domain renewal it’s actually just coming up to 1 year old.

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