i went to the 2022 UK ebay business roadshow @ southend on Sea

I Went to the eBay Business Roadshow 2022 – Southend UK

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I think it was last month when I got the invitation from eBay for me to go along to their business roadshow in Southend.

Really I was kind of iffy about this all at first but if truth be told I have never been to Southend On Sea before.  That was one reason I decided to go to the eBay Business Roadshow 2022.  Although, the more I thought about it really the more it seemed like it would be worth my time.  Which I definitely think it was.

So, I thought I would share this blog today, especially for anyone that was not in attendance on the day.  I think there were some very good points made about the future of eBay.  

Many there in attendance I’m sure came away with more ideas about growing their eBay business. 

I know I did and actually, maybe the best part for me was finally having some old restrictions lifted.

I don’t think it’s really necessary to share really about what these were but actually speaking face to face with the eBay support team was something I wanted to happen for so long.  I can not stress enough how annoying it is speaking to their bots and their cowardly staff hiding behind their computer screens. 

Although, quite a lot more happened at the eBay Business Road Show 2022.  There were quite a few important things that were discussed regarding eBay’s future.  Some good news but some maybe not so much.

I will try and cover as much about my day here as possible below. Just for anyone that might be interested here is what happened.

I Went to the eBay Business Roadshow 2022

Here Is What Happened ?

EBay business Roadshow 2022 Southend

OK, so admittedly I was maybe an hour late give or take.  The timetable you can’t really see it in the image above but I will share it with you below;

ebay business roadshow 2022 timetable

I basically missed the first two sessions which were the Introduction and the Starting on eBay:  New Seller Support talk but can’t really imagine that I missed much.

The first session that I actually was there for was the Listing Optimization & Seller Hub talk. 

Really it wasn’t too much information I didn’t know about already but here were the main points. So what it mostly said about in this talk was…

How To Create The Perfect eBay Listing

Basically 8 different points;

  • Use Good Photos
  • Offer at least 2-3 Days Shipping Option in your Country
  • Offer an option for Tracked/Signed For in your country
  • Consider offering next-day delivery
  • Offer Free Postage where it’s possible
  • Offer the option for tracked international orders
  • Make sure your cut-off time is no earlier than half past 2 PM
  • Offer at least 30-60 days for Returns

I think this is everything – maybe you could add multi-buy discounts if you have multiple items but from what I remember this was it.

It’s basically the criteria that you need to meet for an eBay Top Rated Seller badge which gives you a % off fees and a bump in your listings.

It’s actually something I’ve personally known about for years but since I’ve started my new eBay reselling gig – where I’ve just decided to sell anything I can find of value I’ve not really been too hardcore about the points above.

Although, one thing I have started doing since is adding a 1-2 days Signed For service for every new and updated listing.

Not had many orders using this yet but it’s there if anyone wants it.  All it takes is like 30 seconds to add to my listings so it is worth doing.  You can also add a 2-3 day signed for service as well if you like but anyway the next session… 

eBay Retail Standards and Scaling Your Business

scaling your ebay business

I actually can’t remember the 15-minute talk about eBay retail standards.  Possibly I was falling asleep but the next talk was a bit more me.  This was discussing ideas to grow your eBay business.  I think one good idea was business cards.  Maybe only I would use these for my niche items such as my Pc Cooling bits but potentially this can help migrate customers away from eBay and can help to save on fees.

Also, mobile optimization was another thing that was discussed.  As was growing your business by teaming up with like-minded individuals and even friends and family to grow the size of your business.

Oh and I think this was the big announcement of the day – eBay starting their own dropshipping program much like Amazon FBA.  I kind of got a bit excited about this but then it did kind of occur to me that this could be a problem.  Like I couldn’t help but think how many Chinese-based sellers will start using this service to cut out the middlemen in the UK.

Maybe I am worrying too much but only time will tell I guess.

Then the next session…

How To Thrive and Survive This Winter

This was quite a general talk about looking at areas to save money.  Just looking at areas where you can trim down your bills – as a kind of safeguarding measure.   Kind of boring really but some good points about managing debts.  Making things more manageable and strategically getting these debts and bills out of the way.

This was followed by the small business grant competition announcement panel.  I actually sat out this one as I had booked myself in to speak to one of the Marketplace Advisors at the eBay help desk.  Pretty much this was what made my trip worth it as a restriction I had on my account for listing clothing and accessories was lifted because of this.

This was followed by a talk about…

eBay’s Global Shipping Program and YouLend Working Capital

ebay global shipping program panel at ebay business roadshow 2022

This was kind of funny – the talk about eBay’s Global Shipping Program.  As soon as they got to the questions all hell broke loose basically about all the current problems with eBay GSP.  People there were saying about their expensive items arriving broken and how insane their pricing is for such mistakes to happen.

I mean I didn’t say anything but my own experience with eBay GSP hasn’t been great either.  I had a £120 order basically binned a couple of years back because they didn’t use the right goods description for customs.  The customer was refunded and eBay seemed totally unwilling to do anything about my losses. 

So, This is definitely one area eBay (I think) needs to work on.  I’d imagine they will but time will only tell I guess.

Much like the next topic that was discussed – eBay’s Working Capital program YouLend

This is basically what has taken the place of PayPal Working Capital but it definitely doesn’t seem to be as generous.

ebay and youlend ebay business roadshow 2022

PayPal actually used to be great for this – and I hated eBay for introducing their Managed Payments system purely for this reason [R]. Because I could no longer get working capital from PayPal but YouLend has been helpful to a degree I think – in my own experience.

Although, this was another thing that was brought up – that YouLend do not lend people enough money ?

And I kind of agree.  The first loan they give me was £2000 and the 2nd was only £900 – WTF – never did I get this issue with PayPal.  I borrowed maybe £60K from them and paid back every penny but still, this is all Youlend will let me borrow.

Like YouLend isn’t as good I don’t think as PayPal WC was, but maybe they will offer more for my next advance will be interesting to see.

But anyway after this next up was…

Using Promoted Listings and Growing Your Business On a Budget

I think at this point I was a bit too preoccupied at the bar.  Bad I know but if I must say these things didn’t really interest me.  Mostly I was just on my phone repricing things that weren’t selling on my eBay app.  It was just about around the time they were saying on the news about the Queen not being well.  I was not really thinking the worst at this point but still.

So the last session of the day was an interesting one.

Building a Sustainable Model for the Future

I actually had to ask them about this and what it had to do with running a business on eBay.  Quite rude of me really – I was honestly a bit drunk by this point but it was kind of interesting.  They said about talking to other businesses about reusing their boxes and bubble wrap etc.  I thought this was a good idea.

Also, they said about utilizing this to create a better more eco-friendly brand image.  I think this was a good point to make.

However, again after this AGAIN all hell broke loose.  So the last 5 minutes I think it was Sarah Heaney who came out, the Senior Director of eBay (I assume eBay.co.uk). Her thank you speech towards the end finished with her saying that the networking drinks (on eBay) had been cancelled out of respect for the Queen.

Of course, it was quite a blow to many in the UK but nobody in attendance was the least bit happy about this. Sarah Heaney (I think it was her) and everyone else from eBay couldn’t get out of the building quick enough. It seemed really quite unfair considering the number of sellers in attendance that had spent years making eBay rich.

Below is a picture of their desk after ?

ebays desk after the ebay business roadshow 2022

Although, despite there being no free bar I did stay for a while after.  The bar was open at the hotel where the event was hosted but just no free drinks.  I spoke to a couple of people – one couple actually approached me thinking I was one of the speakers lol   They asked if they could have a chat with me about getting started on eBay that was quite funny because I actually sat them down and spoke to them for a good while about selling on eBay.

Really I should have kept in touch to see if I actually was able to help them but all in all, I think the day was quite a positive experience and hopefully there are more events like this to come in the future.

Also, it is perhaps worth noticing several businesses were in attendance for the day.  if you’d like to learn more I will share links to their websites below;

What They Didn’t Announce

One thing I was actually quite shocked about after this event. Maybe a week later I was sent a survey by eBay for the chance to win a cash prize.  Not sure what actually is the deal with these cash prizes but quite shocking really as eBay was asking about raising their final value fees.  From 10% to 12.8%

~ I made a note to say that this was totally unethical and unfair but we’ll see. There timing was again is awful. First they introduced the eBay managed payments system last year just as everyone is getting over COVID then this just as we are heading into a recession. Their justification is new features and tools but I know what I would prefer – paying less on fees. I mean perhaps this is my cue to get to work on my website. WooCommerce I think only charges 4% I think maybe even less.

We will see what happens could be a nice little bump in my profits. Who knows.

On a Final Note

I would say eBay has served me well over the 10+ years I’ve been a member.  Really I kind of wish I got involved with selling on here years earlier.  Maybe things could have been a lot different for me but guess it’s like one of those things – what if I bought Bitcoin in 2008? 

No point in thinking about what could have been, but what I will say is the future is now.

I think there is still plenty of money to be made from eBay – check out this video below for some great tips to really help you thrive in the coming years ahead;

eBay Reselling Tips from Established USA Sellers

If you have any further questions regarding selling on eBay or making money online contact me at> chivs86@ibusinesstoday.com

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2 thoughts on “I Went to the eBay Business Roadshow 2022 – Southend UK”

  1. Haha I told you about my very bad experience with E-Bay and what really annoyed me and put me off from utilising them is that they were not transparent/honest with me while I was totally 100% honest/transparent with them.

    If support refuses to tell me why my account got suspended and then telling me they cannot share the reason with me why they made the decision then this is really really concerning to me why they are so secretive and evasive while I am 100% transparent and honest with them and telling them to give it to me straight.

    I would have loved to attend as maybe I could have got some restrictions lifted too and ask them straight – why they are so evasive and secretive and what was the actual issue/problem? As I explained to you before – I think they had a problem with the fact that Amazon was shipping the products. Who knows? I never saw in their policies at the time however that you are not allowed to make use of Amazon FBA to ship out the products.

    I do sometimes wonder if I should not give E-Bay another go, but I have very high standards when it comes to principles and when a company lacks integrity and transparency in my books and I feel that I as a very principled, just and transparent individual is being treated unjustly for no apparent reason, then it is very unlikely that I would ever return to do business with a company like this.

    I guess there are others with a much more positive experience with E-Bay and that is fair enough, but unfortunately for me, that was not the case in my experience at all.

    1. Hi Schalk, I remember talking about this with you. I actually looked into this after. It seemed as if it was because of eBays rules on I think it is called Amazon conceirge. Where people list products for sale from other sellers online for a higher price. It sounded to me like this was what eBay believed you were doing but I think you said to me that this wasn’t actually the case and it was your own products you had at the Amazon FBA centre. Really I think eBay are a bit harsh here as they don’t let you get a word in edge ways. So many jobs worths on there chat that will literally give anyone a chance to explain themselves. It was so different talking to them at their help desk no computer to hide behind I think lol I think you’d maybe have been able to get your restrictions lifted in all honesty. Maybe next year they will host more events I will have to let you know.

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