entre institute review how does this training stack up

The Entre Institute Review – How Does This Training Stack Up

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The Entre Institute is an online learning platform that offers training to make money online in 3 different ways.  

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling E-Courses
  • Setting Up a Digital Agency

The platform has several negative reviews online due to its costly upsells and the quality of the actual training.

Its creator Jeff Lerner has picked up a somewhat tainted reputation over the years but how about all this?

Because this is only one side of the story –

You can also find many positive reviews but what people might want to know is – if the Entre Institute is really worth all the money that it costs to join.

Each course comes with access to a dedicated mentor who provides guidance and feedback throughout each section of the training, and of course, finding a good mentor for online business is definitely very important if you really hope to be successful.

Also, the Entre Institute offers a community forum where learners can connect and collaborate with other students and mentors.  Any group like this can be very valuable in my opinion as I’m currently a member of several.

But Is this really better than other courses available online?  

It honestly, wouldn’t be my top pick based on my own experience with other courses that I have found to be much better value for money.  

For instance, the latest course I have got is Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab which I highly recommend.

But Do I Recommend the Entre Institute? 

I know that in 2023 many people are eager to start making money online and this is just one of many courses that promise to help people.  Jeff Lerner is certainly an experienced entrepreneur with many years of coaching behind him but is the Entree Institute as good or bad as some reviews say?

I am not wholly convinced.  

So far I have reviewed a good number of courses just like the Entree Institute and this is certainly not my top pick but anyhow STILL let’s take a look at this to see how it compares to the rest.

If this is something that interests you please keep reading my review below.

The Entre Institute Review – My Thoughts On This Course

entre institute review the school for entrepreneurs
Product Name:The Entre Institute
Course Creator:Jeff Lerner
Pricing:$39 for Gateway Course + Upsells
Short Description:Online Business Course and Membership Program
Pros:Good reviews on TrustPilot, 30-day Money Back Guarantee On Some Products
Cons:Upsell after Upsell.  This training does not come cheap! 
My Rating:1 out of 5 – I’ve read some good things but I don’t like the pricing structure. 

The Entre Institute has a mix of both good and bad reviews. Anyone who takes the time to do their research will see this!

So, Do I Personally Recommend it?

I do not recommend this course but not really based on my own experience.  Mostly just because I have found other courses and training to be more helpful for what I have so far achieved.  Really I do not doubt that the training that the Entree Institute offers can be valuable for people but personally, I feel more confident recommending what I know that works.  Which isn’t The Entre Institute!

>>>See What I Recommend Instead HERE<<<

So, one reason I don’t recommend the Entree Institute is because of the Upsells.  

I think It’s OK in the beginning as you only pay $39 for the Entre Blueprint which I think is fair enough.  I’ve read complaints that say this focuses too much on Mindset training and not much else but I think this is important for those that are new to online business

To me, I think these are good lessons to learn but after this I think is where this program becomes like a revolving door – as once you are done with The Entre Blueprint you’ll next be invited to join the Entre Nation Elite group for $49 every month and after this, it then starts getting expensive.

I mean actually the main course ‘Entre Institute Digital’ you only need to pay once but still this is $1,997 and after that, I don’t know how people do it. The two high-high-ticket courses are expensive as hell!

  • Entre Institute Results: $15,000 per year
  • Entre Institute Inner Circle: $29,000 per year

I mean It is fair enough if you can use this training to justify these upsells but seriously this is just madness I think.

Like there are 3 different courses/platforms that I feel I really like and would be willing to recommend to anyone wanting to build a successful online business and none of these try this BS.  

I will be honest with you I have not paid $2K+ to find out how amazing (or how bad) the Entree Institute training is but seriously you don’t need to spend this much to learn how to make money.

I mean yes you can spend thousands to make thousands but this should include spending money on ads and tools not just on training unless the program you’re paying for somehow includes the likes of these tools etc. as in-house extras.

More about this towards the end but let’s get moving with this.  But before we do…

FTC Disclosure: 

Please note that this product review contains affiliate links.  This means that for some links in this post if you click on them and they lead to you making a purchase then I may receive an affiliate commission.  This does not mean you will pay any extra only that I may earn a small reward for sharing my affiliate link.

Any questions please feel free to contact me at chivs86@ibusinesstoday.com

Also, feel free to contact me about anything in relation to Making Money Online I have been in this business now since 2010 at least.  I’ve not always been blogging but anyway, if you’d like to pick my brain I’d love to help.  Now… 

Let’s get started with this review

What Does The Entre Institute Have To Offer?

The video above does a good job of painting The Entre Institute in quite a favorable light, and here is the thing…

The Entree Institute has a lot to offer and it has made many people successful. 

It kind of would be wrong of me to call this out as “a scam and a waste of time and money”.  

However, there are customers that have invested thousands into the Entree Institute with very little to show for it.  So whilst Jeff Lerner has made himself incredibly rich some of his ex-students have been left picking up the pieces.  Probably drowning in debt and beyond ever thinking they can ever be successful again.

BUT maybe these people had commitment issues they didn’t follow their training as their coaches instructed.  This happens with many high-ticket courses.  

People go all in with their last few thousand and when it comes to the course their heart is not really in it and neither are their finances when they realize they also have to pay for ads and tools like Clickfunnels etc.

So there is this – to get started with the Entre Institute you need capital to invest.  Whatever way this works out for you!  And you definitely need to cover more than just your subscription and whatever else it costs to unlock the training this course offers. 

This can be a course for the right people I think but it can also be an unnecessary waste of money.

*I will come back to this point soon but let’s quickly take a look at everything else…

User Experience (UX) and Platform Design

For me really I can’t give too much away based on my own experience with the Entre Institute but from the reviews I’ve read online so far here are the main things I’ve been able to dig up…  

The Good Points:

> One thing I have read from many people that have invested in this training is that the Entre Institute’s platform design is generally user-friendly, and easy to navigate through the various features and resources.

> The layout is clean and intuitive, and users can find what they need on this platform without too much difficulty.

> The platform also provides a wide range of comprehensive learning resources, including video tutorials, training modules, and educational materials.  

*In this respect Its extensive library of content caters to different learning styles and levels of expertise, offering valuable information for aspiring entrepreneurs.

> It also fosters a strong sense of community by providing forums, discussion boards, and networking opportunities.

*Here users can connect with like-minded individuals, share insights, and seek guidance from others, enhancing the overall learning experience but for all this, there certainly are the bad points as well. 

*These I will share below

The Bad Points:

> According to some customers who have purchased the Entre Institute one issue is limited customization: The platform lacks certain customization options, which may restrict its users’ ability to personalize their learning experience.

> Some users have said after investing in this platform that they would have preferred to have the flexibility to adjust the interface or access personalized content based on their specific interests or goals.

> Also, other users have reported technical glitches and slow loading times when accessing the Entre Institute platform. 

*Of course, these issues can disrupt the user experience (UX) and impede smooth navigation through the various features and resources.  For what you pay this should really be better – I have not been on the EI website for a while (unsure if it is still like this) but this I think can be a deal breaker.

> You could say as well – (not sure if this is really a bad thing or not) that the amount of content on this platform can seem a bit overwhelming.  

*While the abundance of learning resources can be seen as a positive, it can also seem like too much for some users.  

The sheer volume of content may make it challenging for users to determine where to start or where to find specific information within the platform.

*And this is before we even discuss THE UPSELLS.  More on this soon.  But let’s quickly look at…

Mentorship and Support

When you begin with the Entre Institute after paying your first $37.00 you are assigned an advisor to help you decide on what action to take as a new member.  

Mostly they will try to pitch you the $ 49-a-month upgrade and from here you are assigned further coaching.  

This becomes more 1-on-1 as you continue to upgrade and as you climb up the ladder you gain access to more experienced coaches.  Even Jeff Lerner himself will coach you if you pay his $60K fee.

Maybe this is where he shares his millionaire secrets (I don’t know) but *BTW you can watch Jeff Lerner’s videos on Youtube for free ~ I am not sure what he is leaving out but anyway.

As for the Support within the Entre Institute most users say is pretty good but I would assume there is only so much they can help with when all your money is gone.  

I think maybe you probably aren’t walking away completely with nothing at all.   As you will still have knowledge that you can use to potentially make yourself money online but I would actually save yourself the trouble here – 

And look elsewhere.

*This course for me (not EI) has been great so far.  One-time payment no upsells and a very helpful Facebook group. 

>>>Click HERE to find out more<<<

**This is one of 4 courses/products I would definitely recommend over the Entre Institute and I think the next section pretty much will say it all for you.  

Here is what you are getting yourself into with the Entre Institute!

Pricing and Value

the entre blueprint is it really worth it

Now, at first, The Entre Institute will hook you in with a series of free videos sent via their email list.  Not too bad you should get some good free information from this and then you will be offered the Entre Blueprint for $39.00.

This is not really a bad deal at all.  It’s good information that will help you get the right mindset together for growing your online business.  Think of it as a good book or video course that you can consume for inspiration and ideas.

Except this is when it starts getting pricey.  

The Entre Blueprint will next recommend their $ 49.00-a-month subscription. The Entre Nation Elite Community Group.

You can get this for $349 a year and this may actually be a good buy for setting yourself up for a while.  I haven’t tried this myself because I already pay something similar for Wealthy Affiliate but to me WA I think is much better value-wise.

Wealthy Affiliate for the same price has a lot more to offer (I would say) including; 

  • Web Hosting for Multiple websites
  • Domain Parking, 
  • Their Keyword Research Tool Jaaxy 
  • and lots of other things too.  [Read My Review HERE]
  • Free coaching from me<<

ANYWAY, So after this, the Entre Institute will next start offering you its main course Entre Institute Digital for $1,997.

This I wouldn’t mind checking out but actually, I would instead recommend saving yourself $1000 and instead invest in the Affiliate Lab.

So I mean I actually think without the Entre Nation Elite subscription $39 + $1997 is understandable but it’s the next part I don’t like.

Besides the $15K a year and $29K (Inner Circle) subscriptions, there are MORE UPSELLS!

These include;

  • Millionaire Productivity Secrets: $197
  • Knowledge Business Accelerator: $1,997
  • Affiliate Business Accelerator: $1,997
  • Entre Foundations: $297
  • Entre Coaching: Unknown (you need to contact a so-called Entre Specialist first)
  • Implementation Bootcamp: Locked
  • Adskills Traffic Training: Locked

*As I’m not a member I didn’t have access to this information.  The list is courtesy of EBIZFACTs.com

*Now so this is all fair enough maybe these UPSELLS are worth it to the right people but how about all this>

Refund Policy and Guarantees

As of now from what I gather it depends on the product/course you purchase.  Some are refundable within 30 days but for others, they only give you 72 hours.  They do seem to honor refunds although some users have said it has been difficult to get through to someone to process their refunds in time. 

Some information related to this you can find below;

i.) Refund Policy: 

The Entre Institute offers a refund policy for its educational programs and products.  The specific details of their refund policy may vary depending on the program or product purchased.  It is important to review the terms and conditions, as well as the refund policy provided by the Entre Institute at the time of purchase. 

*The Entre Institutes refund policy typically outlines the eligibility criteria, the timeframe within which refunds can be requested, and any applicable fees or conditions.

ii.)  Money-Back Guarantees: 

The Entre Institute has offered money-back guarantees for some of its educational programs in the past.  These guarantees usually come with certain conditions and time limitations. 

The terms and conditions of the money-back guarantees may vary depending on the specific program or product.  It is essential to carefully review the guarantee details provided by Entre Institute to understand the requirements, such as the completion of specific milestones or submitting a refund request within a specified timeframe.

Pros and Cons of the Entre Institute

Entre Institue Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • 30-Day Refund On Some Products
  • Good Mindset Tips In the $39 Course
  • Some Members Have Done Well From This
  • Jeff Lerner is a Digital Marketing Authority

The Cons

  • Lack of Actionable Training
  • Expensive Upsells
  • Negative Reviews
  • Better Options Available For Less

Comparison to Other Online Learning Platforms

As mentioned earlier on in this review there are a few other courses that I think are better than the Entre Institute.  

In my 3 years of blogging and affiliate marketing, I have looked at a good number of different courses but really there are 3 that I have felt have been helpful for me that I would actually recommend to others.

Each I will briefly summarize below;

Entre Institute Vs. Wealthy Affiliate


I first joined Wealthy Affiliate in January 2020 just before the start of COVID.  In 3+ years there is quite a lot I can say about Wealthy Affiliate based on my time here.  It does have its flaws.  Its focus is mostly on building WordPress websites and ranking them on Google.  This will not cost you any more than your membership but the trouble is actually doing this.

Some people say that WA gives you bad advice.  If you look on Google not all the reviews are positive and a lot of the ones that are good are from members of WA that are hoping to get referrals and earn commissions.

*Note: Wealthy Affiliate offers a very attractive affiliate program offering 50% recurring on all subscription fees. Potentially this is $23.50 each month for every referral*

However, despite the negative reviews I think WA is still miles better than the Entre Institute, and Instead of paying them $49 a month WA for the same money is the better of the two. 

In my opinion with WA, you can be quite successful with it but ideally, you want to sign up under someone that will help you out in the beginning with the things that WA doesn’t strictly tell you.

The basic things that if you sort in the beginning you wont have to worry about later on.

If you sign up under me I can definitely help you here and I can also share my experience from other courses too.

*One of them you can actually join yourself for free and this other course I will share below;

Entre Institute Vs. My Online StartUp

I first joined My Online Start-Up as a free member in 2020 (can’t remember exactly when) but what I really liked was how much information was in the free course.  Especially the first few lessons about mindset and I think this is actually quite relevant to this review because joining MOS for free can potentially save you the $39.00 that you have to pay for the introductory video course with the Entre Institute.

Seriously, I think when it comes to mindset all you need is to get some good inspiration to help you decide on how you can become more productive.  This is demonstrated very well by Chuck Nguyen in his free videos so this for me makes this course better for new people keen to check this out.

You can get started with MOS for free by using this link here but actually, my top pick is this next one. 

Entre Institute Vs. The Affiliate Lab


I first joined the Affiliate Lab in February this year (2023) and I must say I was quite quickly blown away by the information inside.  For me, there were many things in this course that I felt Wealthy Affiliate missed.

No indexing tags, categories, and setting affiliate links to no follow were the basic things. Creating topic clusters, and how to use schemas were other things but actually, this is nothing there are 12 extra courses to check out after the beginner’s lab and the Affiliate Lab.

Some of it is a bit complicated to understand and it does recommend using some quite expensive tools and services but if you can actually scale your website up as the training recommends these definitely can help you.

I also quite liked that it was a one-time payment for everything.  It is $1000 for the course but you can get it for $800 if you buy through another member. [CHECK OUT MY LINK HERE]

The main course teaches how to set up a website in the right way.  How to create an extensive content plan with 100s of SEO keywords and eventually how you can start flipping SEO-optimized websites for a huge profit.

I’ve not actually even finished even the main course yet.  I’m about 75% through but for me, this is so much better value than the Entre Institute both short term and long term as you only have to pay once although it does miss one thing that you get with WA – its 24/7 support.

I have had a few times now where my websites have had issues now and WA support has got me out of so many jams.

I would actually say Affiliate Lab is my #1 Affiliate Marketing course but Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to be too.  

Obviously, I would recommend that you do your own research but let’s just circle back to the Entre Institute before we go with some customer reviews…

Testimonials From Entre Institute Students

OK so I have only looked on Quora and Reddit BUT I found some reviews that I think sum up the Entre Institute well.  Some people think it is the best thing ever and others think it is a MASSIVE SCAM!

If you look on Quora you will see there are a lot of favorable reviews;

Entre Institute positive customer reviews

And actually, let’s share a couple more as Quora has quite a few.

entree institute positive review
entre institute reviews 2

Now, these reviews above are quite positive from people that have done seemingly well with this training but after doing some digging I found this review on Reddit.   This is not so positive – this guy spent over $40K on the Entre Institute, its upsells, and running costs.  They went on to say that they felt they got better value for a $19 course on Udemy and a $10 copywriting book.  It’s quite a lot to read but I will share below…

entre institute negative review

*Note this same guy has posted a review on Trustpilot.  Other than this the only other negative review I found was this one*

is the entre institute a scam

So quite a mixed bunch.  It seems that for some people this has gone OK but for others, things have gone horribly wrong.

It seems that Facebook Ads have been an issue for people.  Kind of similar to what a lot of people have experienced with Commission Hero – it is a good course till your Facebook Ads account gets banned.  Then they won’t even give you a refund.

None of the courses I recommend actually recommend FB ads but if this is something you want to do I would recommend checking out a course called Affiliate Millionaire as a much cheaper alternative.

You can decide for yourself.  If you want to find out more about the Entre Institute check my link HERE<<

My Conclusion and Final Thoughts

I think people reading this review will be the people that want a bit more out of life.  I did when I first started blogging again back in December 2019.  It was a difficult time and I needed to find something to help me earn more money.  My finances were really stressing me out and I really needed to do something.

After doing some research I decided to start a blog, embedded affiliate links, and shared it on Facebook and I made 11 sales in that first month


It was the reason I wanted to make blogging work for me. 

However, it really went south after this. I got extremely lucky really and I never had another month like this for the whole year but it kept me interested and I spent a lot of money trying to find the right method to be successful with blogging and affiliate marketing. 

It has been a long journey since but ultimately here are my thoughts;

  • When you start training it is good to be conscientious and make the tough decisions yourself but if you can be shown certain things early enough you can literally save yourself hours of wasted time.
  • If you sign up under someone as their referral make sure you speak to them.  Ask for beginner’s tips, free resources, and helpful links.  Ask them to review your work after you’ve finished your first few posts and don’t hesitate to ask them for further help.  Especially if they are earning recurring commissions from your subscription(s).
  • Investing in something like The Entre Institute can make or break you.  Consider your available finances before you commit to their training.  Having no money is not nice and there are no friends in business.
  • Don’t give up on yourself.  Remember why you are doing this for.  Those that quit are those that fail.  The longer you keep building towards success the more likely it is to happen.

I don’t really recommend the Entre Institute because I think it can leave people vulnerable with its excessive costs and finding success is not all about buying your way there. You must do the work but you do need guidance to get your new project moving in the right direction.

Shop around first you might be surprised by what you find.  Even Udemy or Skillshare could be a good place to start. if you want to learn digital marketing and of course, there are my recommendations [You Can Check Out HERE]

Thanks for reading and any questions I will be most happy to try and answer…

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6 thoughts on “The Entre Institute Review – How Does This Training Stack Up”

  1. Hey Alex

    Great review – very comprehensive and informative!

    I am definitely going to take a look at the Affiliate Lab.

    I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate and am very surprized to read that Affiliate Lab offers something that WA doesn’t. WA wasn’t my first rodeo, before joining them I had been burned in other very costly platforms that really didn’t offer what I needed. WA fitted that bill well.

    Thank you for sharing!

    PS I learned about the no indexing tags, categories, and setting affiliate links to no follow within WA by attending the weekly live training with Jay (magistudios). I also learned about creating pillar posts and topic clusters within WA. Not sure if you perhaps missed that training somehow? This was whilst I was a Premium member. Now that I am a Premium Plus member, there is even more mind-blowing training available.

    1. Hi Louise, So yes Affiliate Lab you should definitely check out. In my opinion it offers a very different course to WA that I think is quite a refreshing approach for me. WA I haven’t gone through everything such as the classrooms. To me I think beyond the Online Entrepreneur Certification it could be organized better really. In Affiliate Lab they have it set up into sections for each course wheras WA just has different videos bundled together. I mean I like that potentially there is quite a lot of good information here although it is just knowing where to start I think. Also you say they teach the things I mentioned but as far as I can tell this is reserved for the Premium Plus membership. The Affiliate Lab is $800 with an affiliates link and it is only a one time deal – much better value I think.

  2. Although I have heard of Jeff Lerner, I also am not convinced of purchasing this course. It is not only the money but the time investment. I much rather focus on Wealthy Affiliate where all is provided in one space and with work and determination it is only a matter of time for a person to reach their goals. Thanks, Alex, for this review.

    1. Hi Joseph, Yes I know what you mean. I like the convenience and what is offered with WA but there are other courses worth paying for too. Authority Hacker would probably be my pick if I had the money but also like the look of Income School 24 and Affiliate Lab I am a member of too which has some very good training.

  3. I really hate these low-entry courses, but once you sign up you realize you got to shovel over lots more money. One for 2k and then the two high ticket ones! I mean the Entre Institute has a very high price tag. I mean 15K a year. Even worse 29K for the Invver Circle.

    The killer with me though is the 72 hour refund? That is probably one of the worse refund policies I have ever seen!

    1. Hi Garen, Yes I mean don’t get me wrong I do think maybe there is some kind of 6 to 7 figures logic here. I’ve seen high ticket courses for 10K + and some of them must have something to them but I can’t imagine paying 15K a year that is insane and 30K christ! It would be understandable to some degree if the information was really that valuable but paying that year after year NO WAY! You could spend a lot less on other courses and still be successful. In fact, you could pay someone to build a business for you for that amount of money easily.

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