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Thrive Suite Review 2021 – A Worthy Investment Or Not?

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Hi Guys,  In my last post I wrote about adding optin forms and other ways to get people to join your email list.  One thing I mentioned was Thrive Leads.   There was some confusion here about buying this as a one time deal.  You can no longer buy single licenses to any of Thrive Themes’ products. Exactly why I’ve chosen to write this Thrive Suite Review

As, since I think it was January this year (2021) Thrive stopped doing their one-time licenses, and now you have to subscribe to everything through Thrive Suite.  It is a questionable move for me really – as I hate subscriptions.  I personally like to pay for something once and never have to worry about it again.  But, I guess if something like this pays for itself in the long run then maybe this isn’t so bad.

For me I was lucky, I got a handful of the Thrive Themes products before Thrive Suite came into being.  According to Thrive, all these are mine to keep now which is good.   Apparently, now as I bought them prior to the Thrive Suites launch I am grandfathered into each membership for life.   

Although I know a lot of people that have missed out on this offer – how about that?  Quite simply because it isn’t there anymore.  However,  if you really want to find out what Thrive Suite is all about I will try my best to show you.

What Is Thrive Suite?

Thrive Themes was first established back in 2013 by Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy.

Their vision was to create an ‘innovative all-in-one across the board’ online business tool kit.  A fully functional interface that allows you to develop a website and convert guests into both email sign-ups and clients.

Fast forward to 2021 and Thrive Suite is a fully-fledged web design toolbox that satisfies the necessities you need to make a fully operational WordPress site.

By actually taking the steps to acquire your Thrive Suite Subscription you will get all the following;

  •  Full design capabilities for your WordPress blog
  • Advanced organization for your existing setup
  • Compatibility with Online Stores such as WooCommerce
  • Countless opportunities to build an evergreen and growing email list.

To take your insight to the following level, you should see what is said in the following video.

QUESTION:   What Do You Get with Thrive Suite, and Is This Worth Your Time + Money?

Honestly, this video definitely explains things a lot better than I can.  My personal experience only really stretches to Thrive Leads and to a lesser degree Thrive Architect.  Both I have had a quite pleasing experience of so far.  I think there is still a couple of tricks for me to learn but these are only 2 of the Thrive Suite Products.

The full set includes;

  • Obv.  Thrive Leads and Thrive Architect
  • Thrive Theme Builder (Plus Extras)
  • Thrive Ovation 
  • Thrive Headline Optimizer
  • Thrive Comments
  • Thrive Optimize
  • Thrive Ultimatum
  • Thrive Quiz Builder
  • Thrive Clever Widgets

There is more as well.  

Seriously now this new restructuring of Thrive Themes has taken place the interface offers all these tools and more.  

Thrive University, Product Tutorials, a Demo Website, and even a Forum where you can interact with other members.  

How To Use Thrive Suite

For starters, it may seem a little bit overwhelming unboxing the whole Thrive Suite platform.  You can begin using any of the tools really.  For whichever area of your website that you wish to use.  Although, maybe a good place to start would be by using the Thrive Theme Builder.  Which, itself comes with many, many different templates.

How To Use Thrive Theme Builder

To get started it’s highly recommended you set up Thrive Theme Builder on a new Staging website.  Basically, a copy of your existing website where you can play around to get everything the way you want without the risk of losing your existing work.  You don’t have to do this but it’s just a precaution.  

The process is actually pretty simple from here as everything is fully automated with the help of the Thrive Theme Builder Site Wizard.

Using the Other Tools and Plugins

Once set up I would probably say that you should get to grips with using Thrive Architect.  This is a ready-made replacement for the WordPress Classic Editor and for Gutenberg.  This is an upgrade on another level that dwarfs both plugins by comparison.  With Architect you can add boxes including Pros and Cons, Sign Up Forms and several other eye-catching page elements.

As for the rest; Thrive Leads you can use for all sorts of extra Optin designs;  Thrive Comments allows you to totally transform your comments section, and Thrive Ultimatum can help you to create an urgency that will significantly reduce your visitor’s decision making time.  If you are looking for customers that will pay this last one might be very useful. 

Where to Read More About Thrive Suite

Within this article, I have shared a good few things already.  I will share some more as well but if you really want to know KNOW about Thrive Suite visit their website.  Or sign up for Thrive University for a free account

Sign up to thrive university for free

I actually was a member of Thrive University myself before I bought Thrive Leads.  Truth be told I didn’t really go through much of the content before actually buying Thrive Leads but one article on there I remember was really good.  About where and where not to place your opt-in forms.

Pretty much the basis of my previous post, but you can definitely learn a lot from here.  And what’s more, is you don’t actually need a Thrive Suite membership.

Although of course, I will say if you find anything in this article remotely interesting, and you can of course afford it definitely at least check out the presentation on their website

How Much Does Thrive Themes Cost?

Before you actually consider investing in this product you might ask how much?

This might be a bit off-putting to some but to become a member of Thrive Suite you either need to pay for their quarterly or yearly package.  You can either pay $90 for 3 months or $226 for the whole year.

Which works out at either $30 a month every quarter or $19 a month every year.


Is Thrive Suite A Worthy Investment

And now for the Million Dollar Question…  Is Thrive Suite worth paying either $360 or $226 for a year?  It seems like a lot for sure but another question you should ask is what sort of difference can a set of tools like this have on a website with Thrive compared to a website without it?

What you must consider I think is the impact that Thrive and its plugins can have.  On not only your site design, and the impact that it can have on your conversions in that way, but also how many more signups to your list will you get.    

Thrive Architect is one way and many use this there developing a powerful lead opt-in home page.  Then there is Thrive Leads, and Thrive Comments which can also take your engagement even further.  Not forgetting either the Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Ultimatum, and the other 5 products as well.

I am just gutted they don’t do the single licenses anymore.  I would happily pay their old price of $69 each for Thrive Leads, Architect and Comments.  Even if it was for just a year so I think personally it is a worthy investment. 

How far along are you though with your development?  I had my website for almost a year before I invested in Thrive Leads.  Before then I was using the GetResponse plugin.  It did the job for a while but for one it slowed my website down.  This is one reason to buy Thrive Suite instead.  The other is there are tons more ways that you can get creative with these resources available.  So, if you really want to transform your blog into a lead generation powerhouse and really get the gears turning on your potential to earn new conversions.  Look no further!  Get the Ball Rolling Here!


I hope this has added some clarity to the idea of using Thrive Suite and if you do have anything, in addition, to add, any experiences using Thrives’ products or any questions about any of this content, drop me a note below and I will be more than happy to discuss.

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4 thoughts on “Thrive Suite Review 2021 – A Worthy Investment Or Not?”

    1. Thank you Joseph, yes I not been using thrive long myself but there are loads you can do to help build your website. At some point, I will be creating an opt-in gateway with thrive architect. There is so much here you can do you will not be disappointed.

  1. Thank you so much for this review over ThriveSuite!  I am glad that you did this review because I am always skeptical of sites like this.  There are so many scams out there it is sometimes hard to find what is real and what is not.  I love the sound of ThriveSuite, personally, and I believe that the price is actually pretty decent.  Like you, though, it is a little sad that they got rid of the old licensing.

    1. Hi Jessie,  Yes Thrive Suite is 100% legit.  If you do a search on google or youtube etc. you will find a lot of different positive reviews for their different plugins.  The old licensing yes it will be missed but I guess at least this way it gives the incentive to try out all of thrives other products as well.

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