how to transfer domain ownership from godaddy to wealthy affiliate

Transfer Domain Ownership GoDaddy to Wealthy Affiliate

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Hey Guys,  so today I had a small problem to solve.  How to Transfer Domain Ownership GoDaddy to Wealthy Affiliate.  It was actually for my nephew I had to do this for.  He has recently just started using WA, and for the past week or so has been building a website through WA’s free SiteRubix Platform.

So he asked me yesterday to get him a domain and luckily I had one from a couple of months ago that I never got round to using  I had actually forgotten all about this but anyways the trouble was for me was figuring out how to move this .siterubix domain and website to this new domain.

It wasn’t too hard, in the end, I’m not going to lie but whilst I was going through the process I thought that this would be a good idea for a post.

To write a How-to Guide ~   Transfer Domain Ownership GoDaddy to Wealthy Affiliate

Transfer Domain Ownership GoDaddy to Wealthy Affiliate

#1 – Overview – How to Transfer Domain…

Now, so I have a purchased a few of my domains from  The one I had to do the transfer for to my nephew’s website I paid I think 0.87p for or something stupid.  This if I remember quickly was because I downloaded honey to my web browser.  I have found that Honey although it doesn’t often work for a lot of things always seems to be good with GoDaddy.

So, if say you are new to Wealthy Affiliate and you don’t want to spend the $13.99 on their SiteDomains section this something you can consider.  Although paying $13.99 for a domain through WA is not a bad deal really.  As it comes with a Free SSL Certificate and it doesn’t include all the upsells found on GoDaddy.

My advice personally is you can go the GoDaddy route but you should definitely use this method that I am going to go through in this post when it is time to renew your domain.  Because the longer you have your website for the more you will need the added security, and what Wealthy Affiliate offers in this respect is second to none.

It will cost $13.99 renewal fee but after a year I would suspect that your website may be earning already.  If it is not then well contact me I may be able to help out but for now, let’s get back to the topic.

Right, now first things first you are going to want to change the nameservers on your domain.

Here is how;

#2 – Changing Name Servers to Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

Step 1:  Go to and log in.  Then click on the drop-down arrow next to your name.

From here click on Manage Domains ~ Note:  I have circled both.

Step 2:  On the My Domains page.  Click on the name of your Domain.  eg.  Then next thing to do scroll down to additional settings, and from here click Manage DNS.

Step 3:  From DNS Management scroll down to Name Servers and click Change.

Then change to; and

Then click Save.

#3 – Transfer Domain Away from GoDaddy

Right so next part this is where I had trouble earlier but I will try to explain best I can.


Step 1:  Copy the steps above to get to Additional Settings (See Screenshot) above.  Then select Transfer domain away from GoDaddy.  You should come to the Domain transfer out page.  On this page scroll down and select Continue with Transfer.  Then on this next page click to see Authorization code.

Step 2:  Now you have your Authorization code go to Wealthy Affiliate.  Click websites then SiteDomains.  From here click on Transfer a Domain to WA.

Here enter your domain eg. then paste in your Verification Code from GoDaddy which you should have from following the steps above.  Then click Add Domain.

Step 3:  You should now see your website appear below.  From here click on Start Transfer.  Then just one last thing (I didn’t actually do this) you need to pay a $13.99 Domain Renewal fee.  And basically, your all good to go.

#4 – How To Move Your SiteRubix Website to New Domain

This is actually really easy.  Providing you have actually completed the Domain Transfer Successfully.

Just go to WA Site Manager.  Find your website and look for the menu at the bottom.  From here select Move.

When you click on move from here you can select the domain to add to your SiteRubix website.

#5 – Build Website with Domain Outside of Wealthy Affiliate

So, you may have seen above that I wrote “(I didn’t actually do this)”.  By this I mean I didn’t pay $13.99 to successfully renew my domain through WA.  I will do this when my domain is about to expire I think.  I shouldn’t be such a tightwad but unfortunately, this is just my nature.  You may be the same, or you may not be but here is what I did anyway;

Step 1  – On SiteManager, I just clicked Build a New Website

If you would like to do the same follow these steps and Select Domain I Own.

Step 2:  Add your Domain name but make sure you have changed your name servers to point to Wealthy Affiliate.  If you have not done so refer to section #2 above.  Now, fairly easy just add a title ~ can write anything, whatever, and easy really just select a theme and click Build Website, and there you are!

My Tip ~ OK, so if you want to move your content from your SiteRubix website from your new Domain you can use the export/import feature within WordPress.  This can be found in the tools section.

So what you want to do is select Export and then All Data.  This saves as. XML file and with this once you have it go to the WordPress you want to import to and go to Tools> Import and then Upload yours. XML file.

Quite easy if you the know-how

But any questions please leave for me in the comments section ill be glad to help

On a Final Note

So I hope you have found this post helpful, about how you can Transfer Domain Ownership GoDaddy to Wealthy Affiliate.  If you are reading this then I would guess you are with Wealthy Affiliate already but if NOT then I would recommend that you take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate article in this post here.

It is a great platform and I’ve said a bit about hosting here but this is definitely one of its good points.

Anyway, again hope this post has helped and any questions or if you need any help drop me a message.


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Many thanks

Yours Sincerely;

Alex B. Chivers 

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