Understanding Inclusivity In Marketing

Understanding Inclusive Marketing for Your Audience in 2023

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Understanding Inclusive Marketing. What does this mean for you and your business?  The practice of basically trying to advertise to as many different people as you possibly can at once. 

It is not exactly something that is really new but let me try to explain…

Has there ever been a time when you have seen an advert and got the feeling that it might have been meant for someone else?  Not for you?  Even though it was a product that would otherwise interest you.

Perhaps you felt like it was something you couldn’t quite relate to.  Possibly, based on demographics that are not your own – a particular emphasis on a certain stereotype such as one’s sex, age group, ethnicity, etc.  

Well, In the modern era, even now this type of targeted marketing towards certain groups is all too common. 

In fact, this has really been the case since… well, ever since advertising pretty much began.

For example, you may have noticed Men are typically shown more in adverts than Women are.  Unless it involves a Woman wearing fewer clothes it would appear that this certainly is the case.

These forms of advertising are not Inclusive.   There are so many stereotypes that have become commonplace. Exactly what understanding Inclusive Marketing is really about.

So I don’t mean to drone on here but basically, all too often brands fail to include the people that they actually expect to purchase their products or services. 

They are too busy pushing their stereotypes that they all too often forget about everyone else.   Something that can be bad for business and after all, Is this not what the most important thing is here?… MAKING MONEY ? Now…

Understanding Inclusive Marketing

What Is Inclusive Marketing Definitively?

According to Forbes, I think this really nails it. This is just a paragraph I copied over;

Inclusive Marketing strives to create a visual culture that is more representative. It endeavors to appreciate and understand our various identities, differences and histories while also illuminating places of commonality. Inclusive Marketers are willing to cultivate the skillset required to market to specific demographics without relying on stereotypes. Inclusive Marketing takes a progressive stand on issues of social justice.

Read Original Article on Forbes.com Here

How To Utilize an Effective Inclusive Marketing Strategy

understanding inclusive marketing

As a general rule of thumb, Understanding Inclusive Marketing is a bit more than just including different minorities in your advertising campaigns.  Even changing the color of your products is still not enough either. 

To actually appeal to a wider demographic and sell more products MORE must be done!

But where do you start?  It certainly isn’t as simple as it might seem on the face of it.

Except there is a very clear answer?  = Culture! 

That is the keyword here. 

So, devote your assets and exploration to understanding the political, social, and financial perspectives on your objective market.  Comprehend their difficulties. This will mean inundating yourself with their reality and placing yourself into their point of view.

This in turn will outfit you with the data that is important to make adverts that appeal to potential customers and that will not offend them.  In fact, if done correctly you can make adverts that are actually relatable to these groups that help sell more products.

Next Step:  Get the Right Team Together

all inclusive marketing how to do right

Getting started and making contact with the right individuals from different backgrounds is a good idea. 

Then working together with these people in unison to help decide on how to improve your current ideas for greater cultural significance is really what you want to look for. 

For instance, if you were to put together a marketing team this could benefit from hiring individuals with more diverse backgrounds. You want people that will know what people like themselves will want.

Just look at it this way – Do you think it would be OK for a typical Man to start selling beauty products?  

I mean Of course, YES he could! But then wouldn’t it be a better idea if you had a woman on the team?  Someone that really knew your target audience on a more personal level. The answer is pretty clear and…

Similarly, what if a Woman was to sell male grooming products such as shaving kits? 

For sure, likewise, She could but wouldn’t it be better if there were a man on the team who shaves on a regular basis?  Someone who really knows about shaving products. So this is definitely the point here but let’s explore this further and again apply this logic to different ethnicities and cultural groups. 

Let’s take someone from an Asian background as an example. They will know more about their people and what they want more than someone from let’s say Africa or Europe.  Or similarly, someone from Europe will know more about European culture than someone from Asia or Africa.

And the list goes on. You can apply this thinking to any group of people and this is really how it all works ?

Just take the following example below and maybe you will understand this a bit better…

The Role of Women in Inclusive Marketing

inclusive marketing and women

When it comes to women as the target audience there is much that should be considered.  The female market is HUGE 

In 2020, it was estimated that women worldwide, between them, had earned a combined income of over 24 trillion dollars!  [R]

What’s more, it is expected that as more and more women enter the workforce, this number will ONLY continue to grow.

Savvy marketers are aware of this and are now representing women more in their marketing campaigns. This can be an excellent way to ensure your marketing budget goes even further.

It is just one very good example of how better Understanding Inclusive Marketing can help grow your business…

Understanding Inclusive Marketing and How It Affects our Consumer Behavior

Customers are significantly more prone to purchase items from brands that help them to feel better perceived and appreciated as individuals within their local area.

For example, a man or woman from a Black community might be more inclined to purchase items from a brand that shows people of color in their advertising campaigns.

By simply Understanding Inclusive Marketing in this sense our marketing campaigns can have more of an impact. Something which can persuade more people to choose our products instead of others. For instance…

One great example of Inclusive Marketing is Rhianna’s Fenty Beauty.  This is a very inclusive brand in particular as it markets itself to different races and ethnicities in over 137 countries. 

If you watch the video below you will see one of Fenty Beauty’s adverts even shows a Muslim girl with a hijab.

Now, So, In Contrast, Inclusivity Is For All! 

Certainly, when all is said and done, Inclusivity is not just about creating advertisements that target certain ethnic groups of people or actually any other demographic.  The ultimate goal of Understanding Inclusive Marketing is much bigger. 

Its real purpose has to be one that carefully considers the emotions, feelings, and views of everyone in our society.

The objective is for everybody to feel appreciated without alienating any groups no matter what their background is.

As of now, Inclusive marketing is an ongoing process.  There is much that still needs to happen in terms of evaluating and re-evaluating societal concepts.  Although, in the same breath it is a business model that is quickly growing and the last 10 years especially have made up a lot of ground. So where is this all heading?

In Conclusion

As mentioned many times throughout this short article Understanding Inclusive Marketing goes way beyond selling products.  Besides this and the money to be made perhaps the silver lining is that wider Inclusivity within advertising can act as a powerful tool to help fight biases in society.

Ultimately, as long as everyone can somewhat be happy this is the main thing.  Giving representation to those that really need it and at the same time showing the same respect for existing audiences. 

If this can be achieved sufficiently then the potential is HUGE.  Not only could it be very good for business but it can also make everyone feel part of the same community which as a result will ultimately create more unity together as one human race.

I will finish this article by sharing a video about How To Create a More Inclusive Marketing Campaign…

Finally, Your Feedback – Share Your Thoughts!

What are your thoughts on Understanding Inclusive Marketing?  Let us know in the comments section below alongside anything else that you feel might be relevant to this content. 

Also, if you know any groups or people that might like to read this please share this link!

Many thanks for reading and hope to see you all again soon!


Alex B. Chivers

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