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Using TikTok for Business: VideoTik Review

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Using TikTok for Business:  VideoTik Review 2021

Hi Guys, so Using TikTok for Business is an idea that I’ve been interested in since the start of the year.  On NYE just gone (2019) I stayed in and got a list of ideas together that I would use for creating content.  One of these was using Tik Tok for affiliate marketing.  So, when I found out about VideoTik I knew straight away that I would want to look into this.

Since then I read a post somewhere about TikTok for advertising and how through the history of advertising there has always been something bigger and better to come along.  Like Radio was bested by Television.  Then since the internet hit in the 90’s there has been Youtube, FaceBook, Instagram etc.

…and now TikTok.

I know mainly about TikTok because of my Sister kids.  Who spend crazy amounts of time on here by the way.  They are totally hooked!  Personally, I’ve never used it myself but as an affiliate marketer, I realise this is something I maybe do need to reconsider.  Just the stats alone are incredible;

Using TikTok for Business:  VideoTik Review 2021

Program Name:  VideoTik
Creator:  Neil Napier
Price:  $29.95 (at time of writing this) for VideoTik Personal.

Rating:  3.8 out of 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐

Quick Summary:  If you are looking for the best video builder that can help you to create videos for the most popular platform this year TikTok. Then no problem because VideoTik is the right option for you. Before buying this product, you must read our VideoTik review below for more information!


FTC Disclosure:  Please be aware that this post contains affiliate links and if you make a purchase through any of these links I may receive an affiliate commission.  Read more here

Using TikTok for Business:  What is VideoTik?

VideoTik is a newly released video creation and traffic generation tool for TikTok.  Created by Neil Napier and Abhi Dwivedi – VideoTik helps you to create your own custom videos and marketing videos on TikTok.  This can be without even going in front of the camera.

What is the most fantastic fact about VideoTik? It helps you to publish your own custom videos directly from your phone to TikTok.  Videos that could be Using TikTok for Business

While reading this article, you must think about what TikTok is? How TikTok is the 2nd biggest downloaded popular free app in the world? How In the USA, 37% of the population are TikTok users, and in the world, this app is being used in 154 countries with 75 different languages.

The Future of VideoTik – 2020 and Beyond!

VideoTik has the potential to be the best platform for entertainment and the most significant hidden secret in the marketing world. Nowadays, many TikTok users are selling their eCommerce and digital products with the help of this platform because millions of users use this application daily for entertainment.

Are you looking for a shortcut that instantly generates traffic and builds from the TikTok app?
Or Are you looking for social followers and lead generation platforms?

If yes, then you must think about how can you achieve this quickly!  To solve all these problems!  For this VideoTik can introduce you to this new traffic source with more and more users joining by the day.  Also, it helps you to build AI-powered videos without putting your face on camera.

Using Tik Tok for Business:  How to use VideoTik?

There are three simple steps when it comes to using VideoTik,

1.)  Login: The first step when it comes to using VideoTik is that you need to log in. You can log in into this software from any device (mobile or computer) anywhere in the world.

2.)  Click: You can create and schedule your TikTok videos in 60 seconds by clicking a few buttons,

3.)  Publish: You can publish your videos on TikTok by clicking on publishing notifications from VideoTik.

These are the simple steps that you perform to use this software to publish your videos on TikTok. VideoTik is one of the best tools that automatically finds hot content and publishes it as TikTok videos.

VideoTik Key Features

  • It has custom-built technology, which is used to make TikTok videos.
  • VideoTik can schedule your TikTok videos with its built-in scheduling feature. When you create a video, it goes to the VideoTik server without any cost. You can use VIdeoTik for scheduling and publishing your content on TikTok before your competitors.
  • VideoTik is a versatile software that helps you to create custom videos for TikTok without going in front of the camera. It can create different types of videos for you by just putting your keyword, and it also helps you to build AI-powered videos without putting your face on camera.
  • It is the best software for both beginners and professionals.
  • You can use it in any language, country, or even for any niche.  Just create your niche related website and publish it – VideoTik enables you to gain unlimited engaged traffic.  You will not achieve this engagement without any other app.
  • Go viral with your videos by putting your keywords into the VideoTik software.
  • VideoTik helps to create 100% unique content and also build traffic-pulling viral videos. When you spend your time on TikTok, you probably see that many content creators create duplicate content from scratch, but VideoTik can create 100% unique and professional content.

Pros + Cons of VideoTik

Pros of VideoTik ✅

  • Instantly access an untapped pool of 800 million leads and buyers.
  • Create custom videos and marketing videos quickly and ready to use for TikTok without going in front of the camera.
  • Design 100% unique content, build traffic-pulling viral videos, and get millions of views and leads – every month.
  • Get your website(s), social media channels, lead magnets, and offer different services to make attractive videos for engaged buyers.
  • Generate massive traffic immediately.
  • Good for both beginners or professionals.
  • Add your own logo & watermark to your content.
  • Save money on paid traffic, by using one of the most popular Social Networks of 2020.

Cons of VideoTik ❎

  1. For some people using TikTok may seem scary.
  2. TikTok doesn’t quite yet have much of a reputation as a business tool.
  3. VideoTik is a new product so other reviews may be limited.
  4. Price may go up in Future.
  5. Might not work for everybody.
  6. Currently only compatible with iOS version 13.1
  7. Only available Online.

How VideoTik works?

VideoTik software uses a browser-based interface which helps it to create three types of videos.

  • Images from GIF
  • App Score
  • Viral Images

There are different funny gif videos, and I am sure that you already know this idea. When you click to create a GIF file, then you must have a targeted keyword and number of slides.

You can include your GIFs by determining the number of Dias, and you can also pick patterns from any website. The GIF length, ad style, ad text, blurring or sharpening, and other different choices are then edited. You can also add your custom logo and watermark in the video.

Quote videos add the motivational feel in videos so you can choose background music and pick different precast motivational quotes and also compose your own quotes from the several Quote Videos App.

Trending and viral videos are the last forms of video. This key feature loots at YouTube and other content channels and also searches for a top of the line images. You can directly create your viral images videos for your TikTok account.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about VideoTik

Q: Is there a monthly fee?
A: No this is is a single onetime fee that gives you lifetime access to the VideoTik platform

Q:  Is there tutorials?
A:  Absolutely yes there are.  In the program, you will find all the training you need.

Q:  Are there any additional costs?
A:  No extra costs.  Domains + Hosting are covered and no other additional costs.

Q: Is VideoTik hard to use?
A:  100% VideoTik is newbie-friendly.  Just enter your keyword and the app does the rest of the work for you.

Q:   Is there any of TikToks ToS that VideoTik Violates?
A:  No – VideoTik is 100% Compliant with TikTok™ ToS

Q:  What if you experience any issues with VideoTik?
A:  VideoTik has a dedicated team on hand to help 6 out of 7 days per week.

Q:  How much traffic can you get from using VideoTik?
A:  It really depends upon your niche but some videos go viral instantly!

In Conclusion:

This may just be an opportunity that is not to be missed.  If anything is to be believed about the VideoTik Sales Page which I think it is then a lot more people are going to be using TikTok for business.  Yes, sure I want you to buy this product because I am an affiliate but I actually do genuinely believe that this could be very useful for getting your foot through the door on the TikTok platform.

The only thing I can say to counter this argument is I have barely used this platform myself yet but still it’s a good opportunity.  Why not get in here before too many others do – you may regret leaving this too late.

Follow the link in the image below to get you a copy of this training about how to use TikTok and make money from it with VideoTik today!

Your Feedback:

I hope you found this VideoTik review useful and it helped you to get most of your answers you have been looking for.  If you have any other queries about VideoTik then feel free to contact us.  Either by leaving a comment below in the comments section or contacting me directly at

VIdeoTik is not a scam. It is a simple software that helps you to create videos for your TikTok accounts without stepping in front of the camera.  Thank you so much for reading this VideoTik Review!

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Many thanks;


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10 thoughts on “Using TikTok for Business: VideoTik Review”

  1. Hi there!

    I found this post is very useful for me! It’s informative as well. Although I felt that TikTok is mostly full with not substantive content, but this thought may be a misunderstand. Since lots of users are flooding into TikTok recent years, it seems like it is a great platform for us to expand our career and can let more people know us. This is a potential idea.

    Thanks for the amazing sharing! Blesses you.

  2. Hi there, As I am not familiar with Tiktok, my first question is, what is Tiktok? So I know this review is on VideoTik, but I do not quite understand where VideoTik fits into TikTok. So quoting from your post “While reading this article, you must think about what TikTok is? How TikTok is the 2nd biggest downloaded popular free app in the world?” but I don’t seem to find an answer to this.

    So I would really appreciate if you could fill me in on that as I am very confused. 

    A rating of only 3.8 out of 5 is not really that great if it is considered to be the best, so that makes me very wary of even trying it. I would appreciate to know more.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Line,  TikTok is absolutely huge at the moment.  It should not really need much introduction but what it is – is a site where you can edit different video clips together to make your own mix videos.  The platform I am promoting works by feeding into it different keywords and spitting out content for TikTok.  A lot of people are starting to catch on to the power of this platform.  This program is possibly just the first of many but maybe the best thing about it is it is an incentive to start using TikTok to promote your business.  People should seriously consider doing this because of the competition over the next year so is going to be fierce.

  3. With my personal experience tiktok is a good website with a lot of entertainment and it is a very easy way to promote a video using these site.

    my opinion Is for running of the these website should advance and put more effort in making the world know about it because it is good.

    my question is,in these website can you use one number and one email to open 5 account in this website.

    1. Hi Emma,  Please could you explain your question a bit more clearly I don’t really understand.

  4. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I have heard little about Tiktok from a friend. Having stumbled into this article, I have seen reasons to engage in it to produce quality videos that can help in boosting my business sales and attract traffic’s to my website. I would love to know if there is any cost attached to its usage

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