Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire – Product Review 20207 Minute Reading Time

Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire
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Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire – Product Review 2020

Today I will be reviewing the Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire System.  This was something I come across recently whilst looking on a website called CB Engine.  This website before I get into this post it is a website where you can find the best current ClickBank offers.

Before I continue this is something that I will link to here.  CB Engine.

Anyway, about Wesley Virgin and this product.  It’s basically a gateway product to learn affiliate marketing.  It claims to be everything that Wesley Virgin did himself to initially become the rich and successful man he is today.

Although my personal thoughts, I would not recommend this product purely because I have a much better suggestion for another platform.  Also, the name itself (I think) Overnight Millionaire is an oversight.  This I will explain within this post, and why I think there are better products available.

Read about My Number #1 Suggestion Here!

My Number one suggestion

Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire – Product Review 2020

Product Name
:  Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire
Creator:  Wesley Virgin
Price:   $37.00
Rating:  3/5 ⭐⭐⭐

Warranty:  60-Days

Quick Summary:  Overnight Millionaire is a digital product that mostly contains motivational material and meditation music alongside basic affiliate marketing training.

Website:  WesleyVirgin.net

FTC Disclosure:  Please note that this post contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase through any of the links within this post then I may receive an affiliate commission.  Read more about this (here).

Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire – Product Review 2020

Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire

What Is Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire?

I found out about Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire as mentioned above because of CB Engine.  The reason I’ve chosen to review is that it was doing very well on the CB Engine best gains section.

Overnight Millionaire is a very interesting product because the main basis of the material is motivational.  It involves practising Mindfulness Meditation and positive affirmations.  To help ready you mentally before taking the first steps towards setting up an affiliate marketing business.

Why I’ve Decided to Promote Wesley Virgin

Simple really after watching all the testimonials in one of his videos – and out of the several notable endorsements, one was by rapper and actor ICE-T.

Somebody I instantly recognized – I thought if somebody that famous is promoting this product then there might actually be something to it.

So who is Wesley ‘Million Dollar’ Virgin?

See his Forbes and Huffington Post Interview Below…

This is brilliant in itself!  In this video, Wesley Virgin talks about how after leaving his first job in computer science he joined the US Army, and during this time he read a book by T HARV ECKER SECRETS MILLIONAIRE MIND.

I haven’t read this book myself just putting this out there.

But If it inspired this guy than it must be good!

Wesley Virgin Short Summary

So what Wesley Virgin says in a short summary is because he read this book it inspired him to create his own business.  He started making motivational talks to the other troops he was stationed within Afghanistan, and  It helped him realize his dreams of becoming rich and successful.

Anyway, after several years of trying new things that didn’t work, he decided to leave his full-time job and focus more on his online business.   As a result apparently, during one special month when he was in his 30’s, he finally became a Millionaire! due to one of his health and fitness products.

Something to do with getting a 6-pack (I’ve not really looked into what it is exactly).  Just know this supposedly what made him rich very quickly, but how true this is I don’t know.  Although one thing is for certain I am sure about is that Wesley Virgin is a very successful affiliate marketer.

Millionaire Mind Hack’s Explained

Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks

So interesting back story ‘check’.  Celebrity testimonials ‘check’ and good sales data ‘check’ but what are the Millionaire Mind Hack and Wesley Virgins Overnight Millionaire programs?

Both the same I think but let’s look into this a bit more shall we?

Overnight Millionaire How-it-Works?

Supposedly this program is developed from a declassified CIA Mind Control Research, taken from the US Army (Look up MK Ultra!).  Anyway, a little bit farfetched but basically what Overnight Millionaire does according to WV is install inside your brain the exact positive mindset that you need to start making yourself become rich and wealthy.

Through a series of different secret Millionaire Mind Hacks – You can start reprogramming your mind to become rich and successful.  If you look this up online I believe it is called Manifestation.

Every second is a chance to turn your life around

So Overnight Millionaire is apparently the exact same ‘day by day’ formula that Wesley ‘Million Dollar’ Virgin personally used himself to make 0 into $1,000,000 in just 45 days.

According to this information just by learning these simple overnight mind hack’s you can become just as successful as Wesley and the many others who he has supposedly helped along the way.

Again not sure how true this is – I don’t doubt that he is a millionaire but that he did it in 45 days (Or so he says).

So how can you do exactly the same as Wesley Virgin?  I do think there is something to this but I am still on the fence myself.  Here is how:

By ethically reprogramming your mind for success and abundance just by listening to a simple mp3 file – the same audio series that has continuously helped others become whatever their heart desires.

Crazy enough to work but still crazy none-the-less.  Here is the full package…

What you will Get with Overnight Millionaire:

5-Set MP3 Audio and Video Series
HD Mind Training Videos
Digital Execution Guide-Backdoor Secrets Behind Getting Rich Faster than Others
Fast-start Mind Hacks Execution – Cheat Guide
Guided Meditation
and Much More…

Including 3 Bonuses

How Wesley Billionaire Virgin Can Help You?

Final Thoughts

For what is on offer my personal thoughts are this is a very attractive offer.  Although what I am dubious about is if this can actually help people.

I have come across several products already about how you can ‘reprogram your brain’ to start making yourself happier, more positive and a lot richer, and this one seems like it could be very much in the same vein.

One of my first posts I wrote this year was about a product called Manifestation Magic.  This I would guess is very much the same.  See my original post here.

This I have tried to incorporate what I learned from into manifesting good things.  I have had a few CB sales maybe $450 last month but I’m not sure how much this actually helped.

My Clickbank Sales January

Granted I have definitely made something happen.  My first 3 sales were within a week of writing about and trying out Manifestation Magic.  Could it have just been beginners luck I am not so sure?

The key for most if not all these products seem to me to be using a technique called ‘the Law of Attraction‘.

But about Wesley Virgin what make’s him so different?

I really like how personally he is very involved with his marketing.

The product he is offering for $37 USD – $20 off $57 (discounted apparently), and  If you actually watch the video there’s loads of value for money in here just from this (I thought).  It remains to be seen for my whole effective Overnight Millionaire actually is but to me it seems as if this man is offering his experience his knowledge and his secrets.

Click Below to Visit the Overnight Millionaire Sales Page!

Click Here Gif

or if you prefer something else a little bit different – Here is MY CHOICE

Find out more about Manifestation Magic!

Manifest Magic 2.0 banner

Your Feedback

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26 thoughts on “Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire – Product Review 2020<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">7</span> Minute Reading Time</span>”

  1. This is great. I had heard about this guy but did not know what it was. The secret to become rich is a subject we are all interested in. The mind is very powerful.

  2. I am always in doubt when people become “millionaire from one day to the next” and then sell for 20 dollars (with discount and all) the GREAT secret …

    If we add to this again the law of attraction where the universe seems to be “worried” about what we ask you to close your eyes and to make strength for what we have.

    I am not saying that it does not work, in fact the scientific response to this has to do with the Brain Reticular System, rather than with the universe (what is the universe for these people?)

    Do you know if this is based on neuroscientific techniques such as Neurolinguistic Programming?

    Thank you very much, I will also take a look!

    1. Hi Pablo,  To be honest, the scientific aspect I was referencing something else a new book by Dr. Tara Swart called the Source.  There is a link in my post if you’re interested in reading my other article.  What this has to do with Wesley Virgin is that he seems to be promoting this idea of instilling confidence in people to make something of themselves.  The mystical aspect of it I will confess I think it could very well be a placebo effect but this I believe it or not dubious about.  I read something about how animals respond to reiki – and how this at least in some parts disproves the placebo effect idea of meditation.  Sorry, I can’t explain any better but because of some of my recent research basically, i wonder if that this overnight millionaire program along with others might just be worth their weight. 

  3. So Wesley Virgin is not a scam and his product isn’t either. And Yes, the title of the program can be very misleading but I do hope that this review has clarified things to people that are still doubtful I am currently working with it an I am already see results I do like the strategy behind it and I know for a fact that you can make millions of dollars from using it.

    1. Hi Feji,  I can not clarify that it is or isn’t the real deal but my aim of my post is to showcase his work if you like.  His rags to riches story for one I think is a good read or listen if you prefer.  As for the actual product I think for what is there it is good value for money.  A scam to me would be paying for something and not receiving anything back.

  4. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I’ve heard about Wesley virgin before but didn’t know what it was and after reading your article I found out about it.And I was very interested to know the secret of her being rich and after reading it my mind has become very strong.And it will help me move forward and reach my desired goals.And like him, I want to read the book MT HARV ECKER SECRETS MILLIONAIRE MIND,and I want to collect it.I’ll be collecting it soon and sharing new experiences with you.

  5. Thanks a lot for such an amazing article about Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire – The Secret to Become Rich. I enjoyed reading your article and I think your article will help us all. After reading your article I think this is an alluring offer. About the entire mind hack thing, this is fascinating for me. I think, overall The secret to becoming rich is a subject we are all interested in. So thank You so much for sharing this article. So I am going to bookmark it. Good luck!

    1. Thank You, Sabrina,  Glad to hear.  It does seem like an amazing offer.  If you are interested at the top of my page is a subscriber box – if you want to subscribe you will get a follow up email with a link inside there for later.  Best of luck.

  6. Fahim Shahriar Sakib

    Hi there! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing article. I read your article with a great interest. Your article had truly inspired me. Now I really know about the key to success and become a millionaire. Actually the mind spirit is the real spirit of life. This inspiring article will give me the power and strength and one day lead me towards victory. I wish you will share more such type of article.
    Again, thanks for such inspiring article.

    1. Hi Fahim,  Yes this is the plan, unfortunately, it all takes time but this is definitely my aim to inspire and share the best information that I can.  Best of luck in whatever you do – healthy mind healthy body healthy spirit.

  7. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. been able to engage the mind productively can bring so much wealth but then i still feel that there has to be much work input fro greater and lasting success. thank you for this review.

  8. Hi

    I did hear about the Wesley-Virgin-Overnight-Millionaire program but never got the time to look into the details. But thanks to your in-depth review which gave me all the information.

    I have gained some important insights and guidance after reading this and its definitely going to help me moving forward.

    Thanks for this amazing post.

    Looking forward to more articles on your website.

  9. This is an interesting read i have always been skeptical when seeing these articles to be honest im sure many are worried about it being a scam. I have read many reviews on Wesley Virgin, and he seems to be very charismatic and passionate about his program. I know mind set is key to most things in life.

    to that affect this could potentially be the real deal i just haven’t gotten the courage up to try it out for myself. I will be bookmarking this post in hopes real customers leave some personal accounts to help further my decision. Thank you so much

    1. Hi Denton,  Glad to hear and I feel the same pretty much the same.  Wesley Virgin does seem like a very interesting character.  About reviews, if you go to CB Engine the product has 5 stars on there.  If that helps.

  10. I have known Wesley Virgin for quite some time now and I am convinced his Products are very effective considering the fact that he has manifested what he claims his students will manifest. As a matter of fact, the state of mind of a man determines how far he would go in life. We need a positive mindset, we need to reprogram our minds!

    1. Hi Mr Biizy,  Yes I agree he must have been doing something right all this time being in the public eye like he is.  I have seen him sharing his phone number on the site which I think is a very brave thing – to be honest, I think I might just be surprised myself with this product.

  11. Wow, what an interesting article. The title was indeed quite catchy. Shortcuts to riches always raise eyebrows but this Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire sounds like it is worth looking into. I am definitely taking my time learn more about this product and what it really has to offer.
    I am very likely sharing this info with others. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Hi Daniel, If you could share this it would be amazing. I can’t make any guarantees here how well this product works but it’s all about the person I think in my own experience. I think that the inspiration this product could offer to someone in itself makes it worth every penny. I have written several articles now about what a positive mindset can help people achieve. I think personally myself people need these kinds of catalysts to help them realize what their dreams are sometimes. Thank you for your comment it’s great to hear from you.

  12. This is a very interesting post! I’ve heard of Wesley Virgin but didn’t really know what he represented.
    It’s a common perspective these days, about the millionaire mind, attraction laws and such. I’ve never really given it much thought.
    But your article is intriguing, and I think I might have to listen to what he says.
    Thanks again,

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