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What Are LeadsArk and LeadsGuru? Are They Legit or Not?

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Recently, I stumbled upon 2 different platforms called LeadsArk and LeadsGuru.  Both I stumbled upon ‘kind of’ around the same sort of time and naturally I was quite interested to find out more.

Like what are these websites?  I thought.  Both have ‘Leads’ in their name and I wondered “can they actually bring anything to my current business model that isn’t already there?”.  

So, I thought I would do some research.  I am always on the lookout for new content ideas and this was something that I decided could be good for my curiosity.   Not only this but for any of my readers that are curious themselves about these 2 websites.

After all, what are affiliate marketers (like myself) mostly in the business for?  Surely commissions and monetization but also LEADS.  Creating content can be fun but who really wants to be stuck in writing or recording videos all day, without any kind of financial incentive?  I mean seriously??

Money makes the world go round and if we can’t get paid doing this we must find some other means.  SURELY!

Which, brings me back to my point – every business needs some kind of Lead Generation.  Something which websites such as LeadsArk and LeadsGuru sound like they can be useful for.   But Really!  is this the case… and 

What Are LeadsArk and LeadsGuru?

what are leadsark and leadsguru

LeadsArk and LeadsGuru are Educational websites based out of India that teach you how you can develop your own online business with affiliate marketing.  Which, is a business practice that I’ve written about numerous times on this website already.  It is something that works by promoting other peoples products for a commission.

how does affiliate marketing work

I didn’t start writing this post to make it about affiliate marketing – not going to lie but what I can tell you is that this is a HUGE industry that is growing bigger every year.  It gives you the opportunity to work from home but also if you wish you can work from anywhere with the Internet.  So if I went to Australia with my Laptop I could in theory just sit down and work.

There is also a LOT of money to be made and this is basically what LeadsArk and LeadsGuru aim to teach.  How you can learn affiliate marketing.  What you can do effectively to make money online and the best ways to make this all work-!

Of course, these are just 2 such programs out of many and there is a LOT of these products that really aren’t very good.

As affiliate marketing is such big business there is a lot of crap going around but how about LeadsArk and LeadsGuru…

Let’s begin with…

What Is LeadsArk?

So, LeadsArk and LeadsGuru let’s look at the difference between the two.  We shall start with LeadsArk…

Leadsark is an educational training platform for lead generation and online business founded by Ayaz Mohammad.

Their biggest claim is by following this training you can generate 25-30 leads per day for your existing business.

It has a three-tier system of courses LeadsArk Lite, LeadsArk Standard and LeadsArk Pro.

what is leadsark pricing plans

The prices range from just over $25.00 for Lite, around $35.00 for Standard and just over $90 for Pro. 

Here is what you will get with each package…

LeadsArk Lite:

  • Organic Lead Generation
  • Social Media marketing
  • Personal Branding
  • Attraction Marketing

LeadsArk Standard

  • More Advanced Strategy of Organic Lead Generation
  • Advanced Group Promotion strategy
  • Product Review Strategy
  • Lead Magnet Offer Strategy
  • 8 Bonus Courses…
    • Social Media Content Creation (Video Course worth 199 USD)
    • YouTube SEO (Video Course worth 199 USD)
    • Email Marketing Automation (Video Course worth 199 USD)
    • Internet Marketing for Complete Beginners (E-Book Bundle worth 199 USD)
    • YouTube Quick Start (E-Book worth 99 USD)
    • Affiliate Marketing Success (E-Book worth 99 USD)
    • Facebook Group Domination (E-Book worth 99 USD)
    • Facebook Messenger Marketing – Chatbot (E-Book worth 99 USD)

LeadsArk Pro

LeadsArk Pro: Affiliate Marketing Training by Ayaz Mohammad

  • Affiliate Marketing – Concept & Strategy
  • Niche & Product Selection
  • How to Work Like a Pro
  • Different Affiliate Platforms – ClickBank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus
  • Finding Killer Products beyond these Affiliate Platforms
  • Marketing & Promotions of Affiliate Offers
  • Advanced Strategy of Leads Generation

LeadsArk Pro: Sales Training by Ayaz Mohammad

  • Advanced Sales Strategy
  • How to Pitch your Affiliate Offers
  • Objection handling
  • Sales Closing
  • Sales script

CPA Affiliate Marketing Training by Shabbir Ahmed Khan

  • Basic Concept of CPA Marketing
  • How to get CPA Offers from IMC Platform
  • How to find Ad Copies
  • Relevant Keywords Research
  • How to Create Bing Ads
  • How to Optimize Bing ads
  • DFY Landing Page / Sales Funnel Module
  • How to get Bing Ads Coupons for Initial Campaigning

Personal Branding Training by Diya Asrani

  • How to Build Your Personal Brand Presence
  • How to get the Niche Clarity
  • How to Create a Brand Story
  • How to Position your Brand
  • How to Create a Brand Kit
  • Content Creation for Personal Branding
  • How to maintain Content Hygiene
  • Basics of Copywriting

Instagram Marketing Strategy by Aman Rajput

  • Introduction of Instagram Marketing
  • 3 Most Important Things about Instagram
  • Business Accounts and Highlights
  • Personal Branding with Feed
  • Instagram Stories Guide
  • Instagram Hashtags & Caption
  • How to Grow with Reels
  • Hacks to Jump Start from the Scratch in Instagram

LeadsArk Affiliate Marketing Strategy by Shivam Gupta

  • Basic Concept of Affiliate Marketing
  • Advantages of LeadsArk and Why LeadsArk
  • Why People Fail in Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Present LeadsArk to the prospects
  • Organic Lead Generation
  • Instagram hacks to attract Quality Leads
  • Content Creation

Also, included – 5 Bonus Courses worth 999 USD

Continuous Upgrade and New Course Additions

Weekly Live Training

(Recordings of all the Important Sessions will be uploaded in the Course)


*Note:  I noticed one of the courses on LeadsArk is the original version (I think) of Simple Social Media Sales By Bones Rodriguez.  You can buy this from JVZOO for $7.00 ~ I actually found this very helpful! but never realised it wasn’t his product.  So, some possible money to be made here from reselling courses I think.

I will explore this further soon…

What Is LeadsGuru?

Leadsguru not to be confused with LeadGuru (from the UK) is an educational website based in India that offers several affiliate marketing and entrepreneurial courses.  The founder and course instructor is Ajay Singh and the company is a subsidiary of Veer Hanuman Enterprises.  Altogether it offers 3 different tiers for courses – Silver, Gold and Platinum.

To join you must purchase either one of the 3 packages for the equivalent of $30, $50 or $130 in Indian Rupees.

Each course can be promoted separately and for a huge 90% commission.   It definitely appears to have the edge over LeadsArk but what of the training?

Silver – Courses Include:

  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course
  • Content Creation Mastery Course
  • Video Editing Mastery Course
  • Instagram Growth Mastery Course ( Powerful Video Training Of Organic Affiliate Marketing )
  • Social Media Mastery Course By LeadsGuru
  • Organic Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course ( Powerful Video Training Of Organic Affiliate Marketing )

Gold – Courses Include:

  • Public Speaking Mastery Course
  • Spoken English Mastery Course
  • Communication Mastery Course
  • Facebook Ads Mastery Course
  • Email Marketing Mastery Course
  • Sales Funnel Mastery Course
  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing Course
  • All Silver Courses Free As A Bonus.

Platinum – Courses Include:

  • Institutional Digital Marketing Course ( By Digital Agency )
  • Advanced Copywriting Course
  • 8 Gold Courses Free As A Bonus
  • 6 Silver Courses Free As A Bonus
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Up to 90 % Commission On Every Sale

Comparing The Two

LeadsArk and LeadsGuru are fairly similar platforms really.  Both are Indian businesses.  Each has 3 different packages that are kind of similar in price.  I think content-wise there seems to be more on offer with LeadsArk whilst LeadsGuru looks like it could be a bit more digestible.   However, both offer very generous affiliate commissions.

LeadsArk offers 70% Affiliate Commissions + 12% Commissions via your downline.

LeadsGuru doesn’t have a downline (I don’t think) but they offer 90% Commissions.

Definitely, both are attractive for affiliate marketers as products to promote but how about the actual courses?

What Do The Customer Reviews Say?

According to one customer of LeadsArk, their courses are not worth their price.  The quality of their content is mediocre at best and there are much better free (or very affordable) resources on sites such as Udemy, Edureka, Coursera or Skillshare.

There are a few reviews like this which state that LeadsArk is too overly focused on MLM.  This in any situation (Multi-Level-Marketing) is very off-putting for people.  This, as an incentive for joining LeadsArk, is kind of to its detriment. 

Although, if I am being honest there isn’t a whole lot of reviews online for LeadsArk.  I am mainly taking these reviews from Quora.  There is one thread here with 21 replies (and counting) and this is my point of resource.  See below…

People seem very divided on whether this product is actually worth it, or not.  If you keep reading you will see what I mean.

why leadsark is a scam

is leadsark a scam

As for LeadsGuru.in

is leadsguru a scam

Well, not much is really available in terms of reviews for LeadsGuru.  Much fewer reviews than LeadsArk. 

There is one review on TrustPilot for LeadsGuru but this is about it.

Also, there is a 3rd website that is most likely worthy of a mention called Bizgurukul.

All 3 have their advocates and haters it does seem.  For me, I think there is potential here with each for sure.

My Verdict On LeadsArk and LeadsGuru

I think I am going to come out and just say it.  I’ve not purchased anything from either website.  For me, I think to write a proper accurate review I would have to go through each course and decide whether I think they are worth it, or not.

Looking at everything on paper the lessons, going by their titles, are definitely what you should expect.  Things such as lead generation, social media and mindset training are all aspects of affiliate marketing.  

However, the names of lessons DO NOT guarantee that the training will be any good.  

In any case, whoever is teaching you must be able to do so in a way that actually teaches you.  If they can’t do this then it doesn’t really justify your investment.  I can’t speak on a product that I haven’t actually used but this for me is the biggest question mark for both LeadsArk and LeadsGuru.

Besides This – Here is What I Like…

So, I know people are moaning about the respective affiliate programs – especially with LeadsArk because of its 2 Tier commissions but honestly, there is only one thing I think that should matter here really – how good is the training?

The real money to be made will of course come from promoting other affiliate products surely.  If this training can help with that then even without their affiliate programs and commissions they are worth it.   The same goes for Bizgurukul

This is what I think.  Also, both are definitely legitimate businesses and I think for any Indian natives that only speak Hindi they are both for sure worth a look at.  

My only qualms with them are that they both only offer a very short window for refunds.

 LeadsArk for example only offers 24 Hours and LeadsGuru – ONLY offer 2 HOURS!

Asides from this though there is something that I believe gives LeadsArk credence over LeadsGuru (See Image).

ayaz mohammed leadsark

Ayaz Muhammed the creator of LeadsArk won the 2021 Times Excellence Award [R]  ~ this to me says there really could be something to this product.  However, as I’ve said I haven’t used either LeadsArk or LeadsGuru.  So…

Here is My Personal Recommendation

Definitely, I think that if you are looking at investing in either one of the two – LeadsArk and LeadsGuru you are on the right track.  Especially if you are Indian and even more so if your first language is Hindi.  In fact, if you can find the money a bit further down the road then it might be worth investing just for the affiliate programs.

You will want to get yourself a nice big list of products to promote.  Just make sure you look to follow a single niche at first.

This way you can focus your efforts on targetting certain customers.  For instance, you could make your affiliate marketing business about Health, Pets, Relationships, Making Money Online or something else.  

These are all popular categories but of course, just choose one and then you will need the right tools and training.

My Advice – How To Get Started

You can start with Blogger or Youtube as free resources and you can use Clickbank for your affiliate links.  Even Social Media you can use on its own more or less to do affiliate marketing.   I did something very similar in the beginning. 

However, in an ideal situation YES to really learn affiliate marketing choosing something like LeadsArk and LeadsGuru is an absolute must.  These are NOT my personal choice but really anything that can teach you the basics is all you need.

There are so many programs to choose from I will say but the training platform I got started with I think is a good one.  Not only because it has lot’s of training – probably everything you will get with LeadsArk and LeadsGuru plus more – but it also includes web hosting and domain parking.  24/7 Customer Support and a thriving community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

You can choose LeadsArk and LeadsGuru if you wish but here is my pick which also includes my personal coaching.

join wealthy affiliate to learn affiliate marketing

So, just click above to visit my page.  You can get started for free and this will basically get you all up and running with your own website.  There are basically 2 courses on top of this with around 10 modules each – plus there is LOADS more!!

Also, for more help from me (if you want it) you can also subscribe to my daily email tips.   This also includes my free eBook which took me like 4 months to write and anything else you need I will help you with.  Just scroll back to the top SUBSCRIBE and bob is your uncle!  Your future success is only but a CLICK AWAY…

*Please note if you click the image above again it is free to join but if you do decide to upgrade to premium it’s most likely that I will receive an affiliate commission.  You can do the same as a member – it’s 50% just to let you know.

In Conclusion – Just A Few Final Words

I am not an affiliate of either LeadsArk or LeadsGuru at this current time.  The links to join are here if you wish;


It’s of no financial interest to me whatsoever if you sign up.  I am not an affiliate so I don’t make any money from you joining.  Really, I think it is only right I share links to the websites as I have written a post about them.  I’m not looking at joining anytime soon but Just if you do join let us know what you think of the training.  

I would like to know and will maybe consider joining in future but as of now I just don’t feel I have the time for either.  Currently, I am very busy blogging and Wealthy Affiliate on its own has me very preoccupied with its training already.

So with that said well I am going to finish up here.  

Thanks for reading #ToYourSuccess in 2022 ?

Hope to have you here again soon x

Alex B. Chivers

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8 thoughts on “What Are LeadsArk and LeadsGuru? Are They Legit or Not?”

  1. We do like how you broke this all down for us about each company, and then what is the difference between the two companies, Leaksark and Leadsguru?
    You explained it so well. We come to this website all the time and like the realness that comes with it on who these benefits are for and who will use them.
    Your recommendation to WA is one of the best platforms out there on the web.


    1. Thanks Matthew/Deloris

      Yes, I try to offer an honest approach. Many other product reviews are quite biased in my opinion and would rather offer my honest take on things so people are more open to returning in future.

  2. I am a little put of by the negative reviews on Quora but then there are some reviewers who defend Leads Ark and Leads Guru. Personally, I think that both, especially Leads Ark offer a lot of interesting and useful courses, but I haven’t used them either, so I don’t know how good the courses are.
    The excellence award speaks volumes, so there must be something good 🙂
    I noticed that Leads Guru also offers a course in public speaking. How does that fit in with affiliate marketing? Or do they teach about MLMs? It’s weird that they advertise as courses for leads marketing or affiliate marketing but some people say that it’s an MLM?

    1. Hi Christine, I think both likely have their good points in the training. Mostly, they seem to be aimed more at the Asian market, especially India. I think they definitely both have their advocates but as they are both so heavily promoted I think it has left a bit of a bad impression on people.

      As for the MLM aspect. There is a downline I think for affiliate commissions. I don’t really understand it but I guess this is why people think this.

  3. Thanks for sharing your review of Leadshark and Leadsguru. I’m of the same opinion as you are. Both products are legit and could probably help you to generate some leads and who knows, maybe even to make a few sales. But like every other program of this kind, I’m not convinced that they are created for users. Just looking at the compensation plan, it is clear that they are just trying to sell as many copies. I prefer courses (programs) that are user-friendly and really help to start your own online business from scratch. And these, in my opinion, do not fall into this category. In any case, thanks again for shedding the light on these two products. I will rather check out your recommendation on how to build an affiliate website and make money promoting any products I want. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Thanks Ivan, Yes agree with you on this – I think maybe for native Indian speakers this has an advantage but otherwise there is much better training out there.

  4. I have never heard of Leadark or Leadguru before but I was sufficiently intrigued to learn that Ayaz Mohammed was a recipient of the Times Excellence award for 2021 for E-learning.

    Their commisions seemed unbelieveably high – LeadsArk offers 70% Affiliate Commissions + 12% Commissions via the downline while LeadsGuru offers 90% Commissions. The fact that there are very few reviews does not breed confidence in me about the products – although they could very well be good. Your alternate affiliate marketing platform WA which I checked has me feeling that this is a more viable option.


    1. Hi Ceci, I hadn’t heard of either before but I did a bit of digging. I agree the commissions are high but I guess this is just to get these courses out to as many as possible. If the creator is making 8% of every purchase it soon adds up I suppose.

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