what is a one time offer page

What is a One Time Offer Page – How To Setup a Sales Funnel #3

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Hi Guys,  For returning visitors to the site you may have seen my posts about how to create an ebook and set up a sales funnel.  This is kind of like the 3rd part of those posts.  This edition is all about What is a One Time Offer Page?

This you may know as an OTO page but if you are anything like me I didn’t actually grasp this concept till reading about it in a free ebook.  Before this my basic idea of a sales funnel was 1.)  The Optin form 2.) The Thank You page / or redirect and 3.)  The autoresponder emails.

I guess the thank you page I knew about before.  In my free My Online Start-Up training it said to use this to say thank you, ask your subscriber to whitelist your emails and offer them something else. That I guess I know now this is the OTO.  I actually have this page set up still at the time of writing this.

Pretty amateur but this time around I’m going to crank it up a gear.  ?

What is a One Time Offer Page –
How To Setup a Sales Funnel #3

what is a one time offer page


So you probably could say I’m taking my first baby steps here ?  I tried ClickFunnels about a year ago I couldn’t make head nor tail of how it worked.  All these extra pages I thought oh wow that’s how people make money ?

My brain ? was on the verge of exploding by the time I got to the end of my 2 weeks free trial.  I think now this was because I didn’t understand the basic functions of a sales funnel.

Here I will try and explain:

1.)  Offer Lead Magnet (Free EBook/Report/Checklist) to get people to optin to your list.
2.)  Have set up a redirection – A Thank You Page / OTO Page
3.)  On the Thank You Page / OTO Page say thank you and ask your subscriber to whitelist your emails.
4.)  Also, on this page add your one-time offer.  Use image/video and BIN button
5.)  Try offering a low-value item for sale.  Under £5.  This is very important.
6.)  Find a vendor to list your OTO for sale.  Mine I use I will share within this post.
7.)  Set up a 2nd redirect to a down-sell page once checkout is complete.

The Complicated Part First

Personally, I hate this having to skim all the way through a course falling down one new rabbit hole ? after another just to find out the one specific thing I want to learn.  I know this is bad people set their courses up like this for a reason but I personally don’t want to leave you hanging.   My biggest frustration I had I want to share with you right now.

I had to write this down on paper to get this out.  What Do I Want to Happen?  ~ What is a One Time Offer Page??? ?

Here is what I wrote:  “I want to offer an ebook for sale as my OTO.  Then I want to redirect after the purchase/checkout is complete to a down-sell page”.

Here I will explain how you can do just this.

So, first, you need to have your product ready and sign up for a free account with Payhip.com

Here you can upload any digital or even physical product you want to sell.  You can add both PayPal and Stripe as payment processing and basically, just 5% of the sale goes to them.

It is as easy as adding the link to the button on your OTO page and voila!

As for setting up the redirect, I could try to explain this but you may be better reading this from PayHip Support themselves.

Checkout Redirect – Payhip Support

Now To Set Up Your OTO Page

So I said the above part was complicated.  It’s pretty straightforward really once you know.  This is actually the more difficult part because you need to actually design everything the right way.  Although there are some fundamental basics.

1.)  A Pre-Heading:  Say Thank You and Ask your Subscriber to find your email and if necessary mark it as NOT JUNK

2.)  The Main Heading:

3.) Video or image

4.)  Sales Copy

5.)  Buy IT NOW button

6.)  The No-Thank You Link

So, I’m going to use GetResponse.  You can use WordPress or wherever else.  Weebly you could maybe use as well.

Here is my design…

The Down-Sell Page

Right, so what I didn’t say about the above is the idea for a One-Time-Offer page is to raise advertising funds.  For example, Solo Ads are not everyone’s cup of tea but this is one way to do paid advertising.

So let’s say you pay $40-$50 for 100 clicks you want to hope that at least 1/3 of these leads opt into your list.  It can be quite an expensive process but at least this way there is every chance you can cover some of your losses.  If 10 of these 100 people visit your link and pay $2 each that is something else for your next ad budget.

20-30 people even better but truth be told this is why you want a down-sell page as well.  You want to offer something here on top that is mid-price $15-$25.

You don’t have to make another sale page.  Find a good affiliate link and just use this.  You should hope that 2-3 people at least go for this offer.  Just to cover your next ad budget alongside any small $2 payments you receive.

Your actual goal is to get as many people as you can on to your list and through there try and make your main profits.

Optimize as you go along.  See what emails are working.  Which one’s are not.

Just remember to put YOUR down-sell link in 2 places.    You want to have it as a redirect if someone purchases your One-Time-Offer and as well in the NO-Thank, You link you want to have as a link to your down-sell also.

In Conclusion

Well, there really isn’t much else to say.  IF you are in a boat like mine and you are just about on the verge of deciding to move into paid ads.  You will definitely want to set up a One-Time-Offer and Downsell page.  It can be very frustrating spending money that you might have very little of.  Especially if the means do not justify an end.

Using this technique is YOUR opportunity to minimise the risk of losing money from your paid ads.

I am yet to actually finish my funnel yet but I may add my results later on.  In the meantime, I would definitely recommend that you take a read of this free EBOOK.  After all, this was where I learned the idea that is behind this post.


I hope it can help you as it has helped me.

  IF you are dipping your toes into using paid ads for the first time.  Another thing you might want to try is finding a partner or partners to join a Co-Op with you.  Especially if you are using Solo Ads as this is a very risky business.  Instead of investing $50 for 100 clicks finding someone to go halves with you.  $25 for 50 clicks.  If between the both of you – you get xx sign ups and commissions you know the traffic is good and whether it’s worth investing more.


Finally, hope you have found this information useful.  I am sure you most likely have but if so please if you could share this article with others and if you have any questions or would like to leave feedback please drop us a comment below.

Alternatively, if you would like to Guest Post or message me in private you can also contact me directly at alexc@ibusinesstoday.com or you can contact me through my social media channels HERE

Many thanks and to you Future Success  ????

Alex B. Chivers


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