What Is Spark By ClickBank Review (2022) – All You Need To Know

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If you are reading this today then you may be curious.  What Is Spark By ClickBank?  Well, I kind of get where you’re coming from.  I saw the ads but never knew what the platform was actually about.  Except that it was something along the lines of ClickBank University (Live Marketing HQ) – Another product sold on Clickbank which supposedly can help to effectively sell ClickBank products.

So, looking into this further this is exactly what this is.  A training course that teaches how to use ClickBank.  It is split up into 17 courses with 60 videos, and it is put together by a man called Ben Harris.

From a quick glance at the different courses, I can see that there is one about Facebook Ads and another about Product Creation. 

There is also another that will apparently help you to make your first CB commission in the first 7 days!

The rest I will explore later in this post but another thing that seems appealing about this course is for all new members, you can try it for free for 7 days.  It is $37 a month after this but I suppose you can at least get a taster before you decide whether you want to continue.

I would suggest that for anybody that doesn’t want to continue beyond 7 days to be on their toes.  Usually, this sort of deal is to catch people off guard.  In the hopes, they don’t cancel their direct debit in time. 

Some will of course want to stay but most people (like myself) want things for free.  So this is basically just baiting.  

Although, what value does this training offer.  That is the question?  and one by the end of this post I will look to answer in detail.

What Is Spark By ClickBank Review (2022)?

FTC Disclosure:

Please note that this post contains affiliate links.  If you happen to click on any of the links on this page just to let you know if this leads to you making a purchase there is a chance I could make a small commission as a result.  The price you pay will not be affected. Also not every product I write about I actually recommend.

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About Spark By ClickbankSummary

Above I mentioned Clickbank University.  This actually went through 2 iterations (CB University, and CB University 2.0).  Both are now gone and basically, 2 new products have appeared in their place – Live Marketing HQ and Spark.  

LMHQ I will review in another post but as for Spark, this is aimed at new digital marketers especially.   It is designed to help both affiliate marketers and product vendors.  More so this is for anyone looking to utilize the power of ClickBank.

what is Spark by Clickbank Review 2021

Product Name:
  Spark By ClickBank

Presented By:  ClickBank and Ben Harris 

Website:  https://sparkbyclickbank.com

Price:  $37.00 Monthly Recurring

Quality Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Support:  2 out of 5 stars

Recommended:  50/50 – I think it could be valuable to some people but also that there is better training elsewhere.

Check out my alternative recommendation here<<<

What Is Spark By ClickBank Review 2021 – All You Need To Know

My First Impressions

Honestly, from what I have read about this product it is not much better than CB University.  It is apparently very generic, vague, and not really much of an improvement at all by comparison to its predecessor.  Indeed, for $37 a month, I don’t think this is really worth it but I think I could be wrong of course.

I think, Spark By ClickBank I wouldn’t dismiss it completely.  I don’t think anyone including myself should unless they at least are willing to give it a go for 7 days for free.  One month I think would be even better.  I am not sure about the ‘Make Your First Commission in 7 Days’ part but it must have some kind of value for a company like ClickBank to endorse it as it has.     

So, despite what I’ve said above I think maybe it’s still worth a try.  Although maybe not beyond the first month.

Especially if you are not in the business of product creation (JV).  For anyone basically just interested in promoting other people’s products as an affiliate – you might be better off with something else (training-wise).

Scroll Down to see what I think might be worth trying out Instead towards the end of this article.

Who Is Ben Harris – The Creator Of Spark?

Ben Harris is the coordinator and presenter of Spark By ClickBank.  He also works for ClickBank as a Senior Marketing Manager.  According to his LinkedIn profile, he is a graduate of Boise State University and currently lives in Idaho USA.

I am not sure if he has any of his own digital products aside from this. Or about his involvement alongside Justin Atlan for CB University, But  He is definitely a real person so I would expect there will be other courses released by Ben in the future. Though, from what I can gather it is only Spark by Clickbank as of now.

Spark By ClickBank Courses #1-17

spark by clickbank course 1-4
  1. Course #1 – First Steps (Introduction)
  2. Course #2 – Internet Marketing 101
  3. Course #3 – How ClickBank Works?
  4. Course #4 – Product Owners (Creating your own digital product)
  5. Course #5 – Affiliate Marketing
  6. Course #6 – Direct Response Psychology (The PAS Formula)
  7. Course #7 – Compliance (About FTC Disclosure)
  8. Course #8 – What Makes An Online Offer (How To Set Up A Marketing Funnel)
  9. Course #9 – Content Types (Blog posts, videos, ebooks, reports, etc.)
  10. Course #10 – The Tools Of Digital Marketing
  11. Course #11 – Outsourcing (Delegation / Hiring Freelancers)
  12. Course #12 – Understanding Memberships (How To Build A Membership Website)
  13. Course #13 – Affiliate Quickstart Guide Part 1 (choosing ClickBank products)
  14. Course #14 – Affiliate Quickstart Guide Part 2 (How to promote affiliate marketing products)
  15. Course #15 – Creating Your First Advert
  16. Course #16 – Digital Product Quickstart Guide Part 1 (For creating your own digital product)
  17. Course 17: Digital Product Quickstart Guide Part 2 (How to market your own products)


I know a bit lazy of me to not write a little bit about each course.  Aside from what is in the brackets. I thought I would keep it short though and just try to summarize everything together.   

So I would say this is a good blueprint.  You should at least come away with a better understanding of the fundamental basics of affiliate marketing.  If nothing else.

From knowing exactly what internet marketing and affiliate programs are about.  To everything in between including sales funnels, product creation, email marketing, tools, and advertising.  You could actually take this list and utilize it for your own learning guide for searches on google, youtube, etc.

You could argue that actually following the training in Spark is the more convenient route but here is the problem…

Many say this training is too vague and doesn’t offer enough depth.  Although I have read that the product creation modules are very good – although, it does leave the question. 

Is there better training available for this monthly price of $37.00?? I actually think there is please keep reading.

Now, ClickBank Spark Customer Reviews

A mixed bag is not the word.  

Just a quick look on TrustPilot and it doesn’t instill much confidence at all really about giving this product a go.  However, there are some good reviews as well as bad ones. 

So I personally wouldn’t write this course of myself just yet.  

It seems to me that for some this training has actually been quite beneficial.

Yet, for others the main complaints are that; 

  • People can’t log in,
  • The training is biased towards other affiliate offers and upsells
    and the course itself is not very advanced.

One review mentions the 7 Days To Your First Commission course.  According to this customer, the information provided by Spark to set up a Facebook Ad was declined because it had already been used too many times.  Not only this but after this customer contacted support they offered absolutely no solution.

However, another customer on TrustPilotPenelope‘ gives Spark by Clickbank 5 stars.  She says that thanks to spark she has been educated well enough to understand how affiliate marketing works and has just launched her own JV product as a result. 

>>> If you would like to read more visit TrustPilot Here<<< 

How Much Does Spark by ClickBank Cost?

I did share this already.  You can join for free for 7 days and after that, it is $37 USD a month.  Plus, yes there is more they also charge extra for more advanced classes.  Which, pretty much says it all really – $37 a month is only for the basics – if you really want to learn from Spark you will need to pay more.   

Typical really but it does appear these advanced classes are worth it in terms of value.  It is just that you could most likely find alternative solutions and pay a lot less.

How To Cancel Spark By ClickBank?

As I mentioned above when you accept the free 7-day trial if you don’t plan to carry on beyond this period stay vigilant.  I would say the sensible option is to cancel your direct debit that Spark will set up upon agreeing to take the 7-day trial. 

Just be aware though sometimes these companies can still manage to charge you even after DD has been cancelled.

To properly cancel the direct debit for any ClickBank products follow these instructions;

How do I cancel a ClickBank product subscription? – ClickBank Knowledge Base

My Verdict – To Buy Or Not To Buy?

My Verdict Spark By Clickbank

Honestly,  I am not going to bulls**t people.  I would not recommend Spark By ClickBank.  Even for the Product Creation courses.  For that, I would say instead check out the free webinar that I link to in my last post.  Otherwise, for everything else, I would instead pay the extra $10 a month to get Wealthy Affiliate.  

I know I recommend this in a lot of posts which might seem biased of me but yes 100% for $49 a month you get a lot, lot more training, hosting for up to 10 websites, Jaaxy Keyword Research Membership, tools, networking, and 50% commissions on their affiliate program. Some of these reviews I will screenshot below.


Spark By Clickbank you could try if you’re looking for something different but if you can only afford the membership and not much else go with WA.  If you are new to the idea of affiliate marketing I actually have a few posts here that I think can help.  Check out my homepage and you will see some links there.  

Look for my post about different niche ideas.  Read that and see if you can come up with a good idea for a website and yes my advice sign up for a free account with Wealthy Affiliate.  Take the OEC (Online Entrepreneur Training) and in the first 3 weeks pay the $19 for the first month of Premium.  Then see if it is for you.  

If you are seriously considering Spark By ClickBank – don’t until you’ve at least read a bit more about WA.

I have written 2 reviews myself read those and see what you think:

Why Join Wealthy Affiliate – My No.1 Suggestion!

Or if you would prefer to give Spark a try you can find out more by clicking the link below⏬

Main – Spark By ClickBank – Visit The Website HERE<<<

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Ben Harris Spark By Clickbank Review 2022 37.00


Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Training.  How to use the Clickbank marketplace and how to be successful with your own online business.


  • Try it for free for 7 Days
  • Learn New Skills About Affiliate Marketing
  • Official Clickbank Training Course


  • Recurring Monthly Cost
  • Mixed Reviews
  • Better Training Available Elsewhere
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2 thoughts on “What Is Spark By ClickBank Review (2022) – All You Need To Know”

  1. Thanks for sharing this information about Spark By ClickBank. I joined this course a few weeks ago, went through all the lessons, and immediately canceled my membership. Why? Well, I didn’t like the curriculum. To me, it looked disorganized and basically, I felt like it’s a waste of time and money.

    I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is a better place to start an online business. The WA course is comprehensive, organized, newbie-friendly, includes all the tools, and even live help and community. That’s another reason why I decided to cancel my membership with ClickBank.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing this info. I hope you don’t mind sharing my experience with these products. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Ivan, Thanks for sharing I read quite a few similar things about Spark so good to speak to someone that can give me some honest genuine feedback.

      Best regards;


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