what is the best email marketing service

What is the Best Free Email Marketing Service?

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Hi Guys,  What is the Best Free Email Marketing Service?  Many people that start affiliate marketing will quickly in most cases hear about the power of email follow-ups.  

Where you collect someone’s email address which they can then send a series of email messages about their different offers.  Indeed many marketers will agree that this is the only way to really make money from affiliate marketing.  

Some will say otherwise. 

I think both can be true.  For anyone new to the concept of email marketing please keep reading.  So, you may not have much cash to chuck around, or if you do you might not want to spend it.  It’s always good to justify your spending I think and fortunately, there is a number of options that are out there. 

There are many free email marketing solutions.  Limited to some degree yes but still free.

I personally wasn’t aware of any of these when I got my first website so I’m sure you will appreciate this.  I started paying £20 a month for Aweber before I even knew what I was doing.  

So, I just want you to know I didn’t need to do that and you don’t either, but What is the Best Free Email Marketing Service?

What is the Best Free Email Marketing Service?

what is the best free email marketing service

Best Free Email Marketing Service?

What to look for from an EMS

If you are looking to join a free email marketing service it may be beneficial to consider the following;

i.)  List size

For a beginner, I think a list size of 500 is fine.  I would say you only need a list size big enough to tie you over till you know what you’re doing.  Many expert marketers will laugh you out of the room when you mention a list size this small.  This may take them less than a week to fill up but if you are a beginner 500 is plenty. 

ii.)  How Many Lists

As you develop your business you may want to use a different list for different things.  I would definitely recommend that you should but as a beginner, your main focus should be just one list.  Even as you develop using only one list per website isn’t really a bad idea.  It is a lot less complicated for one.  Also, if you are new one list is plenty.  

Your main aim should just be learning how to capture leads in the first place and just learning the basics of what to put in your actual list.

iii.)  3rd Party Form Integration

This can be a problem I think.  Does your free membership allow you to link your email lists to 3rd party forms?    For example, I was very disappointed to find out I couldn’t connect my free ConvertKit list to my Thrive Architect form.  Apparently, according to them, they don’t offer this service to free accounts.

Personally, I would think this is a big pro if you are looking to choose a free EMS membership.

*By the Way:  EMS I meant to say is short for E-Mail Marketing Service.

iv.)  Form Builder

I think actually most.  If not every one of these EMS solutions I’m about to mention has a form builder.  This is to build an Opt-In form to help you capture emails from your visitors.  This depends really if you have a website or not but if you don’t another thing to look for is a landing page builder.

I should write a bit about something as well but a landing page or lead capture page is more or less a separate entity to a website designed solely for collecting emails on its own.

So, now you know here are the different services offering free EMS solutions.  I will start with Aweber…

What is the Best Free Email Marketing Service?

1.)  Aweber

Aweber Free Account

Above I briefly spoke about Aweber.  I used this for 2 months in early 2020 and I think I paid $40 for their paid membership.  May as well have spent on something else now when I think about it.  Wasn’t that I thought it was bad but I just wasn’t ready then to use it.  I guess I was just over-ambitious and not sure why I didn’t consider the free membership.

So, It isn’t really a bad shout.  You can get started with one list.  Send 3000 emails a month and you can integrate with 3rd party plugins.  The other thing is you have the landing page and form designer.  I am actually with GetResponse now but one massive difference between the two is this.  The Form builder is so much better.  

GetResponse for their Pro plan I will admit is $4 less and will let you add an extra 500 subscribers but their form builder compared is terrible.  You can actually use this form builder with Aweber’s free plan as well.  So this is definitely worth considering.  The only thing on the Free Plan all your emails will be branded by Aweber

2.)  MailChimp

Mailchimp Logo

I have never used MailChimp but I think this was the first EMS I heard of that had a free plan.  This is quite different to Aweber though.  It wouldn’t be my personal choice but you get one list, you can add 2k subscribers and it includes 3rd party integration for 250+ different apps.  Restrictions though include you can only send 10k emails a month.  No more than 2k a day and you are subject to overdraft charges if you happen to go over.

You also get access to MailChimp’s form builder and landing page designer.   How these compare I do not know.  Only that you can use them as a free member.  Another thing like Aweber any emails you send will use MailChimp’s branding.

3.) MailerLite

mailerlite free autoresponder account

Like MailChimp this is another one I haven’t used.  I only heard about this platform recently but I remember thinking they had a quite tempting free pricing plan.   With this, you actually get most of the MailerLite Features but the main thing is you can only get 5 landing pages.  

You can’t build multiple lists but you can set up tags which is another way you can target those with separate interests.  You also get full integrations, 1k subscribers and you can send 12k emails a month.

The other thing is for $10 a month you can unlock unlimited landing pages and websites.  Very good value for free but just be careful once you start filling up your list as the prices just go up and up from there.

4.)  ConvertKit

convertkit email marketing free account

Now, this is one I have started using myself.  The jury is still out for me but this is another one where you can get 1k subscribers.  Plus I can also get 100 more subscribers for everyone I get to sign up for a free account.  

This also uses the tagging system same as MailerLite rather than different lists.

I haven’t really used too much so far but one thing I know is you can’t link 3rd party plugins such as Thrive Leads and Thrive Architect.  This was a bit of a kick in the teeth for me.  

Although, I do like that you can build the number of subscribers by referring new members.   

The forms I haven’t really tested yet except for the sticky bar which you probably have seen at the bottom of the screen.

If you’d like to find out more about ConvertKit visit their website here<<

5.)  Leads Leap

leadsleap free landing page builder and affiliate marketing

Now,  I have used Leads Leap for a good year at least now.  They haven’t always had this feature but since last year members of Leads Leap can create Landing Pages and lists.  This is for free members as well.  The landing pages I think are great, and you can create I think unlimited lists and there is no limit to subscribers.

The only downside this does not include optin forms for websites.  Although, there are many other reasons to join this website.  I haven’t really used it to its full potential I would say.  It has definitely worked in my favor though.  

Sign up for a free account HERE<<

What is the Best Free Email Marketing Service?

My Verdict

Out of these 5, I would probably say my pick is Aweber.  Honestly, you don’t need any more than 500 subscribers if you are just starting out with your first business.  You also don’t need any more than one list.  So, I think this is the best all-around solution whilst you are still learning the ins and outs of how everything works.

I can not really speak on MailChimp or ConvertKit as things stand.  I do not know enough about them.  MailerLite I have also never used but if I am comparing each service this is a close 2nd for me.  The only reason I chose Aweber is because of their forms and landing pages.  Their designer I much prefer to GetResponse – so much less awkward.

But saying that if you are in a position to pay for an EMS and a count of 500 subscribers doesn’t cut it.  Then I would recommend GetResponse.  I’ve used it for a while now it has its problems but I think $15 a month for 1k subscribers, unlimited lists and emails, plus all their tools is a very good deal.

Aweber is $19 a month but I think for its free tier you can not go wrong.

So, that is my pick Aweber.  I will make this short today as not really much else to say.

I do have something to give away though! – a free guide – How To Build a 1k Email List in 20 Days.


Before I go.  I would just like to say thank you for stopping by.  If you have found this post helpful please share it.  Anyone you know that might benefit from reading this please do pass this on.   As always this will be greatly appreciated.

Also, if you have any questions or would like to share your experience with any of the free EMS solutions or any other please do let us know in the comments.

Many thanks & To Your Future Success ????

Alex C

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2 thoughts on “What is the Best Free Email Marketing Service?”

  1. What is your take, I see some newbies have just started and owned a couple of emails in their list? Which Autoresponder will you advice before they hit 500 in their lists?

    1. Thanks NGain, I think Aweber is a good place as any just to get the practice in although what Mailerlite offers also looks very good. Except for the tags system, I think that can be very confusing. Without a website, though LeadsLeap has quite an impressive system in place I think if you just want to build a landing page etc.

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