What Is the Best Persuasive Marketing Strategy – 5 Tips To Use in 2022

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What Is the Best Persuasive Marketing Strategy To Use in 2022?…  If we really want to convince someone to do business with us and not someone else – which is the best course of action?  

How can we as marketers swing it with our customers so that our services and products are the ones that…  they not only will pay up for but willingly.     

Which is a good point.  What can we do to help leverage the Nature Of The Human Mind in our favour?

This in a nutshell will be the topic of today’s post.

What Is the Best Persuasive Marketing Strategy To Use in 2022?

what is the best persuasive marketing strategy

Now, every day whether we realise it or not we are exposed to thousands of ads.  Most we don’t even notice because there is such a large number of them.  So much so that it is only normal to block most of them out.

By and large, for this reason, we might think that a lot of these ads don’t really work.  Yet, when we consider how much these businesses all invest in them –  they must work to some degree, right?

Well, this is definitely what I think.

Although perhaps the question to ask is “what about these marketing ads makes them so effective for business?”.

Indeed, This is very much what we are here to find out…

So, By the end of this post, I hope I can demonstrate how to make the most of these lessons to improve a business’s persuasive marketing strategy.

With this in mind, let’s get started.  I hope this helps.

i.)  Let’s Begin With Reciprocity

reciprocity definition - the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.  Reciprocity in marketing

What this simply means is that when someone does something good for someone else, then that person they are good to – (if they can actually help them) will feel like they owe them something back in return.

It’s a tactic very often used in marketing and if done right it is a great way to gain loyal and repeat customers.

For example, by offering a giveaway, coupons or a discount on products or services, then the buyer feels like they owe the business their loyalty.

Then from this, in future they are more likely to buy products or services from the business ongoing.

In effect it is something that both the buyer and the seller can benefit from.

Much to the point that when it comes to the long term, it is the seller who benefits the most.  As the buyers will come back time and again to purchase their products and services.

This is my first persuasive marketing strategy.  My second is…


ii.)  Building Up Consistency

when in doubt work it out - building consistency in business and marketing

Generally speaking, it has been proven time and time again that buyers will return and purchase products from a business that they feel reflects their values.

As it goes understanding what customers want and needs is a reflection of a business’s branding and how they are seen by others.

Once customers find your business and feel like it reflects what they believe in, they are more likely to become repeat customers.

Better yet, because it can be a challenge for customers to search for their ideal business, they are even more inclined to stick with your business.

iii.) Utilize Social Proof and Authority

utilize social proof and authority for your persuasive marketing strategy

In most cases, Customers are more likely to commit to buying products or services that have social proof.  Basically, products (or services) that are popular and that have a good reputation. 

If you can manage to capitalize on this for what you sell (the trust that is built from the positive experience of others that share social proof) – Then definitely your chances of making sales will increase.

If we think about it really, we as Humans are social animals and, therefore, will look to others to get validation before acting.

The actions of others have a huge influence on how we behave.

For any business they can for sure capitalize on this – by prompting customers to provide feedback and reviews on your products and their experience – this is a great way to build social proof.

So, make sure to collect your customer’s reviews and testimonials!

iv.) How About Authority?

authority in your persuasive marketing strategy

Now whether we like to admit this or not – although we might say otherwise, as humans, in general, we are inclined to follow authority figures.  Not just the likes of politicians and educators but also those such as influencers.

For a lot of us, authority figures offer guidance and from this, the rest can follow.

If we think about a customer who is purchasing a product for the first time, what they might do is search to find out what a particular influencer thinks about the product.

Hence, the reason why influencer marketing is such a big deal, and why over the course of recent years it has become so popular.  Quite simply because customers are more likely to trust their words and opinions.

Especially since a lot of the time, the influencer’s values are aligned with the same values of the customers.

Although, other than through the work of online influencers one thing a business can do to show authority is to demonstrate their expertise within their selected niche.

Remember – People trust and abide by the advice relevant to their situation.  Trust can be built in 2 ways – either someone else can put in a good word for you or you can show people that you know exactly what you are talking about.

Side note:  For me, reviews are great but being able to show authority is the Best Persuasive Marketing Strategy I think.  If anyone is interested blogging is a great way to show off your expertise to people.  

Except you should most definitely as well consider this next tip too.

v.)  Making Sure People Like You or Not

likability in internet marketing

Now, for my final persuasive marketing strategy, this is to make sure that people actually like you.  

Of course, they say there are no friends in business but this does not mean that you can’t be friendly.

If we take a salesperson for example will we not be more inclined to make a purchase if we find them likeable?

Just think about any time someone has tried to sell you something – has there ever been a time when the salesperson didn’t come across as likeable?

If so, you probably didn’t want to do business with them, right?  I mean why would you?  If they were ‘say’ rude or impolite – you would rather most likely take your business elsewhere.

Exactly why Businesses can make use of this tactic.  Being likeable to their customers.  Offering them compliments and making customers feel better about themselves.

In the grand scheme of things, this is what can make a regular customer.  Affinity with your brand.

affinity definition

Final thoughts

What is the best persuasive marketing strategy?  This is today’s main question…  but perhaps the key to understanding this is that we are as Human beings naturally social people. 

As a race, we feel the need to be connected with the people around us.  We want to know that our actions have some kind of impact on these other people.  Whether we like to think this or not it is almost certainly true.

In relation to this, Marketing tactics that centre around human nature can be used to gain a competitive edge for your business.  By just simply capitalizing on these primal needs and personality traits of our fellow man we can use this as an effective persuasive marketing strategy.

As long as we can be empathetic to others we definitely stand a chance to help convince new customers and old to partake in our business dealings.  As long as we can study our markets, double down on the best parts of our products and take reviews and customer feedback into account – we are on our way there to being successful…

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  1. A giveaway is always a good idea. What can be great giveaways? E-books for example? Or anything else?
    How can you build up your authority if you haven’t gotten a large following yet?
    I think, for people to like you, it’s important to let your personality shine through your articles; stick to your personal writing style.

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