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What Is Voluum DSP for Affiliate Marketing – How Does It Work?

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What Is Voluum DSP for Affiliate Marketing?  Have you heard of this?  I remember back in 2019 I first come across this product myself.  I’d actually been interested in affiliate marketing for a while before I actually decided to give it a try.  I’m not sure what took me so long but anyway in these early days I remember one of the John Crestani Youtube videos I watched.

It was something like ‘hey watch me make a load of money LIVE‘.  Some hyped-up video that I really couldn’t figure out at all.

Actually, I think it was this one;

Now, I didn’t really take much away from this but I remember in this video John used the Voluum DSP tool.  This was the first time I actually googled it to see what it was all about.  I think the thing that made me decide not to pursue it further at the time was my finances. 

My thinking was I didn’t understand it well enough to invest in both the ads and the membership.

So, I forgot all about this and the name didn’t pop back up until I started doing affiliate marketing again.  I can’t quite remember exactly what it was but I know, I did join their affiliate (referral) program.  It is not the most generous referral program but I guess this and the fact I found the software quite interesting in general is the reason I decided to do a bit more research on this.

FTC Disclosure: 

Please note that this article contains my referral/affiliate links.  If you happen to make a purchase through any of my links I may receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected. Also, I do not recommend every product that I review so please pay close attention.

What Is Voluum DSP – Review 2021

What Is Voluum DSP Ad Tracking and Performance Software

Product Name:  Voluum DSP

Creator:   Rob Gryn

Founded In:  2015

Based In:  Krakow, Poland

Comments:  Voluum is an All-In-One Ad Tracking and Performance Management Tool that Uses Digital Signal Processing AI.

Pros:  Can Potentially Save You Thousands $$ in Mistakes
Cons:  You Need at Least a Few Hundred $$ to Get Started.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Do I Recommend?:  It depends on how experienced you are with Paid Ads and how much you have to invest.

Website:  Voluum.com

*BTW (By the Way) In case you’re wondering DSP is short for Digitial Signal Processing.  

How Does Voluum Work?

How Does Voluum Work

Voluum lets you link together and track both your affiliate offers alongside your paid traffic sources.  It is a ‘simple to understand’ tool that allows you to set up straightforward ‘paid’ traffic campaigns by Digital Signal Processing.   

You then add funds to your account and you allocate by using certain metrics including;  

  • Email ads
  • Native ads
  • Display banners
  • Pop-ups
  • Push ads
  • Social ads
  • Search ads
  • Video ads

Also, you get the opportunity to direct your ad spend by campaign automatization.  As well as the many manual features this will automatically help with choosing your audience and what to do next.

Digital Signal Processing Explained

This is a process of developing certain algorithms that can allow certain actions to be taken all at once.  For instance, with Voluum once you add your basic data into the main console it will create ads based on your data.  

Digital Signal Processing Explained - How To Set Up Ads

Through its Artificial Intelligence, it will then work to allocate funds to your best-performing Ads and filter out spam.

Although, I would recommend for this to happen that you run multiple offers.  As well be sure to actually monitor your ads in real-time and make any optimizations that you feel might be necessary.

How To Use Voluum DSP

  • Sign Up to Vendor:  Clickbank, Mobidea (Beginner Friendly), [See My Full List Here]
  • Join Ads Network:  Propeller Ads (Beginner Friendly), Google Ads, Facebook Ads
  • Optional:  Create Landing Page
  • Inside Voluum DSP:  Add your Affiliate Offer and Affiliate Network
  • Add your Traffic Network
  • Optional:  Add Your Landing Page To Voluum
  • Adjust Your Campaign Funnel  

This I think is partially enough information to get certain things set up.  It still is maybe a bit complicated.  Setting up should be easy enough but you don’t want to end up blowing your whole budget on mistakes.  Be careful with this and before you get started check out Voluum Academy.

Benefits and Features

Keep Track Of Your Ad Campaigns

  • Observe your 3rd Paty Affiliate Offers and Build Marketing Funnels 
  • Gather Organic Data
  • Track costs, including CPA, CPC, and CPM.

Carefully Examine Data

  •  30+ different information focus points on each visit.
  • Collect information and get point by point reports to easily review applicable data.
  • Observe Realtime Campaign Data

Ad Performance Optimization

  •  Run A/B tests to help determine which ads work and which don’t
  • Ai- Optimization Features automatically redistribute traffic to best performing offers
  • Receive custom notifications and alerts when your ads are underperforming.

 Scale Your Member Advertising

  • Prevent unwanted traffic from bots and suspicious clicks
  • Find out about New Affiliate Offers
  • Network with other Voluum users

Find Out More HERE about Voluum

Voluum Advanced Tracking Tool

Other than the features and benefits above there are a few more below definitely worthy of mentioning;

  • Optimize Campaigns Automatically:  Auto A/B split test campaigns with the goal that you can realize which offers and pages convert better.
  • Easily Migrate Data: Automatically migrate data for campaigns from other tools such as AdsBridge, BeMob, or Thrive Products. In case you’re presently utilizing another tracker, you can reach out to client support for extra help.
  • Collaborate with Others: If you work as part of a team Voluum allows you to add users, assign work areas, and allows the tools to delegate varying degrees of access. You can likewise prepare reports to share with external users.
  • Ad Spend Capping:  In the event that one of your offers hits its cutoff for the day with regards to conversions, Voluum will auto-divert traffic to an alternate offer.
  • Historical Data: Recorded information is available for a set time frame dependent on your plan, yet Voluum stores information regardless – in the event that you need to get data from farther back than your plan permits, you can update.
  • Track Events: Track activities that are followed, similar to clicks, changes, sign-ups or visits. At whatever point a client goes through the Voluum framework to make any kind of move with your campaign, it’s viewed as an event.
  • Security Features: Distinguish dubious clicks and visits so you can shield campaigns from bots
  • Pop-up Notification Alerts: Received notices for Performance alerts. By Mobile and Desktop.
  • SSL Certification: This safety feature implies that guests will realize your site pages are protected.

Find Out More HERE 

How Much Does It Cost$?

A lot of money unfortunately but they do say you pay more for quality.  The prices start at either $89 a month for their Ad Tracking package.  You can make a savings of $20 each month by paying for the whole year.  Although this is for the basic package that doesn’t include certain features such as;

  • Traffic Distribution AI
  • Rule-Based Paths
  • Anti-Fraud Kit

If you wanted to get the most out of Voluum DSP you ideally would want to go with their Profit Package which is billed at $149 a month or $119 a month billed annually.

Also, if you had a few (more than 2) friends, associates or colleagues that were interested in using Voluum as a team.  You can instead opt for the Grow package for $449 a month, or $349 a Month Billed Annually.  This is the best value for multiple users and also includes the Anti-Fraud Kit.

Plus, if needs be you can negotiate with Voluum further by contacting them privately.  For multiple year discounts and xx additional users etc.

Find out more HERE:
  Voluum DSP Pricing Guide<<<

Is The Voluum DSP Platform Legit

Yes, 100% in 2021 Voluum has a userbase of around 4K customers.  Voluum made the Financial Times Top 1000 European Fastest-Growing Companies list for 3 years in a row:  2017, 2018 and 2019.  As a business, it is a subsidiary of CentralNic Group PLC and is a partner of Codewise.  

There is no reason to suggest that Voluum is not legit but 100% one big issue is they have a no refund policy.

Voluum Pros and Cons ✅❎

What are the Pros…

  • Manage your Ads and Offers Together
  • Easily set up and Activate Ads
  • Track and Optimize Ads in One Place
  • Includes Automatic A/B Split Testing
  • Tweek Your Campaigns For Maximum Profit
  • Get Extra Help from Voluum Support and Voluum Academy

The Cons… ❎

  • Discover Plan Does not seem to be worth the money. 
  • The Cheapest Plan That Is Worth Using is $149 per Month 
  • Anti Fraud Kit is only available with the Grow Plan @ $449 p/ month
  • No Refunds

Voluum Customer Reviews

So far, I have only managed to find just 21 Reviews.  18 Positive 5 Stars and 3 Negative 1 Stars.  

13 on Google Reviews and 8 on TrustPilot.  Below I will share some screenshots.

voluum customer reviews google
Voluum Negative customer reviews trustpilot
Voluum Customer Reviews Trustpilot 1

Not all happy customers but most of them.  It seems all the customers that have got Voluum to work to its potential are very happy with them.  I noticed one customer say they have used Voluum for 6 Years (the year it was launched) and has been very happy with them ever since.  I can’t say much for their unhappy customers. Maybe some people have not had such great experiences with Voluum (I don’t know).

Just a fair warning if you go with one of the annual plans and you don’t plan to renew make sure you reach out to Voluum at the soonest convenience.

My Final Verdict – Is It Worth It?

I was actually thinking of a scenario where someone could try this out for one month for $150 and if they have done so already use the free ad budget from Google and Bing to give this a go.  I would guess that if you had done this with the right offers you could quite easily make your initial investment back.  I think as well if you did your research you might find there are others as well;  Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Apple Search and I’m sure there are others.

Just make sure you do your research first so you can identify quality products [Read My Guide Here].  Also, see which of the above Free Advertising Options is available to you and also make sure you have some money.  I say this as some of these offers require you to spend xxx first.

I would say preparation is everything just so you can get the most out of your first month.  From here you should hopefully have made enough to reinvest in another month with Voluum and for buying some more ads.  I can’t say this will definitely work but there is definitely an element of Scaleability here.

Many affiliate marketers don’t even bother with blogging.  They go this route instead and it 100% can be profitable but it is by far a sure thing and you might have to burn through a lot of money to find what works.

For this reason, I do recommend but not so much for beginners unless they have at least $500-$1000 to get started with.  

This is definitely, more for those that can find good affiliate offers.  For anyone that knows how Paid Ads work even better.

>>>Visit the Voluum DSP Website HERE<<<

Also, Try…

ClickMagick, ClickMeter, Bitly

All are much more affordable. Bitly is free
of course. I’ve never used ClickMeter but ClickMagick I know is good for tracking but obviously, none are as advanced as Voluum so if you have the money it is worth it. Or if you don’t Give ClickMagick a try here.

YOUR FEEDBACK – What Do you Think?

Have you tried Voluum DSP?  What did you think?  Was it worth the money?  Would you recommend something else?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.  Along with any questions or anything else related to this topic.

If you know anyone as well that might benefit from reading this please share a link to this post.  The more people that get to read this post the better so I am always very grateful for shares etc.

I hope this has found you well and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Best Wishes To YOUR Success

from your Friend

Alex B. Chivers

PS:  If you are looking for another way to get started with affiliate marketing that is a bit more affordable CHECK OUT My Free Email Course with My Free EBook, Starter Website, Affiliate Marketing Beginner Course and Free Coaching!

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2 thoughts on “What Is Voluum DSP for Affiliate Marketing – How Does It Work?”

  1. I’m not sure I’d use this product. Although it is obviously complete and can be or provide a huge boost to your site in terms of traffic and maybe even sales, it also requires a big investment. I agree that the cost of this is too high, whether you pay per month or per year.
    I also saw that you wrote that some bloggers forego blogging and just use this tool instead. So, this means that you don’t even need to blog if you’re using this? Is it for the lazy blogger, so to say? 😉 I really enjoy blogging, I love to write. Would this tool also work if you keep on blogging or would it make no difference?

    1. Hi Christine, Yes I get where you’re coming from. I guess depending on your marketing strategy you could 100% use this tool to drive traffic towards your blog. The price is very high and off-putting I agree but I do believe that if you use this tool with the right offers you can easily cover its costs. As for using this instead of blogging yes it is kind of a different approach to affiliate marketing. Blogging for affiliate marketing is mostly a method of free advertising by SEO whereas this is a tool used by those that do affiliate marketing via paid ads. I know you can use blog posts if they are good enough as your landing pages but I think most people prefer to use either a lead capture page or the direct affiliate link.

      I get what you mean by loving to write I do too. For me I would consider this tool if I had a greater knowledge of paid ads but of course I would still blog as well as a means of creative output and fingers crossed passive income.

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