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Which Is Most Important – Marketing Vs. Sales?

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Marketing Vs. Sales Which Is More Important?  It is a kind of a chicken or the egg (which came first) kind of question.

Everyone will likely say sales first as simply this is the whole reason we do marketing in the first place. To make sales but what if it is only a few sales?  How about then?  would a bigger focus on marketing not be more important?  

So instead of a few sales, we can actually make enough sales to actually make our business a SUCCESS!

 How about that?  It certainly does make you question things but what if our marketing efforts are a hindrance towards what we need to do to make actual money?  It must be done right certainly but which between the two disciplines is more important? – at least in the short term.

Many businesses will have an interchangeable focus towards both.  Switching their efforts between marketing and sales. However, the reality, is that these are two very different things.

If you think about Marketing this refers to all actions taken by a business to showcase its products and brand.  Even advertising and research can be included as an extension of this.

Whilst, sn the other hand, sales refer to the action(s) of actually making money from business products or services.

Something which does of course has to be the end goal as, without it, there is no cash flow.

Although, if truth be told without a steady flow of leads, your business will struggle to grow.

Exactly why you shouldn’t just choose between marketing vs. sales, but instead, find a way to utilize both together.

Which Is Most Important – Marketing Vs. Sales?

Why Choose Sales?

why choose sales - sales vs. marketing

As a business manager, you will likely know how easy it is to fall into this trap.  Just trying to make as many sales as possible to try and stay afloat.  It is here where it is important to remember the fundamental thing about sales.  They are based on a single action (the transaction) whilst marketing is far more advanced.  

For marketing to work by comparison you must first understand your target niche and audience, their needs and then create ads that are tailored specifically to your niche.

To create a successful marketing campaign there are several actions that must be completed.  For this, you will need to focus a significant amount of time and resources.  Paying extra attention to branding, prices, lead generation, creating demand, and a working strategy.

However, with all this said the great part about marketing is that you have the opportunity to create an impact in the lives of your buyers.  You will help to solve their problems that are making their lives more difficult.

Results-wise this can have a lasting impact on these customers and will help solidify your business brand in their minds.

Yet, together sales vs. marketing should never be viewed as separate disciplines but instead, they should and must work together in cooperation.  Think of it though like this…

Marketing Come’s First

marketing comes first before sales

To be successful with marketing this discipline requires time and investment in the necessary resources.  For any new business of course this can be difficult to maintain with running costs and expenses.

A setback that goes some way to explain why small businesses tend to overlook marketing in favour of sales.

However, what must be realised is that marketing is an investment for the future. By taking the time to learn what your customers want, this is information that can be utilized to offer better products and services to suit their needs.

Not only this but you can use this data to create even more appeal through your ads to further help draw in your target audience.  This will make your customers feel as if your business is there to serve their needs.

As a result, this will definitely go some way to grow your brand and solidify your business in the minds of potential customers.  This, will not only help your business stand a chance to get new clients, but it will also help to keep these clients interested in your future endeavours.

Whilst, Sales, on the other hand, is obviously what comes after marketing.  For this, of course, It should be viewed as the result of a combination of both your marketing strategy and efforts.  It is really like the icing on the cake.  

This is because if marketing is done correctly this will help generate leads.  Which are basically potential customers that can then be subsequently sent through your sales funnel.  Exactly, how marketing can make all the difference.

Just think of it as…

A Means For Security In the Future

marketing is security for your future

Quite a bold statement to make I know but marketing is security for your business.   You need Marketing for your business to get a steady flow of leads (potential customers).

These leads can help you when you really need them.   It’s these potential customers that can make the difference between your business being successful or not.  In fact, this is much more than can be said for a business that is only focused on selling its products.  More so, your business now has the option of loading clients that are bad for business without having to worry about any significant impact this would have on your business.

Simply put, you have options.

Ultimately, with marketing, you create a kind of defence against any uncertain times ahead.

This is because your business will be secure in the knowledge that it has a steady flow of leads and the opportunity to turn these into repeat customers.

That being said though, marketing and sales go hand in hand with each other and should not be approached as separate disciplines.

Rather, We URGE you to learn more about marketing, and sales in a way that you can connect the two to create the ultimate flow of converting leads for your business.   Now…

Marketing Vs. Sales – The Two Important Factors

sales vs. marketing which is more important

Being Able To Tell The Difference

Fairly often you will hear about marketing vs. sales being used interchangeably.  They are certainly two very different aspects of any business.  However, generally speaking, marketing refers to a business’s actions that aim to inform potential prospects about the brand and its products.

On the other hand, sales generally refer to activities that aim to convert the potential prospects and leads into buyers and repeat customers.  So, they are both very different principles but both marketing and sales need to work together to achieve the same end goal, which is actually to sell products regularly and create a stream of increasing revenue.

Still, though there is plenty to differentiate between the two here so let’s continue to explore this further in the next section…

i.) What Is Marketing?

Of course, I have already discussed what marketing is above but just to elaborate a bit further.  Marketing is the sum of all the activities that together popularise your business and brand to potential prospects.

Basically, this is done to make these prospects aware of your business, products, and services or activities.

One of the main objectives for a typical marketer is to create campaigns aimed at grabbing attention and attracting potential customers to your business.

In short – you are not exactly trying to sell anything but rather you are showcasing through your marketing campaigns your products and services via your sales page!

ii.)  A Sales Page, What Does This MEAN?

sales page example

Now, unlike marketing, the term “sales” refers to activities that convince prospects towards making the ultimate decision of making a purchase for a product or service.

More so, Sales are responsible for creating a healthy and ongoing relationship with potential customers.

To achieve this ends this can be done by offering the right products to solve their needs and problems.

The Differences Continued…

Alright, so, this should be quite apparent if you have read up to this point, that sales and marketing are two different things.

Marketing is the act or series of actions that seek to promote, sell, and circulate products or services, particularly to create interest in a product or service before it can be sold.

Whilst, The sales process generally happens after this.

But what are the differences in how we approach sales vs. marketing?

In case you are wondering, you can define the 2 by 3 main differences:

  1. 1. The process
  2. 2. The Goals
  3. 3. The Strategies

Now, let’s go over each one…

a.)  The Process

Similarly, with both a marketing plan and a sales plan this will firstly break down the values and goals of the business.

Each on their own will then go on to state the specifics that are unique to each activity.

With the marketing plan, more specifically the details will include the type of product, where the product will be sold, who it will be sold to, and how it will be sold to the potential customers.

Also, furthermore, this will lay out the details of whichever marketing channel is chosen.

Then the sales plan, which otherwise will contain details about the sales process, the goals, the target market, and the structure of the sales team.

There may also be a vivid outline of the tools to be used, the action plan as well how everything should be conducted.

b.) The Goals

Now, of course, the single most important goal for both marketing and sales is to increase business revenue.

However, saying that, the main goal of marketing is to make plans while considering the bigger picture.

In its own strange way, this is a way of looking into the future.  Its aim is to promote the business for the long haul. 

For this phase of the sales process (because this is what it is) It is marketing that does the market research and sets the prices of the products/services.  In practice, this is where we find the stereotype of our perfect customer.

Certainly, these ideals can be used to further help improve the products to ensure that they meet customer needs.

Simply put, the goals for marketing are more long-term based, whilst with sales the focus is on more short-term goals.

Ultimately, It is often about hitting volumes and quotas that are set out each month.

Sales, on the other hand, set targets and allocate them to each member of the team.

c.)  The Strategies

When it comes to marketing, different types of strategies can be used to suit the customer and type of campaign.

Content marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing are just a few examples.

Likewise, much the same can be said about sales strategies.

Various different strategies can be employed to suit the situation for each business.

For example, inbound selling, customer-centric selling, or the Sandler selling system.

In hindsight, when you get into the specific details of both marketing and sales, you will come to find that the difference in the strategy used is in effect much like the day and the night

In Conclusion

Lastly, the difference between marketing vs. sales is a very subtle but essential distinction.

Gaining a better understanding of each will help you get more from your efforts in both areas, whether they are focused on SEO or digital advertising campaigns.

If we think of marketing as the art of telling people about what’s available to them, then sales, by comparison, are about helping customers make decisions – often by providing the guidance needed during the purchasing process that can as a result lead to a sale.

Marketing is a process that helps to find new prospects, whilst sales help lower the barriers of an actual purchase being made.

When used correctly to drive the growth of your business goals and for any organization, these two disciplines go hand in hand.  So be sure to educate yourself and maximize performance in both aspects!

Because when done right Your dream customers are never too far away.


Your Feedback – Share Your Thoughts

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6 thoughts on “Which Is Most Important – Marketing Vs. Sales?”

  1. Hi,

    The conversation between sales and marketing can get a little confusing, but you cannot have one without the other. Chasing the sales will often put people off, rather than actually helping push the sale over the line.

    There are many different levels to marketing and they should be your focus, the sales will follow, if you have the right strategy. Have you identified your target audience? Are you tailoring your marketing to that audience? Are you helping them with their queries or problems they have?

    It’s definitely an interesting subject, for which you could easily talk for ages about.

    Thanks for the post!

    1. Hi John, Thanks for commenting you have a good understanding of marketing vs. sales. You are right. If you are just chasing after sales people don’t like giving their money away. I don’t really if I’m being truthful. Marketing is everything really because it is finding your audience and giving them what they want. There is a lot that can be said about it. No doubt I will explore this more in future posts.

  2. As I was reading this article I began to realize that the target audience of my website isn’t spending-friendly. My target audience are writers … and most writers are poor or have little money … Ha! So, now I’m wondering what to do. I like my website and the views are growing, so that’s good. I’d like to continue it. But should I venture into a new website as well which is targeted at another audience or would I be spreading myself too thin?

    1. Hi Christine, Yes I know what you mean about the target audience not being spending friendly. I definitely get your point here and yes I think most my commissions I’ve made at least through this website has been through direct social media marketing and email marketing. Setting up things like CTAs, landing pages and autoresponders are definitely very important. I think you can make sales without marketing but you can make a lot more if you actually put the effort in. About your question this is really up to you I have 4 websites but I definitely don’t give the other 2 as much attention. I think maybe the best course of action is to stick at your websites – work on collecting leads and email subscribers and try to grow your traffic with effective marketing strategies such as keyword research and SEO.

  3. I completely agree with you that both sales and marketing must go hand-in-hand. Although what would seem like an obvious idea to a lot of entrepreneurs out there, tons of guys that are just starting out get easily drawn into one or the other.

    I spend a solid half-year doing everything I can to optimize my sales and call-to-action pages that lead to affiliate links on my first project.

    But if those sales pages and your actual intent aren’t discovered by the visitors – no one’s going to buy anything.

    So yeah, marketing as a base foundation & sales as the candy on the cake that, of course, also has to be properly optimized.

    1. Thanks for the comment Julius, Yes I agree both must go hand in hand together. I think a lot of new bloggers etc. focus on sales more in the beginning because they are desperate at least to cover their costs.

      However, yes I think optimization, and sales pages are worth working on as a means of capturing leads. But yes people must actually be drawn to these pages so yes some kind of marketing needs to happen to get people here.

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