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Writing A Killer Blog Post That Steals Your Audience

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Try this method that never fails!  My guide to writing a killer blog post that steals your audience.

Hello,  So today I thought I would write a post for all my fellow bloggers and online publishers.  Like is there really a certain way that you should be writing?  I mean there is, of course, yes, you should produce quality content that is engaging and interesting.  But what I mean is – is there a right or wrong way of doing this?

For me, I’m personally pretty strict.  3 lines, 4 at the very most.  Try to avoid ‘ands’ and ‘buts’ to keep my sentences short.  Structure each post in segments with each one no longer than 300 words.   Target 1k plus words for each post.

Also, never repeat sentences with the same word.

This Is My Advice…

Does it make any difference whatsoever to SEO?  I’m not sure.  After all, this is not to do with SEO but readability.  I think the last thing you want is ‘blocky’ text that before you even start reading looks like too much to read all at once.  However, does Google even care about how tidy things are?

I think It’s like reading a book.  No matter how much you enjoy it the end of a chapter is always a good cut off point.  Where you can put your bookmark in and close the book till later.  This is kind of the same with sentences and paragraphs.  They are there to make the writing more digestible.  Within a blog post using headings and subheadings works the same.

These are your marker points and if you need to read something again these help to keep your place in the grand scheme of things.  Also, within blogs many use images, graphics and videos to illustrate these points in between.

They look great as well if used properly but for writing a killer blog post it’s a little bit more complex than just this.

Writing A Killer Blog Post… 

…That Steals Your Audience Away From Others

I can actually, attest to this.  The first blog I wrote was in 2012.  Looking at this and my other early blogs they are no longer than the section above.  I definitely could have done with writing these longer looking back.  It was kind of an amateur operation back then not going to lie.  So, I won’t say I really got started blogging till 2019.

I would say that I wasn’t really very experienced even then.  There were none of these rules I speak of above really being implemented but still one of the first decent commissions I made as a blogger was on the 6th of January 2020.  

You can see from the screenshot below that many others quickly followed and all I did was just write the only way I knew how.  Writing a Killer Blog Post is not about following the rules.  They help but this was an important lesson for me.

Writing a blog my first commissions

I made more commissions after this month as well but after that, the fairy tale was over.  Come March that was it and honestly, this is probably one of the worst setbacks.  When you are making money and then you don’t.  Many bloggers quit for this exact reason.  I never did but I understand what it’s like.

The reason why this happened I’m not sure but I think as my newer blogs became more and more generic I was back at square one like the other 99% of new bloggers trying to find a way of writing that worked.

In retrospect, I think maybe I just got lucky but when I think back this blog was written in a very unique way.  It told a story and it must have obviously stood out from all the rest.  I honestly wish I knew but fast forward…

Recent Lessons I Have Learned

How, to explain this?  When someone clicks on your link through say a search engine, social media or wherever else, why are they going to stay to read your whole blog post?  

It’s all good having someone reading yours if you read theirs.  They might actually give you credit where credits are due, but the truth of the matter is this…

Would they have read your whole post if they had instead stumbled upon it through say Google?

When writing a blog post you must consider this.  At the very beginning of your blog, you need to hook people in.   Give them something that makes them want to read your full article.  This is called unsurprisingly the hook.

Writing with a hook.  To make your readers stay for longer.

You don’t want people to read a few sentences and then leave.   Of course, you need to keep the ball rolling a bit longer after this but it’s like the famous quote by the 19th Century Preacher Charles H. Spurgeon 

“Begin as you mean to go on, and go on as you began…”

You don’t want people to leave at all (for all intents and purposes) and if they visit and read halfway through you are onto something but if they read everything then you really know you have got them.   

If you have a really good introduction then apparently this can be enough to convince your readers to read everything.  Not sure how true this is but it is very believable.  Just look at ‘any opening line in a good news report’;

Here is a recent example from a new report from August 2021;

example of opening hook for writing a good blog post

Ignore the 2nd paragraph but what about that opening line?  You must admit that it makes you want to read more right?  Starting an article with “Time Is Running Out”… is the hook and that is the key (I think) to any successful blog post. 

Immediately grab peoples attention and this does not just go for blogs.  The same applies to adverts, webinars even TV and movies.  You keep watching because you have taken the bait and now you are hooked.

Side Note:  If you are sharing links set them to open in a new tab.  

If you don’t do this your reader is redirected to a new article away from your own and they likely will not come back.  You can do this with affiliate links in some cases but just be wise about this.   

It is a common rookie mistake and one that you should know about right from the very beginning.

The Art Of Storytelling

Storytelling - how to write a killer blog post

Once upon a time..
.  Now, I don’t mean that kind of storytelling.  

It’s good for getting your children to sleep but no what I mean is write from experience 

For example, If you are writing about the health benefits of carrots ?? don’t just write the boring facts. 

Instead, make it a bit more interesting by weaving a little story in there like;

“I remember when I was younger my parents used to say carrots helped me see in the dark”.   

It might sound irrelevant but this kind of tactic really works.  This makes your content more unique and it makes you sound more human. 

You may even find that this kind of story resonates.  Maybe your reader might think;

“my parents said the same thing, I wonder if this is true” and bam you can give them an answer.  

Not only this but you can also relate to your story to elaborate further.  Like;

“This Carrot story did make me wonder but this is actually more true than I ever thought”.   

You have a golden opportunity here because people love stories.

You might even find that this approach as well makes your job a lot easier.  In some blogs I write, I know when I tell stories the words flow through the page naturally but if I am copying facts it takes what feels like forever. 

But I know what I prefer to read, something that doesn’t just educate but also entertains me.  

Like one recent example, on they did a review of a product (I won’t say which one lol) but anyway they said something like;

“Our verdict of this product is it is like Tony Soprano.  Not a very good person but it has some redeemable qualities”. 

I thought that was great and for the point, I’m getting at about storytelling it is a great example.  


Then What Else You Might Wonder

So, a popular acronym within the SEO arena is E-A-T.  If you are really Writing A Killer Blog Post this is good to know.

E-A-T SEO phrase short for expertise, authority and trust

This might be a bit difficult, to begin with, but these are the blog posts that rank.  

The one’s where an author can really show that they are knowledgeable, that they stand out from others and that they can be trusted.  Google loves these kinds of posts so make sure all 3 areas are not just something you try to build on within your single post but throughout your whole website.

One thing I read recently from a copywriting ebook I bought from ClickBank was that within your content no more than 15% of your work should be focused on selling.  You must help people first.  Give them something of value within your content and make an offer as not really the solution but as something that is more beneficial to what they are trying to achieve. 

You definitely don’t want to oversell and actually, there is another SEO acronym that describes this type of content very well.

YMYL SEO Meaning Your money or your life

Y.M.Y.L – Your Money Or Your Life.   Basically, a blog post that doesn’t adhere to the values of E.A.T.

Expertise ?

Authoritativeness ?‍♂️

Trustworthiness ?

Do not be forceful in trying to promote your products.  Just think of it like this. If somebody came up to you in the street trying to intimidate you into buying something.  Would this not put you off completely from making the purchase?   

It sure would if it was me, and if it would for you too – put yourself in this perspective when you write like;

“treat people how you want to be treated”.  This I think is the best analogy here. 


Now, There Is Something Else

A few things actually.  Think of writing on a much broader scale.  There is fiction and non-fiction.  The way you would write a blog will not be how you write a book or screenplay.  Or how you would write a song or a poem.  There are many different purposes of writing and actually developing other writing skills might help improve your craft.

If you have the time try out creative writing.  Maybe take a short media course about how to write reports.  You will be surprised how these new skills might translate into your actual work.  In the eBook, I mentioned above (in the last section) the author of this Matt O’Connor said he took a screenwriting course and it improved his sales copy dramatically.

So yes there is this and there is definitely something that can be said about reading the work of others.  Actually, take your time to read other peoples blogs regularly and see what you like about them.  Even read books and again decide what you like about them as well.   It might be someone’s use of words or their approach to storytelling.

I am not saying be a complete copycat but just little things you can try and copy.  Like maybe somebody’s CTA in a product review or their hook. 

Try to keep notes of these little things and do things in many different ways.

Finally My Last Tips For Writing A Killer Blog…

Try all these ideas above but there is nothing wrong with being tidy.  Some tools I would recommend…

1.)  Grammarly (Doesn’t Need To Be Pro)

Seriously, this is an absolute must I would say get the Grammarly browser extension. 

It is so easy to make spelling and grammar mistakes, and the worst part is you don’t even notice most of the time.

Grammarly highlights these mistakes and even gives you a suggestion of what to write instead. 

Plus it is free to use so there is no reason that it should not be used.  

2.)  Hemmingway App

It’s kind of like Grammarly but instead, it highlights complex and longwinded sentences by highlighting text in either red or yellow.   

The price is a $19.99 one time fee and it is not as important as Grammarly but is 100% very helpful.


3.)  Gutentor (Gutenberg Blocks)

Here is a tip I didn’t really want to share but this is something I’ve started doing.  It’s taken me a while to master but I use Gutentor for a few things.  Highlighting important text with light shades.  I use custom colours.  Also, I add the spacer blocks between my sections to separate them neatly.  There are also some cool blocks I like such as posts(type) and Featured Widget.  They are not for everyone I know but I wouldn’t run a website without them.

Also, try Ultimate Blocks – a good block editor makes all the difference!

4.)   Get A Copy of This…

77 Surefire Tips to Accelerate Your ClickBank® Success

Honestly, even if you don’t plan on using ClickBank this guide will help you almost certainly at Writing A Killer Blog Post.

I bought it myself and actually, it was one of the main inspirations for writing this blog.

You can buy it either through ClickBank (Visit The Website Here) it costs $7

Or if you sign up for my email series I will let you have it for free.  

Just send me a reply to my first email and ask me to send you the copywriting book.  

I will also throw in my own personal eBook which I recently authored myself.

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Just remember if you want the copywriting ebook reply to my first email…


Your Feedback

Just before I go. Any questions or anything else

Please drop us a comment in the comments section below;

Many Thanks and hope to see you all again soon

To Your Future Success ?

Alex B. Chivers

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6 thoughts on “Writing A Killer Blog Post That Steals Your Audience”

  1. Thanks for this very nice and educative blog post Alex. I love your approach and the information you have shared. To answer to your question at the beginning if these tactics are helping with SEO, I would say they do 100%. I agree that keeping the sections up to 300 words (having enough white spaces), avoiding the same words and avoiding buts, ands can make a huge difference. I am impressed by your statistics from January 2020. Is that blog still active? What was the niche if you don’t mind me asking? Thanks for your post and good luck further. Cheers

    1. Hi Julius, Thanks yes glad you agree I like to think this is true. I hope some of my other advice you found of benefit as well. As for my old blog it was a bit of a dogs dinner not going to lie I wrote about health, meditation, Business, MMO I moved all the content to WordPress in March 2020. I would have probably made more money if I just left it but kind I’m glad I did although my advice for anyone I coach now is not to make this same mistake. Really wish someone just said to me to just start new but hey you live and you learn.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Kind regards;


  2. Thanks for sharing this post. Writing posts that will captivate your audience from the get-go is one of the hardest jobs in blogging-land. Sometimes, changing even one word at the start of your post might make a huge difference in your post’s performance.

    One thing I learned over the last few years is that the E.A.T. principle is the best one to follow. That’s actually one of Google’s main notes when it comes to writing posts. I mean, it makes perfect sense. If you put yourself in the reader’s shoes, you are looking for posts that are filled with first and foremost, expertise. You are looking for the correct info and you will reward sites that have it with your trust and time on their website. And of course, you want to sound like an authority on the topic, but that’s easy if you’re truly passionate about your niche.

    All in all, I really like these tips and will start applying some of them for my future (and past) posts. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Ivan, You are welcome. Yes totally agree with you. I only wish I could have come across this information a bit sooner. The last couple of posts I have written are much better for this I think. I just wish I could have been told this from the beginning because if I do start seeing better results anytime soon I think this will definitely be why.

      I am actually shocked I never heard about EAT or YMYL before. Only CIAO and yes for me this will definitely have a lot of influence on what I do moving forwards.

      Many thanks;


  3. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.
    I try to write as if I’m talking to a friend. Maybe this isn’t the best approach, because I do use too many and’s and but’s.
    I also use too much passive voice, according to the WordPress AIO SEO score. (I rarely score above 90.)

    I’m not sure what has happened in the last 2 months, but my traffic after being on the rise for the previous year, has declined considerably.
    Having reviewed all of your points above, I don’t think it has anything to do with them. I basically follow most of the tips you have listed here.

    I can only imagine that I am too general in what I am saying, and not authoritative enough. I’ll give it serious consideration before writing my next post.

    1. Hi Andrew, So I think that is good how you write. I wouldn’t change what you are doing too much. Your score on All in One SEO I wouldn’t let it dictate too much how you write your posts. The main thing is to actually write good quality content. That should really be your main focus. Then about your traffic I would guess it could be to do with maybe a Google update. Don’t let it put you off just stick to the plan. Although maybe check out some SEO tips on Youtube. Neil Patel, and Income School are some good ones to check out. Also look for some of the blogs on Wealthy Affiliate by Partha B.

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