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Without strong voice-overs, video content isn’t very rich, according to some media streaming experts.   Furthermore, just plain words on the screen without narration – they say really does not compare to actual spoken words.  Exactly why one might have come across – Speechelo Text To Speech Software!

Now, here is the thing creating videos with text on the screen is revolutionary to those that simply do not want to broadcast themselves in front of the whole world but really you need something a little bit more to really pull in the crowd. 

Exactly why voice-over software has become more and more popular over the years.  The viewer will not become enthralled with a video if there is no decent voice talking to them throughout.   

Yes, you can have a voice-over.  Make a video and add your own recording and honestly, it should be YOU talking to your audience.  To really speak to your crowd nobody wants to hear some robot.  Not even C-3PO himself lol 

But seriously not everyone feels confident enough to make these videos.  It might even be that it just takes too long editing everything.  Or maybe like me, you might just not know where to start with the technology for screencasting etc.

In short, there are many reasons why one might consider using a tool like Speechelo.  It can definitely make your job easier so if you would like to know more please keep on reading this review.

Speechelo Text To Speech Software (TOC)

Product Review (2022) Read This Before You Buy!

Product Name:  Speechelo

speechelo review 2022

Creator:  The Blaster Suite Team

Website:  Speechelo-offer.com

Short Description:  A.I. Text To Speech Software

Pros:  Advanced Voice Editing and Multiple Languages
Cons:  Product is not complete without Pro Plan and the competition offers much better pricing.  Also lots of negative reviews on Trustpilot.

Rating:   2/5 Stars

My Verdict:  Good tool but greedy owners charging too much money with upsells.

FTC Disclosure:

Please note that this article contains affiliate links.  If you happen to use these links I may receive an affiliate commission.  The price you pay will not be affected. 

Also, please be aware I do not recommend every product that I review.  Read carefully what I have to say.  If I think another product is better or more suitable I will recommend it instead. 

Any questions please feel free to contact me at: chivs86@ibusinesstoday.com

Short Product Summary:


what is speechelo text to speech software

For anybody reading this today, if you are a video creator or online business keen to utilize attention-grabbing voiceovers then this might be something you might want to buy?

If you want to create videos that really work to draw in the crowd and convert your audience into traffic, leads and ultimately sales you will benefit from having a good voice-over…

Whether you are trying to create a sales video, training or just an informational video as part of your content planning –

Artificial intelligence tools such as Speechelo can make your job easier!  

By using text-to-speech programs, and creating professional sounding voice-overs you may be able to transform the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns dramatically.

Especially, IF you are NOT so active on video platforms this could be what makes all the difference ????

Whatever your reason is for not getting in front of the camera you really have no more excuses!

Poor English, Camera Shy, Limited Resources etc. you need not worry anymore…

At least according to the Speechelo website which claims that for a one-time price you can instantly start transforming your Text to Speech for Incredible real-life sounding voice-overs… 

But What is Speechelo? 

Just In Case You Are Wondering!

speechelo how does it work

This is the latest product by the Blaster Suite Team who are also the brains behind products such as;

 1.)  Thumbnail Blaster,
2.)   Videly, and
3.)  Video Marketing Blaster. 

If you are only just hearing about Speechelo Text To Speech Software
here is what you should know.  

Speechelo can turn any text into speech with incredible-sounding voiceover software, which delivers natural-sounding voices. With it, you can make voiceovers that sound like real human beings.   

Your videos will sound amazing and it is very easy to use.

Convert any text into a natural voiceover and select between male and female voices for different kinds of videos for different audiences.  Also, select between more than thirty different styles of music and 24 different languages.  

Using this human voiceover software, you can create high-quality voiceovers easily for your website, YouTube channel, and Social Media Accounts.   Plus if you are a freelancer you can also use this software to offer text to speech translation services that will help you to claw back your initial investment for this product in no time at all.

Note:  If you further upgrade to Speechelos Pro Plan they offer training to sell your voiceovers through Fiverr!

So, How Does Speechelo Work?

speechelo voice generator

Speechelo Text To Speech Software is quite simple to use.  Once you are logged in you should see a board where to paste your content.  From here click, generate and Speechelo’s AI will get to work correcting Grammar and Punctuation.

The interface is simple to use, and you’ll quickly locate the board where the text will need to be placed.  

Once you’ve pasted and updated the text, from here you can choose your preferred voice and language for your sound file.

You should find that if you would like more variety it might be sensible to upgrade to the Pro plan as this includes more than 100 voices.  The standard plan is OK but quite limited so, as a Pro member, there is a lot more that is on offer.

Either way, once you’ve selected your voice from here you can make further adjustments.  Such as volume, speaking rate, and pitch.   Plus you can also add breathing patterns, empathize words and add pauses wherever you feel is necessary.

See this video below for Speechelo Voice Demos;

Now, Just to be clear I will further try to explain further how Speechelo works in these 3 steps below.  

Step-1:  Paste Your Text

So, First things first you will obviously want to prepare the text that you want to use for your sound file.  Then once ready login to the Speechelo Text to Speech Software and paste your text into the box, and click ok. 

Step-2:  Select Your Voice and Language

After Speechelo has checked through your text for correct grammar and punctuation choose your preferred voice and language. You can choose from 30 different voices both Male and Female.   There is more if you upgrade to Speechelo Pro. Here you can choose from some 60+ different voices.  

You can also edit your voice further with things like tone and breathing patterns etc.

Step-3:  Download Your Audio

Once you’ve completed the above instructions, next step click the button to play the sound.  This should only take a matter of seconds before you hear your voiceover  

Really it depends on the length of the text to be read.  In any case, though this is usually pretty quick.

From here once you’ve clicked play and listened to your voiceover you can then decide whether to save or make further changes.  If you are happy with it though click saves and download your file.


Note:  If you would like to find out how much to Buy Speechelo Speech To Text Software Click Here<<<

Speechelo Features

i.) Convert Up To 700 Words Into Speech

As a regular member with Speechelo, their Standard Plan allows you to convert 700 Words at a time into Speech.

Although, if you choose to upgrade you can then (apparently) transfer unlimited text.

ii.) Cool Voice Editing Features

As well as the ability to choose between 30 voices with the Speechelo standard plan, and over double this, amount with their Pro plan you also get the opportunity to change breathing patterns, add inflexions and change your tone in 3 different ways.

iii.) Support for 24 Different Languages

Multiple languages and texts are available through Speechelo Software.  A total of 24 languages are supported by the app including English. Unlike other voiceover features, you do not need to do anything until the text for the voiceover has been inserted.  Inserting the text will be the only thing you need to do. Selecting the voice and accent will be your choice.

Languages Include:

Dutch, Arabic, Danish, Mandarin, German, Icelandic, French, English, Japanese, Italian, Norwegian, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Romanian, Welsh, Spanish, Russian, and Turkish.

iv.)  Easy To Use Interface:

Overall, changing the text to a voice over with Speechelo Speech To Text Software is a relatively simple process. 

The only thing you need to do really is input the text that needs to be transformed. 

Choose your voice from the voice templates and select language.

In ten seconds, you’ll be able to hear your sound. 

You can access your voiceover by using the download option on the right-hand side of the screen.

Find Out More About Speechelo HERE<<<

Speechelo Pros:

  • The speed at which the text is converted into an audio track is impressive.
  • Newbies will find the software to be easy to use and fairly well explained.
  • There is no limit to the amount of text you can convert.
  • The voices are of the highest quality.
  • There are over 30 human-sounding voices in this software.
  • Additionally, breathing sounds and longer pauses can be added after each phrase.
  • While most languages are supported in this software, other programs do not.
  • Among text-to-speech apps, Speechelo is the only one that has voice inflexions, which makes it a perfect choice.

Speechelo Cons:

  • There is a single mp3 format available for downloading voices.
  • You need to pay more for the Pro version if you want the full benefits
  • Possible hidden costs if you want to download more sound files.
  • Customer Service is Apparently Very Difficult To Get Hold of and Not Very Helpful.

Who is Speechelo For?

As far as Speechelo is concerned, I have already talked about many reasons how you can make use of it. 

Here are some people who might benefit from Speechelo Speech to text software:

  • Those who create content.
  • Marketers who work online.
  • Podcasters & Video Marketers.
  • Owner of an agency and entrepreneur.
  • Marketing specialist for social media.
  • Those who freelance.

Is Speechelo Legit?

Well, yes although looking through the reviews on TrustPilot for BlasterSuite I can not really in good faith recommend this product to anyone.  Although some customers say this is a good product contrary to these other customers have had a very negative experience with this product (and company).

This review here I think is the most shocking.  [See Screenshot] 

is speechelo a scam

This is just one of the bad reviews on Trustpilot.  The score for the company that makes Speechelo is 85% 1 Star Ratings.

It seems too many customers have bought this then upgraded because of how limited the standard product is and then found the Pro membership which is a further $47 every 3 months is quite limited itself.

Although Speechelo claims to let you paste unlimited text us a Pro member there does seem to be a quota on how many times you can use this product every month and once this has been filled they will ask you to upgrade yet again!

I don’t really understand this.  Upon further investigation, I see that the Pro plan but nothing beyond this apart from the SpeecheloTube upgrade.  The customers are surely not making this up though.  

Plus what’s worse is Speechelo makes no attempt to reply to these reviews.  If they did it would look so much better on their part but to be honest I don’t blame them.  If I created this mess I wouldn’t want to look at it again.

Seriously, if you are looking for text to speech software  try this instead<<<

Speechelo Standard Vs Speechelo Pro

speechelo ai text to speech software how does it work

Now, where to start…  The first big problem with the standard Speechelo package is you can only paste in 700 words at a time.  Not a huge problem on the face of it because surely you can just create your videos with multiple audio files, right?

Well, here is the thing according to one customer that left a review on TrustPilot – there is a limit apparently for how many times you can do this every month.  700K words are the limit apparently so 10 x times you can do this a month.  

You also (I think) do not get all of the voice editing features and although apparently, it is 30+ voices you get with the basic plan (according to some users) there is only 2 of these that are any good.  I guess this is a matter of opinion but another reason for upgrading is for commercial licenses which you do not get with the basic plan. 

*You need these to sell your voiceovers.

So, with the Pro plan, you have full access to voice editing features.  You get double the amount of voices (60+).  The commercial license rights and you can paste up to 20,000 characters in the text panel.  

Plus there are 40 tracks of background music to make your voiceover more attractive for the listeners. 

The text limit for Pro each month I’m not 100% certain about but beware if you go over this as they can suspend your account and make you lose all your work.  They may suggest you upgrade for their ultimate plan at $350 every month.

Note:  Speechelo Pro Membership also includes a free bonus eBook, Voiceover Cash Machine’.  Basically, this teaches how you can use your upgraded membership as a means to set up Voiceover gigs on Fiverr and other freelancing sites.

Speechelo Vs. Murf.Ai

speechelo vs murf

If the reviews and pricing including all of the upsell‘s put you off Speechelo text to speech software then one alternative to try instead for text to speech translation to try is Murf.Ai.  

I have not personally used either product – not going to lie but just to make this clear based on my observations.  Murf studio basically lets you do everything that you can with Speechelo plus it allows you to convert voice recordings into text.

You can also upload voice recordings and convert them into different voices that are trained on professional voice-over artists.  Listening to the voice demos on the Murf.ai website I can’t say for sure if they are better than Speechelo.  I think they are but of course, this is a matter of opinion.  

Although one thing that is certainly better about Murf is you have full access to its features with any subscription, and these begin from $13 USD a month.  You can also join free and try all 100+ voices – you just can’t download them. 

Murf.Ai Features:

  • Just like Speechelo by using Murf.ai you can use text to generate voice-overs. 
  • You can also convert your voice into editable text which you can edit and convert back into a AI voice.
  • Murf Studio can further edit your voiceover by syncing the time of your voice-over with the visuals.
  • In total Murf.ai offers more than 100+ realistic voices across 19 languages.
  • You can also add pauses, change the speed of narration, emphasis, etc.
  • Other than this you can check your script with grammar assistant, 
  • Add free background music, trim video & music, and much more…

If you are a business looking to create professional voiceovers, Murf provides advanced team collaboration features, access control, pronunciation library, and SLA.

Verdict: Murf is a platform for creating and adding voice-overs to your media quickly. It is easy to use and super-friendly for beginners. It offers a lot of features that include editing of the voice-overs.

Price: Murf offers four pricing plans i.e. 

  • Free, 
  • Basic ($13/month),
  • Pro ($26/month), and
  • Enterprise ($69/month onwards).

Visit the Murf website herehttps://murf.ai/?lmref=675XgQ

Speechelo Vs. Notevibes

speechelo vs notevibes online text to speech converter

Another alternative to Speechelo text-to-speech software is Notevibes Online Text To Speech Converter.

This offers a free version, as well as a feature-rich paid version. It gives users over 500 characters of translation; at the same time, it allows users to customize the pronunciation too.

As a result, users have all the tools they need to understand a new language and vastly improve their reading comprehension. What’s more, is that Notevibes offers 177 unique voices that speak in 18 different languages.

Users love the natural-sounding voices that help them with their pronunciation. As the tool offers a wide variety of features, users across the spectrum can benefit from it.

Notevibes Features

  • Realistic voice generator
  • Read Text Aloud
  • Save Your Audio As MP3
  • 47 Natural Voices
  • 200 – 1,000,000 Characters

Verdict:  Ranging from personal use for small projects to commercial applications like voiceovers for TV, YouTube, and broadcast, the tool provides everything, thereby making it the perfect text to speech tool for you.

Price:  Notevibes includes 3 different plans

  • Limited Free Online Usage
  • Personal Pack: $9/month | $84/ year ($7/month)
  • Commercial Pack: $90/month | $840/year ($70/month)

Visit the Notevibes website here:   https://notevibes.com/

What Do I like About Speechelo?

Actually, I think the voices I heard sound great.  It’s easy to use and on the face of it, it’s a useful tool for anyone that needs to convert text to speech.  However, this is where it ends. I think the reviews on TrustPilot for BlasterSuite and Speechelo pretty much say it all.  Speechelo is a rip-off and you are better off spending your money elsewhere.

What I Don’t Like?

Quite frankly I haven’t tried Speechelo yet for myself.  I kind of get the feeling that this is something that this product is not worth my time and certainly not worth my money.  The standard plan just doesn’t seem to be worth it at all and the Premium plan well – what the hell is this company doing?  

The product itself appears to be decent with its full features but from what I’ve seen already the value for money and customer service is horrendous.  Whoever the marketing team are behind this have got this all wrong I think. They should not hold people to ransom till they upgrade it is very deceiving.

A shame really because this product seems to have a lot of potentials and if it was marketed differently it would probably be quite popular.  I am not dissing the product itself but its limited features I think really do it a disservice. 


Final Verdict:

Seriously, save your money.  Either get a subscription with Murf.ai or Notevibes instead.  One is $13 a month the other $9 a month.  Instead of paying $47 for Speechelo Text to Speech Software + everything else… try one of these instead.  I would like to recommend Speechelo I will get more from my referral but as this is an honest review I would rather you get the better value products.  However, if you do decide to try out Speechelo through my link save my email address.


If you decide within 60-Days of using Speechelo that you are not happy with the product I will help you get your refund in time.  I will contact the vendor directly or you can just ask me for the link.

Anyhow, there is definitely a lot of very helpful reasons for using text to speech software.  Youtube is an unbelievable source of traffic.  You don’t need to get behind the camera every time either and tools like Speechelo can definitely help.

Where To Buy Speechelo?

If you would like to give Speechelo a try you can buy this directly from speechelo-offer.com/

buy speechelo and discount code

Your Feedback – Share Your Thoughts!

Have you tried Speechelo Speech To Text Software?  or anything else similar?  How was your experience?  Do you recommend any other tools for Youtube or Video Marketing – Please let us know in the comments

Also, if you know any groups where this might be good to share or anyone that might like to read this post please share.

Many thanks in advance

Alex B. Chivers

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