Piratechain is the Future – Why You Should Buy ARRR in 2021 🏴‍☠️

why you should invest in piratechain in 2021

Hi Guys,  I keep hearing about this, that Piratechain is the Future – Why You Should Buy ARRR in 2021 For today’s post, I’ve decided to stray away (yet again) from my usual topics about affiliate marketing and blogging tips.  I did this recently for my post about eBay and its new managed payment system.  Plus I … Read more

100 Niche Ideas for a New Website

Hi All,  So I was thinking about what would really be useful for new visitors to this website.  Not only this but for anyone looking to create a new website.  I know how hard it can be to decide on what to make a website about so here are ‘a 100 Niche Ideas for a New … Read more

What is the Best Free Email Marketing Service?

what is the best email marketing service

Hi Guys,  What is the Best Free Email Marketing Service?  Many people that start affiliate marketing will quickly in most cases hear about the power of email follow-ups.   Where you collect someone’s email address which they can then send a series of email messages about their different offers.  Indeed many marketers will agree that this is … Read more

Thrive Suite Review 2021 – A Worthy Investment Or Not?

thrive suite review 2021

Hi Guys,  In my last post I wrote about adding optin forms and other ways to get people to join your email list.  One thing I mentioned was Thrive Leads.   There was some confusion here about buying this as a one time deal.  You can no longer buy single licenses to any of Thrive Themes’ products. … Read more

How to Get Leads for Your Business on WordPress

How To Get Leads for Your Business On a WordPress Website

Hi Guys,  Do you have a WordPress website?  Are you wondering how to get leads for your business?  You may have not reached this stage yet in your decision making but if you don’t have an email list already then you really should get one. The difference between having somebody just visit your website once, … Read more