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iBT Reviews Perpetual Income 365 – The Honest Truth Exposed!

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Hi Opportunity Seekers!  Has been a pretty hectic month for me.  Across all platforms really.  I’m still not out of the woods yet either, in terms of this month’s goals.  I have been very busy.  Writing and writing… As one of these goals has been for content.  Exactly how I came across the idea for my latest post.  #IBT Reviews Perpetual Income 365

So, I was researching products and I came across this one ~ Perpetual Income 365 by Shawn Josiah.  

This is a plug-and-play affiliate marketing and email marketing system.  

It is sold on Clickbank and on the face of it for any beginners looking to make money online this is a very attractive product.  Mostly, because it is very easy to understand and easy to set up plus you can begin using it right away.

I personally don’t recommend this myself but saying that I would still say that it is not the worst scam.  

It might actually work for you.  I’m not saying it won’t which is exactly what I want to write about in this review.  


#IBT Reviews Perpetual Income 365

IBT Reviews Perpetual Income 365 - The Honest Truth Exposed!

Affiliate Disclosure:   Please note that this post contains affiliate links.  I DO NOT work for this company and you will not pay any more or less by using my links.  Just be aware that if you do make a purchase as a result of reading this information I may receive a commission.  Please just think of this as a reward for my time for researching and writing this review. Affiliate Disclosure


#IBT Reviews Perpetual Income 365 

a perpetual income 365 review

In 2021 after the past year with COVID-19  people are desperate to make more money.  More so, than ever before are more looking to improve their lifestyle.  “To not have to live from hand to mouth” as the saying goes.  

So this is why someone might be interested in a product that teaches how to generate passive income.  This is not the only product that might be able to help someone with this but it certainly falls into this category.

If this is you then please keep reading to the end.

It’s always better to have passive sources of income to help you in case of an emergency. Over the past few years, the most effective way of making extra money has been affiliate marketing. 

People create a website, attract visitors, put product links out there and earn a commission. It sounds easier than it is and with so many affiliate programs out there, it’s hard to find whether an affiliate program is worth promoting or not.

One of these products you may or might not have heard of is Perpetual Income 365. 

But how do you get sure of the transparency and truthfulness of Perpetual income 365? We have tried to paint an honest and exposed picture of Perpetual Income 365 so that you can decide whether it’s the best method for you to follow or not!

#IBT Reviews Perpetual Income 365 

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1# – Introduction to PI365:

This is NOT a product I’ve personally tried out myself.  I want to make this perfectly clear.  Honestly, I have been tempted to give this a go ~ after all it’s only $9 to join.  

This is only for the first 2 weeks… but it is tempting just to see what this is all about.

After that, you need to pay $47 a month.  Here is the kicker but just $9 to get started.

Plus there is Upsells and you have to buy Solo Ads.  Oh, and did I mention $15 for GetResponse.  

I have this already by the way.  It’s one of my favourite tools but seriously let’s do the maths.

$9 + $47 + $50 (Solo Ads) + $15 (GetResponse) = $121 outgoings for the first 6 weeks.

You can actually save $50 on the Solo Ads if you wish but unless you are that good at free marketing ~ I really wouldn’t recommend this.  If you seriously are looking at this product you may as well go all in.

I really personally have my reservations about investing in this product.  Even just the $9 but all I can say is unless you actually invest in this product and try it yourself that is the only way to know.  The maths is sound but what worries me is if this is a product that people will actually want to buy. 

So with that in mind…


#IBT Reviews Perpetual Income 365

what do you get for your investment

In return what you get is your DFY system to promote PI365 and basically 100 Solo Ad Clicks.  

The DFY system also includes the 31 Day Email autoresponder series that will be sent to anyone that opts in to join your list.  This I would guess is probably where most commissions come from.  If people don’t bite at the landing page and choose to opt-in instead this is where the magic will probably happen.

From this, they say you should get a 40-50% optin rate.  I think this depends can be less could be more. 

As a member what you would want is for customers to either pay the $9 for the 2-week trial or for them to join your email list.

The $9 I’m not sure what the deal is with this.  I think maybe you get a $4.50 commission.  It’s a 50% recurring commission on the $47 a month I know that.  So you either want to hope someone pays the $9 right away or that they act after reading one of the 31 emails.  It’s kind of tempting on the face of it I will admit.  

Basically, 32 opportunities to target each lead.

Now, let’s say 33 people sign up to your list with 100 clicks.  Each one of them is sent 31 emails with your affiliate link. 

That’s a lot of potentials, but then you need like ($121 / 4.50 = ?)  27 customers and let’s be real you probably will not get that.  Even if 50% of people from the 100 clicks either signed up or got the trial and 25% signed up.  I guess that would be ideal as the next month some of these guys will pay the $47 and each one will get you $23.50.

This purely hypothetical but if you got 10 guys that bought this that is $235.00  + $45 = $280

Here maybe you could reinvest the whole lot – So $47 + $200 (Solo Ads) + $15 (GetResponse)  

and let’s say you got 40 guys that would be $940 plus (40 x 4.50)  = $1120

I’m actually tempted by this myself.  Minus $400 for fees and solo ads that’s $720 profit.

Note:  it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns – I will try to get to this part soon.

3# – What is Perpetual Income 365?

#IBT Reviews Perpetual Income 365

If you are brand new in the world of affiliate marketing, Perpetual Income 365 is certainly one product that may appeal to you. This program is designed to help you generate passive income, and if you can get this product to work for YOU – You can quickly render quite a handsome amount of money by following the program manuals. 

It offers you straight and simple strategies for affiliate and email marketing that are very easy to understand.  

The owner Shawn Josiah is a 7-figure earner, and as the founder of Perpetual Income 365 speaks of this platform very highly.  However, as promising as this information might seem, is it really worth it? 

The Internet is full of fake reviews, but you must be smart enough to differentiate between a fake and an honest review. 

Note:  The video above is actually very much in this products favour but is not actually my own opinion.

My job (I believe) is to provide a 100% honest review for Perpetual Income 365.   As much as I would like you to buy this product and earn a commission from one of my links I would rather tell you the truth.

So, with that in mind, instead of declaring this program as the best or the worst, I’m here to share my honest opinion.

This is actually WHAT I think…

To me, PI 365 has one very big flaw – I have read this in a few different reviews now and this is…

That the only product you can promote through this system (from what I can gather) is Perpetual Income 365.   I still actually need to confirm this but I am pretty sure this is the case.  At least without (I think) the upsells.

But anyhow…

4# – How Does It Work?


So, Perpetual Income 365 is a kind of email marketing system where you have to select a particular option to set up your own DFY funnel.   You choose a landing page and this is linked to an email autoresponder which includes 31 emails.  This is then sent out to recommended Solo Ad vendors and also you can share your link (I think) independently.

The program works with something called MCCCA.   Which I think is BS, to tell the truth, something about using the same algorithm which made NETFLIX so popular.  I really don’t understand this part, but according to Josiah, it means Mainstream Commitment Consistency Compounding Algorithm

Pretty sure this is irrelevant but maybe you can make more sense of it than I can?   Supposedly It involves a cognitive study on human behaviour that is proven to generate more leads and sign-ups.   I think it’s probably just down to luck myself but maybe it does work?  I don’t know.  

Try and see – you might be surprised.  It’s just that for me personally the flexibility to promote other offers with this system is what concerns me.  I also wonder how many times these actual landing pages have done the rounds already and if this offer is as attractive as Shawn Josiah says.

With that in mind, what else is there to know about Perpetual Income 365?

5# – Features of Perpetual Income 365

perpetual income 365 important training video click here


i.)  You Have an Easy Job

In affiliate marketing, newcomers have to invest a lot of time and energy in trial and error. Perpetual Income 365 aims at saving lots of user’s time. The design of this program is user-friendly. It’s very much just Plug and Play all the way.

ii.)  Automation Software

The automation software is the best feature of Perpetual Income 365. It is a time saver that works as a backend sale machine. After the initial steps, all you have to do is drive the traffic to your offer! 

The automation software gives you pre-written emails that save up the trouble of setting up emails. You don’t have to write a single word; automation software does this all for you!


iii.) Upsells + Bonuses

Looking at each of the upsells and ebooks I do question their worth.  I did read somewhere that the bonuses are just generic PLR you can find on google ~ not sure how true and as for the upsells.  There is 4 from what I can see;

5 Clicks Profit  $197
Email ATM $297 
Perpetual Asset Multiplier $127

They don’t really seem worth it to me.  In essence, it’s just to edit your funnel.  Basically, upgrade the design to make your pages look more attractive, and my honest opinion is only there to make people think they can buy their way out of the money trap that this product has made them fall into. 

It’s just another way to distribute more commissions to make the product seem more worthy. (I think)

iV.)  Perpetual Income 365 Facebook Group

This is probably one of the best things about this product as you can network with other members.  Here you may find people are actually honest about their earnings and who knows they may have a lot better things to say than in this review.

Once you become a member of Perpetual Motion 365 one of the perks is obviously that you can join this group and network with other members.


6# – What I Don’t Like About PI 365?


Here is where I will be honest.  There is a number of things I don’t like about Perpetual Income 365

For one there is no flexibility. You get everything ready-made. Hence there is nothing else for you to learn. You cannot aim to promote the same pages repeatedly, and this is not how affiliate marketing works. This will not benefit you in the long run.

I know you can unlock different income streams but even this I don’t think is worth it.

Secondly, You get blacklisted if you claim a refund.  This is not exactly ethical in my opinion because there is a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee on the product.  Especially what  Shawn says that people claiming a refund are cheap. He doesn’t like it because he puts a lot of effort into running the program!

This is something I cannot ignore.  Kind of a bit childish really

Also, with a product like this that only promotes itself to undoubtedly 10’s of 1000’s people a month.  It makes it less likely that a decent amount of people will buy the product so there isn’t really any long term potential?  It seems to me very over saturated but maybe you can take some things away from this course which is perhaps the silver lining here.

Final Words

Whilst Perpetual Income 365 is undoubtedly helpful for newbies who have zero or very little knowledge of landing pages it may actually turn out to be a very risky investment.  

You can try it by all means.  If you are a person who doesn’t want to invest time in learning, then this program might just be for you.  Although be warned. 

If you like any sensible marketer wants to promote multiple products and have complete control over your landing page(s), we are sorry.  Perpetual Income 365 will do you no good! 

You may use it as an initial program to prepare yourself for the essential advantages of affiliate marketing but if you want to learn something that might help you in the long run, 

you need to be associated with some other affiliate program.

For me there is actually somewhere I would recommend instead…

See the table below to find out more…


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