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Click Wealth System Reviews – Will This Really Make You Rich?

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Can this really make you rich?  What do the Click Wealth System Reviews have to say about this new product?  I know that when choosing a course to learn the basics of online business you can be pretty spoilt for choice.  Indeed, since I started this blog I’ve come across plenty of different money-making systems so far.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly ? but which is this one?

So, I was recently approached by a follower on Instagram who wanted to know if I needed any help with earning money online.  There were a few questions I had for him – mainly about getting started on IG, as an affiliate marketer.  However, he was pretty insistent on me giving this new product – Click Wealth System a go.

I wasn’t really too interested at first but I saved the link and I actually ended up buying this. So what did I think? 

Please keep reading my full review to find out about my own personal experience of using this product.

Does it live up to the hype?  Well, let’s take a look and find out.

Click Wealth System Reviews – Will This Really Make You Rich? (TOC)

click wealth system software

Product Name:  Click Wealth System

Creator:  Matthew Tang and I think Sean Lua


How Much Does It Cost:  $9.00 + Upsells

What Is It?: Cloud-based Affiliate Marketing Software

The Good:: Only $9 to get started.  Useful resources.

The Bad: Further Investment is required. At least for membership to GetResponse.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars for front end offer only.  Not tried the Upsells yet.

Do I Recommend This?:  Yes, I think so.  Keep reading to find out why.

FTC Disclosure: 

Please note that this post contains affiliate links.  If you happen to make a purchase based on this review through any of my links then I may receive an affiliate commission.  The price you pay will not be affected.  I include these links should you decide to try these products for yourself.  However, not every product I review I recommend so please read carefully. 

About Me: My name is Alex Chivers.  I am a 36-year-old entrepreneur from North Hertfordshire, UK.   Since a young age, I have been a keen writer and as of now, I am a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer, as well as a part-time eBay trader.  My main goal is working toward making a passive income online and finding the means to travel the world financially free.

If you have any questions please contact me at

Now, let’s get started…

What Is the Click Wealth System?

The Click Wealth System is a cloud-based affiliate marketing software that allows beginners to start generating affiliate commissions online.  According to Matthew Tang, this is an easy all in one software that can leverage the customer middleman arbitrage model to help people make money.

Further, still, this is a comprehensive system that breaks down the entire concept of Customer Middleman Arbitrage into simple actionable steps.  It’s apparently so simple that anyone can get fast results by using this.  The Click Wealth System grants access to everything you need to start generating a steady income and to help achieve financial freedom by working for just 30 minutes a day.  

This also claims Matthew Tang are his most closely guarded money making secrets revealed for the very first time.  The key to financial security and freedom, and a complete step by step income-generating machine.

A rare opportunity to get everything you need to be rich and all for the very customer friendly price of $9 USD.

It almost sounds too good to be true but really is it?

Find Out For Yourself By Clicking Here

or Continue reading the rest of my review to learn more…

How Does The Click Wealth System Work?

Just in case you’re curious the Click Track Wealth System By Matthew Tang is a software program that has been created to help generate sales and commissions through ‘the affiliate marketing’ or ‘customer middleman arbitrage’ model.

If you are not already aware of how affiliate marketing works I will try to quickly explain.

  1. Sign Up with an Affiliate Program eg. Amazon, eBay or Clickbank etc.
  2. Choose a Product that you are comfortable promoting.
  3. Acquire your unique individual affiliate links.
  4. Promote your links by sharing online – eg. Click Here to Join Click Wealth System [This is my aff. link]

You can learn more about how affiliate marketing works in my blog post affiliate marketing for beginners here or you can also download my free affiliate marketing for newbies ebook here.

Now, About the Click Wealth System.  So, in Matthew Tang’s words, this is a 3 step system.

 Once you gain access by paying the $9 USD for the frontend product here is how it works…

  • Create a website with cloud software in just 5 clicks
  • Choose a verified source from an insider customer list
  • Become the middle man by directing the customer to your website

Easy peasy or so it might seem.  You set up your website (a lead capture page), link to Clickbank and Getresponse, set up your tracking link and request your 100 free clicks.

Then after that, you promote your tracking link through free or paid traffic.   

It’s a bit more complicated than Matthew Tan’s 3 steps but it’s straightforward enough.

But does it work?

Don’t worry if you find out the truth and you don’t like it because if you keep reading until the end there is something else I have to share that you might find to be a better fit for your entrepreneurial aspirations.  [Skip Ahead If You Link Here]

Or IF you really want to know the real deal with the Click Wealth System let’s do some more digging…

Is The Click Wealth System a Scam?

Well, firstly I have paid the $9 fee to get started with Matthew Tang’s Click Wealth System and as some people that have stumbled across this product might have suspected.  The super cheap $9 one time price is not for everything.

click wealth system is it legit

They definitely don’t mention any upsells
and this next offer will set you back another $147.00 (or $97.00 on the next page). Apparently, a guy called Ronald was so shocked at how cheap the Click Wealth System was being sold for he decided to help Matthew Tang develop an even better product to help generate faster, easier profits called the CWS Profit Activator…  Apparently, this Plug and Play Software can help increase your traffic for the website that you develop with the Click Wealth System by 150%.  More customers = more profits but let’s not ignore the question…

Does The Click Wealth System Really Work?

No, It is not a scam and I don’t even think the $9 offer is a bad deal.  You actually do get the product and it does have value. You don’t need the Upsells to actually make this profitable.

Here is a screenshot from the back office just in case you’re wondering.  You have access to 7 different tabs…

click wealth system back office

You will have to pay more for the other three upsell products (as I mentioned) but as you are getting something out of this so it technically is not a scam.  Even though, there are plenty of things that definitely aren’t true.   

For instance that this System won’t be on the market forever, the countdown timers and there aren’t any other products like this online.  This is mostly BS but… 

Is The Click Wealth System Legit?

So after investing my $9 in the front end product after my first 20 minutes in the back office here is the first thing you come across.  The Click Wealth System Welcome Video and the 5 Important Tips to Master the Click Wealth System PDF.

You can actually check both of these first 2 items out for yourself below;

Next Here is the PDF5 Tips To Master The Click Wealth System.  From here members can also use a link to join the Click Wealth System Elites Facebook Group. 

Note:  although this will link you to the group you will need to provide the email you used to purchase the product on Clickbank for verification purposes.  It actually doesn’t seem to be very active.  I’ve added a post and will see if it gets approved or not. 

All I will say is that Matt Tang did respond to my message on Facebook so that’s one good thing. 

Also,  as I am now in the group I will share some screenshots below from other members that have used this system.

click wealth system reviews 1
click wealth system reviews 2
click wealth system reviews 3

Not sure how legit but looks like this has been working for some people.   I see one member of the group had a pretty bad experience paying from the recommended Solo Ads. 

They spent a lot of money but had no conversions apparently.

For them, I would say this is possibly not really the fault of this program.  I would guess maybe it might be the email swipes they were using amongst other things.  Solo Ads can be quite a waste if the risks are not minimized.  

Perhaps this is an issue with the program for not giving better advice but this does not make it illegitimate.

I think I need to investigate further but I am actually quite optimistic about the value you receive for the $9 front end product. 

You can if you like find out for yourself already by placing an order here but let’s continue.  Shall we?  

Who Is Matthew Tang?

Now, this is a good question.  What you will be able to gather from your research on the Click Wealth System is that Matthew Tang was a former corporate level accountant.  

He was one day, unexpectedly, made redundant from his role and because of this, he began searching the internet for a means to work from home and make money online.  Something that led to his new career as an affiliate marketer.

Pretty much the same as anyone on this path right?  It all starts with a google search and things start spiralling from there.

Apparently, Matthew spent around 50K on courses only to find most of them were worthless, outdated and one scam after another.  You can definitely believe this.  I have seen a lot of this with my own eyes but obviously, some of this training must have benefited Matthew Tang because apparently now he is a multi-millionaire and a Clickbank Platinum Seller.

matthew tang clickbank platinum seller awards 2020 2021

Take from this what you will.  Just because Matthew Tang is a Clickbank Platinum reseller doesn’t mean this product will help you do the same but it definitely has its good points.  Which I will share with you below;

Also, in case you are wondering is Matthew Tang a real person search on Google for Matthew Tang Tom Lua.

I think Tom Lua is also involved with the Click Wealth System but alongside Matthew Tang, he has also launched Linkin Profits, and Profit Injector.  Unsure if there are any others but besides this, you can see that Matthew alongside Tom has made several leaderboards for affiliate promotions.

matthew tang and tom lua

Is The Click Wealth System Worth It?

Now let’s begin with the $9 front end offer.  This grants you access to both the Click Wealth System Back Office, the Facebook group and apparently 24/7 Support.  

*Note:  I sent a message to the Support page about an issue I had with getting started they did indeed respond within 24 hours.  I was kind of worried but yes they did get back to me.

So, I have shared the video and PDF. from Step 1 of the Click Wealth System, which is the welcome page.  After this, you also have access to steps 2-8.  Not including upgrades.

See the Screenshot below;

what do you get with the click wealth system steps 1 to 8

So, I actually didn’t realise this list is clickable
 (take note if you’re planning to use this product).  This was my first mistake.  This you can access from the top menu item.  You need to use it to set up your profit pages and tracker links.  Plus also to link to your Clickbank account and Getresponse.  

Pretty simple once you figure this out but yes I do think Click Wealth System is worth it.

I’ve seen a few reviews that say this isn’t a good product but there are some good free resources such as the PDFs and the Profit pages.  I know you can create lead capture pages elsewhere but these are professionally made.

I will update this with my results (if I have any) but basically, the Profit Pages look great.  You could definitely assume that they will collect leads for you.  You want pages set up like these to help build your email list.

Plus they also give you 100 free clicks of traffic from I think Solo Ads.  They say 2-4 weeks it takes for this campaign to run.  Whether this will collect any leads I will have to update but so far so good. 

However, I personally do wonder how much these pages have been circulated already.  You don’t have the option to change your 2 pages after you’ve selected them so that could be problematic.

Although, as you are linking these pages to GetResponse you can link these pages to your own autoresponder and effectively use them for your very own promotions.  Which, for this reason, I think might be good.  If people actually are responding to these profit pages there is much you can do to make these worthwhile.

Not exactly the most beginner-friendly thing but I guess this is what the profit multiplier is for if you wish to upgrade.

How Much Does The Click Wealth System Cost?

To get started with the Matthew Tang Click Wealth System of course I have mentioned already that you can get started for a small price of only $9 for the front end offer.  

You might wonder if this is just baiting and if you need to purchase the upsells to get the complete product but you really don’t need these I don’t think, not really.  Although if you do purchase them they might improve things for sure.

Especially OTO 3 – 5x Profit Pages.

If you are wondering how much extra the upsells cost check out this screenshot;

matthew tang click wealth system upsells and total costs

So just to explain there are only 3 upsells.  The Profit activator is $147 but you can get it for $97 (Downsell 1#).  The second upsell, Profit Multiplier you can get for $148 or for $98 (as Downsell 2#).  

Basically, don’t pay either $147 or $148, the down sells are the same as the upsells and each is $50 less.   

The final one 5x Proffit Pages however is $95 and you can not get $50 off.

Also, other costs include GetResponse for building your email list [Try It Free Here] and although this is optional they also recommend promoting the Click Wealth System with Solo Ads.

I will cover this soon and give you my own personal advice but just in case you’d like to know.

Does Click Wealth System Have a Refund Policy?

Yes, you have 60 days to claim back a refund by contacting the Click Wealth System Team or Clickbank support from your date of purchase.  I am not 100% certain what the deal is with the upsells regarding this but the one thing to note is that if you do request a refund you will be blacklisted from ever purchasing the Click Wealth System again.  

Plus I am guessing your access to the CWS back office will also be revoked.  Apparently, this is to protect the business.  

However, It does say as well is on the front end that if you don’t make any money with CWS they will guarantee you a refund.  Not sure what they mean by this but yes that is what they say.

So this does make me wonder if refunds can be claimed after 60 days.  I know after 60 Days that is Clickbanks guarantee voided but it says if you are unhappy with your purchase you can contact support anytime.

By the sounds of things (I don’t know), but sounds like they offer a lifetime money-back guarantee.

Something I will have to ask about but otherwise if you’d like to try out the Click Wealth System…

What Do You Get With Click Wealth System?

click wealth system reviews click for best deal

For the basic $9 front end product, you get for starters access to the back office, the Facebook group and 24/7 support and here is what else you will get for this very low price;

2 x Profit Pages [Upgrade To 5x Profits for $95 more)

*Professionally created on Clickfunnels.  Choose between 10 different designs.
Here are the designs I chose if you are curious…  What do you think?.
 Link 1 Here   – Link 2 Here

1 x Click Tracker [Track Where Your Clicks Are Coming From]

This helps determine which one of your profit pages works the best.

*I will update this information after I have used it for a bit longer.

100 x Free Clicks of Free Traffic (Not Influencer Traffic) 

*Solo Ads I think…  process is said to take 2-4 weeks.   Again I will let you know how I get on after this is finished.

1 x Instructions on  How To Generate Influencer Traffic

This method is not free.  Here it is recommended that you purchase Solo Ads from Udimi or Roy’s Solo Ads.

The Click Wealth System also provides 4 email swipes to use for your solo ads.  Not great in my opinion – make sure before you send out Solo Ads you are sending out a good email with a catchy headline…

5 x Free PDFs on How To Generate Free Traffic

  • Get Traffic From Pinterest
  • Get your 30 Free Traffic Methods PDF
  • PDF On Getting Traffic From Facebook – Method 1
  • PDF On Getting Traffic From Facebook – Method 2
  • PDF On Getting Traffic From Blog Commenting

1 x Email Broadcaster Tool

Use this once you have subscribers to send out daily emails or however often as you can.

1 x Free VIP Training Masterclass

This is the first bonus an extra free marketing course called Traffic Boss Academy

1 x Bonus Clicks from selected Solo Ad vendors (Influencer Traffic).

If you purchase either 200 or $1K clicks.  Click Wealth System will match this upon providing proof of purchase.

This is everything you get for $9.  However, you can also pay $300 for the Extra Tools…

1# – The Click Wealth System Profit Activator

Access to 5 extra plugins, for customizing your profit pages to improve conversion rates and generate more leads. 

So this does seem like it could help improve conversions. What this add on does is add 5 extra elements to your profit pages. There is; the top banner (this offer will expire), a countdown timer, an Exclusive for your country badge, Social Proof pop-ups and a retargeting pop up if you go to click away.

2# – The Click Wealth System Profit Multiplier

This is a set of emails that you can use to set up your autoresponder to help complete your funnel.  I would actually try and set up your own email series.  Try joining a few lists of other successful marketers to see what they are doing and try to do something similar.  

I would actually say don’t worry too much about earning commissions from the Click Wealth System.  Put your efforts into collecting emails.  Get as many sign-ups as you can and get them on your list so every day or every other day they can receive a marketing email from your autoresponder.  If you do this right this is where it all happens.  

Go into GetResponse and select contacts (lists) and find your CWS email lists that have been set up.

They should look something like this;

click wealth system email set up

  When you find them click on the 3 dots to the right and select ‘Show Autoresponders’.  

This I think is the best thing to do here you have 30 emails set up here.  Just go through each one and tailor them however you like.  If you do this right then this should really help your cause.  Not sure what added value the upsell brings but this is what I will be doing with my emails before I promote this.

3# –  5x Profit Pages ($97 USD)

When you join the Click Wealth System you will be given 2 profit pages already.  I shared my links for these already ~ 

 Link 1 Here   – Link 2 Here

With this upgrade, you have 5 extra slots for Profit Pages.  So here you can choose from even more templates and set up an extra 5 lead capture pages.  This will help ensure people viewing your page don’t keep seeing the same 2 pages.

They are all well designed and very professional but are they worth the $97?  

I will let you decide.   Sign Up for the Click Wealth System HERE<<

It’s not for everyone but for those who might be just a tad bit intrigued…

Who Is The Click Wealth System For?

Almost certainly the Click Wealth System is for anyone that is interested in a means of making money online.  Especially for those interested in the affiliate marketing model.  I would say this maybe isn’t completely beginner-friendly.   It is good in a way because you get the profit pages and it does show you how to drive traffic ~ free and paid.

However, I would say you kind of need a bit of external knowledge, not taught in the provided training resources, to really get this system working.  My tips edit your autoresponder emails and set up a double opt-in with a redirect to another offer after your subscriber confirms they want to join your list.

You can use this opportunity to write a thank you page that can act as a place to offer a low-value OTO.

If you are using Solo Ads this is a great way to try and claw back your initial investment.

I’m kind of going off-topic here I know but yes I think the Click Wealth System is for any marketers with previous experience that can take full advantage of everything that is actually on the table for just $9

If you need any help you can reach out to me at or through my Contact page.

Now, I think I’ve covered much of this already but just quickly…

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Yes, To use this platform to its full capabilities of course there are the 3 UPSELLS for a combined total of $290 USD.

Besides this, once you have used your 100 free clicks it is recommended to sign up for UDIMI and hire either Jasdeep, Roy, Matt or anyone from the Udimi Marketplace to purchase extra Solo Ad traffic.

Proceed with caution here or skip this part completely.  LeadsLeap is a good alternative to try out I would say.

Also, You don’t have to do this but one thing you will need is a Getresponse membership.  You can get started with a free trial but after this, you need to choose a package.  It is $15 a month for the 1000 contacts plan but if you end up collecting 1000+ leads you will need to upgrade for a better plan.

The Bonuses

These don’t actually make much sense to me apart from the solo ads bonus.   Apparently, if you purchase 200 clicks or 1000 clicks from any of the selected Solo Ad vendors CWS will match your clicks if you can provide a unique tracking link, receipt and your Clickbank ID. 

This is at the very least $80 worth at the very least and $500+ at the very most.

If you actually can do this right this is an incredible offer.  However the other bonuses…

These are just links to other websites.  One is Traffic Boss Academy which actually I might have to write a review for at some point and the other is a link for Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge

Not really what you would call much of a bonus but check them out anyway.  The Traffic Boss Academy if you visit the website has a Masterclass video sharing what the program is all about.  Basically, building a massive list and selling Solo Ads and Clickfunnels One Funnel A Day Challenge ($100 for the month) will help you make your own professional profit pages.  Once you master this the sky really is the limit. 

Now, I spoke about Solo Ads (Influencer Traffic)  this is very risky but I will share more information below;

About Solo Ads – A Quick Summary

I will cover this in a separate post at some point but if you’d like to learn more about Solo Ads check out this thread on Quora.  Personally, I think they can work and can be a great source of conversions if you have a good well-written email to send out and a reputable seller to send out your Solo Ads.  

One tip you could benefit from is by adding your own OTO (one time offer) as a redirect from your lead capture page.  If you add a low-value offer that converts that makes say $4-$5 this is all money that can help recover your initial investment and go towards new clicks.

Basically, your main goal will be to collect emails for your list which will send out an autoresponder with your affiliate offers but of course, the main goal is to actually build your list as big as possible to maximize your chances.

Solo Ads are definitely risky and can a lot of the time lose you money but they can also work very well.

However,  Safelists may be another much cheaper option.  The traffic is a lot less targeted but you can get this for free and email thousands of people at a time.  You might find the success rate is very low but this does work for some people.

I would recommend Herculist personally Their Gold Membership is I think $15 a year and you can use this every day.

Not 100% guaranteed to work.  You will have more success with Solo Ads (if you buy from the right people) because this is targeted traffic but of course, some people do recommend safelists.  Check out this Free PDF about Safelists here.


The Click Wealth System Overview

When I first got sent the link for this digital product a few days back I saved the link but mostly I kind of just thought the worst.  That this was just another crappy product to fool people into buying more expensive useless products.  

You see I know all too well how some of these digital products are created.  Basically loads of hype and disappointment.

However, I was quite pleasantly surprised and quite happy with my $9 purchase.  The 2 Profit pages especially I really liked.  Definitely, I will look forward to getting these out to the masses.  I think this is a great deal even if others are using the same pages.  This I think might be a problem later on but we shall see.

Plus on top of this, I really liked the ideas from the free training resources.  Still need to go through these properly but I am very pleased with them.  I’ve learned a couple of new tricks already.  So this is what I do like…

What I Don’t Like ?

I am quite cautious about using the paid traffic method I must admit but I like that there is the opportunity here to double up on clicks.  Although, I do have some quite deep concerns for people.  There doesn’t really seem to be enough instruction to really minimize your losses with this recommended traffic source.

I am sure the recommended vendors Jasdeep, Roy and Matt (not sure if this is Matthew Tang himself) are professionals.  In my mind, I don’t doubt that the clicks will be coming from highly targeted email lists but pretty sure these guys aren’t providing the actual emails that will be sent out to people.

You need high-quality emails with good sales copy before using solo ads and you also need a good follow up series of emails ready for the actual leads that you collect.

I don’t like the idea that this product is not so thorough here.  Although, as long as people know what they’re getting themselves into I am all good with everything else.   Some lies and overhyping to help sell the product but unfortunately, this is just part of the business.  Everyone does it.

So besides all this, I do recommend the Click Wealth System but…

My #1 Recommendation for MMO

check out my free ebook

This is not actually the Click Wealth System.  What I would suggest is going down the blogging route.  Build up an authority platform first and start creating other content as an extension of your main online business hub.  Which of course will be a website.  Just like my website right here.

This way you are not limited to just the Online Business / MMO niche.  I am not knocking it but it’s pretty fierce competition-wise.   There is a whole range of things you can make a website about with a lot less competition.

The right ideas can make you a lot of money as an affiliate marketer.  Most websites have affiliate programs and a large % of products are available online you can earn affiliate commissions from them.

The world is your oyster and if you would like me to help all I simply ask is you sign up here to subscribe to my email list.  Subscribe Here.

Once, you have done this I will provide you with my special free ebook, my 30 Days of Online Business Tips email series plus my recommendation for free online business training that you can get started with today.

All you need to do to get started for free is CLICK HERE

Your Feedback – Share Your Thoughts Below

Well, can’t believe how long this post is.  5K words wow but what do you think?  Would you be interested to see what the Click Wealth System is all about for $9?  Have you tried this already?  What did you think?  Is there something else that you would like to recommend instead?  Please let me know along with any questions you have in the comments.

Many thanks for reading.  Please Like, Share and Subscribe ?

To Your Future Success ?

Alex B. Chivers

PS:  If you would like to try The Click Wealth System for Only $9 Visit The Website Here<<< 

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10 thoughts on “Click Wealth System Reviews – Will This Really Make You Rich?”

  1. Matthew/Deloris

    We are glad to see that this click wealth system works and does have a place to learn how to grow our money. The $9 sales do seem to be the best they can do for those who do not have a lot of money. The upsales seem to be a little too much for us and we are going to try the $9 and see where it takes us, as you did. We would like to thank you for the review that we stumbled upon.


  2. Matthew/Deloris

    We are glad to see that this click wealth system works and does have a place to learn how to grow our money. The $9 sales do seem to be the best they can do for those who do not have a lot of money. The upsales seem to be a little too much for us, so we are going to try the $9 and see where it takes us, as you did. We would like to thank you for the review that we stumbled upon.


  3. Click Wealth System front end product seems like a bargain at $9. However, the upsells could work out expensive if you bought them all. I think an affiliate marketer with some experience could make use of the 2 free pages, but buying the upgrade for extra plugins would be a good idea. Editing the pages would ensure they’re unique and allow for personal design. On the the whole it looks like a good product, though a lot of money could be spent on solo ads. Thanks for sharing this well written and detailed review ?

    1. Hi Kathy, Yes I think $9 for the front end product is a good deal as long as you already use Getresponse. I would recommend the autoresponder emails are tweaked though. Even changed but yes if this is done $9 is a steal. I think the upsells could be worth it if you actually make enough money from sales. I think the Profit activator could definitely help collect more leads by looks of it and the 5x pages also could really help. The Solo Ads are quite risky I wouldn’t buy them unless your list was actually converting. I think you can try some things though to really get the best out of Solos – they should mostly be focused on collecting leads but you can also add OTO pages for low dollar products to help cover your costs. Plus also if you can grow a big enough list you can start selling Solo Ads yourself on Udimi.

  4. What I have discovered is that a lot of platforms these days have this seem set up where you think you are only paying a cheap fee that can help you to make so much money but when you look a lot closer there are upsells but by the time you have invested this small amount of money are left with the decision to keep paying which can add up. I believe they should be upfront one time with their fees. Platforms like these can be a real turn-off.

    1. Hi Norman,  Yes I do agree but at the same time I think this could have potential if you already use GetResponse.

      Sure they do try to trick people into buying other stuff but $9 for the 2 profit pages and the follow-up email is worth it I think.  I am going to be trying a few things with this system I think.  The follow up emails I need to work on I think but I really do think for anyone that has a bit of experience with copywriting, getresponse and soical media marketing this has a lot of potential.  The solo ads aspect I will not try unless I find the emails start converting from the free methods but essentially this is a great pedestal for people to build a working marketing system I think.

  5. Hi Alex, it’s nice to see that there is actually some value to behold within the click wealth system, and it’s also nice to see that people are having success with it.

    The thing I’d like to know however is how are these people making their money with the click wealth system? Are they promoting something? Is it like affiliate marketing? I have looked at products that have a similar language such as this, with taglines like “done for you systems” and “free traffic siphoners”
    And what typically ends up happening is you end up promoting a bunch of other WarriorPlus or Clickbank products by emailing random people on social media networks, is that kind of what this is?

    1. Hi David, Yes I do feel there is some value to the click wealth system. It’s actually a lot better than a lot of other hyped-up make money online products that people release. Just my opinion but I think you can definitely have success from it if you promote it well enough. I see Pinterest has worked well for some of the guys on the group.

      Regarding your question the way people can make money from the click wealth system is chiefly in 2 ways 1.) from actually promoting the product and its upsells and 2.) what I think is really good about it is getting people onto your email list. From here you can basically promote whatever offers you want. However, you must do the work – promote the lead capture pages what the click wealth system provides you. You have some guides to help with this (free PDFs mostly) and I would say you have to tweak the emails to make them better and add your own or pay for the 2nd upsell. I mean I will be honest if you can get a good lead capture page with all the bells and whistles that is linked to a good list this can be a gold mine for any marketer it really can. Blogging and what wealthy affiliate teaches is good as well but till you really get a lot of traffic you most likely are not just going to make commissions from people just reading your blogs. It is still worth doing but email marketing is where it is at.

  6. Hi Alex

    t’s good to know that there are legitimate online money-making programs that can help us make extra cash from home.

    And from your review, I see that the Click Wealth System will work differently for everyone depending on their skills and experiences in online marketing, and it is not without its drawbacks.
    So it is still important to do research before signing up because there are upsells, so one has to be prepared to spend more money in order to maximize earnings and you’ll need to put in some work and have some marketing experience to see results.

    That said, the system can be a great way to make money online if you’re already familiar with online marketing techniques and strategies.

    And you also did mention that the upsells and additional costs are optional, and you didn’t buy them, I’ll be on the lookout to hear how it goes.


    1. Hi Femi, Yes that is a very accurate description I would say. It really depends on people’s experience. For anyone that really knows what they are doing, I think this is a great product. Even for beginners though in a way because the training resources which are provided such as the PDFs are really helpful I think.

      Just the only thing is recommending people to try Solo Ads which can be quite costly. I think before ever trying Solo Ads you need a good funnel in place and what the Click Wealth System offers is not really complete. Also, this is only really good for people that are already with GetResponse or that are willing to make an account with them. I use them myself so I would recommend them but I think others might prefer other products such as Aweber or Mailchimp because these offer free accounts. So there is this but yes for what this is this is a good set of tools.

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