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Is Commission Hero A Scam – Review (2021) The Truth Revealed!

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Is Commission Hero a Scam?  For anybody that is curious – For today’s post I will be looking at Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard. This is an online course to properly learn how to use Facebook Ads.   But is Commission Hero Legit?  I’ve actually come across this training a few times in conjunction with other Clickbank products now.

Those products I looked at all recommended Commission Hero to learn how to properly set up Facebook Ads.  This I will admit could be very beneficial for some people.  As the trouble with Facebook Ads is they are very strict.  Even unfair, and in my experience requesting a review on a restricted FB Ads account is most of the time fruitless.

By all means though, if this is you – keep on trying.  I read about someone that had their account restriction reversed by requesting review after review.  That is one way and for me personally, I have been able to reinstate my account by getting through to live chat.  

Although, the trouble is that they set up their AI after xx times to stop the live chat button from appearing.

It really is this bad and it was only recently I was talking to a Facebook friend who set up a FB Ads agency.  They also had their account restricted and basically went out of business as a result.  They still to this day (as far as I know) have never unrestricted their account.  Quite like myself so believe me – setting up Facebook Ads requires a certain skill set.

Which, Robby Blanchard seems to know all about so I will say this course may be worth taking a look at.  

Exactly why I have chosen to write this new review…      

FTC Disclosure: 

Please be aware that this product review contains affiliate links.  Primarily this content is for informational purposes but if you do choose to make a purchase and through one of these links I may receive a commission.  The price you pay will not be affected and I promise to only offer my own unbiased, honest opinions based on what I see. 

Is Commission Hero A Scam – Review (2022)!
The Truth Revealed!

Product Name:  Commission Hero   

What Is Commission Hero?

Created By:  Robby Blanchard

Retailer:  Clickbank / Blanchard Media

Quality Rating:  4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Price Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Stars ⭐⭐

Support:  3 out of 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐

Warranty:  1 out of 5 stars ⭐


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Is Commission Hero A Scam – Review (2021) The Truth Revealed!

A Few Words Before I Begin

Robby Blanchards training for affiliate marketing with Facebook Ads is something you can really feel excited about. On first impression it seems to have a lot of potential for making money online, but can it really stand the test of Facebook’s strict AI algorithms?

What Is Commission Hero

As explained above Commission Hero is a Facebook Ads training course by Robby Blanchard.  It consists of around 45 videos plus the chance for further training through its upsells.  Throughout the training, Robby offers his expertise to teach his own methods of affiliate marketing via Facebook.  

His promise is to help you to set up successful Clickbank and other product funnels that make 1k$ plus a day.

how commission hero can help you make big profits online


Who Is Robby Blanchard

Now the owner of his own company (Blanchard Media) Robby Blanchard is a former Gym owner and personal trainer that ran into difficult times.  He became an affiliate marketer as a means of finding a way to make money online to support his gym business by launching his own digital products.  

In the video below he tells his story about how he finally came to be where he is today;

So, according to this Blanchard (in his own words), he is a number 1 Clickbank Affiliate (as of 2019).  

This is true I’m pretty sure, and he says he now makes $1000s a day regularly.  

Plus, He is definitely a real person (unlike with some ClickBank products) and he has been about making a name for himself online for a good number of years now. 

He also is the creator of another ClickBank digital product for fitness called the “6 Week Shred”.

robby blanchard 6 week shred

Something you can still buy to this day. 

Not heard of it before this review but there you go.  Blanchard is both a Clickbank Affiliate and Product Creator.  Of which activities account for the bulk of his $1K+ days? I don’t know but one thing is for sure.

Robby Blanchard is a highly experienced affiliate marketer with many years of experience.

>>> Watch His Free Commission Hero Webinar HERE <<<

Who is Commission Hero For?

Commission Hero is for anyone looking to make money online with affiliate marketing.  It is made especially for those that have a good bit of money to spend upfront.   You could be forgiven for thinking this is just a money trap that is highly risky but there is the possibility to utilize this training for maximum gains.  As done by Robby Blanchard himself.

This is because this training will correctly guide you to use Facebook Ads professionally.  

Which, is a method where you can target millions of people.  It does not involve any SEO or building websites just finding affiliate products and setting up sales funnels.  

It is beginner-friendly but as I said above it needs a good bit of capital to get started.  At least $1000-$3000, maybe even more.  Although you can pay for the course in 2 instalments of $597.  Good on the face of it but yes this course is not really for someone looking to spend their last $1000 or even just in 2 instalments.

It is known as a high ticket product for good reason and if you are looking for affordability this will not be for you.  Instead, rather I would recommend something with lower start-up costs and maybe consider this again later on.

Also, one of the main groups of people that this product may interest is those keen on learning the fundamentals of Facebook Ads.  For one how to set up Ads without having your account restricted and more so how to set up Ads that actually convert your affiliate offers into commissions. 

What Do You Get With Commission Hero?

As a new member of Commission Hero for a $1997 one time fee the main thing you will get is;

  • Around 45 Training Videos
  • Guidance On How To Set Up Landing Pages and Facebook Ads
  • Recommendations For Clickbank Products To Promote
  • The Exact Same Methods That Helped Robby Blanchard A Millionaire
  • Access To The Commission Hero Inner Circle (Extra $297.00 a Month) 
  • Lessons In Funnel Building and How To Recover Banned Ad Accounts


How Does Commission Hero Work?

>>> Sign Up For The Free Webinar Mentioned Towards The End of Video<<<

Is This Facebook Ads Training 100% Legit?

I can confirm that yes Commission Hero and Robby Blanchard are both legit.  It is also one of the best Facebook Ads courses around.  Not just for Clickbank either.  You can also use this for MaxWeb and A4U affiliate products.

Of course Commission Hero is not without its problems.  I can only assume (and I think correctly so) that for some affiliates their investment with Commission Hero has gone horribly wrong.  It is all good when you have paid for something and that is it but when you have to pay recurring costs for tools and advertising it certainly can make life very difficult.

Exactly why I say make sure you have extra funds available on top of your initial investment.  Not to mention prior knowledge of what Facebook Ads allows and does NOT.  Especially what triggers their artificial intelligence which is the sole THING responsible for banning accounts.

Customer Reviews

That Commission Hero works is undeniable.  Of course, it will not work for everyone but for many, it has definitely proved to be a very shrewd investment.  Below, are just some of the social proofs that this training does indeed work;

Kevin Commission Hero
sriri commission hero
erik commission hero

What Are The Pros and Cons ✅❎

The Pros

  • One of the Best Paid Courses For Facebook Ads
  • Opportunity To (Apparently) MAKE $1K a Day!
  • Plenty of Social Proof Available
  • Can be used Also For MaxWeb and A4U Products
  • Opportunity To Pay in 2 Installments for $100 Extra

The Cons

  • The cost of the product itself is NOT exactly cheap
  • Includes Upsell as well as the main product
  • You must have funds available for advertising
  • Extra Tools and Outgoings are Around $150 a Month Before Ads
  • Unpopular Refund Policy 
  • Facebook Advertising is very volatile

The Upsells

Here is another thing about Commission Hero.  Once you buy the main product you will be offered Upsells on top.  These include membership to the Inner Circle Public Group for $295 a month!  and ‘NO S**T’ $10’000 for 30 Days Personal Mentoring with Robby Blanchard.  Probably, some other extras as well but according to one review, I read somebody paid this, they weren’t able to carry on during the 30 Days and they were refused a refund. 

With not even an offer of another month!

Even though they paid $10’000 on top of the $997.00!

Which, honestly I think is unbelievable given the volatility of Facebook Ads but each to our own.  I do genuinely think CH can work but I would be careful whatever you decide to shell out on top of the $997.  At least that is a one-time fee and making the money back is realistic.

My Verdict of Commission Hero

I think the start-up costs are a bit off-putting.  To me, it seems 100% plausible that you can make money from this.  If you run a Facebook ads campaign right it can be very profitable.  It’s just that mistakes can be expensive and there are definitely risks. You also have to cover a recurring $97.00 a month with Clickfunnels plus extra for other tools such as ClickMagick.  

I would say this is probably quite doable with the right product and offer.

However, you still need to cover Facebook Ads but there is also a scaleability element so you can hustle your way to making more money.  Which, I would say makes Robbys figures to a degree definitely realistic.

In fact, I would say this should be easy enough to do but the only downside is Facebook is very unfair.  

If they decide to suspend your Ads account this can totally make what you learn from this course pointless.  Unless you can somehow get your account reinstated THIS is something you definitely don’t want to happen.  Although this is a very big part of Commission Hero they will show you how to avoid this happening. 

Note:  If you find yourself in this situation with Facebook you may be able to hire a service that can help through Fiverr.

In Conclusion

Well, I can’t really say much else which I haven’t said already above.  Of course, ONLY consider this investment if you seriously can afford it.  $3000 I think should be plenty and hopefully, this should be enough to scale your investment up enough to make your money back in 1-2 months. 

Just be aware that Clickbank DO NOT pay commissions out for 2-4 weeks so at least try to make sure you can cover the costs of ClickFunnels for the month before spending your whole ads budget.

Also, I would try to maybe give the Weight Loss Offers a wide berth till you have been successful enough to at least get the system to work first – as quite simply Facebook DO NOT LIKE THESE OFFERS. Actually, how my Ads account got banned – so please be aware of that and another thing you can do – if you can get through to Live Chat ask them to check out your landing page to see if they think it is OK before you press publish.

Just bear in mind though it isn’t these customer service agents that moderate which Facebook ads or allowed and which aren’t the whole system is run by Artificial Intelligence.  Especially, more in the COVID era.

So yes maybe check out some free training first.  Either Robby Blanchards Free Webinar or by browsing some of the videos on Youtube.  If you wish to give this course a go cool but just be aware of the nature of Facebook Ad suspensions and you may need to go through account after account to try and circumvent this.

Honestly, maybe try blogging instead – if you look out for the sign-up form for my email subscriber list you can grab a copy of my new eBook and this will basically tell you everything you need to know.

Hope this helps;

Many Thanks + To Your Success ?

Alex C

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Commission Hero Review

Name: Commission Hero

Description: Affiliate Marketing Course by Clickbank #1 Affiliate Marketer Robby Blanchard.

Author: Robby Blanchard

Provider: Blanchard Media

Provider Logo: does commission hero really work

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2 thoughts on “Is Commission Hero A Scam – Review (2021) The Truth Revealed!”

  1. Thank you for this post. It was well written. I have tried Commission Hero before and I can say it is pretty much legit. The only issue is that it focuses on Facebook ads which require loads of trial and error and for any person who is looking to make money with this program they need to prepare to pay a lot of money even before seeing results.
    Also Facebook can shutdown which could risk your whole business.

    1. Hi Thabo, Thanks for sharing your experience. I would be tempted to give this a go myself but got my facebooks ads account banned a couple of years back. Know there is loads of potential for running Facebook ads so see why this training would be good but it is so volatile. For the price of this training, it just seems like too great a risk with how Facebook is. Have you heard of Affiliate Millionaire before? This seems like a much cheaper option for me only $47 I think it is.

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