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Are You Looking for a Good Opportunity to Make a Bit of Extra Cash Online?  Something to Help Support Your Current Financial Woes.  An easy way to help pay the bills?  IF so…

How Would You Like To Get Paid To Be a Mystery Shopper?…  

Where all you need to DO is buy stuff, as you normally would… 

but instead, you get paid for your trouble!  

Seriously, if this sounds like something that might interest you then please keep on reading.  

This is 100% LEGIT – Just follow my instructions!  I will tell you everything you need to know about becoming a mystery shopper.  How to avoid the scams, how to find work and how you can turn this into a nice little side hustle $$

You can find 2 different types of work as a mystery shopper.  

The first kind is a high street mystery shopper!

This can become a great excuse to travel to different towns and cities whilst getting paid to go shopping.

It certainly can be quite inconvenient but as a more trusted mystery shopper you will be given a shopping allowance, and it can be a quite decent opportunity that pays good money.

The SECOND type is… AS an Online mystery shopper.

Simply this is a role where instead of making purchases via the high street instead you will be given instructions to make purchases online.  Once you receive items you must show a receipt of purchase. 

You may also be required to review the product(s).  Purchases may be anything up to $1000 in value but providing you can prove you have made the purchase and can follow instructions you should have no trouble with reimbursement.

Also, whether you are working on the high street or online the greatest benefit is you get to keep the products after.

From here you can either use the product yourself or can sell it on eBay or Amazon. 

Disclaimer: What you Need to Know Before Applying –
Is Mystery Shopping a Scam?

For anybody new to the concept of paid mystery shopping there is, unfortunately, a number of scams online for mystery shopper jobs. This is what puts a lot of people off (I am pretty sure) but here are just a few red flags to take into consideration when applying for mystery shopper vacancies.

1.) Do Not Ever Pay an Upfront Fee – This is the Hallmark of many scams. A genuine Mystery Shopper job will not ask you for payment upfront. It is they who are supposed to pay you once the job is completed.

2.) Any Company that Offers a Base Rate or Standard Income – This should be a massive red flag. Think about how this will benefit the company that pays you. They need to make sure they get paid themselves first.

3.) Check the Mystery Shoppers Providers Associations Website (MSPA) – Visit either https://mspa-americas.org/ or https://www.mspa-global.org/ to check out the company that is offering the Mystery Shopper Opportunity.

Alternatively, another idea is to look up the company online at the Better Business Bureau website (BBB.org).

4.) Research Legitimate Companies Online – See what other people have to say about their own experiences applying for mystery shopper opportunities. Read up on places like forums for people that have successfully been paid and make up your own mind what solution will be best for you.

Legitimate Mystery Shopping Companies

Below is a list of different companies that I have found offering mystery shopper employment. Feel free to do your research on each one and find which one works best for you.

  • Amur (via Appen.com)
  • Shoshone (via Appen.com)
  • Best Mark
  • Perception Strategies, Inc. (Based in the USA)
  • Quest For The Best
  • Sinclair Customer Metrics
  • Secret Shopper
  • Market Force
  • GBW
  • Pinnacle
  • A Closer Look
  • IntelliShop
  • Ipsos (formerly GfK)

How Do Mystery Shoppers Get Paid?

Do you want to become a paid mystery shopper, and get paid for mystery shopping?

Well you like me are probably wondering how this whole process actually works. 

OK, so the usual idea is that once you have completed the task(s) you will get paid. This will usually be to walk around make observations and fill out a survey. It may require you to make a purchase or to return an item.

In other scenarios, you may have to eat or drink somewhere or stay at a hotel.  Basically, any business that deals with customers.  One job might be having a haircut or beauty treatment done to give your overall review of this service. It could be taking a car to a mechanic, or watching a film at a cinema. 

The perks of doing this to earn income are very much there to be seen right away. Getting paid is usually after a job is completed but a more experienced mystery shopper may be given a shopping allowance upfront.

Potential for Earning Money as a Secret Shopper

Although some people’s experience with this as a source of income is not always good. There are a lot more opportunities available after one begins to gain more experience. Furthermore, there is a qualification for Mystery shoppers called the MSPA Certificate. This shows any potential companies that might hire you that you are experienced and have done this kind of work before. Just be careful with this though as there are fraudulent companies that sell fake certificates.

However, for anybody that wants to consider this as a career, it can be a very rewarding experience. As mentioned above this is a great opportunity to travel all over the place. The more you travel the more opportunities to earn, and the more you earn the more opportunities. I may be over-hyping this yes but why not try this out and see for yourself.

E-Learning resources are available on the MSPA website. See (here).

Becoming An Online Mystery Shopper

If you are put off by visiting high street businesses fortunately there is an alternative.  Rather than buy from shops directly you can instead work as a mystery shopper online.

Finding Mystery Shopping Jobs with Appen.com

If you would like to become an online mystery shopper the best place I have come across so far for this is Appen.com.  In my post 7 Side Hustles for your new blog or website, I mentioned this.  I hadn’t applied to be a mystery shopper at the time but after doing so I will share the exact steps to how you can do this for yourself.

So, the first thing is first to sign up with Appen.com.  

  • Fill out your details.  Phone number, email address etc.
  • Upload your photo ID
  • Link your smartphone
  • Go to Appen.com and select jobs
  • Select Projects and Apply
  • Look for either Amur or Shoshone


Final Thoughts

When I read the post that was shared on Wealthy Affiliate the first thing I thought was how great of an excuse to travel to different towns and cities around the country this could be. Even internationally. I think I even see something about this that people can do whilst on holiday. 

The downside from what I have read is for some people these opportunities (as a high street mystery shopper) can be few and far between depending on where you live and how far you are prepared to travel.

Aside from this though if you are lucky enough to find the work you could even be an online mystery shopper. Surfing the web and making online purchases instead but for me personally, I really like the idea of getting out and seeing new places.

Without taking the credibility away from this post I haven’t partaken in Mystery Shopping. The fact I already write for this website and run an eBay and Amazon business does not give me a whole bunch of free time but I do like to get about so I will be giving this a go soon quite possibly.

Anyway please let me know your thoughts. Have you ever tried mystery shopping? How was your experience? or if you haven’t is this something you’d like to try? Let me know in the comments below and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

As always Please Like and Share;

Stay Dynamic

Best Wishes x

Alex B. Chivers


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