Where To Share Your Blog Posts

Where To Share Blog Posts – 50+ Websites Revealed!

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Hello Guys,  So you have a Website.  You publish a post/article but, Where To Share Blog Posts?  

If you are old or new to blogging this is a very interesting idea no doubt.  Of course, you have your Facebook, Twitter, and others such as Pinterest, Reddit, and Instagram.  These are the basic ones I think. 

Most people will have at least 1, or 2 of these accounts but if you have a website you may have very likely considered using all 5.

I don’t blame you but I am a great believer that you shouldn’t spread yourself too thin.

However, I am probably the worst when it comes to this idea.

At current, I have this website, my health website, a meditation website (that I hardly post on), and my eBay business

Plus I try to do Facebook and Email Marketing on the side.

Winding my neck in is an understatement!  lol but still I am interested in doing more ?

Sharing my content in more places.  I have thought about doing this for a while but nothing ever came of it.

Until about a month ago I came across a new plugin called Sassy Social Shares, and this what this blog post today will be about. 

This plugin and the 50+ places that people where you and your audience can share your content online.

This is utterly mindblowing as you will see.

Where To Share Blog Posts –
50+ Websites Revealed!

Where To Share Blog Posts - Sassy Social Plugin - 91 Websites

This is 91 Share Buttons HERE if I’m counting properly.  You can upgrade as well and I think there is more! (Not Confirmed).

Quite frankly (I don’t think) I have heard of half of them lol.  I want to find out more about them though, and I’m sure I will.   The reason I got this plugin wasn’t actually for this purpose.  Why I actually got this was so I could add links to My Social Media Accounts as buttons in the WordPress widgets.   

“This is another good reason to get this plugin”.

Honestly, and I was actually quite happy before this with Grow by Mediavine and just using the 3 buttons for just Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.   

Although when I got Sassy Social Shares I wished I had got it sooner.

I never even thought of getting this until one of my students who I’m coaching wanted Social Media buttons in their footer.  Honestly, I didn’t know how to do this until then.  This was on the advice from the Wealthy Affiliate community, I recommended this plugin as the solution but I installed it myself too.

Once I did the idea of sharing in all these new places suddenly become a lot more apparent.

Where To Share Blog Posts

What Are These Different Places?

Well, let’s explore, shall we…

So we will go through these as rows instead of columns.

We have of course Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.   I have only personally started using LinkedIn because of this plugin.  So first plus for me.  You also have in this first-row Print, Email, and Gab.

Gab is like Facebook.  It’s a bit more modern and its biggest claim is it is free of censorship.  Definitely worth a join I think.

What is Gab.com A social network that champions free speech

Next row:  You have got Reddit and Pinterest.  Digg, Float It, Tumblr, and Vkontakte

VKontakte or VK a very popular social media platform in Russia.  Reddit and Pinterest you likely know about.  Tumblr is quite a popular platform too.  But Digg is a news-sharing site which depending on your content is 100% worth a join.     Float It I am not even sure what it is but next row.

Then we have Xing (a similar platform to LinkedIn), WhatsApp, Instagram, Yummly (for sharing recipes), Buffer (for building your brand/social network), and Parler (Another Free Speech Network like Gab).

Next Row:

  • AIM (No longer available),
  • Amazon Wish List,
  • AOL Mail (Share your content with your contacts in AOL mail)
  • App.net (No longer available),
  • Balatarin (Islamic Social Media Platform),
  • Bibsonomy (Bookmarking Reference Site).

Row 5…  

  • Bitty Browser (Widgetize your Web Pages!),
  • Blinkist (Book review site),
  • Blogger Post (Share Your Post on Your Google Blogger Blog),
  • Blogmarks (new members by invite only),
  • Bookmarks.fr (French website similar very similar to Blogmarks),
  • Box.net (?).

Where To Share Blog Posts

The Next 5 Rows

sassy social shares BuddyMarks, Care2News etc.

BuddyMarks was a bookmarking website (No Longer Online).  Care2 News is a website to create petitions.  Not sure if this shareworthy but just in case you’re curious.    “Comment” is to comment on the post you are viewing.  “Copy Link” is exactly what it says it is (Not A Share-Button).  Diary.Ru is a Russian site.  Not sure about what kind.

Then Diaspora is a social media network that claims to have zero ownership.

Diigo is a social bookmarking website.  Like Flipboard, Pocket, etc.  Then we have Douban a Chinese Social Media Network (Not available in English).

Draugiem a Latvian Social Media Network (Not English). Then EverNote is a tool by Microsoft to make notes for your documents/articles(Not exactly for sharing).  Facebook Messenger you all must know. Fark is a link-sharing site.  It’s a little tedious I find but you can use a backlink here and there I guess. 

Fintel is short for Financial Intel and you don’t even need an account to share. It’s not really for non-business articles but you can share any link there.  Flipboard I’ve used for a while – it’s a social bookmarking website.  Folkd likewise is another. 

  • Gentle Reader (Closed for Public Access).
  • Goodreads for sharing books (Not for Sharing Blog Posts),
  • Google Bookmarks:  Can’t believe I missed this one but another place to bookmark your content.
  • Google Classrooms:  This is for anybody that wants to share relevant content to their Google Classrooms.
  • Google Gmail:  Share your content with your Gmail email contacts.

Hacker News if you don’t know is a social news website and according to its owner “anything can be shared here that gratifies one’s intellectual curiosity”.  As for Hatena, this is a Japanese Social Media website (Not English).

Instapaper is a bookmarking service that you can use to bookmark websites/posts to read on their app across different devices. JamesSpot if you are interested in it is a French Social Media Network (Also Not In English).  Kakao is a Korean Social Media Network (Again Not English!).

Kik is a Smartphone / Android app for sharing photos and videos.  Kindle_It is part of fivefilters.org and it allows your readers to save your posts to their Kindle.

Known or Withknown is an OpenSource publishing platform.  This is a very interesting one here will need to look into this no doubt.  Then Line is a Japanese-based social media network that is available internationally where users can share content with each other including Blog Posts, Photos, Videos, etc.

Live Journal is another one that is worth joining as you are posting to a global community. 


Where To Share Blog Posts

The Last 8 Rows

sassy social shares Mail.Ru, Mendeley, Meneame, MeWe etc.

Coming to the last 8 rows.  We begin with Mail.Ru.  This is a popular Russian Email Service Provider (ESP).  Mendeley is a network for Academic researchers where things are shared like Scientific papers.  MeneAme is a Spanish social news website. MeWe, and Mix, I am a member of both.  MeWe is like a Next Gen. website like Facebook and Mix is a bookmarking website.

Mixi is a Japanese Social Networking website (Not available in English).  MySpace, I’m sure a lot of people know.  It used to be popular for sharing music about 10-15 years ago.  NetVouz (Social Bookmarking website).  Odnoklassniki (Russian Social Media Network).  Outlook (email service provider by Microsoft).

Papaly is an interesting one.  Social Bookmarking site where you can rank for keywords. Pinboard (bookmarking website).

Plurk, is kind of like Twitter Social Networking and microblogging website available in 45 countries. Pocket (another bookmarking website. ProtoPage Bookmarks (yet another bookmarking website).  Pusha.SE (Social Media Network in Singapore).  QZone (Social Media Network based in China). Rediff MyPage (Indian Social Networking Platform).

Next up we have RenRen and SinoWeibo both are also Chinese Social Media Networks.  SiteJot is a bookmarking service
and Skype most people will know as a popular messenger tool by Microsoft.

Next SMS for texting a link to your phone contacts.  StockTwits is a social media site for stock traders and investors.

Svejo is a Bulgarian Social Media Network and Symbaloo_Feeds is a cloud-based service that allows users to organize web links as buttons. Telegram is something that is becoming very popular in the 2020s with more people using it.

Threema is like Skype or Telegram but is encrypted.

Trello is an online tool for project management and tasks where users use cards to interact.

Tuenti is a social media network with 5 different Spanish-speaking countries as its userbase;  Argentina, Peru, Spain, Guatemala, and Ecuador.  Twiddla is an online teaching tool and TypePad Post is a blogging platform.

Now, for the Last 7;

  • Viadeo is a French Social Networking website.
  • Viber by Rakuten is an Instant Messenger service like Skype and Telegram.
  • Webnews:  A German News Sharing website.
  • WordPress:  Share on your WordPress website
  • Wykop:  Polish-based Social Media Network
  • Yahoo Mail:  Share with your contacts on Yahoo mail
  • Yoolink:  Corporate based Social Media network from France

Notable Absentees

Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Quora, Snapchat, Medium, Ezine Articles, Discord, and WeChat.  Some you can add but these are just a few I have thought of that may be of interest.

Where To Share Blog Posts

My Personal Picks

The usual websites where I share my content are; 

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and Quora.  Plus Mix, Flipboard, and Pocket.  

Since joining Sassy Social Shares the one’s I may use going forward are;

Digg, LinkedIn, Xing, Gab, Buffer, MeWe, Plurk, and LiveJournal.

So, I joined Gab and MeWe after getting this plugin.  I had LinkedIn for a very short while before but very easy to share to similar to Facebook and TwitterGab and MeWe I think are quite straightforward to use.  In my opinion, you would really hope it’s your visitors using these share buttons but still, these are all different corners on the internet you can try and reach.

Each place you share is a potential backlink.  Even the Non-English websites so it is worth them being there.  Even if they are only used by your visitors.  Using every single one yourself might be a bit of a chore but some to consider as well are the Social Bookmarking websites.

Where To Share Blog Posts

Social Bookmarking Websites

using social bookmarking websites to boost seo

So amongst the share buttons on Sassy Social Shares are quite a few websites that can be considered as Social Bookmarking websites.  Sharing to these websites is usually pretty straightforward.  They are actually designed for people to save the posts they want to revisit later.  However, as an owner of a blog or website, you can also share your own content.

The benefit of this is really 2 things.  One you can get a backlink and two others may Stumble upon your work.

Here are a few you can try which you can share with the plugin;

  • Bibsonomy
  • Diigo
  • Folkd
  • Flipboard
  • Pocket
  • Google Bookmarks
  • Instapaper
  • Papaly
  • SiteJot
  • Mix

Read more:
  What Is Social Bookmarking And Why it’s Important for SEO. (seoclick.com)


Final Thoughts

Well, before I go there is one thing I will say.  Definitely keep an open mind but be careful.  Whilst it is great sharing your content to new places still don’t let this make you neglect other areas.  Say if your main thing is Twitter and Pinterest still try and keep your focus on building your following there.

But on these new platforms still try to follow new people every time you use them.  You never know which ones might take off.  Even if you follow one or two people it may not be worth it.  Although if by chance you do get a message or any interaction as a result you never know what opportunity might come as a result.

My logic is to follow people and hope they follow back.  Either way I hope this guide has been helpful.

You can easily find Sassy Social Shares by typing into the WordPress plugin search but if you wish to download and upload to WP manually you can download here


Finally if you know anyone that might find this blog helpful check out the Sassy Social Share buttons in the floating box to the left.  Please share to any websites you can and to any people that may benefit from reading this information.  Also, if you have any questions or would like to share your experience with anything discussed in this post please share in the comments section below;

Many thanks;

To Your Success

Alex C

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